My 32nd Birthday!

Celebrated my 32nd birthday with neighbours. Thank you for organising this party. Ha..i kinda ruined my own bday surprise.

I made an evening appt with a client that day because i thought we are just having a simple potluck or cookout. And perhaps i can leave abit early. One of the girls later revealed that they planned this surprise for me and i am the main lead haha so i must stay. Coincidentally my client texted me the next day to reschedule because she has a family dinner! Lol.

We had laksa and popiah from Qiji and Pizzas. I suggest to eat the laksa and popiah at Qiji better. The delivery one is abit off standard. Very dry and laksa soup not much taste and we have to put alot chilli.

But i was really touched by my neighbours’ effort. And they also ordered the cake from an organisation which is doing fundraising for needy kids. Cannot remember the exact charity organisation but the cake was damn good. Can do good deeds and eat yummy cake at the same time!

Wah updating via wordpress app is sooo convenient leh. Works like dayre. Im damn suaku lah. Now then i know. I do not need to go home and on laptop and do all the pictures transfer somemore. Cos everytime when i reached home after work, switch on the laptop, showered and i want to KO already. So i will switch off my laptop.

I enjoy blogging because i can share good deals. And also i can throw my thoughts out here. And it feels comforted to know people who are in the same situation as me and feels like someone understands you.

I don’t really throw all my thoughts to my husband. Because he is stress or tired enough after work. Only very serious things then i will talk to him.

Even if i share with him about skincare, latest gmarket discount codes etc he also don’t really bother lah. Haha he knows i like to add things into cart to feel good nia and never buy in the end. Which is true lah. The feeling of adding things into cart feels shiok mah but don’t feel shiok when you look at the total amount and have to pay. Lol.

But Asos having 20% off leh. Very tempted but just 忍.

North Korea and South Korea had a summit few weeks ago at the DMZ. Many people asked me about me and my hubs houghts and some asked if my Hubs is excited that Kim Jong Un is coming to Singapore where Kim Jong Un and Trump will meet face to face in a high profile meeting on 12th June 2018.

My hubs replied that he is South Korean …not North Korean lol. Kim Jong Un is not his president. But he hopes that North and South reunification will happen.

Share shall more thoughts after having nuggets for supper.