It’s been another hectic week of work…this post was in draft mode for a week already.

Busy but fulfiling…met different people with different life inspiring stories and experiences and different problems.

Last weekend was spent cooking at Pamela’s house ! She is in the KBS (Korean boyfriend and spouse) group chat and she just moved into the same place ! But different block. So weekend evening was spent cooking Ddak Bokkeum Tang (Korean spicy chicken stew) and Bossam (Braised Pork) at her new place because her kitchen is bigger !


I blogged the recipe for Korean Spicy Chicken Stew before over HERE.

But i think i have not blogged about Bossam yet.

Cooking Bossam is very easy. You can do it concurrently with the chicken stew to save time.

How to cook Bossam (Korean braised Pork Belly) ?

This one is super easy ! You can do it ANYTIME.

More delicious and healthy to cook at home. Cheaper also. Because a plate of Bossam cost about SGD45 in restaurants along Telok Ayer and Tanjong Pagar and the serving is less than the one we cooked.

We bought 2 strips ( above picture portion ) for only SGD18 from supermarket which is more than enough for 4pax.

You need to buy thick juicy pork belly…not the ones used for BBQ.

This one is really DAMN THICK.

You can buy from the fresh meat section in Fairprice. It is about $0.89 per 100g.

I usually buy about 1kg. 1 strip can feed 2 pax. But my Mister eats alot..so i always buy 2 strips.

Wash the pork clean and dry

Boil  a pot of water and add in the ingredients below together with the pork belly into the pot of boiling water.

Cut 1 whole onion into quarters

12 cloves of peeled garlic

3 table spoon of coffee powder

12 slices of ginger

3 table spoon of Korean bean paste

Boil the ingredients together with the pork belly for about an hour.

Take it out and cut into slices.

Garnish with sesame seeds

Tadahhh the pork belly is done !

Now is the sauce and kimchi.

Well , it tastes better with oyster kimchi but i don’t know how to make oyster kimchi so i just used normal kimchi.

Add abit of Ssamjjang and kimchi on top of the pork and wrap the pork belly with lettuce leaf . You are ready to pop this goodness ㅑ into your mouth ! So yummy !

Pamela and i took about 2 hours to prepare the dishes whereas the guys were in the living room playing game , drinking beer and talking. Quite typical in a Korean family setting. Lol. The women are always in the kitchen. But of cos , the guys cleared table after the meal.

It’s been 8 months since we got married. We will be celebrating our 1 year anni in 4 months !
We got married in SG on 11th Sept 2016 and 8th Oct 2016 in Korea!

But we should be celebrating on 8th Oct this year because we will be in Korea for 2 weeks for Chu Seok (mid autumn).

Mr Shin wanted me to wear a modern hanbok for Chu Seok instead of wearing the traditional one.

But modern hanboks are so expensive leh !

Im thinking of this set :



Or this lace top with the embossed skirt.


Both are nice leh .. still deciding..got 3 more months to decide lol

Chu Seok means maybe have to give out “angbao” liao. I need to get the hanbok designed envelopes. They look better than the white envelopes. Koreans don’t give red packets. They give in the form of white envelopes.

So on my ROM day in Singapore , his Korean friends attended our ROM and they all gave us white envelopes and have their names written so big on the cover. So my relatives were abit shocked. My ah ma also asked me why lol..she got a culture shock. Because chinese only give white envelopes with $$ during funeral.

I think i talked about my marriage life before. But now that we were married for almost 8 months.

Somethings changed and somethings don’t. What changes did changed for the better. But overall , our marriage life is very happy. Of cos , we also have those trivial squabbles..just nag and forget lor..like me not happy that my hub left all the dirty dishes in the sink and wash only later or next day or wait for me to wash. Im that kind who eat already must wash immediately. And he don’t like that i don’t close the tooth paste tab or leave traces of tooth pastes in the sink after my morning wash.

Married for 8 months already and many people have been asking me these questions :

” So how ?? Planning for kids ? “

“When are you having a baby ?”

“Why still don’t have yet ? “

“Trying for baby already ?”

Hear so many times until sian and lazy to answer.

We just started trying in March actually. Trying for a baby is a tiring thing to do. Married couples and mummies/daddies will understand.

Me and my friends or clients will have this “adult talk” about having kids , successful conception , what to do and what not to do etc. We are all adults and going through the same phase. So it is good to have people to talk to about the same topic.

It is really not easy..we missed the first month because of wrong timing.

My period became irregular due to stress and irregular working and meal hours. So for me , i really have to monitor my ovulation timing. I bought the clear blue digital ovulation test kit and test everyday.

Then…at the 2nd cycle, we got a superrrrr faint positive line on the pregnancy test kit. My period late and its been 3 weeks after my ovulation date. My heart was pounding and very excited about it. Doctor told us to test again few days later. So i tested again few days later and suddenly saw a negative. Shocked and worried , i went to see my doctor and only to realized i had a chemical pregnancy. And my period came 2 days after my doctor visit and it is those kind of clotty period. And also that month in April , i had high fever more than 38 degrees TWICE and once was 39.2 degrees.

What is a chemical pregnancy ?

A chemical pregnancy is a term used to describe a very early miscarriage. It usually occurs before the fifth week of gestation, or less than a week after your first missed period and positive pregnancy test.

My hubs and i were disappointed. So now , we have to keep track and monitor incase i get pregnant. And i am taking the BLACKMORES Conceive Well Gold multi-vitamins.

Trying for a baby is not easy.

Being pregnant is not easy.

And being a mother is also not easy.

So those who are going through these 3 stages…let’s JIAYOU and stay POSITIVE together !

If you have friends who are going through the stages above, do try to be more sensitive. Some couples really tried very hard to conceive but things just don’t happen. They are already disappointed and sad. So be more encouraging instead of just asking why . Because sometimes , we just don’t know the reason why even though both people are healthy. It could be due to stress and other factors. Some people are already stress about trying to conceive. So try not to stress them even more by asking them why still don’t have yet. If you really want to ask, be more empathetic.


Back to happy things !

I am waiting for these 2 to arrive !

Always wanted to order these 2 but i have not used up my bb cushion yet. Finally , i am left with the last refill pack and it is time to get new ones ! So i decided to buy these 2 .


Lirikos Marine Collagen Cushion 

It is a new brand under Amore Pacific. Always wanted to try their serum and cushions but can only do so in June.


Hera Black Cushion

I shall do a review in July after i used the cushions.


It is mid year and time to shop for stuff because everyone is having discount and having promotions !

And got so many stuff from taobao (clothes, floats, bags etc etc) for less than SGD 150 in total !