Beauty Culture

Talking about Beauty culture , i really have to admit that our East Asian counterparts are really good at it. You can have fake boobs that feels and looks like real boobs. Eyelids that were done but no one knows that you had surgery. Creating healthy looking and beautiful skin with just make up.  Cosmetics are easily available and cheap. You can find them even at MRT stations or convenience stalls. They are sprouting everywhere at street or underground level. The Japanese , Korean and Taiwanese ladies are really good at dressing up.

With Korea producing and inventing some of the products that are widely sought after and used today ( like the BB cushions , CC creams and BB Creams etc ) . It is no wonder their ladies there are so used to putting make up and they do it really well. Though not all have really good skin , they can create healthy looking skin with the use of cosmetic products.

There are the road side shops and departmental stores which sell cosmetics and skincare products.

Road side shops are the ones like Etude house , Innisfree , The Face Shop , Tony Moly, Missha , Holika Holika , It’s Skin , Nature Republic , The Saem etc. They are cheap and priced no more than KRW 20,000. With just KRW 55,000 you can easily buy a basic set of blusher , BB cushion , lip tint/lipstick and eyeliner pencil.

Here’s some of what i’ve got. There are still some powders , make up removers , make up fixer spray and eye shadows which i will share next week separately.


Some people may think these products are cheap and no good. The reason why they are cheap is because they are made in Korea.

Before i was “addicted” to Korean beauty products , i was into French skincare and make up products. I was using Avene skincare and Chanel make up and skincare products before switching to my first Korean skincare Laneige. I was using Chanel foundation , blusher and eyeliner then . Reason was because of the price , suitability and the range available. Chanel was too expensive and i cannot play with the colours and Avene’s range was too little. Most European products only comprise of 3 steps ( cleanser , toning , moisturizing ) . But French makeup remover are one of the best. Esp the Bioderma one. I am currently using the one from Creme Simon.

I love shopping at Korean road side shops because they are always promotions like 1+1 or discounts. And they do give alot of free samples which can be quite tempting because sometimes i ended up buying the full size products after trying them. But most of the time , i only ask for cleanser samples or lip tint samples. Yes , they have cute little lip tint samples which is good for travel and for me to try new colours. I HATE putting testers on my face because so many fingers already touched it.

Even though they are cheap , i don’t just anyhow grab and buy. I did that during my first trip to Korea because i “sua ku” . First time see cheap and nice make up mah.  Now i just buy what i did and what i will use and to stock up what i always use.

Cheap doesn’t mean it is no good. Being cheap , you can buy ALOT of colours and play around with your looks. You can layer the powders , foundations and products because most of the cosmetics from these Road side shops doesn’t really have strong pigments. Korean goes for the natural “no makeup” make-up look if you get what i mean. So the colours are subtle and good for layering. That’s why you can layer alot of things to create healthy looking skin without looking too overly done up and no one knows you actually had 3 layer of bases on your face.

I layer my cheeks with a lilac and a peach colour blusher. When these 2 are mixed together , they give a dreamy and natural blush look. After i shopped for make up in Korea 3.5 years ago , i stopped buying make up in SG. Price and variety are the factors.

Here’s a peek at my dressing table or should i say corner.

I think there are too many things and too heavy. The table kinda curved downwards in the middle.

Top are the ones i use daily or often whereas all the stock ups are under the table.

I think i over did it . LOL .


The facial corner. Grouped according to “Basic” and “Special care”. Basics are the ones i use everytime whereas the special corner are the serums , creams and sleeping masks.

Then i have the make up corner on the left. Products which i may use.

Samples that were given by my friend’s sister when i bought my HERA products from her. Too many samples..Can’t use finish even after 1.5 years.


The make up corner where i keep all my foundations , pencils , eyeshadows , sunscreen , lotions and lipsticks


Drawer stashed with make up stock ups.


Eyelashes and which i bought from Hongkong at SGD 3 per box. Shops in Far east plaza are selling at $23 per box. If you are going to Hongkong , you gotta stock them up. I bought like 8 boxes from HK . Or you can buy them from JB. It is at least $5 cheaper per box. I saw a shop at Aeon Shopping Mall in JB Bukit Indah selling them at RM29.90 per box.


Hair rollers for fringe , BB Cushions , refills and sponges. All for stock up.


Sunscreen , make up removers , cleansing tissues ,  cleansing foam maker and mists. These are full size samples given to me actually.


Besides that , i have boxes and tupper wares filled with HERA , Sulwhasoo and Primera samples. Too many…equal to 2 full size bottles per product.

Here is a lip tint which i want to recommend to everyone.

The Honey Melting Tint from Aritaum.

I always wanted to get this but shipping fee from Korea to SG costs more than the lip tint itself.
So i managed to get this during my Korea trip and i bought 2 sticks.

I decided on the colour Peach Crumble.



What’s my review ?

It is super moisturizing. It feels like a lip balm and i like how i glides on smoothly. The colour is rich and it smells really good like peach. I like how i moisturizes my lips in the cold weather and how it doesn’t dries up easy like other watery lip tints. It also leaves a subtle glossy look. Not very glossy and not very matt like other water lip tints.

Colour is actually peachy orange.

Colour looks quite rich if you don’t apply any layer of foundation or BB Cushion before the tint.


Colour is more subtle if you apply it after a layer BB cushion or your foundation.

No make up here and you can see i have abit of dark circles. Still thinking to go for eye bag removal in Sept or not. Already think for 1.5 years already lol.


Peach / Coral / Orange lipsticks are suitable for all skin tones.

I was tempted to get the Laneige water lip tint at Aritaum after seeing my friend Elaine’s beautiful lip colour. I didn’t buy in SG though. I bought it at Aritaum because i have the discount card. I layer it on top of my lipsticks. Not recommended to apply alone because it is very sheer.



Here’s a comparison of the 3 lip colours i bought from Laneige , Tony Moly and Aritaum.

My favorites in order :

1) Honey Melting Tint in Peach Crumble

Reason : Subtle peachy coral without being too loud and it is super moisturizing. Very cheap at only KRW 7,900

2) Tony Moly in Spring Orange

Reason : Subtle orange without being too long and it has a little sheen and it kinda brightens up my whole look. Very cheap at only KRW 7,900

3) Laneige Water Lip Tint in Apricot

Reason : Adds a subtle coral glossy look. More than KRW 22,000 but i get to enjoy 10% off with Aritaum membership.


You see , with SGD 8.50 , you can get a decent lipstick.

The first time i went to Korea back in 2012, i got a beauty culture shock. Girls curling their fringe with velcro curler in the restaurant while their hands were busy eating their meals. And when i was in a bar , some girls beside me brought out a big mirror from her bag and started touching up her make up. When i was in the train , some ladies openly took out their make up pouches and put on full make up right in front of public eyes and yet no one bats an eyelid and no one cares. You will probably get stomped or have your face posted on FB by someone if you were caught doing that in SG.

When i went to the toilet , there is always a make up corner where the are alot of tables and mirrors. There are only 3 basins for you to wash your hand but more than 5 mirrors and tables at the make up corner. Even at departmental stores like Shinsaegae and Lotte, there is a room where ladies get to sit down comfortably in a cushioned chair and put on their make up infront of a professionally lit make up mirror.

Beauty culture is so strong and everyone do their best to look good everytime and everywhere they go. If they don’t put on make up , they will wear a cap.

Even my bf often looks into the mirror or reflection to check his hair. Lol.

Though you often see good looking women there , some men are not stupid. Sometimes i told my Korean guy friends that this or that girl in the photo or whom we saw on the street is pretty. They will often reply me “must see her without make up first” or from the first look , they know whether was it photoshopped or not. I guess they were experienced enough.

There is no ugly women ..except lazy women.

This saying is really true.

There are many people i know heading to Korea to see the beautiful and colourful autumn maple leaves.

Well , decided to blog about a list of things you should buy if you are going to Korea.

Below was a picture of me and my other 3 girlfriends’ luggages when we went to Korea for the first time back in 2012.

We went with one and came back SG with additional luggages , boxes and more and more hand carry bags.


So how did we went with only 1 but came back with erm… so many ? Well , we spent more than sgd800 per pax at Laneige in Myeondong and they gave us a free luggage each ( The ones with polka dogs , mine is the pink one in the picture ). That was for my 1.5 years of supply of facial care and it came with generous supply of samples which in fact tempted me to get more of their newly launch products. Only you can buy 3 items in Korea and get alot of samples. Hera was more generous when i bought my first set of facial care. They gave me like 4 sheets of the white program masks and REALLY ALOT of samples. Not that i am a cheapo for the samples but these samples are convenient for my travels and it actually tempted me to get the full bottle of product instead and now i am a big fan. My friend’s sister used to send me new samples that last me 1 month and i love the results and ended up buying the full bottles and stock up on a year’s supply.

I don’t like how some counter ladies in SG were abit stingy with it when you ask for few more sachets and they look at you like as if you are some cheapo who want freebies. Maybe they have their reasons for doing so because there are really cheapos doing that but not all are so cheapo okay. There are genuine buyers like me.

It doesn’t make sense you see , your products claimed that with continuous use for 14 days , you will achieve radiant skin. But how can you expect your customers to see the results by giving one pathetic sachet ? Tell me how can you convince your customers the product is good with just one sad sachet and expect people to spend money on the full bottle ? To be reasonable , you should give samples that last at least for 3 days to be able to convince consumers how good your product is.

Ok back to the list of things you should buy in Korea !

1) Korean beauty make up 


Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Holika Holika and Missha.

Reason why you should buy the make up products is because they are cheap and good. Korean ladies are very good with “natural make up look” so most of their products are not very pigment heavy. The colours are light and refreshing. They like to play around with lip colours so you can see a range of colours for the lipsticks.

Because they are cheap , you can buy many colours and have different looks. I usually shop off the city area because there are some outlets with 1+1 deal meaning buy 1 get 1 free ( usually for masks and lipsticks ) and some have up to 50% discount for make up products. I got my masks , make up and some accessories from the boutiques off city centre and i get to enjoy 30-50% discount or 1+1 deal. But this depends on your luck because sometimes they don’t have such promotions. Usually there are such deals at theend of each season . But the thing is that you don’t get to enjoy tax refund. But i think i saved more with those deals than the tax refund if im getting hell lot of them.

Can’t decide to get a lipstick in Pink , Coral or Red ?
Just get all 3. They will probably cost less than sgd20 for 3. If there is any 1+1 or discounts , you save more.


2) Amore Pacific Brands.

Beauty is important in Korea and girls there do take extra time and care to maintain their looks and skin.

Brands such as IOPE , Laneige , Sulwhasoo and Hera are under Amore Pacfiic. They do have a house brand too.

You can buy Laneige , Sulwhasoo and Hera at any Lotte Department store or Shinsaegae Department store in town. They are available at the airport as well.

Iope is available at Emart , Lotte mart and Aritaum.


If you a big fan of these brands , there are few reasons why you should buy in Korea ..

1) Cheaper than SG and there is tax refund.

2) Brands like IOPE and Hera are not available in SG.

3) Generous samples

4) These products works on my skin very well.

Below were my buys from Laneige back in 2012 when i was still using their products before switching to HERA. I was given a free luggage and hell lot of samples for purchase of SGD 800 and above. It filled up that entire luggage.

I bought home 1.5 years of supply of facial product.


I have since switched to HERA and because it is not available in SG and i have to really stock up .

3) Aritaum 

You can find brands like IOPE , Laneige and Mamonde in Aritaum. I love Aritaum make up produts because they are cheap , nice colour and pretty good.

See the crayon lip tints and crayon eye shadows ? They were going at 1+1 for KRW 6,900. It is cheap and can’t decide which colour to buy ?
Just get all lah !


You can find whole range of IOPE products in Arituam. I have been to Korea 4 times but i have not seen any Iope boutique before.

Even blushers come in the form of cushions.


4) BB Cushions and CC creams

Korea is the mother of all BB and CC Creams.

And now the BB Cushion and CC cushion for easy application !

20130921_150714 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10102231_5437dfc7c4129

My favourite goes to Hera UV Mist Cushion and Hera CC cream. Iope is another popular choice among the locals.

They come in various shades which suits Asian skin tones. It costs about KRW 40,000-KRW45,000 and it comes with a refill pack.

5) Facial masks

Again not only being cheap is the reason but they have lots of selections for different skin types. It also work very well in hydrating the skin.

I bought like 300 over packs to last me 1.5 years. Instead of keeping them at room temperature , i kept them in the fridge so that the sheets remains moist and preserve the essence on the sheets.

My favourite brands are from Missha and Sulwhasoo. I bought 300 packets of Missha masks at 1+1 and each was KRW 1000-KRW3500 depending on the type of mask. The hydrogel ones are more than KRW3,000.

You can buy from the boutiques at Myengdong ( for tax refund ) or Supermarket such as Lotte mart and Emart. Usually the ones at Myeongdong does not have discount or 1+1 promotions. I realized it on one of my trips. I was helping friends to buy Missha masks and got some from the boutique at Myengdong and i swept up all the green tea stocks available at their boutique ( about few hundred pieces ) and i have to go to else where to get the remaining. So i went somewhere and i saw a Missha at subway underpass and saw that there was 1+1 promotion  ( no tax refund ) . So you have to work on your maths to see which one is cheaper and you save more.

6) Seaweeds and snacks.

You can buy Korean snacks from Emart or Lotte Mart which can be found at departmental store. You can find your favourite and delicious and cheap Korean snacks there. I always buy a trolley full and bring it back to SG. They don’t give you plastic bags so bring your own HUGE bag or you can use the boxes found near the cashier to wrap up your shopping.

However , if you prefer a bag , you can pay for a paper bag. I dont recommend that if you have TOO many things because it breaks quite easily.

7) Kimchi and side dishes

Seriously , you can never get them so tasty in SG.


I never buy Kimchi in those aluminum packages and instead i bought those homemade ones because they are much tastier.
You can buy them from Emart or Lotte Mart. Be sure to wrap them up properly and suggest to send it back to SG in a box or else the Kimchi juice might leak and stained your clothes and the smell may linger on your clothes for a while.


8) Made in Korea apparels

Myeongdong , Dongdaemun , Namdaemun , Hongdae , Ehwa , Garusil Gil etc

Just to name afew , there are the popular places among tourists.

I skip on Dongdaemun and Namdaemun because some are china made and very platinum mall Bangkok like pieces. And are very overpriced. The ahjumma there are not very friendly. I deal with a supplier from Namdaemun before and they are really rude.

I only shop in 2 local boutiques at Myeong dong because they sell their own labels and design their own means there is quality control. And the apparels are priced tagged.

Try to bargain when you are buying. Some shops don’t indicate any price tags and i usually avoid those unless i really like the item and find the price reasonable. I was quoted KRW 32,000 for a skirt and a friend was quoted KRW 18,000. The salesman must have thought i am a tourist and don’t understand Korean and when my Korean friend asked for the price again  , she was quoted cheaper ( almost half the price ). The salesman must have thought we were not friends . But i understand what the price he quoted to other person in Korean.

So for those shops that does not have any price tags  on their apparels , do try to bargain.

9) Cute and little accessories such as stockings , socks and samsung mobile covers.

I get all my winter, spring and autumn stockings from there because they are very cheap and good. You can get a winter stockings/leggings with fleece for KRW5,000. That is why i can still wear skirt with the stockings in such cold weather.

They have tonnes of cute little stocks with ribbons and prints at KRW 1,000 each ! Some were going at KRW 800. Samsung mobile covers are cheaper there. I got one for my cousin from Korea for her Note 3 at like SGD 20 cheaper ?

I got my stockings and leggings from Ah jummas at the road side stalls. Or you can get from shops that sells those cute little socks and hair accessories.


Happy shopping in Korea and worry about overweight luggage ?

One tip is to send all your shopping buys back via EMS Korea to SG.
It takes 3 working days. Meaning if you send it out on Monday , you will receive it on Wednesday.

I sent 500 pieces of Missha masks to my friend from Korea ( helped her to see im such a good friend haha , carrying 100 pieces each time x 4 trips is really not easy and super heavy ) and it costs about KRW 34,000. It is cheaper than paying for extra baggage weight.

And i buy my Hera skin care products from the airport duty free. There is one counter which carries the full range. Hera bottles are made of glass and very heavy. Definitely going to add weight onto your luggage. So i will buy at the airport and hand carry up to the plane instead to save on overweight baggage fees.

Well , have a good time and happy shopping !

Because i was feeling abit tired lately and i caught a cold, my skin became dry . It always happens when i caught a bad cold. I don’t know why too. And as you know i love dewy looking skin. So i now tried to put on mask pack twice a day after my daily skincare routine. I can feel how dry my skin become when i applied my UV mist cushion or foundation. It just doesn’t have the shine like it used to. So lately , i have been putting on the 물광 ( “Mul-guang” which means Dewy look like water. “Mul” is water and “Guang” is radiance or glow ) make up look. So that the skin looks dewy.

This is the back of my palm without any foundation.


I mix my foundation with moisturizer at the ratio of 1:1. If you want your skin to look more dewy , you can apply more.


I mixed it with a plastic spatula ( the one that comes with Laneige Water Sleeping Pack ). I didn’t throw these away. I keep them so i can mix my foundation with highlighter or moisturuizer.


Also , i spray some facial mist on the mixture before i apply the foundation (mixed with moisturiser and facial mist ) on my face with a sponge.


And i blend the foundation on my skin.  Skin looks naturally dewy especially when reflected under light. I don’t like to put too much moisturizer because i don’t want my face to look too unnatural or looks like i have oily face. But if you want it to be more dewy , just top up more moisturizer and spray the facial mist on your face after blending.


I seldom use this method because i don’t have dry skin but i caught a cold and feeling really tired and my skin looks dry because of that. Usually i just apply my magic starter and BB cushion. And also because Hera’s waterin moisturizer is very expensive.

I went out with Eunjin and Miran last night for to Tanjong Pagar for Korean chicken and walking around China town.  Both are Korean beauty therapists/aestheticians and they introduced me a product from Etude house that gives the natural 물광 ( Mul Guang) which i shall review after i got the product. It was a good chat with them learning about beauty tips and we exchanged our beauty tips. It is good to get more tips from these 2 beauty and skin care expert. And i have to share an awesome sunblock tomorrow too which i am so in love with right now.

Have a good weekend everyone !

I’ve switched to “natural” make up for the past few months. Meaning thinner eyeliner , dewy skin and a good base.

Of course , you need to take care of your skin inorder to achieve a dewy skin look. So you have to cleanse , tone and moisturize your skin well before putting on any make up. Make-ups do dry up our skin a little so it is essential to moisturize your skin.

Usually , i wait for my skincare products to be fully absorbed before i apply my make up. Or else the powder or make up products will clump together and leave patches on my skin.

To double up my dewy look. I applied the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher after the last step of my skincare. It is supposedly to be a day and night cream but my friend’s sister told me to use it as a base or primer instead to double up your bling bling dewy skin look. It also helps to keep your skin moist. Im using the sample pack because i have yet to use my Hera Magic Starter ( make up base for another dewy look ) . I just got the package last week.


Pin or use hair velcro to keep your hair clear from your face.

I apply it on my forehead, cheeks , chin and nose. Spread evenly.


Skin looks slightly radiant and dewy. I tried the Hera Magic Starter samples before and i prefer Hera than Sulwhasoo actually. Hera gives a more lasting dewy bling bling skin look. But if you have oily skin , it makes your face looks even more oily. I have normal skin so both works for me.


After applying the Sulwhasoo Finisher , i pat on my Hera UV Mist Cushion in N21. I use it as a concealer for my under eye as well as eyelid. And also , i pat the cushion on my lips to prepare for my lip make up.

Next , i work on my brows. I trim my brows once a week by myself. And i use the Etude House eyebrown automatic pencil to shade my brows. Because i have quite thick brows with arch , so i don’t shade too much. Or else i will look like La Bi Xiao Xing haha. I shade to match my hair colour.


Now im gonna start with my eyes. I highlight my eyes with 3CE Shimmer Stick. I love this Shimmer stick to the max. Because it is sooo convenient and gives a natural sheen.

I dont draw or blend it with my finger tips or brushes on my eyelids. I dabbed it on my eyelids. Because the radius of the shimmer stick is big enough , i dabbed it on my entire eyelid.


Here is how it looks when dabbed.


Slightly 3D looking eyelids with the shimmer stick’s highlighting effect. The best part is looks like you have nothing on your eyes.


Here’s how it looks like when i closed my eyes. Anyway , i had that line since my eyelids appeared after i gained ALOT of weight. I didnt go for any eyelid surgery and even if i want to , i dont have the time because i need to do photo shoots everyweek. OMG whenever my friends saw that line , they thought it was a surgery scar…..Don’t need to speculate.


After working on the base , i go onto the next step which is eye shadow. I used Aritaum’s Wannabe Pencil Shadow in Rosy. I like it alot because it is very convenient and easy to apply. It is 2 sided and comes with blending brush. Damn sad i cant get it in SG and im finishing mine soon ! 😦


Colour looks good and natural right ?


After the using the cream eyeshadow , i use MAKE MANIA ( Japanese brand ) eye shadow sponge to draw a thick line.


And then a thin layer of black eyeliner.


After the eyeliner , i work on the “aegyo sal” which means cute eye bags to create a more youthful look.

Im using K-Palette Tear Bag Eyeliner. But i just got one new from Etude House (Etude House Cute Eyes Maker) at a cheaper price because K-palette is too pricey !


Looks like i applied too much and looks too thick right ? not done yet. I still have it blend it with concealer. I have not applied any concealer yet.


Im using Nature Republic Concealer. I blended with sponge.

The reason why concealer is the last step of my eye make up is because im using the powder eyeshadow from MAKE MANIA and some powder bits may drop onto my lower eye or cheeks when i draw on my eyelids. As you can see from the picture above, there are some “brown markings”.




Next , i applied my blusher. I dabbed my blusher on my cheek bones instead of brushing it for a more natural and lighter look. Im using 3CE Blusher in Valentine Pink. Instead of contouring my cheek bones with the blusher or bronzer , i just dabbed the pink blusher on my cheeks and blend it.


Lastly is my favourite part – LIPS.

Im using Tony Moly lipstick in Spring Orange. I dabbed the lipstick on my entire lip.


And i shade the cupid bow tip and sides of my lips with Nature Republic’s concealer stick.


And i blend it with my finger tips to create a slight ombre look.


I dabbed on more lipstick on the inner lips. I dab the lipsticks on my lips so that it looks stained and so there will not be any streaks or lines. Dab on some gloss if you want.


Lastly , this step is optional because sometimes I dont want my face to look overly highlighted  so i may skip this step. If im using the Hera HD Foundation that day or CC cream , i may go on to this step.

Coutour my T-zone (upper eyebrow area and chin) and under eye area with 3CE Shimmer stick for a defined nose bridge and brighter looking eyes.


And chin too.


Blend with finger tips for a softer highlighting effect.


And viola ! I am done and it is time to take lots of selfies when you are out shopping !


This whole make-up took me only about 10 minutes to get it done . I used to take about 45 minutes but after sometime and practice, it just took me 10 minutes. After changing to this softer and natural look , it makes me looks younger. There is no right or wrong in putting on your make up so you can do adjustments according to your face shape  , skin type , lip colour or skin colour.

Here are the list of items i used in this blogpost.

Face :

Primer/Base – Sulwhasoo Luminature Finisher

BB Cushion – Hera UV Mist in N21

Eyes :

Eyebrow : Etude House Drawing Eye brow in No.3

Shimmer : 3CE Shimmer Stick in Pink

Cream Eyeshadow : Aritaum Wannabe Longwear Shadow in Rosy

Sponger Powder Eyeshadow : Make Mania Data Gradation Tip Shadow (Light Brown)

Tear Bag Eyeliner : K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Tears Tank in Peach No.2

Concealer : Nature Republic Botanical Concealer in Natural Beige No 23

Lips : 

Lipstick : Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style in Spring Orange OR.2

Concealer : Nature Republic Botanical Vanilla Concealer

*If you wonder why i skipped the mascara , it was because i still have some strands of the eyelash extension on !

Have a good mid week !

Here are some beauty buys from Korea. I bought the IOPE highlighter too but i have yet to unpack my luggage so i will review it later. I have started using these for Agneselle’s shoot done on Monday.

I bought these crayon eye shadow from Aritaum. Got the first one at KRW 6500 and 2 at KRW6500 on the other day. They just have random sales anytime they want.

I love these. I gave it to Agneselle’s make up artist  – Pearlyn Law to use it for the shoot yesterday. She is my make up guru and advisor. I will always ask her how to use it and if i used it correctly because after all make up is her profession. Before knowing her , i have a foundation , eyeliner and blusher in my make up pouch. But after knowing her , it started from a pouch to several baskets and pouches !

What i like about these crayon eyeshadow is that it is very smooth and easy to apply. Frankly speaking , i dont know how to put on eye shadow. I have single eyelids and double ( sometimes it just suddenly appear probably because i gained weight or i was too tired ). Im a noob when it comes to powder eyeshadows. But this is easy to apply and good for people like me who is a noob when it comes applying eye shadows.

It comes in more than 10 colours and i only bought 3 of them. The pinkish one act as a base , the bronze one for the eyelid and purplish one as liner. It is a little creamy so easier to blend.



It has a blending brush on the other side.


I have started using it so it has little bit of shimmers on it.


It is actually not so glittery like the one in the picture below. I applied more on my back hand so that you can see the colours. Infact it is very subtle when you just go over your eyelids.

So if you happen to know someone there or popping by Aritaum , you should give this a try.


Pearlyn did a vintage hairdo for me to match the upcoming Agneselle’s lace dress which she and Fiona are getting because they love it ! All 3 of us were excited about the dresses we took for photoshoot yesterday because they were so nice.

Pearlyn created this “fake double eyelid” look for me using eyeshadow and eyeliner. I did not go for plastic surgery in Korea. Anyway after i came back from Korea , some people i met asked ” You looked prettier after you came back , did you do something to your face ?? “


It is the MAKE UP lah !!!! My eye rings look really bad from the flu. I looked like a panda.

Pearlyn used the IOPE BB Cushion which i bought from Korea for the photoshoot.


I bought this lipstick from The Face Shop at KRW10,900 .

It is creamy matt pink and i like it because it i long lasting. Even after drinking a hot latte and eating a cupcake , the colour still stay on and i didnt need to touch up. I used it for yesterday’s shoot too.



I mixed it with the Tony Moly orangey lipstick for the colour on my lips below.


 The Hera UV Mist Cushion. Finally i got the Shimmer Vanilla at the Airport. It must be selling really well else it wont be out of stock at Lotte Dept Store and Shinsaegae. It comes with a refill pack and selling at USD31 in the airport ( Lotte Duty Free ).

I have not opened it yet and will review it later.


If you are travelling to Korea, you should buy their make up and skincare products.  Cheap doesn’t mean they are not good. Because they are made in Korea, that’s why they are cheap. If you were to buy them in SG , the price will be 2 or 3 times more.

Here are some brand you should buy and look out for if you are travelling them anytime soon !

1) Missha – Buy their sheet masks and Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel ( Both are less than SG 10) . I recommended them to all my readers and friends. All of them are now a big fan of these and they are very good. Plus it is cheap and affordable. You can buy them from their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart. One mask cost about $1.00.

2) The Face Shop – Buy their lipsticks and concealers. Available at their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart

3) Tony Moly – Buy their lipsticks , lipglosses and foot cream/foot mask ! If you want nice and smooth feet , buy their foot moisture cream/mask . I love their lipglosses to the max ! They have one of the best orangey colour lipsticks .It is very moisturizing too. Lipsticks and lipglosses cost about KRW 6,000 – KRW 10,000 each. I got my lipstick during a sale at KRW 4,900 and lipgloss at KRW 6,000. With just $10 , you can have kissable looking lips.

4) Banila and co – Highlighter and Radiance concealer. A little bit pricer than the brands above but still cheaper than other international brands you see out there. They are sort of a replica of Benefit esp when it comes to packaging and products they launched. Highlighter looks almost the same and price difference was 3 times.  Of cos Banila and Co is the cheaper one.

5) IOPE – BB Cushion , Highlighter and skincare product. Most of the Korean girls i know age 22 and below are using IOPE skincare products. The BB cushion cost about KRW 38,000 and comes with refill pack too. I have blogged about it. I have the IOPE facial gel cleanser (KRW 15,000) but i still prefer Hera’s foam cleanser because i feel much more cleaner using foam cleanser than gel. IOPE products are not really cheap esp the whitening range. Available at Aritaum , Lotte Mart or Emart. I cant find the counters at Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae. Not available at Airport too. Aritaum house most of the products under Amore Pacific.

6) HERA – Known for their skincare products and CC cream. I LOVE IT ! Some of my readers and customers read my post and they went to buy it. They emailed me that it is amazingly good and asked me to introduce more products from Hera. I have not tried their facial masks yet. I was given the White Program Facial Sheet Masks and will review it if it is good and works. I have 10 products from Hera for face ( cleanser , essence , eye serum , moisturiser , toner, emulsion etc ) . I slap on about 6-7 of them in the day and all at night before i sleep.  I am also using their CC cream. You can purchase it from Lotte Store , Shinsaegae or their main flagship at Apujeong. Limited range available at Airport and mostly basic skincare. The one at Apujeong gives you ALOT of samples and they are very generous when it comes to samples. I was given 3 or 5 of  white program sheet masks when i bought my first Hera set from Apujeong.

That is all i can think of right now. I tried Innisfree and Nature Republic stuff. But they dont really work that well and too mild. Not much or no effect. So usually i skip this 2 brands. But Innisfree apple make up remover smells yummy.


Im like a Korea weather reporter. When i was in Korea, alot of friends asked me what to wear and weather over there and where to go and what make up/skin care brands to buy. When im in SG , still got people ask me about Korea’s weather.

Easy peasy, just bring a good jacket that can keep you warm !

Beside pairing 3/4 knit tops with skater skirt and ankle boots , you can wear long sleeve tight bandage dresses and pair them with leggings or stockings. Throw a nice coat over at night when it turns cold.

Here is one of my favourite dress for Autumn in Korea. I got it in 3 colours – Grey , Ivory and Black. It is made of a rough cotton which helps to trap heat and keep warm. You will probably sweat like crazy if wear it in SG. I love it because it is light weight and trendy.


This is how i pair it up in Korea. With a pair of ankle booties.

20131001_184208 20131001_184147

Pair this up with leggings and converse sneakers for a casual look at night.


Waiting for Fio to finish the pictures so that i can preview it here ! Gorgeous Racerback front dress , eyelet high waisted skirt that gives you slim looking waist and a 3/4 sleeve lace dress !

I have uploaded part of the preview for upcoming launch on FB ! My favourite gotta go to all the tops ! They goes well with anything esp the Peacock Crochet Top which is made of thick chiffon .

Good night !