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This is the first time hubs and i officially celebrated CNY as a married couple.

This year , we invited guests to our place and had home cooked food. I prepared Chinese steamboat and Korean “steamboat” aka Budaejjiggae (Army Stew) .

Chinese Steamboat.

Hehe prepared this nicely plated Korean army stew for one of the dinners for a couple friend. Together with Korean chopsticks , spoons, rice, sauces and tea.

This CNY alot of friends came over to my place and i invited few clients over too for a meal.

Alot are pretty curious what i have i my washroom and make up shelves lol. Because they know that i use quite alot of Korean skincare and toiletries. So my room and toilet is machiam like a mini beauty counter. I even have small little bottles of samples to give out !

Some of my female guests will request to take a look at my toiletries , skincare and makeup. And next, they will look at my kitchen and fridge. My hubs is quite particular about the kitchen appliances we use. IT HAS TO BE MADE IN KOREA except for some lah..because it is impossible to get all in SG leh. And it is too expensive to ship them over and too heavy to even bring it back ourselves. So the only thing that is MADE IN KOREA is our talking rice cooker from Korean brand Cuckoo. And of course our TV is from Samsung.

The sauces and seasonings in our kitchen are also from Korean mart. It must be Korean salt , Korean sugar, Korean sesame oil etc when i cook Korean food at home but of cos i also have my own stash of Chinese sauces and seasonings because i just started to cook Chinese food at home this year. Korean sauces are quite expensive in SG. The cheaper choice and brand is Sempio and they can be found in Shine Mart. I usually get my sauces there because they are cheaper. Except for some soya sauces. I need good soya sauces when i marinate dishes so i get my soya sauces from Koryo Mart instead. They have more variety. But for simple ones like sesame oil , apple vinegar and red pepper paste, Shine Mart is good place to get.

I want to share a recipe for Spicy Bulgogi ! I cannot remember if i blogged about it before. But going to share it with pictures soon next week. Cooked many times and hubs loves it. Even my MIL gave 2 thumbs up and requested me to cook one more time. It is very easy to cook and marinate if you have all the sauces. Yes you make the sauce from scratch and marinate with the pork slices. I cleared the pictures off my instastory so i have to retake and blog it here.

Kimchi fried rice is the easiest to cook.

You just need kimchi , rice ( Korean or Japanese sushi rice) , luncheon meat , salted seaweed and a egg for sunny side up.

For the seasoning : Gochujang ( Korean chilli paste ) and Korean sesame oil.

Fry Kimchi with luncheon meat , add in the rice and kimchi juice.

Fri and mix till fragrant. Add 1 tea spoon of sesame oil and gochujang.

Garnish with seaweed and sunny side up and ready to serve !

This is really easy. Best is to cook with sour kimchi ! Most of the Kimchi sold in SG are quite fresh and sweet. So i will leave it out on the dining area for half a day or a day before i use it.

You can churn out kimchi fried rice within 10 minutes ! Try it !