2nd MC & Life after that….

Just as i was typing the previous blogpost last month, i probably conceived naturally few days before that but again early MC. It is our 2nd time already. This time was much earlier though. I went to do my HCG blood test , took proluton jab and progesterone pills and everything to confirm but only to suddenly bleed and have a negative test kit suddenly and bleeding starts 1 week later. And infact this time , we were supposed to go for IVF but we couldn’t because i found out i was pregnant. This time things went abit differently…the symptoms were different as well. I found out a week before my period ( which im supposed to see doc for IVF on first day of period) which is also a week after i tested positive in ovulation kit. So this time it was discovered fast because the symptoms came in faster this time. I had pinkish egg white discharge on the day i found out and also my boobs hurts sooo much. Too much until i cannot lie on my stomach to sleep. I also sleep alot and very early like 8pm. All these weird out of the blue symptoms made me tested early and there was a faint line on the first test kit. After which i never test anymore and just go to the doctor to check on my blood work.

One symptom that never change…i have cravings for raw fish like sashimi and sushi. Hubs was joking that our little embryo has strong Busan genes…have to like sashimi lol. Cos Busan is a sea port and famous for their korean style sashimi mah.

To be honest , i wasnt expecting much since last year’s MC. So we were not excited about it and was afraid instead. Afraid that it may end up like last time. So this time , we went through it and coped with it well. Well, it is okay if it is just two of us ! So we are taking it well.

And we didn’t expect it this time to tio also. It just happened unexpectedly.

Sometimes i felt like something is stopping us from having children. Last year , we found out the positive pregnancy test just before going for IUI. And this year, also same thing happen but is before going for IVF. We tried natural but over the course of 3 years , only had 2 positives but ended in early MC. And each time is before going for procedures. So maybe just fate lor. Sigh. Im taking it easy. Hubs is also ok with not having kids.. and we plan to travel to exotic places like Inner Mongolia, Egypt, Tibet, Morocco etc every 3 years till we turn 60yo.

For the past 1month , we have been going on fortnightly brunch or lunch dates. Looked for 1 for 1 promotions and eating good food or cafe hopped…enjoying just couple dates and we thought actually if no kids also okay. We don’t want to stress ourselves too much. We are not giving up but at the same time we don’t want to stress ourselves. I need my body and mind to be in the good condition for IVF and even natural conception.

And i need to be in good shape so that my hormones can be back to normal again. I just came period today even though the bleeding from MC stopped 2 weeks ago. Hormones went haywire already. Which means i may or may not have ovulated immediately the day after my MC bleeding ended. Or it is just hormones that caused this bleeding and it is not a period.


I realized i have not been coming to this space often since i restarted blogging in dayre. But i still come here to check on my past posts for information lol because i can get quite forgetful sometimes and coming to this space today because i have time to sit down , sip a cup of hot roobois tea and do some self reflections here. One thing i do not like about dayre is the word limit per posting so i come back to this space to type out my thoughts , do some self reflections about my work , my life , my finances and my family planning.

My Life…

We have been going on dates fortnightly. Go scout for good and cheap food and kio those 1 for 1 deals. Took very long to persuade this guy to go to Jewel because he read and saw the news that it was very crowded so he was not keen. But that was the initial part lah. Few months after opening the crowd already start to cool down.

Had lunch at Arteastiq.

Not forgetting going for Korean bbq. It’s been VERY VERY Long since we went out for bbq.

We got our own bbq grill pan ( gas stove and electric ones ) so we hardly eat out. Cheaper to buy your own and eat at home but we decided to go out for once. But our wallet will be abit empty after that lol.

Went to South Beach for brunch with hubs at Fynns. His first time to South beach. We also found a Koremexican restaurant (Korean+Mexican) and thought maybe one day we should go try it out.

So for June and July , we went cafe hopping. Haha hubs asked me to find places with a budget of $50 for 2pax. Not that he or we cannot afford but he is very frugal and he say the portion very small and not full enough for him so we ended up ordering so many dishes that is why so expensive lah !!! He finished the pasta at Arteastiq in 3 mouthfuls and even ate half of mine leh.

In Aug , i shall bring him go hawker hunt ! Find the best kway chap , hokkien mee etc ! Old Airport Road hawker centre will be my next target. I need huge portions to feed this gentle giant.

For the 2nd MC , it was conceived on the day of our first fortnightly arranged date out. Haha i had Kirin beer and we had skewers buffet at Taan. I think more than 55 skewers and each skewers have 2 to 3 pieces of meat/vegs.

Hahah maybe that night very relax because we have not been on late night dates for very long time. Always nua and watch drama or work at home most of the time. Hubs was happy that i can drink , talk and eat with him. Sometimes he want to do that but because i don’t drink and don’t like drinking so i always order coke but that day since it was late night out…a small little pint wont harm hahah.

I also catch up with alot of friends and clients (both non-business and business meetings). We went Jewel to queue for shake shack and even had omakase to celebrate their milestones.

My work…

Came back from the convention in Sydney and this time , hubs joined me! I extended my trip so we can go to Melbourne. It was a 6 day trip to Sydney and Melbourne. Too tight and too tired.


Went there with sore eyes. Had eye infection on the day of my flight from SG to Sydney. Gosh i did my eyelash extension the day before my trip and that night my eyes turned so red and painful. So the next day which was just few hours before my flight , i hurried down to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics eye drop. I had to drip every 3 hrs and i finished 1 small tube within 2-3 days. Heng ah…there are alot of pharmacies in Aussie and their meds , vitamins and skincare are known to be very cheap there. So i top up the antibiotic drips from the pharmacy in Sydney city centre.

Fortunately it healed quite fast with the antibiotic drips and slightly recovered before Melbourne trip. The air in Aussie was dry and windy. It irritated my eyes even more and i was worried that it may become worst. Luckily on the day to Melbourne , it got better. Because we will be going on a day tour roadtrip and it will be very windy by the coast. I don’t want to agitate it further.


Still having unbalanced sized eyes due to eye infection from eyelash extensions.


The Great Ocean Road 1day roadtrip was the best.

By the way , the word on my cap says “SOX”. It is a cab from MLB and it stands for RED SOX Team. There are people staring at my cap and guessing if the word says “SEX” =.=



** To be continued..12 am liao need to sleeep.