K-Shopping Online – Gmarket

Finally my toiletries arrived !

Now they are all stacked up in boxes on top of my front load washing machine!

1 year supply of toiletries. Buying in bulk is cheaper and easier for us to manage our yearly expenses on household cleaning agents and toiletries etc. So we wont be going for such buying spree every month and all the small small things add up tog can cost alot leh. So i usually stock up every June and Dec since June and Dec are usually the SALES period and have discounts.

This time it came in a huge box !

This time i shipped it by CJ logistics since there is discount. But they screwed up my first delivery…it was delivered to wrong unit ! Somemore left it outside gate.

Also funny leh. Usually Ems or Singpost will call me to cfm if i am ok to leave it outside my unit or shoe rack. But CJ one never call or text me. I just came home and got 1 huge box. Somemore my level have a common garden so many pple have to walk past my unit. What if it got stolen. *face palm* .

Saw very good reviews and raves on the Baobab treatment so i want to get it. It was on 1+1 sale ! About 1.2L. Damn huge. I think can last me damn long. I may give away the white one. Cos i think too much liao.

My favourite Happy Bath 축축 Natural Body Wash. Moisturising and smells good! Got freebies also leh. A body sponge and travelling facial care set. It was on sale. 8 bottles of body wash for ₩30,000 before using discount coupon.

Love this lotion ! Tried the sample before and indeed it is moisturising! Esp if u apply right after shower. No milky smell. But it smells like this particular wet tissue brand which i cannot remember. I cant remember how much is it in total but per bottle is about $9-$10 after shipping fees. Each bottle is about 1L to 1.2L .

I think i got blog about the discount coupons here few posts back or dayre. Cannot remember where lol.

All bought direct from the brands.