Weekend with #sgahjussi

Weekend was well-spent with hubby. I am always cooking and having dinner with hubby at home. At times i felt guilty that i never bring him go somewhere nice for a meal especially when i have appointments with clients at a nice cafe over coffee.

On Sat , we had our appt at NUH so i brought him to A POKE THEORY. This is the first time he had a POKE bowl. Definitely his style. Healthy and delicious (to him) but the taste was so so for me. There was one i went at Esplande which i think is better . I cannot remember exactly the name of the place but it also serves poke bowls.


I have craving for beef bbq but hubs have craving for pork belly. Our plan was to popby our favourite butchery at Goh & Goh building (K&J Butchery) where we buy our pork bellies and marbled beefs for Korean bbq but because we spent $$ on our medications and checkups at NUH last week so we decided to eat cheap. We ended up buying the pork bellies from NTUC together with potatoes and onions. BBQ potatoes are so good. You need to slice it really thinly so that it can be cooked fast and will not get charred.


And on Tuesday (Public holiday) , we went to Geylang to have Hokkien Mee to satisfy hubs Hokkien Mee cravings !

This hokkien mee stall seems to be very popular because the queue is very long and there is always a long queue. Prepare to wait up to 30 mins to get your plate.

Price range from $6/$8/$12/$15/$20/$30. The $6 is damn small ! So i ordered the $8 which is just nice for me but not enough for hubs 😦 .

Apparently this hawker centre have alot of yummy food stalls !

The satay was very nice. Meat was very tender but the otah so so only and i find it not nice. Very funny..i ordered 10 at first and said i want to add another 6. The lady boss don’t allow me to add on. She say if you want to add on , you need to order 10 more cos it is considered new order. But very funny leh ..they have not cooked my earlier order for 10 pieces yet and it was just 2 mins difference. I recommend the pork one !

Our stomache too full liao !! I want to eat the carrot cake and Or luak but no space ! Shall leave it for next time.