Korean restaurant 맛집 – Myung Ga

Hubs finally brought me to the place he frequent often with his Korean baseball mates after baseball practices every Sunday.

We have not been to Korean restaurants since we lived together cos i cook most of the time. This was one of the rare times we decided to eat out because i still dont know how to cook dishes like Jjampong yet.

This place called Myung Ga serves delicious home cooked taste Korean food. I love their kimchi !

They are more well-known for the Gimbab , Naengmyeon (cold noodles), Tonkatsu and Jjampong. So we ordered these dishes.

So yummmy. Price also affordable and portion is really generous.

Side dishes are refillable for free except the egg rolls. You only get served once.

I love the Gimbabs! It was served hot and so yumms. Reminded me of the famous one i had in Gyeongju – 교리김밥 Gyori Gimbab which was very popular and the queue wad superrrr long. I miss the food in Korea suddenly!

Hubs ordered Tonkatsu and he wants to show how generous is the portion so he put his giantic palm on top lol .

I ordered Naengmyeon (cold noodles). Omg it is so yums okay! I have craving for it since that day! The noodles are so chewy and broth is very shiok.

We jio-ed my gf along since she was alone at home. So she ordered Jjampong. Portion is really generous. This portion can share 2 pax.

Everytime we go to Bukit Timah, we have to stop by our favourite butchery – K&J butchery. We go there often to buy meat for our home korean bbq. Owner of this shop is Korean.

I have craving for this since the last time i had it in Korea and in Sg during cny. So…hubs decided to be nice and buy me marbled beef 갈비살 Galbisal !

We bought 600g which is just nice for 3 pax actually but Mr Shin is a big eater so both of us eat 600g. It cost about $45. Cheaper and portion is more than what you have in restaurants. So our bbq pan is a good investment !

We got 2 bbq pans. The big from Korea which we handcarried back and the small one can be used for steamboat or grill bbq by changing the pot and pan.

You need to volume up to hear sizzling sound of the beef.

We bought kimchi from there too because it was homemade by ladyboss and some onions and lettuce. Hubs was quite happy because we spent $50 for quality meat, lettuce and kimchi ! Hahaha eat until very full !

Mix salt + pepper and dip the cooked beef in. It is so shiok!

K&J is moving to somewhere near Tanglin. I think they are moving mid or end June. Ao if you are going, do call to check first.