Korean Bbq (pork and beef intestines)

After watching “I Live Alone” episode on Mamamoo’s singer Hwasa, i had sudden cravings for Pig and Cow intestines bbq ! Apparently this episode created the “Hwasa effect” and bbq shops serving these dishes were sold out before end of day and many restaurants have long queue.

Watch the video and you know why liao. It looks so yumms. Even i was tempted

So i jio my KR+SG couple neighbours for dinner last week at Running Man Restaurant. The only place so far i know serves decent quality for this dish. Haha but quantity hor….veryyyyy little for the price we may lah. Not enough lor. Dont know is it too yummy until not enough cos we want more or really not enough leh. Lol

Still hungry after this serving. $79 for this and to be shared among 6 is too little lol.

So we ordered the fried chicken wings and spicy octopus+pig intestines dish.

The chicken wing hmmm not nice. So i suggest that you order the bbq better.

The intestines are really damn shiokkk. Not those you eat at Kway Chap store. But it is soooo fatty and sooooo chewy. So yummy. The 口感 is there. The cow intestines are the best. But of cos it lose out to the one i had in Korea. The one i had in Korea was sooo fatty and chewy , shiok and cheap !

I am now craving for pork skin 껍대기 bbq also . Maybe i go K&J butchery see they got sell pork skin not haha then i marinate at home and do our own bbq. Maybe if i can find the intestines too.

Hungry liao.