Kyoto and Osaka, Japan

Hihi ! Im back !

So much things happened , done and places travelled to for the past 3.5 weeks !

I went for my company’s qualifying convention in Osaka in mid of May. So Oppa and i decided to go to Kyoto and Osaka for holiday a week before the 3 days convention starts. It was a good timing too and we can celebrate my 31st birthday too !

It was my first time to Japan. I was abit taken back because everything is SO EXPENSIVE. The make ups, food and transport. We didn’t exchange much Japanese Yen though because i don’t intend to shop except for buying my usual stuff from the Japanese drugstores, Uniqlo and Gu. Japanese are so polite especially those in Kyoto. I LOVE KYOTO ! Definitely will go back there next time. The hotel we stayed at is Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto (Shijo Branch). There is free unlimited onsen for hotel guests. It is at city centre and what i like about it is that there is a 24hours supermarket right opposite so we can shop for food and snacks easily to bring back to SG. The hotel staff are super polite and the hotel rooms are soo clean. The location is also perfect and convenient. Righ at city centre. Easy to shop and walk back.

We searched for travel blogs in Naver (Korean’s version of google). So we decided to follow their itinery and their itinery for GOOD FOOD and WHAT TO BUY !

Mr Shin is used to Korean style of travelling. That is to get out at 9am daily and back only after midnight. And throughout the day, just follow the travel blog on where to go , how to go and what to eat. So those places we went to eat especially…has alot of Koreans and servers who can speak Korean to serve the Korean crowds. Hence language is not a barrier for us.

To be the honest , the food places we went to is THUMBS UP! I introed to my colleagues during the convention and heard the guys went back to have the beef bowl ( which i will blog about later ).

I have 2000 over pictures taken over 10 days. I will just post my favourite places of interest and food only ! Ehhh…i actually forgot where we go and what is the place called. But if you want to know , you can email me at


Spotted Geishas at Gion Old Street.

My birthday at a Japanese dessert cafe in Nishiki Fish Market.

Free parfait on your birthday ! We cannot read Jap but agar agar from the Chinese characters , we guessed that it means free parfait on your birthday. Just show your id or passport to prove.


Supper…we bought sushi and sashimi at a discount from Takashimaya food basement. All stuff goes on 50-70% discount from 7pm onwards. Be prepared to start waiting at 630pm for the staff to paste the discount stickers. Because everyone will snatch them like sharks. That’s all we managed to grab.

My birthday dinner at a local sushi restaurant.



Famous Rikuro Ojisan Cheesecake. The jiggly cheesecake you saw going viral on facebook or youtube.


Our favourite restaurant and skirt steak bowl in Dotonburi. Cheap and good. Super popular among the Koreans. The entire queue was filled with Koreans.

Only 790 yen.

This post has too many pictures and it kinda slowed down my scrolling and typing. Shall publish the Japanese and Korean beauty reviews , Smart Lady post and something personal to share separately. Still drafting halfway for the beauty buys.

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    Such lovely pictures! I hope you enjoyed your trip! xx

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