Self Reflections


Kopi and policy reviews with a single mother. Apparently she has not gotten any updates from her ex-agent and so many riders and protections had lapsed and declined over few years. So we met and doing a major clean up for her portfolio this weekend. She shared with me her life as a single mother and her arranged marriage. My work has thought me alot about empathy and to appreciate what i have and also to help others if i can. So i offered her my listening ear. I hope she felt better after that.

“Self Reflection”

The journey from Bukit Merah to Redhill to Lavender to the bus ride home to Boon Keng made me reflect on myself. Nothing serious but a little reflection on myself not to nag at my husband too much ! I worry about my husband too much sometimes. Just like when im in Korea, my hubs worry about me alot..he scared i got cheated harassed or disturbed by drunkards at night lah or lost my way etc because after all im a foreigner in Korea and i go out on my own when he meets his friends or go for baseball games. So of cos i will worry about him lah. Im a “worrier”..don’t think got such word but my ex-boss called me that because im always worried about work even when im travelling or on holiday and about anything. So she gave me this tiny nickname. Sometimes i also worry if my clients understand what i explained not. So i can be abit lor sor sometimes. I will inform them in advance lol that please stop me if im too lor sor.

While im like not pleased with my hubs not helping me with simple things like laundry or cooking at times, there are others with more problems like abusive partners and infidelity etc.

After i got home from the appointment with client, i went back and asked hubs to call his mum. My MIL is a single mum. Before my hubs dated me, he told me his future wife must be able to love and take care of his mother like her own and have a good 婆媳 relationship. Will share more next time. She really been through alot. When i met my client who is a single mother, i can understand abit of her feelings. If you are a single mum, stay positive and jiayou okay !