DoctorCos #Kbeauty

Very happy cos i managed to dig out this from my stock piles of skincare at home. I was clearing and tidying them up and managed to find the last tube ! I finished 5 tubs in 1yr and gave 1 to a client last year. This is so far my favourite sleeping pack which i apply every night so i can wake up with radiant skin and my face will not feel dry when i wake up since i sleep in air-con room daily. Hubs cannot take the heat and our house must feel like it is spring..aircon wherever he goes lol. That is why our electricity bill so high lor.

Apply everynight before i sleep using my CNP silicon brush. The brush was for the milk peeling set but since i finished the set alr..i just use it to apply ampoules and sleeping mask pack.

My eye rings very bad from all the late nights these days. Not because of outing but because of work and Fifa World Cup.

My previous tenant recommended me this product because she said it was good and she had like sooo many tubes n tubs in her room which she uses daily.