Finally paid down the 10% for our future home nest. And just 4 more years to have a place we call our own. 4 years seems long but we have so much we need to do, achieve and work towards to in these 4 years.

And our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming soon. We were discussing should we have a cook out at home (haha i cook of cos) or go out for a meal.

Hubs “created” this thing called MF Time (Mobile-free Time) which we have it once every few days. I will prepare tea and he will prepare fruits or tidbits. And we will go to the garden and talk. No mobile phones. Just us, tea/snacks and communications. We talk about everything…about work, people, life and our future goals and how should we or how can we work towards it.

Communication is crucial in a marriage. Instead of just always being on our mobile phone, TV or laptop, this session allow us to spend more quality time with each other and know the stress each other is facing at life or work.

Now..i need to look for good caffaine free tea. Because we both cannot sleep after drinking soo many cups of tea 😂😂.