Kbeauty buya from Korea



Yayy im coming back to this place weekly 🙂 Hopefully it will continue haha…because sometimes when i was blogging , i received some messages or emails from clients and i have to stop and attend to them instead.

Last 2 weeks were busy week clearing some work and claims. It is also the year end where many clients will be reviewing their financial goals and directions and to prepare for 2018. And some bad news also…2 young clients were diagnosed with cancer. 1 of them is only 29 and the other is 35. 1 of them asked me to share his/her experience here. Actually i had done a #smartlady post but i have issues publishing it. The HTML seems messed up and whenever i try to publish it, there is always and error. I have to redo it again lol. It is a long story of me trying for a baby , some health issues etc which i actually blogged before my KR trip in October. I guess i will redo it together with my client’s story and share with everyone.


But before that , haha i want you guys to join me in the fandom for some Kbeauty products and IDOLS hahahaha !

Leaders Multi-Vita Cream 

I use this as a night cream and i love this cream ! I can see that my skin looks clearer and more radiant after using this !

I have the serum too and my MIL bought for me the night cream. If you don’t know yet , Leaders is a derma brand developed by a group of dermatalogists from renowned Seoul University. So it is kind of like an aesthetic derma brand ! They even have their own aesthetic clinics in Korea ! So if you are looking for aesthetic procedures in Korea, you can try Leaders or CNP Laboratory since they are more commercialized and bigger and well known. Leaders masks are sold in Changi Airport but they are soooo expensive. You should just get from Olive Young in Korea or best if you know any one in Korea, just ask them to order for you from home shopping sites or apps. It will be much cheaper.


Texture wise , it is not oily and not very oily. It gets absorbed into your skin quite easily actually.

What i do is that after cleansing , i will go through my usual skincare routine but i skip moisturiser and just apply this night cream directly instead.


Hanyul Moisturiser


Hanyul is a brand inspired by the traditional folk remedies and medicinal practices carried on for centuries by women in their homes.


They smell quite organic actually. It does not smell very strong and abit like grassy smell.

I really like this moisturizer. It is slightly gel cream and does keep my face moisturized quite well ! wah i love this ! it is not oily and  i do not need to wait for it to absorb into my skin for a long time before i apply my make up .

One thing i don’t like about it is that it smells abit like grass.

This was recommended by the counter staff and i decided to get this instead of Iope one. Frankly speaking , i don’t really like Iope moisturizers because they are quite oily and texture is to rich. Ehhh i cannot remember how much does this cost because i redeemed it with my Arituam VIP points. It think about KRW 32,000.


Hanyul has pretty good skincare products which you can try ! They are available in Arituam stores ! If you prefer something more natural , Hanyul is a good brand to go for. I really like their products.

Pricing wise abit more exp than Laneige lah.

Now is #Kpop time !

Haha i am officially a Kang Daniel fan leh ! If you don’t know who is he , you need to google.

He is the winner of Produce 101 and ranked no 1.  He is a member of Wanna One which is now the MOST popular boy band in Korea.

He attracted alot of noona fans and haha im one of the noona fans. Incase you don’t know what is “Noona” , it means “older sister” . Reason why he attracted alot of noona fans is because of his

1) Appearance..looks like a puppy sometimes when he is off-stage but he became very charismatic when he was onstage..

2) his “physical”. Koreans use the word “physical” to refer to someone’s body line , height and proportion. Unlike other idols at his age where mostly are very slender , he has broad shoulders , 6 packs , big boned , long legs and masculine bodyline which i think was because of his b-boying (breakdancing). His mum made him do 100 push ups daily since he was young.

3) He is from Busan and he speaks satoori (busan dialect). Idols will avoid that on TV and speak the Seoul dialect which is the standard Korean on TV to cater to everyone but sometimes he will let slip and speaks in Busan satoori instead esp when he is nervous. He still has the Busan accent even when he speaks standard Korean which makes it really cute and manly sometimes and hence he attracted alot of noona fans plus he declared on TV he preferred older woman as a partner.

4) He is from Busan’s break dancing scene and is really good at dancing which makes it even more charismatic.

5) Mummy’s boy…he is very close to his mum

6) Humble and kind personality on and off screen. Which makes it very endearing. Sometimes he is also very blur. If you go watch the variety show “Dangeous beyond the Blanket” ..you can see liao.


All the above are some of the attributes which made him now the MOST popular idol in Korea. He was EVERYWHERE when i went to Korea 2 months ago in October. His popularity shots above BTS (Bangtan Boys idol group which i will blog about later haha). Since Produce 101 ended , i can see Kang Daniel everywhere in variety shows.

Btw , he is a Korean. His mum and dad are Korean but his original Korean name was Kang Eui Geon which is abit hard to pronounce in Korean even to Koreans . Even his dad has problems trying to pronounce it correctly. Strange lor hahah then why his dad gave that name ah ? So he changed his name to Kang Daniel.

Here are some clips of his dancing , speaking Busan dialact etc. Some of my friends are also his fans lo..If you are also his fan or becoming his fan , you can watch the variety show Master Key , Dangerous Beyond the Blankets and Wanna One Go Season 2.


Videos of him speaking Busan dialect (he is the guy one the right).



Videos of him dancing. He is a professional dancer and break dancer. He was a back up dancer for some singers before he became a trainee under MMO entertainment.

These videos focus only on Kang Daniel. You can see he is slightly bigger in bodyline and structure compared to other contestants in the Produce 101 survival show.


Mummy Boy.



Haha that’s the end of Kang Daniel from Wanna One fandom !

This weekend is so pack…alot of Christmas parties and very honoured and happy that my clients are inviting me to their home for Christmas party. This year has been a very fulfilling year for me. I meet alot of people , learnt alot from my clients and also alot of new friendships made. My clients sometimes will tell me that they are lucky to have me as their financial adviser but im feeling luckier to have them as clients. They are very nice..i have no nasty clients..and we all can relate well with each other and most importantly , there is TRUST.  It is not just about being someone’s adviser…but a financial adviser whom they trust. When i was sick (i fall sick quite often) , they even buy liang cha for me and cooked my dinner share (even though i politely declined cos i paiseh) when i meet them at their house for appointments late at night. Really blessed to meet all of them and they even referred their friends , family members and partners to me. I feel very touched by their heartfelt gestures.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone !