Gyeongju , South Korea

Beautiful Gyeonju – Part 1 (Autumn October)


Gyeongju is a city on South Korea’s southeast coast. It was the capital of the 1,000-year-long Silla dynasty, and is known for its extensive historical remains. The 8th-century Bulguksa Temple features twin stone pagodas, a series of wooden staircases and a large bronze Buddha. Nearby, Seokguram Grotto houses a towering seated Buddha and offers panoramic views of the sun rising over the Sea of Japan. – Wikipedia


Gyeongju is just an hour car ride from Busan. Mil drove up to Gyeongju and halfway we popby Ulsan to have lunch before continuning our journey. We stayed 1 night in a traditional hanok at the outskirts of Gyeongju which is slightly more countryside because i want to experience abit of countryside morning. You can book traditional hanoks stay in Gyeongju. There are almost everywhere. There are a couple of good ones which we initially wanted but they were fully booked.

The one we stayed was about KRW 35,000 per night ( sgd$40 per night) where the room can fit 4 pax. It is traditional hanok so we slept on the floor with the traditional floor bedding and blankets. The table in the room is also the traditional short ones like the one in the picture below.

Our hanok. There is also a sitting area outside your hanok like the one below where you can wrap yourself in warm thick blankets and chat over coffee in the morning and beer at night. It was VERY COLD at night. Suggest that you bring thick clothings if you are planning to go to the countryside. It was so cold in the morning.

One night for SGD40 in these traditional hanoks. Can squeeze in more than 4 pax actually cos it is spacious inside. Nothing except foldable floor beddings and a short table for you to have your meals.

You can bbq at night over this fire pit or hold a small little campfire with this pit or use their bbq grill. Really nice to bbq at night in the cold weather. Very shiok to eat sizzling hot and nicely bbq meat in the cold.


Very fresh air from the countryside. Air was so clean !


Once place to visit is the Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village.




You can try many traditional foods , see many traditional hanok houses and even rent a hanbok to take pictures in this cultural village.



One thing you must have when you visit this hanok village is this Gimbap !

Gyori Gimbap 

It is very famous and SOOOO yummy ! It was featured on many variety shows and voted one of the nicest Gimbap.

Queue is very long but it moves damn fast. Took us less than 5 min to reach the front.

All the Ahjummas are all busy wrapping the Gimbap. So when it is your turn , just tell them how many you want , they pack and you can either eat inside small restaurant or take away. There are ALOT of houseflies in the restaurant. So if you cannot stand it , suggest you just take away and eat outside or anywhere standing.


Super long queue



You should order their guksu (noodle soup) too ! It is damn nice !


You can try traditional handmade ice cream and rice cakes too !

Gyeongju is famous for its glutinous barley Bread . It is a red bean filled bread roll that was first made in Hwangnam-dong in Gyeongju. We bought a box to eat in our hanok for breakfast the next morning !


They are also famous for the soya bean paste here. You can buy and bring home or have your lunch there ! I haven tried it though.



If you walk further in , you can see the large ancient tombs of the Kings and Nobles of the Silla Kingdom. Sometimes while driving and in the middle of nowhere you can spot a “little hill” which is an ancient tomb. Hubs say that it is commonly seen in Gyeongju.


If you walk abit further , you can see the pink muhly grass. You need to queue to take pictures at a particular photo spot



Weather is very cool during autumn so it is ok to walk. Air is very fresh too.


Further up you can see the Cheomseongdae Observatory. We skipped there because nothing much to see.


Our dinner at this famous restaurant serving duck stew.

Byeolchae Gyodong Ssambap 별채반 교동쌈밥

Address in Korean : 경상북도 경주 황남동 328-1

328-1, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Contact No : +82 54-773-3322


VERY NICE ! I like it and the Banchan is ALOT and free flow !


So yummmy ! After dinner , we drove back to our hanok to sleep before we head out next morning to explore more temples.

Happy Birthday Robert Oppa ~ ^^

Saturday night BBQ with the Korea Tigers baseball team to celebrate Robert Oppa’s birthday.

I was very touched by his support and he is more like a fatherly figure to me.



Every BBQ comes with yummylicious Pork Belly , beef and seafood ( alaskan king crab , lobsters and more ).



The star of the day was drenched with ice cold barrel of water. It was a “BEER ONLY” party and i couldnt find any water or soft drinks. Hundreds of cans of beer and sojus.


After the BBQ , we went up to his house for 2nd round of more beer and sojus. Of cos , i can’t drink at all so i was glad that i can finally drink water.

Had great catch up on Saturday with 2 of my SRJC friends Lihua and Candice for lunch at Jpot and then dinner with the Korea Tigers.
I realized that alot of my close friends are teachers and it is good to learn some parenting and teaching tips from them. It was a good catch up talking about the times we spent in school and all the naughty bits.

Talking about school days , i want to talk about this speech by Jack Ma ( Founder of Alibaba ) . It is a good video and i hope that this video inspires you if you are facing any problems in work , relationships or anything now.

  1. Before 20 years old , be a good student….way to entrepreneur to learn some experience.
  2. Before 30 years old , follow somebody , go to a small company….It is not which company you go , it is which boss you follow.
  3. From 30-40 years old , you have to think very clearly…
  4. When you are 40-50 years old ,you have to do all the things you are good at…
  5. When you are 50-60 years old , work for the young people..because young people can do better than you
  6. When you are over 60 years old , spend time for yourself.

When you are 25 years old , make enough mistakes . Don’t worry , you fall and you stand up. Just enjoy the show.

I have to say that i can truly relate to this speech because i have gone through 1) and now i am in 2) . I had made mistakes in judgement of people , relationships and things when i was 25 and young. It is probably a blessing in disguise. Because through these mistakes , i managed to improve myself and learn to be smart when it comes to dealing with people or relationships. Also , i learnt to cherish the people around me. The people whom i know are true friends.

On a side note , i’ve been sleeping really late these days to read up on articles and my eye bag was quite bad.
And i have been putting on the Mediheal eye patch which i bought from Korea in the morning before i put on my make up . It sure does help !
At night , i will put eye serum or light cream.


Here is the eye serum which im using from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics clinic. If you want sunblocks , you can try the sunblock from Aeon medical and aesthetics centre which is SPF90. Oppa is currently using it too because he stays under the sun for 4 hours every sunday during baseball practice. It helps to prevent sun burnt and protects the skin. Im also using Hera collagen eye up cream and Sulwhasoo firming eye cream. I was given alot of the sample sachets’s been almost a year and i still haven’t finish my sample sachets. LOL. I use the serums in the day and creams at night. I also use eye patch before i go out or put make up. The eye area looks more firmed up and easier to put on make up . But of cos , the best remedy is to drink more water and have ample sleep !


The eye patch which im using now after finishing my Cell-Dermal’s eye patch.


This eye patch is something you may want to get if you are traveling to Korea. You can find it at Olive and Young stores.  They have a huge range of Mediheal’s masks at Olive and Young.

Grr…i must find a time to go to River Valley to fix my Olympus camera. The shutter jammed and totally cannot work 😦 And my Korea trip is just 20 days away. Got to make do with my phone camera and hope i can get my camera back before my trip.  Supposed to blog some new K-dishes too but all the pics were gone 😦 Arghhhh…

Last week , i went out with the Oppas , their wives/gfs for dinner at 2D1N and then we went down to Kream Beer bar for drinks. Pretty nice and cool place. A good place to chill out and bar snacks.


Because i am not a good drinker , i ordered the small glass and awww..the glass came with cute mustache print.


We ordered “Jwi-po”쥐포 which is a kind of BBQ fish snack. Pretty addictive !


And some cheese sticks to go with our beer.


This is not a place for dinner but a good place to hang out with your friends or colleagues for beer and some bar snacks.

And a week plus ago , i went to one of my old hair stylist at Raffles place. When i was working at One Raffles Quay back in 2009 – 2011 , i always go to her to get my hair cut , dyed , washed and blow !

Now i got a nice layered hair cut. She is the only one i go to whenever im at Raffles Place.


I had laser toning session done at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre too ! Face is now clear and nice. You should try the new Hydra Facial. It helps to hydrate your skin for a more radiant shine.

You can call the clinic at 6733 2002 for an appointment if you are interested and keen in Korean aesthetics . Dr Kim and his staff are Koreans but they speak fluent English. Dr Kim speaks good American English.

I am going for another session of BBL laser to remove the remaining freckles on my cheeks which i blogged about it HERE before. I cannot remember the price of the removal but it is pretty affordable because it was charged by per shot of BBL laser.

Abit busy with work and serious reading lately. Lack of sleep and my eyelids were so swollen and high that they looked like i just had surgery done. Hate swollen eyelids but i love the prominent double eyelids. Ironic isn’t it.
Fortunately , i am pretty strict and stringent with my skincare routine. I will hydrate my skin properly on days when im very tired. Because tiredness can cause the skin to be abit dry at times. I also keep a facial mist in the office because of the air con.


I had some new Korean facial masks and supposed to take pictures of the packaging but my camera spoilt and i threw the packaging away already 😦 Gotta wait till i go to Oppa’s house and take pictures of the mask packs again.

I can’t wait for my next Korea trip. It is going to be very exciting because this time im going to learn more about the history. We are going to visit the ancient capital of Silla Dynasty – Gyeongju. I am bugging oppa for a countryside Hanok stay experience. A city girl like me never stay at the countryside before mah…so i want to go and stay for 2 days 1 night as an experience. Also , i had added quite abit of skincare products into my shopping cart and waiting for a week before my trip to buy and send it to Oppa’s mum house and i can collect it when i go there. Stocking up on my HERA skincare produts and UV Mist cushions too ! But im trying out other brands’ serums because Hera doesn’t have a wide range of serums.

Here’s something i added into my online shopping cart from Hyundai Mall site.

I am only interested in the serum ( the one in the middle ) from LEADERS. I really like the LEADERS Vita C Serum , LEADERS, Cell-Derma and AHC masks which Oppa’s mother bought for me. Can’t wait for her to introduce me more skincare products which i cannot get in SG. She is really very good at these and can even buy them in bulks and have it delivered to her home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.11.21 PM

So many things to look forward too..My work , Korea trip and more !!

Im waiting for Summer sale and all the 1+1 deal before i click the BUY button.

Though i am abit busy lately , i will still make up some time to blog here at least once or twice a week with new updates on K- beauty and K-food.

So , the shutter of my Olympus camera was jammed and i have to find a time to go down to the service centre. Hope it doesn’t cost alot.

I have cravings for Korean BBQ lately. I guess it was because i haven’t had it for a looong time. I used to have Korean BBQ once every 2 weeks.

On Sat , Oppa and i had dinner appointment at Bornga ( Star Vista outlet ) . This outlet is better than the one at Vivo . Not the food but the service and the speed they serve.


We ordered the signature Woo Samgyeop pork which is a kind of seasoned meat. There were 3 of us but we ordered 4 pax share of meat. It was soo yummy and im definitely going back to have more.



Topped up $9++ for the Haemul sauce to go along with the meat.

DSC01866 DSC01865

The extreme left dark red coloured sauce is the best sauce to go along with the meat but i prefer to dip into the salt+sesame oil sauce. I like the meat abit salty. The other sauce is the Samjang sauce.


Side dishes to accompany the meat are mostly salads and radish kimchi.

DSC01860 DSC01859 DSC01858

Long tray of refillable lettuces is part of the set.


I have cravings for Samgaetang ( Chicken Ginseng Soup ) lately and i finally ate it at Bornga.

We had 2 sets of Samgaetang after the 4pax portion of BBQ pork strips. I almost go on food coma after that but the meal was very sumptuous and delicious ! The reason why i have been visiting Bornga lately is because i am too lazy to go all the way down to Tanjong Pagar . There is an outlet in Vivocity which is near Oppa’s house. So it is convenient for us to have dinner there and go back home after a tiring day at work.


It is very yummy. Go try the Woo Samgyeop if you want to go to Bornga. Remember to make reservations !


Im suffering from dark eye rings nowadays and even concealer don’t help anymore 😦 Time to drink more water and have enough sleep over the weekend. Have been reading some stuff lately and missed all my K-dramas. Gonna catch up on the dramas when im in Korea which will be in 4 weeks time !

K-beauty time again !

I was reallly really busy with all the rushing of CNY orders , photoshoots and after CNY designs since Dec and so i couldnt blog much here and talk more about beauty care and make up. I just got new moisturizer cream ( that isnt oily ) and soft peel gel too which i want to recommend but i find it very good. Also , some Korean food recipes !

These were logged on my schedule book but i just need to find a time to write it properly.

Last week , i went to Yoona’s ( my make up artist for Agneselle’s photoshoot ) house for eye lash extension. Yes , she is a Korean and she attended make up schools in Korea. And she knows how to do eye lash extension.
BEST PART is that….I experienced no itching and after  1 week , only 1 tiny lash dropped off. The rest are still intact. I was kinda curious and amazed that i experienced no itching. Cos i experienced itching along the lash lines when i had it done at some Japanese eyelash salons. After she told me why it itches. And for her technique , the glue doesn’t come in contact or stick onto the skin so it wont itch.  She took 3 hours to painstakingly stick single lash by single lash onto my eyelash. Was quite amazed by her patience and detailing. Most detailed MUA i ever met and also the most hygenic one.

Saw her make up room at her house where her bridal customers go for trial make up. I had a good sleep for 3 hours and woke up with super beautiful eyelashes. Already 1 week and they are still as luscious as the first day.  But unfortunately , she doesn’t do eyelash extensions anymore and only do for her friends/relatives now.

YAY ! Let’s see and maybe i wanna top up before my trip to Korea end of March. Lol.

And my skin was super bling bling and radiant from the laser toning done at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic which i will blog about in the next post. My Olympus camera was down and lately , i have to go out taking pictures with my Galaxy S4 😦 .


On Sunday , i went to Parc Oasis Condo for BBQ with Oppa’s baseball.

I can imagine going out with them and eating endless food from lunch time to dinner time.

That always happens and everyone is sooo nice and giving me best part of the dishes.

Highlight of the BBQ was not just several styrofoam boxes full of pork belly and more pork.

But this time , one of Oppa’s senior works in seafood trading/distributing company and we got 3 styrofoam boxes of lobsters, king crabs , mussels , scallops , crayfishes for only $300++ ! Best of all , the meat was sooooo juicy and huge ! I cut open a lobster and wanna take picture of the FAT , THICK and JUICY meat but…my hands are dirty…LOL.  Suddenly i felt that the seafood/crabs/lobsters in a bag kind are super over priced and not worth it. I went to one last year and i had 1 crab and lobster and a bag of prawns for $360++ and i couldnt find much meat in the shells lor..I still must cook ramen when i went back home lor..cos not full enough.  Going to Jumbo is definitely more worth it lor..can eat one full meal with many dishes and crabs.


My mum asked me to order for a BBQ. LOL..i have to ask my Oppa to help me with it.


Side dishes which goes well with the pork bellies – KIM CHI.

One of the Oppa supplies Kimchi to supermarkets and restaurants and he is the one who provided the kimchis for all events lol.

Kimchi and Lettuce goes well with the pork. Wrap them together and nom nom everything in your mouth !

20150208_141336 20150208_141327 20150208_141319

Alot of drinking too and drinking game.

Cartons of beers and sojus and more sojus. Everyone went home drunk and i have to support and hold my 1.86m giant back home. Fortunately i was not crushed by his weight. LOL. Gosh and he forgot how he got home.

My giant below was drinking so happily. Lol. Thanks dear for being able to walk even though you are drunk. If not i may need to get 6-8 men to carry you back home.


I was eating non stop since 1.30pm to 7pm. Just popping food in the mouth. The only time i stopped was to talk lol. Super fat after that. Shucks i need to go for exercise soon !

Everyone is so friendly , nice and soo caring. Not the MCP Koreans you thought they are.

I had the last photoshoot for the month of Feb today. And next monday will be a busy month for me again because i need to rush alot of things before my VERY IMPORTANT trip to Korea.

Look out for my next blogpost for K-beauty. Some good products which i bought and i really liked it !

6 days into 2015. Well , my NYE was a quiet affair with bf and his friends over Korean bbq, soju and went back home because some of them have to work the next morning and wife in labour.

No resolutions for 2015. Just wanna be myself and be happy.

Im so excited about my trip to Korea in March ! I was thinking of what to buy for his mum because she sent so many kimchi and side dishes cooked by herself.

As you know , Korea manufacture their own products and you don’t know what to buy in SG to bring over to meet your Korean friends/gfs/bfs/their families ?

Here is a tip if you are getting gifts / local delicacies for Koreans.

For elders :

1) Bak Kwa (It is expensive in Korea and to be honest , not as nice as the ones in SG. )

2) Kopi-O / Milk Tea satchets ( All the elders love the Kopi-O and Milk Tea. I helped one of the Onni to buy for her family and they love it so much that they asked her to bring more when she goes back again. I bought the Gold Kili or Owl brand )

3) Local CNY cookies ( Bought some for friends  and they love it so much that the finished within 1 day )

4) Yakun / Toast Box Kaya ( One of the things noted under their “MUST BUY” list in Korean travel blogs in Naver )

5) TWG tea bags ( Every Korean i know definitely buy at least 1 box back because it is cheaper in SG and it’s like how Singaporeans went crazy over Laduree/Pierre Hermes when they go to Paris. Erm out of track but i prefer PIERRE HERMES !!!!  For elders , buy something light, not too sweet and not too fruity. )

6) Wristlets/bags/accessories from Charles and Keith. *Note..not a good idea to buy shoes. 
( Charles and Keith is so popular in Korea but VERY expensive. Almost every Korean lady knows this brand. It’s double the price in Korea. Saw one of my bags was 2x the price in Korea . If you go to ANY Charles and Keith outlet in SG , you can definitely bump into at least 1 Korean girl or heard Korean language. Youngsters love the bags and the elders prefers the shoes ).

For youngsters up to middle age 

1) TWG (same reason as above)

2) Charles and Keith bags/accessories (same reason as above )

3) Yakun / Toast Box Kaya  (same reason as above )

4) Victoria’s Secret lotions/creams/perfumes already thinking of what to wear in Korea. LOL. CNY is just around the corner but im thinking about March lol. That is because i need to order some stuff online like fleece stockings , knit and wool skorts to keep warm. I don’t have clothes for Winter/Spring yet. Im going during the transition and change in season. It will be abit cold still. Just got some knee length stockings from H&M at $7 today. And this is how im gonna pair it. These styles are soooo PL ! But i need a thick coat/jacket over to keep warm. I i have similar dress/bottoms/tops from Agneselle and im gonna pair them like that. I LOVE KNEE HIGH SOCKS and finally i can get to wear them. I love heeled boots / walked heels and i have 10 pairs of them. Goes well with or without the knee high socks. Finally they can see day light in March instead of hiding in the shoe boxes on the storeroom racks.

e1b38bfdd97a6c044171db68a24ec1a1 af9670dec928287ce4e224fb4be95452 2c59128034f9c87a0d65abdf9c53826f 99de855f726017c2afacf111ee9ef8ac

Super excited about MARCH trip ! Instead of the capital city, Seoul which i have been to 5 times. I will be travelling to Busan and going to other beautiful parts of S.Korea. Most importantly , im going with Oppa ! I cant wait to meet his Mom , his brother and cute little Chihuahua. I was expecting that he will keep a big dog but it is a female Chihuahua ..he has a soft spot for petite things though.

I can’t wait to visit his hometown to know more about his hometown and life back in Korea. His University , his friends and everything. No shopping for me except to stock up my cosmetics only and maybe go for haircut , dye and was thinking of doing the wave perm after my hair grows longer. Just wanna enjoy each other’s company in the beautiful Spring.

It will be tiring for him to keep accompanying me everyday and i want to give him some time to catch up and have drinks with his buddies. They only meet up twice a year.

So im gonna check out where to hangout myself in Busan, buy my cosmetics/skincare , help his mum in their hotel or do my work in a cafe so that he can have his own time with his friends ( all guys only ) . Im supposed to help his mum to make some Chinese and English signboards/notices/price list. Because there are tourists but language barrier is a problem.

Cant wait !

On 1st Jan , we went Vivocity for dinner and i walked past Charles and Keith thinking of getting something for his bro’s gf from there. But…i can’t keep my eyes off these 2. So he bought the bag for me and i bought the shoes myself. Because he abit ban-dang..say cannot buy shoes for gf if not will run away and also because i hesitate alot on the bag. I took it and put it back on the shelf , took it and put back onto the shelf again several times because i was thinking whether i need it and if i have something like that and how many times i will use it etc. Think alot lah..that’s my style . The red heels are slightly brighter and not as dull as it is in the pic. Gonna wear them for CNY. Ang ang huat huat hahahah.


At night ,we watched movies and Kdrama at home together.

I also learnt more about Korea’s history from D.

We learnt about each other’s country’s history. Sometimes when we watch a show or any historical documentaries , we will exchange and talked about our country’s history.

Myung Ryang – Roaring Currents

This movie was based on true story and one of Korea’s greatest history. This admiral , Yi Yun Shin was so well-respected until today. Even naval officers said that this was one of the best battles fought in history. He lead 13 Korean naval fleets against 300 odd Japanese fleets and won the battle.


You can see his statue at Busan Tower.


So touching..almost cried.  Really great movie and no wonder it topped the box office in Korea last summer. Some of my Korean friends don’t like Japan/Japanese because of the history and war. They still refused to buy Japanese made products , food or anything related.  This kind of topic quiet sensitive you our local racial issues.

Go watch this will like it.

Feeling unwell lately and no selfies or photoshoot.

Here’s one to end the blogpost because the skin looks so nice here without any filter even though i was sick and tired. I only put on little bit of Hera’s UV Mist Cushion in N21. Maybe because i put on sheet mask in the day and then sleeping pack/cream at night recently because i drank alcohol. Mask twice a day. LOL OOPS !

Waiting for my hair to grow longer so i can do my perm. KUAI DIAN ZHANG CHANG LEH.


Have a good week !
CNY Collections will be up soon 🙂 Photoshoots start this week !



Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

* There was an error in the article. He was a ship navigation officer ( 2nd officer ) in Korea for 3 years before coming to SG . He works in the shipping industry in SG now.

During the phone interview with the journalist , i recalled how everything happened and it kinda brought a smile onto my face. I was asked whether i learn Korean to meet a Korean man. Of cos not..i learnt the language back in 2011 and 2 years later the Korean boyfriend came into the picture. My love for Korean cosmetics came after my first trip to Korea in 2012. Most of my Korean guy friends know that K-wave is the IN thing now  and some girls learn Korean just to want to hook a Korean bf due to the way K-drama portrays Korean men. The boys know whether you are into them for their nationality or love. Just like how some men know whether you are after their money or love. Men are men. Why was it that i did not get a SG boyfriend ? Are SG men that bad ? Nope..SG men are not bad at all. Infact they are better in expressing their feelings and less MCP. I dated Singaporeans and Malaysians before i went out on date with Oppa. But those dates lasted at most 2 dates or just stop at one with awkward silences at the dining table because there was nothing much to talk about or no chemistry.

And maybe im attracted to men who are more..hmm good tempered and reasonably dominant.

Yes i am being tamed now and domestically inclined. And i do have a talent in cooking. LOL.