Friday was a SUAY day. A series of freak incidents happened. Infact a total of 4 freak incidents happened within a time span of 4 hours before the photoshoot till end of photoshoot. I have never been sooo unlucky in my life before. Really suay siao.

Unlucky things aside.


Skyping everyda without fail. My body clock is abit haywired now. Sleeping from 4am-8am and then at night 7-10pm. So i can skype with him after his work. SG time is 6 hours ahead of Netherlands.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.11.26 AM

He seems to lose abit of weight but i lost and gained back !

Had photoshoot at Fresh Fruit Lab Cafe located at Changi Road (Near Kembangan MRT). It was owned by one of my long time blog readers. At first when i got to know about this cafe , first impression was a fruit cafe or a cafe which sells fruity stuff. But i was wrong. Lol. But the cafe do sell fruit juices and beers too.


Before the shoot start , Jaz (lady boss) served us some fruit teas and ice water. Interesting part is that the ice water is not just ICE + WATER. She soaked fruits such as cucumbers , lemons , strawberries and mint leaves. So it is actually very thirst quenching and refreshing to the taste bud after a heavy meal.

Another interesting thing is that you are drinking from a measuring flask , not a normal glass cup. Interesting concept.


Here’s our fruit teas.


After the shoot , Jaz served us lunches and we all love it .

Especially the Fish and Chips , Prawn Aglio Olio and Steak. You have to have these 3 dishes if you are there. I love the burger too but just that i have been eating toooooo many burgers lately so i didn’t eat much of the burger that day. I get abit scared when i heard the word “Burger” . I didnt take any pictures of the Prawn Aglio Olio because before i can whip out my camera , my dad already scooped up a big spoonful of pasta and prawns. Lol.

I have been shooting in cafes for the past 1 month and OMG i am gaining soo much weight from that. Some of the cafe owners not only provided me the space but food as well. Thanks for feeding me fat lol. And i can train my phototaking skills. I think my food photo taking skills improved alot liao leh.


Thick and juicy beef patty for the burger.


Thick and juicy steak.


Kinda curious , so i asked Jaz why is it called FRESH FRUIT LAB ?

Well , fruit elements are infused in the dishes. Such as fruit salad , ice water soaked with fruits and cold pressed fruit juices that are served in test tubes to clear your palates after your hearty meal.

The burger was served with fruit salads.


Salad for the steak was drizzled with some blueberries. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Fresh Fruit Lab : 

Location: 351 Changi Road, Lor Marzuki, Singapore 419818

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat 11:00 am – 12:00 mn
closed on Mondays


I have bought 2 new HERA products last week !

HERA Vital Lifting Foundation and Essential Base

HERA Vital Lifting Essential Base

It contains sugar apple serum instead of water for effective lifting
Creamy formula forms moisture film to moisturize skin
Vital Color System brightens skin tone to express healthier skin
Hydrating ingredients relieve dead skin cells
Covers pores and wrinkles to soften skin texture.

HERA Vital Lifting Foundation

I love it because it has a very subtlly mild sheen to the foundation to give a dewy skin effect.

It contains sugar apple serum instead of water for effective lifting
Creamy formula forms moisture film to moisturize skin
Micro fine glitter gives natural soft sheen and luster
Cares wrinkle, elasticity, luster, skin tone, and skin texture


I already started using my bottle !


I have an extra brand new bottle for sale. My friendly supposedly to help me buy the essential base from HERA counter at Lotte Departmental Store but i think there was a language barrier between the counter lady and my friend. The lady gave her the foundation instead of the essential base. My friend never check and paid for it.

So i have an extra bottle of foundation. Price is KRW 55,000 (see 2nd pic below for the price indicated on the box) which amounts to SGD $70 (according to the credit card charge). If you are interested in buying it , contact me at Selling at $70.

HERA Vital Lifting Foundation in Natural beige N21.

I am selling at SGD70.


Here are some upcoming items at !

I absolutely love this skirt. The material is sooo fab and luxe. I am very happy with my choice of fabric and i am starting on my fabric scouting again soon.


The Magenta crop top and skorts are coming up soon ! Crop top comes in Magenta and Navy. But i love the Magenta one the most !


It is 1am now and i need to skype with my OPPA !

Good night and have a good weekend ! is launching on 3rd Sept at 9pm !

Im gonna list some of my favourite.

I kept this dress in lilac and green. I paired it with sandals or my havi flip flops , carry a tote and ready to go out to meet my friend. The colour is vibrant and pretty so it doesn’t make me feel dressed up even though i am in flip flops. My favourite grab and go dress when i don’t know what to wear. Because the pastel colours are eye-catching enough and no need to spend alot of time to accessorize.


I am in love with white skirts especially trumpet skirts. It looks cute. The waterfall drape add in a little feminine and elegant touch to this skirt.


It is so hard to find the perfect ballerina neck basic top so i decided to make my own. I found it in some stores but the U neck is not wide enough. I kept them in all colours and they sure go well with any skirts ( printed or basic ).


Needless to say , racerback dresses are always a hit because it makes your shoulder looks slimmer. White and Pink are my favourite colours.


I think i have blogged before but i have many emails asking what kind of Hera products i am using and where to get them in Korea. You can get from their main flagship in Apujeong which is at Gangnam area. The flagship is big and there is their make-up academy. Near the huge MCM store and Givenchy store.

Here are my day care. Mostly hydrating range.

The Aquabolic range. There is the toner , emulsion , eye gel , gel serum and moisturiser. It takes the products to set for about 5-8 minutes before i can put on my make up . I like their hydrating range because of the texture. Not very creamy or oily. Rather smooth and glide on easily.


Night care. I have switched the whitening programe to the night because usually i am exposed to the sun in the day. So the whitening products are for the night. There is the toner and emulsion. Because whitening products tend to make the skin drier , after the emulsion , i will apply the Waterin gel serum and moisturiser from the Waterin range in the picture above.


Here are my essences and supplments. I switch and rotate them.

I apply them at night after my facial sheet masks.

The Cell Essence and Cell Bio Cream goes together. If i use the cell essence , the cell-bio cream has to be used together for an optimal result. The cell essence really brightens up my skin and even my cousins and friends love this product.


Sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing pack and whitening serum. I love the pack because i can see my skin looks radiant and clear after i woke up in the next morning. It is also hydrating and has a very nice Ginseng scent. Feels like in a spa.

Sulwhasoo products are expensive and i only buy their serums and packs.


As for cleanser , i am using Hera and Sulwhasoo whitening cleansers. The Hera one comes with small little beads and Sulwhasoo is more moisturising. For a better cleansing effect , i bought the cleansing glove from The Face Shop. Especially after my photoshoot , i need to cleanse my face and clean off all the thick make up.

Buying good products but you also need to take sometime to massage the products into your skin. Not just apply and smack them on like that. Usually i spend about 5-10 minutes applying them. Slowly massaging my face with the products and you can see that you skin looks better too.

Anyway , i hope this information helps those who are going to buy HERA products from Korea !

I’ve switched to “natural” make up for the past few months. Meaning thinner eyeliner , dewy skin and a good base.

Of course , you need to take care of your skin inorder to achieve a dewy skin look. So you have to cleanse , tone and moisturize your skin well before putting on any make up. Make-ups do dry up our skin a little so it is essential to moisturize your skin.

Usually , i wait for my skincare products to be fully absorbed before i apply my make up. Or else the powder or make up products will clump together and leave patches on my skin.

To double up my dewy look. I applied the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher after the last step of my skincare. It is supposedly to be a day and night cream but my friend’s sister told me to use it as a base or primer instead to double up your bling bling dewy skin look. It also helps to keep your skin moist. Im using the sample pack because i have yet to use my Hera Magic Starter ( make up base for another dewy look ) . I just got the package last week.


Pin or use hair velcro to keep your hair clear from your face.

I apply it on my forehead, cheeks , chin and nose. Spread evenly.


Skin looks slightly radiant and dewy. I tried the Hera Magic Starter samples before and i prefer Hera than Sulwhasoo actually. Hera gives a more lasting dewy bling bling skin look. But if you have oily skin , it makes your face looks even more oily. I have normal skin so both works for me.


After applying the Sulwhasoo Finisher , i pat on my Hera UV Mist Cushion in N21. I use it as a concealer for my under eye as well as eyelid. And also , i pat the cushion on my lips to prepare for my lip make up.

Next , i work on my brows. I trim my brows once a week by myself. And i use the Etude House eyebrown automatic pencil to shade my brows. Because i have quite thick brows with arch , so i don’t shade too much. Or else i will look like La Bi Xiao Xing haha. I shade to match my hair colour.


Now im gonna start with my eyes. I highlight my eyes with 3CE Shimmer Stick. I love this Shimmer stick to the max. Because it is sooo convenient and gives a natural sheen.

I dont draw or blend it with my finger tips or brushes on my eyelids. I dabbed it on my eyelids. Because the radius of the shimmer stick is big enough , i dabbed it on my entire eyelid.


Here is how it looks when dabbed.


Slightly 3D looking eyelids with the shimmer stick’s highlighting effect. The best part is looks like you have nothing on your eyes.


Here’s how it looks like when i closed my eyes. Anyway , i had that line since my eyelids appeared after i gained ALOT of weight. I didnt go for any eyelid surgery and even if i want to , i dont have the time because i need to do photo shoots everyweek. OMG whenever my friends saw that line , they thought it was a surgery scar…..Don’t need to speculate.


After working on the base , i go onto the next step which is eye shadow. I used Aritaum’s Wannabe Pencil Shadow in Rosy. I like it alot because it is very convenient and easy to apply. It is 2 sided and comes with blending brush. Damn sad i cant get it in SG and im finishing mine soon ! 😦


Colour looks good and natural right ?


After the using the cream eyeshadow , i use MAKE MANIA ( Japanese brand ) eye shadow sponge to draw a thick line.


And then a thin layer of black eyeliner.


After the eyeliner , i work on the “aegyo sal” which means cute eye bags to create a more youthful look.

Im using K-Palette Tear Bag Eyeliner. But i just got one new from Etude House (Etude House Cute Eyes Maker) at a cheaper price because K-palette is too pricey !


Looks like i applied too much and looks too thick right ? not done yet. I still have it blend it with concealer. I have not applied any concealer yet.


Im using Nature Republic Concealer. I blended with sponge.

The reason why concealer is the last step of my eye make up is because im using the powder eyeshadow from MAKE MANIA and some powder bits may drop onto my lower eye or cheeks when i draw on my eyelids. As you can see from the picture above, there are some “brown markings”.




Next , i applied my blusher. I dabbed my blusher on my cheek bones instead of brushing it for a more natural and lighter look. Im using 3CE Blusher in Valentine Pink. Instead of contouring my cheek bones with the blusher or bronzer , i just dabbed the pink blusher on my cheeks and blend it.


Lastly is my favourite part – LIPS.

Im using Tony Moly lipstick in Spring Orange. I dabbed the lipstick on my entire lip.


And i shade the cupid bow tip and sides of my lips with Nature Republic’s concealer stick.


And i blend it with my finger tips to create a slight ombre look.


I dabbed on more lipstick on the inner lips. I dab the lipsticks on my lips so that it looks stained and so there will not be any streaks or lines. Dab on some gloss if you want.


Lastly , this step is optional because sometimes I dont want my face to look overly highlighted  so i may skip this step. If im using the Hera HD Foundation that day or CC cream , i may go on to this step.

Coutour my T-zone (upper eyebrow area and chin) and under eye area with 3CE Shimmer stick for a defined nose bridge and brighter looking eyes.


And chin too.


Blend with finger tips for a softer highlighting effect.


And viola ! I am done and it is time to take lots of selfies when you are out shopping !


This whole make-up took me only about 10 minutes to get it done . I used to take about 45 minutes but after sometime and practice, it just took me 10 minutes. After changing to this softer and natural look , it makes me looks younger. There is no right or wrong in putting on your make up so you can do adjustments according to your face shape  , skin type , lip colour or skin colour.

Here are the list of items i used in this blogpost.

Face :

Primer/Base – Sulwhasoo Luminature Finisher

BB Cushion – Hera UV Mist in N21

Eyes :

Eyebrow : Etude House Drawing Eye brow in No.3

Shimmer : 3CE Shimmer Stick in Pink

Cream Eyeshadow : Aritaum Wannabe Longwear Shadow in Rosy

Sponger Powder Eyeshadow : Make Mania Data Gradation Tip Shadow (Light Brown)

Tear Bag Eyeliner : K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Tears Tank in Peach No.2

Concealer : Nature Republic Botanical Concealer in Natural Beige No 23

Lips : 

Lipstick : Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style in Spring Orange OR.2

Concealer : Nature Republic Botanical Vanilla Concealer

*If you wonder why i skipped the mascara , it was because i still have some strands of the eyelash extension on !

Have a good mid week !

Some people asked me what is the diff between Laneige , Iope and Hera BB cushion. So i decided to blog it here.

Battle of the BB cushions.

I have been using BB creams since 2012. The first one was from Etude house because it comes with a sponge applicator that is soo easy to apply and i was only introduced to BB cushions in 2013 on my first trip to Korea. My first BB cushion was from Iope before i switched to Hera because i find it more moisturising and gives a more dewy look. Different BB cushion suits different type of skin tone and texture. I kinda like the IOPE one but if only it is more moisturising and i felt that the sponge seems to dry up much faster than the Hera one. After tested out these 3 brands before. I decided that Hera is definitely the winner in my opinion. For all BB cushion , im using Natural tone ( N ).

Iope BB Cushion (N21) 

It is about KRW 40,000 if i can remember correctly. Comes with refill pack. You can get it at any Aritaumn shop in Korea.

Coverage : 6/10 – Medium and if you need more coverage ,  you need to pat more.

Colour tone – Pink with slight yellow tone

Finish – Slightly Matt. I can’t see any dewy finish.

How long does it last – Not really long lasting and you need to touch up pretty often.


Laneige BB Cushion ( #14 Pink Beige). 

Cant remember the pricing but its about KRW 40,000 with refill. You can get it at Aritaumn , Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae Dept Store.

Coverage : 6/10 – Medium but slightly more than IOPE.

Colour tone – Pink with slight yellow tone. Even though it says PINK BEIGE but i see yellow tinge on my skin. Noted the difference once i put on my concealer. My skin seems to look yellow and pretty obvious after i applied my concealer. You can see the skin colour comparison.

Finish – Very slightly dewy. Slightly matte.

How long does it last – Quite ok and able to last more than 6 hours.


Hera UV Mist Cushion (N21) or (C21 for the long stay summer edition) 

KRW45,000 with refill pack. You can get it at Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae Dept Store.

Coverage : 8/10 – Good Coverage

Colour tone – Pink tone.

Finish – Dewy

How long does it last – Long lasting.


The dewy part and the colour tone part is the one which won me over because i dont like foundations or bases with yellow tone. Prefer pinkish tone for healthy glow look. Coverage wise not a concern because my skin is good. And usually i touch up after meals because i use wet tissue to wipe my mouth after meals and i may rub it off.

I have not tried the ones from Sulwhasoo yet. Maybe one day i should get samples and let’s see which BB cushion is the real winner.

Hope this information helps.

My room..hmm or should i say my dressing table is becoming like a Amore-pacfic counter…hmm more of Hera and Sulwhasoo counter. Because i have almost the entire range of white program and hydration range from Hera and LOTSA of Sulwhasoo samples. Because Sulwhasoo is so expensive , i don’t really buy the big bottle , i asked my friend from Korea who is working for Amore Pacific to send me lots of Sulwhasoo samples instead. Because i bought all my facial and make up products from her and have it shipped to my house from Korea. She is a beauty counsellor for Amore Pacific in Korea. Cant wait for her to come to Singapore for her company retreat. So i can bring her around. She will recommend me what is new , good and how to use it to achieve beautiful “bling bling” skin. My room is now filled with so many samples that i have to buy those drawers to put under my dressing table to store them and name each drawer ( e.g..essence , make up base etc ) ..too many.  I have to buy tupperware from Ikea to store them too.

Friends who came over to my place will always go to my dressing table and ask for samples to try and try my products. Im like giving away samples from my home. Lol. I have hundreds of packets of them and including masks. Which means i save a lot of $$ ! Instead of buying a KRW 210,000 bottle of Sulwhasoo essence , i got the samples that is equivalent to one bottle instead. Because I’m a heavy facial product user and i always buy the entire set from Hera , my friend gave me a lot of samples. Im like her VIP regular customer. I seldom go shopping , buy clothes , accessories or handbags because i invest on my facial products. That’s why i hardly have any OOTD. But if you want MAKE UP OR FACIAL PRODUCT of the day , i can snap a lot of pictures for you. LOL.

It does feel good when most people i first met up with thought I’m a university student because i look young and friend’s 22 year old brother asked for my number because he thought i was 21years old. I feel good not because these people asked for my number. I feel good because i know my hard work in maintaining a youthful look paid off.  I don’t smoke , don’t drink and don’t club. The most unhealthy thing is probably i love coke and coffee. I drink a lot everyday.

I think I’m influencing my friends , my blog readers whom i chat on whatsapp and cousins on the HERA and SULWHASOO fever. Lol. Everyday i have more than 5 emails asking about HERA products. I tried to check my blog email at least twice or once a week because of my busy schedule.  Sounds like free marketing for Hera lol.

Weather was crazily hot these days and humid. My friend’s sister introduced me to this newly launch – Hera Summer Long Stay UV Mist Cushion. It comes in Cover shade ( C ) and not in Natural shade ( N ) so i got the one in C21 instead. The normal one i used is N21.


There is a reason why is it called LONG STAY. It doesn’t melt under the heat. Unlike other cushion which melts off easily. This is good for summer especially in SG weather. It stays on for 12 hours and does not smudge like other foundations or cushions. After i used Hera UV mist cushion ( both normal and long stay ) , i stopped using other bb cushions anymore. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And my friend gave me Hera Magic Starter (Blooming Moisture) to try. I apply this before putting on the foundation or UV Mist. Makes my skin look very dewy and flawless. I really like the texture. It is very soft and smooth. Unlike any other primer or base i used before which is too oily and glossy. This looks natural. I don’t put on a lot of foundation or bases because if i do , i will look too pale. Sometime i skip foundation or bases if my skin looks radiant or clear that day.


She recommended me No 3 in Blooming Moisture.


I applied the magic started before my BB cushion.


You know some times i can’t believe this little thingy i bought home just 3.5 months ago grew sooo big  !

From this…


To this…

She looks small when D carried her because D is very tall and big. But when i carry her , machiam carrying a lamb on my back. Sometimes i thought that she is already few years old because of her size and took me awhile to think that my dog is still a puppy in teething phase and going to 6 months old ! GASP !

10264963_10152451043658885_6220342354017734523_nWhenever we go out , people comment that my dog looks like a little lamb. Because of her ears , fur color and size.

Haven’t been to my tennis class for 2 weeks and now my skill is sooo cui. It is as though I’m playing badminton and the ball fly very high up. And when you are with 3 baseball players. The tennis became a “baseball” pitching against the wall.


My bday is next saturday. Happy 28 !

Upcoming dress for next launch !

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Someone sent me a link on Facebook few weeks ago and let’s see how true is it. My answers are in bold.

20 Reasons Tall Guys Are The Best

1. Around a hot tall guy, you get to wear heels with reckless abandon without worrying that you will tower over him!

Well…there’s a point here and i wear heels or wedges often so that i won’t look too small. Being with someone who is 1.86m tall means that there are more excuses or reasons why i should wear my wedges and heels out and they should not just limit to my photoshoots :p ! 

2. They are born knowing how to pick you up and throw you on a bed :p

Don’t know about this. 

3. When you are near a hot tall guy, you feel safe, like nothing can happening to you because other people are intimidated by tall people.

Quite true. Especially when he is big built and i think his punch maybe fatal. 

4. You feel safe when they hug you, and your height matches theirs in such a way that your ear hits their heart and you can hear it beat. ear hits his chest level. And a good chance to feel the chest muscles. 

5. When they hug you from behind they can rest their chin on your head and grab you, causing you to melt a little bit inside.

True..i felt something heavy on my head at times lol.

And i love back hugs.

6. You can turn their sweaters and shirts into dresses. Just throw on some pumps and hit the club, gurl!

Never try that before. Lol. It’s gonna be damn over size ! 

7. Hot guys who are tall and big can reach stuff off the top shelf for you, and when they do you can stare at them and watch as their muscles flex.

Yeah..i like that.

8. All tall hot guys are sexy when sitting down because they are so tall that they have to slouch, meaning their legs are spread open kind of and just yessss.

True..but i don’t go “Yessss”…though the sitting poses do look quite sexy. 

9. Tall guys look great in clothes because clothes are made with tall people in mind. Plus it’s really cute when they roll their pants up to show some of their socks, a look that only tall people can pull off effectively!

Yes..especially shirts and suits. The outfit just looks damn hot. 

10. They have healthy genes.

Not sure if this is medically proven but i guess so. 

11. You will never have to wear kitten heels/ be conscious about your shoe choice/worry about looking taller than your man.

Isn’t this the same as point 1 ? 

12. People who love tall guys know that the act of looking at a tall dude is an act of seduction because you have to look up at him and just omg.

Lol..true. And the part when you have to tip toe for a kiss. Looks cute eh ? 

13. If you’re shorter than your man friend, you “fit” together with them in awesome ways.

Not sure what this sentence means.

14. Sometimes a hot guy is so tall that holding his hand is awkward so you hold his bicep instead, which is just as good!

It happened quite often. And starting to love grabbing the arm part. Not only that , you get to take good selfie photos because his limbs are long enough. 

15. Because when your hot tall man friend takes you to concerts, he can see everything but will use his domineering height to comb through the crowd to make sure you get to see, too.

I agree on this especially when i need to take a good snap shot but i was towered over by people standing in front of me. 

16. When you go to stuff with him it will be easier for your friends to spot you in the crowd.


17. You will always be seen as cute and cuddly to a tall dude.

Maybe because I’m too petite ? 

18. They have long legs…

Yes..really long legs.

19. When it’s raining outside a tall guy will pull out his umbrella and you will remain perfectly dry!

Tried that and it works.

20. When you share a bed with a hot tall guy at night it’s easier to get into his little nook. TC mark

Haha..never tried that before. 

Interesting read from Facebook. Lol.


Well let’s move on to my skin care regime..

My basic regime is to cleanse my face twice a day. Once in the morning and before bed time. And i put on mask/pack everyday without fail. Buying a good foundation gives you photo-ready skin but having a good and strict skincare regime is more important. Im been putting on lesser make up now. With just a base , eyeshadow , eyeliner and blusher.

I have 2 range – Hydrating and Whitening. I usually use the whitening ones at night and hydrating range in the morning. Cleansers are not in the picture ( I have both hydrating and whitening cleansers ). Basic care consists of cleansers, toners , emulsion, essence , a basic care serum , eye gel and moisturizer. I use cleansing foam and i rub it between my wet palms to create a layer of foam before i rub them on my face. I learnt that this is the correct way of cleansing your face with a cleansing foam. Or you can buy the foam maker from Missha for few bucks ( i got it from Korea for $1 only though ). It makes your face clearer and cleanses off the dirt better.


And here are the packs i put on daily. I rotate them. Sulwhaso vitalizing pack and Cell Bio Cream gotta be my favorite because i always wake up with clear and radiant skin after using them.


And this is my new buy from Hera. I like this foundation because it gives a natural finish and looks really natural. That’s the thing i love about Korean make up. It is all about looking  “natural”.


The thrill about buying these products are not just about receiving them. The main thrill is the number of sample packs you received ! My friend’s sister gave me soooo much and now i have more than 600 sachets. I saved hundreds of dollars on the serums. The serum sachets she gave me can last me 1.5yrs given the fact that i use them once ever 2 days.

This serum is my favorite. Sulwhasoo is more expensive than Hera. So usually i asked for Sulwhasoo sample packs instead. I can save a lot of money. I think at least SGD 1000 for that 1.5 years of sample supplies.


Well . the 300 sheets masks i got from Korea …i still have them and i kept them in the fridge. It helps to keep the sheet moist and for storage. Or else , it will become dry if you keep outside for too long. I use it once or twice a week. A little lazy to use the sheet masks though.

Aesthetics procedures do help to speed up the skin care process and gives immediate results. It makes the maintenance of my skin care regime much easier. Will blog soon on the laser procedures i have done to my skin.

Well , good night and have a good weekend !


Gonna wake up a little bit early on sat to finish up some work


Weekend was good.

Eating very well. At the rate I’m going , Im gonna have a round and really round face.

Looking at my photos..i knew i gained a lot of weight. From post break-up 40kg to now 47kg in 3 months. My cheeks looked so chubby now. Damn sad. Trying to endure but kept feeling hungry and keep eating esp when i work till very late like today.


Dinner on friday night with my date Mr D 오빠 below his office at PSA building. We went to an organic food restaurant. Food was delicious but….not filling and quite expensive. Nevertheless , we enjoyed the our chicken tikka.


Because we were not full , we decided to head down to Marina Bay Sands. Pasarbella happened to be there and we went for the burger. Again…my stomach seems to be a bottomless pit. $20 burger and no fill. And finally i brought my camera out . Finally see day/night light after 2 months ?

Enjoying the SG city view , good company and food was so-so.


오빠야 ~~ 고맙다 ! 행복하다 !

1002648_10152335897038885_541879189_n 1970650_10152335896983885_803269583_n

My $20 so-so and not delicious burger. The fries taste better than the burger. We were a little disappointed with the burger though.


Nevertheless i enjoyed myself that night and it was an awesome night with my date Mr D.

And my Hera and Sulwhasoo stuff arrived from Korea. Bought another batch from my friend’s sister who works for Amore Pacific. Helped my cousins to get theirs too. KRW1400 worth of products finally arrived.

I got my usual basic set of cleansers , moisturizers , toners , emulsions etc.

But here are the new ones i got for myself.

My 2nd bottle of Cell Bio Cream. I use it together with my Cell Essence.

My skin looks much clearer and radiant after using. Im such big fan of Hera. Their products really gave me results. You can’t find this brand in SG. It is only available in Korea. Started using Hera since last July during my 2 months stay in Korea. My readers who read my blog went Korea to get this and they also emailed me that it improved their skin radiancy and texture. Hera is sooo addictive. I think i had almost everything from Hera except for some serums.

Cell-Bio Cream.


I used it together with Cell Essence. After applying the Essence , i apply the Cell Bio Cream.


My friend’s sis introduced this sleeping pack to me. She says it gives you bling bling skin in the morning. Lol. So i tried and my skin looks clearer the next day. More radiant. Sulwhasoo is more expensive than Hera. So i only get sleeping packs or serums from Sulwhasoo. The basic and essence range from Hera. I bought my 2nd pack of Hera UV Mist BB Cushion in N21 too. Love it. So moisturizing and has a more pinkish tone compared to other BB cushion I’m using.


My eye roller is depleting and I’m gonna order with my whitening serum next time round in April ! Hello beautiful skin !

Good night !

Here are some beauty buys from Korea. I bought the IOPE highlighter too but i have yet to unpack my luggage so i will review it later. I have started using these for Agneselle’s shoot done on Monday.

I bought these crayon eye shadow from Aritaum. Got the first one at KRW 6500 and 2 at KRW6500 on the other day. They just have random sales anytime they want.

I love these. I gave it to Agneselle’s make up artist  – Pearlyn Law to use it for the shoot yesterday. She is my make up guru and advisor. I will always ask her how to use it and if i used it correctly because after all make up is her profession. Before knowing her , i have a foundation , eyeliner and blusher in my make up pouch. But after knowing her , it started from a pouch to several baskets and pouches !

What i like about these crayon eyeshadow is that it is very smooth and easy to apply. Frankly speaking , i dont know how to put on eye shadow. I have single eyelids and double ( sometimes it just suddenly appear probably because i gained weight or i was too tired ). Im a noob when it comes to powder eyeshadows. But this is easy to apply and good for people like me who is a noob when it comes applying eye shadows.

It comes in more than 10 colours and i only bought 3 of them. The pinkish one act as a base , the bronze one for the eyelid and purplish one as liner. It is a little creamy so easier to blend.



It has a blending brush on the other side.


I have started using it so it has little bit of shimmers on it.


It is actually not so glittery like the one in the picture below. I applied more on my back hand so that you can see the colours. Infact it is very subtle when you just go over your eyelids.

So if you happen to know someone there or popping by Aritaum , you should give this a try.


Pearlyn did a vintage hairdo for me to match the upcoming Agneselle’s lace dress which she and Fiona are getting because they love it ! All 3 of us were excited about the dresses we took for photoshoot yesterday because they were so nice.

Pearlyn created this “fake double eyelid” look for me using eyeshadow and eyeliner. I did not go for plastic surgery in Korea. Anyway after i came back from Korea , some people i met asked ” You looked prettier after you came back , did you do something to your face ?? “


It is the MAKE UP lah !!!! My eye rings look really bad from the flu. I looked like a panda.

Pearlyn used the IOPE BB Cushion which i bought from Korea for the photoshoot.


I bought this lipstick from The Face Shop at KRW10,900 .

It is creamy matt pink and i like it because it i long lasting. Even after drinking a hot latte and eating a cupcake , the colour still stay on and i didnt need to touch up. I used it for yesterday’s shoot too.



I mixed it with the Tony Moly orangey lipstick for the colour on my lips below.


 The Hera UV Mist Cushion. Finally i got the Shimmer Vanilla at the Airport. It must be selling really well else it wont be out of stock at Lotte Dept Store and Shinsaegae. It comes with a refill pack and selling at USD31 in the airport ( Lotte Duty Free ).

I have not opened it yet and will review it later.


If you are travelling to Korea, you should buy their make up and skincare products.  Cheap doesn’t mean they are not good. Because they are made in Korea, that’s why they are cheap. If you were to buy them in SG , the price will be 2 or 3 times more.

Here are some brand you should buy and look out for if you are travelling them anytime soon !

1) Missha – Buy their sheet masks and Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel ( Both are less than SG 10) . I recommended them to all my readers and friends. All of them are now a big fan of these and they are very good. Plus it is cheap and affordable. You can buy them from their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart. One mask cost about $1.00.

2) The Face Shop – Buy their lipsticks and concealers. Available at their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart

3) Tony Moly – Buy their lipsticks , lipglosses and foot cream/foot mask ! If you want nice and smooth feet , buy their foot moisture cream/mask . I love their lipglosses to the max ! They have one of the best orangey colour lipsticks .It is very moisturizing too. Lipsticks and lipglosses cost about KRW 6,000 – KRW 10,000 each. I got my lipstick during a sale at KRW 4,900 and lipgloss at KRW 6,000. With just $10 , you can have kissable looking lips.

4) Banila and co – Highlighter and Radiance concealer. A little bit pricer than the brands above but still cheaper than other international brands you see out there. They are sort of a replica of Benefit esp when it comes to packaging and products they launched. Highlighter looks almost the same and price difference was 3 times.  Of cos Banila and Co is the cheaper one.

5) IOPE – BB Cushion , Highlighter and skincare product. Most of the Korean girls i know age 22 and below are using IOPE skincare products. The BB cushion cost about KRW 38,000 and comes with refill pack too. I have blogged about it. I have the IOPE facial gel cleanser (KRW 15,000) but i still prefer Hera’s foam cleanser because i feel much more cleaner using foam cleanser than gel. IOPE products are not really cheap esp the whitening range. Available at Aritaum , Lotte Mart or Emart. I cant find the counters at Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae. Not available at Airport too. Aritaum house most of the products under Amore Pacific.

6) HERA – Known for their skincare products and CC cream. I LOVE IT ! Some of my readers and customers read my post and they went to buy it. They emailed me that it is amazingly good and asked me to introduce more products from Hera. I have not tried their facial masks yet. I was given the White Program Facial Sheet Masks and will review it if it is good and works. I have 10 products from Hera for face ( cleanser , essence , eye serum , moisturiser , toner, emulsion etc ) . I slap on about 6-7 of them in the day and all at night before i sleep.  I am also using their CC cream. You can purchase it from Lotte Store , Shinsaegae or their main flagship at Apujeong. Limited range available at Airport and mostly basic skincare. The one at Apujeong gives you ALOT of samples and they are very generous when it comes to samples. I was given 3 or 5 of  white program sheet masks when i bought my first Hera set from Apujeong.

That is all i can think of right now. I tried Innisfree and Nature Republic stuff. But they dont really work that well and too mild. Not much or no effect. So usually i skip this 2 brands. But Innisfree apple make up remover smells yummy.


Im like a Korea weather reporter. When i was in Korea, alot of friends asked me what to wear and weather over there and where to go and what make up/skin care brands to buy. When im in SG , still got people ask me about Korea’s weather.

Easy peasy, just bring a good jacket that can keep you warm !

Beside pairing 3/4 knit tops with skater skirt and ankle boots , you can wear long sleeve tight bandage dresses and pair them with leggings or stockings. Throw a nice coat over at night when it turns cold.

Here is one of my favourite dress for Autumn in Korea. I got it in 3 colours – Grey , Ivory and Black. It is made of a rough cotton which helps to trap heat and keep warm. You will probably sweat like crazy if wear it in SG. I love it because it is light weight and trendy.


This is how i pair it up in Korea. With a pair of ankle booties.

20131001_184208 20131001_184147

Pair this up with leggings and converse sneakers for a casual look at night.


Waiting for Fio to finish the pictures so that i can preview it here ! Gorgeous Racerback front dress , eyelet high waisted skirt that gives you slim looking waist and a 3/4 sleeve lace dress !

I have uploaded part of the preview for upcoming launch on FB ! My favourite gotta go to all the tops ! They goes well with anything esp the Peacock Crochet Top which is made of thick chiffon .

Good night !