So , the shutter of my Olympus camera was jammed and i have to find a time to go down to the service centre. Hope it doesn’t cost alot.

I have cravings for Korean BBQ lately. I guess it was because i haven’t had it for a looong time. I used to have Korean BBQ once every 2 weeks.

On Sat , Oppa and i had dinner appointment at Bornga ( Star Vista outlet ) . This outlet is better than the one at Vivo . Not the food but the service and the speed they serve.


We ordered the signature Woo Samgyeop pork which is a kind of seasoned meat. There were 3 of us but we ordered 4 pax share of meat. It was soo yummy and im definitely going back to have more.



Topped up $9++ for the Haemul sauce to go along with the meat.

DSC01866 DSC01865

The extreme left dark red coloured sauce is the best sauce to go along with the meat but i prefer to dip into the salt+sesame oil sauce. I like the meat abit salty. The other sauce is the Samjang sauce.


Side dishes to accompany the meat are mostly salads and radish kimchi.

DSC01860 DSC01859 DSC01858

Long tray of refillable lettuces is part of the set.


I have cravings for Samgaetang ( Chicken Ginseng Soup ) lately and i finally ate it at Bornga.

We had 2 sets of Samgaetang after the 4pax portion of BBQ pork strips. I almost go on food coma after that but the meal was very sumptuous and delicious ! The reason why i have been visiting Bornga lately is because i am too lazy to go all the way down to Tanjong Pagar . There is an outlet in Vivocity which is near Oppa’s house. So it is convenient for us to have dinner there and go back home after a tiring day at work.


It is very yummy. Go try the Woo Samgyeop if you want to go to Bornga. Remember to make reservations !


Im suffering from dark eye rings nowadays and even concealer don’t help anymore ūüė¶ Time to drink more water and have enough sleep over the weekend. Have been reading some stuff lately and missed all my K-dramas. Gonna catch up on the dramas when im in Korea which will be in 4 weeks time !

Finished a week of induction program and now it is internal training. Well , im happy to do what i always wanted to do and love doing. And also , getting to meet people with so much positivity everyday and every morning meetings.

Well , i went to Malacca with Jiaying , Bryan and Oppa over the weekend and we were back on time on 9th August midnight to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Birthday.

Because i have one more last paper this week , i spent the remaining holidays at home studying and watching videos of the parade online. Oppa and i had cravings for Korean bbq suddenly on Monday for lunch. So he made a reservation at Seoul Restaurant at Regent Hotel. Lunch was $37.90 ++ per pax for Ala carte buffet. It is soooo worth it.

HERE is the buffet menu.






These are all free flow. But since we are here for BBQ , we only ordered the Kimchi pancake and Topokki. We can have the stews any other day and anywhere so we didn’t order that.



The beef are the best here. So go for the beef . And if you want pork , go for the Samgyeopsal will do.



Eh…but the lettuce is not included in the ala carte buffet menu and we have to pay for it.
Quite expensive for few pieces of lettuces ( $14.90++). Mushrooms are also not include and quite expensive. We paid $116 for 2 pax after GST which includes the lettuces. If we didn’t order it , it will cost us less than $100.

We had a total of 5 plates of beef (number B3 and B4 in the menu) and 1 plate of pork for BBQ.


We ordered Yangnyeom Galbisal (B3) and Galbisal (B4).

B3 was our favourite so we ordered 2 plates of that. All grilled and BBQed over charcoal.

DSC01827A DSC01820A

It is time i should really exercise and go for a run. I ate so much in Malacca , JB and at the Korean BBQ. Felt too overwhelmed now. Gosh.

If you want quality BBQ , Seoul restaurant is the place to go to ! The restaurant is very clean and comfortable and after the dinner , we sat down at the hotel lobby for a rest before walking over to Orchard MRT. Guess what , we didn’t had any dinner after our Korean BBQ lunch. Too full. Oh , the naengmyeon is free flow too. Koreans usually have cold noodles after BBQ. It is to “cool” your body after a heaty Korean BBQ. I don’t think many Singaporeans knew about this place though. The restaurant was only filled with Koreans when i went there. Bosses and waitresses are Koreans but there is¬†a Filipno waitress. Definitely will be back there again.

Had alot of delicious and yummy tze char in JB all thanks to Jiaying and her BF , Bryan. Shall blog about the food in JB soon. So cheap and nice ( but crowded and need waiting time for the food to be served ). Im going  back there for seafood again !

A sneak peek¬†of what’s coming soon ! Will post more soon with my JB food trail pictures. ¬†There are so many people i want to thank lately. Gonna post more pictures together with those people i want to thank ! A post dedicated to my dear friends and also something abit more personal.

Blue Lace sweetheart dress6

Food food food.

My first time having Teochew Porridge. I went to Heng Long Teochew Porridge near Simon Road for dinner with Elaine today. This place is just opposite Serangoon Junior College. I think i came here once to take away when i was studying in Serangoon Junior College like ermmmm 13 years ago . Oh my….starting to feel abit old now lol. And just yesterday , i had dinner with Elaine and we spent $40 on Teochew porridge. OMG…So expensive. I can cook abalone porridge at home with $40. I didnt expect it to be that expensive.

The stretch of shophouses along Kovan has alot of such Teochew porridge and several eating house. The food there quite nice but i find it very expensive. Even 13 years ago , i would go with my friends to buy our lunch or sneaked out for recess by climbing over the fence ( but after awhile we found out that someone cut a BIG hole behind one of the fences near the field and we managed to sneak out without climbing over the barb wires ) and i find it expensive already. I went once and never go again after that until yesterday night.

This set cost us $20. We were still hungry so we ordered sweet and sour pork and pomfret fish. Paid another $18.

I don’t know why porridge here are so expensive leh. The mix rice stall near my house sell only $2 per plate of dish usually. This one is about $4 per small plate.

Cannot complain..come here already just eat bian..I thought will be quite cheap since it is just porridge.

Not that fantastic. Abit bland or maybe porridge is supposed to be healthy and that’s why it was bland. Beside our table was¬†a lady who was talking and smiling to herself and to “an invisible person” infront of her. Really scary. She ordered like 6 dishes of food. Arranged them in a line¬†, ordered 2 porridge and 2 drinks. She didnt touch the food at all. One porridge opposite her and one for herself. One drink for herself and one was opposite her as if she was having dinner with someone. And she was talking and smiling so naturally. It was quite scary. As if sitting beside me was a spirit or her “friend” . After she left , the cleaners looked at her in a strange manner because of the way she arranged the food and how she ordered 2 sets of everything and one is for the “space” opposite her. She only eat her own share whereas the other set was as if to pray to dead people. Maybe she lost someone she loved and became like that. But i can’t help it and find¬†it quite eerie.

After that , the lady took a cab. Elaine and i were wondering whether the taxi driver was probably going to freak out like we do.

And finally for a change ….wearing blue..I think Elaine maybe engrossed or freaked out by the lady because she was focusing my back and not me so i appeared blur here.

I managed to take an hour break from my studying to do some cooking.
I cooked DakBokkeumTang. I blogged about it HERE before.

Blogged about it here. I added more water this time so it doesn’t appear too “sticky”.

Today’s one look nicer than the ones i did previously because i added more water.

This is my home cook chinese soup (cucumber + fishball + egg ) .

I don’t use MSG when i cook so i may take abit of time to prepare all the seasoning.

For the soup stocking , i boil water and put in about 8-10 pcs of big anchovies from Korea and 6 pieces of dashima ( Korean dried kelps ) to boil till the water turns abit fragrant. It is very healthy. No need for chicken stocks or MSG.

Throw away the big anchovies and dashima. After that , i added the sliced cucumbers , fishball and 1 cracked egg.

Wednesday’s dinner cost me only $8.50. I bought all the ingredients from wet market instead of Fairprice.

Some of my friends and readers asked why do i even bother to cook Korean food at home when it is cheaper to eat in restaurants. I realized that they bought most of their ingredients from Fairprice. Me too..i realized i spent $25¬†the very first time just to cook one pan of Dakkbokkeum Tang..must well go to the restaurants to eat ( cost about $38 – $45 in Korean restaurants..can save all the trouble of cooking and washing ) . Hehe… so i learnt my lesson and went to wet market to buy ingredients instead. ¬†Chicken $4 (6 wings 6 drums) ..Carrot + Onion + Potato – $2 . This Dakkbokkeumtang cost me only $6 to cook. If you like cooking and like to cook Korean food. You should buy the sauces and mix your own instead of buying ready mix ones. It is cheaper this way. It cost me less than SGD 12 to cook one pan¬†of Army stew for 3 pax. Haha next time teach you how. MSG free also. Somemore can top up the soup.

And finally , my bf managed to eat durians. He always gross out at the sight and smell of durian. Somehow i managed to get him to try one. Most people think that it stinks and it is all psychological. So i ask him close his eyes and pop into his mouth , chew, spit out the seeds and swallow the flesh. He realized it isn’t that bad. I bought him $1 ones to try because they only come with 4 seeds. Incase he can’t finish . I can eat the remaining 3. Then we upgraded to $10 ones where there are about 8 seeds. He ate about 5 seeds. Hehe..i didnt dare to buy him Mao Shan Wang incase he is still not used to it and i have to eat EVERYTHING..omg TOO HEATY LAH ! And i doubt i can finish too. Maybe next year or some days i will get him to try that. Now got people at durian with me loh and he ate like a local. Haha..can’t post the pictures here because he looked too local in the picture.

Btw , Agneselle is updating soon.

You will get to see many Pastel and Sorbet coloured laces and crochets in the month of July !

Stay tune for more ! Im sure you gonna love it because i have been wearing most of them out as seen on my instag !

 Lace Maxi 6 Lace Maxi 7 Lace Top 3 Lace Top 5

And this skirt too ! I love this skirt in both Dusty Navy and Pink. I kept both colours. Inner lining is nude in colour for the dusty navy one and white for pink one. It is dip back. The back is longer than the front with a gradual inverted V shape in the front.


Trying to feel princessly lately in PINK !

Previews will be up soon !

This culottes are my favourite. I swear that you will love it. Managed to find a really good premium fabric for this. Plus it is high waisted. YAY ! Not the normal polyester. Manufactured by a factory which produces and exports work wear. The lace top is also an absolute love. I kept it in all colours and pair it with culottes and other high waisted skirts. I chose the lace myself too for the dress and the top !

Lately , we are trying to change the system and flow of operations. Trying to improve and do changes every 2 years. That includes the out of stock emails. I realized that some customers’ emails got filtered to our spambox and we are not able to reply. Hence we would like to apologize for that. But reassured that all enquiries are attended to and we don’t ignore or just delete emails off. There is no point deleting it away because customers will just keep on emailing and getting angry if we ignore and end up we still have to reply¬†back. Must well settle it earlier.

Im going continue to mug . Good luck Peiling !

K-food time !

We chanced upon this restaurant at Novena. Just beside United square. I don’t know the exact name of this building though.

Restaurant name is Nanta BBQ Korean Restaurant.

The chef was very nice and courteous. We got service drinks too. I think because Oppa is a Korean. LOL. I realized i seldom get service (drinks or extra dishes for free) when i go to Korean restaurants with a Singaporean unless i am a regular at that particular restaurant. I was regular at some restaurants and sometimes the soft drinks or a beer or makkoli were¬†free of charge or i got extra kimchi jiggae or any stews. But lately , i seldom go to Korean resturants at Tanjong Pagar lately¬†because i want Oppa to try different local dishes (peranakan , indian , malay , chinese etc etc ) and some restaurants changed the owner and management so i sometimes don’t get any service anymore unless i go with Oppa. LOL.


Oppa’s teammate came here before and he recommended the chicken + cheese set. But i was not in the mood for cheese and it was only 2 of us. The set will be better for 3 pax i think. But next time , im gonna try the chicken+cheese.


I was craving for stews. So we ordered the budaejjigae ( aka Army stew ).

1435580215109 1435580218919 1435580232310 1435580247128

So yummy ! We finished the whole thing because we were hungry and i was craving for stews. Wasn’t the best i tasted yet but the attenttiveness¬†from the chef and the servers , generous amount of spam and also the service drinks made it up. Side dishes are free flow too. Good to go and give it a try and tell me how is the chicken+cheese set okay ? It looks soo yummy on their FB profile page and menu. The BBQ pricing also not very expensive.

Anyway , gonna blog about my freckles removal later. I removed some freckles on my cheeks that was bothering me for awhile ! Finally…they will all be gone soon !

Busan : Shop Eat Sleep

Another update on my trip to my boyfriend’s hometown in Busan , South Korea.

Every morning , i woke up to the view of Seomyeon shopping and medical street.

The other side is the view of mountains. The air was so fresh and the breeze was abit chilly though cos it was end of Winter and it was really cold.  Freezing at 8 degrees and sleeping on heated bed every night. As you can see the trees were bare from the winter chill.


So in the previous post , i blogged about shopping at Seomyeon shopping and medical street.

How to get there ? 
Take the MRT and stop at Seomyeon station¬†and when you come out from the gantry , you will be greeted with lotsa fashion shops and beauty¬†shops like Innisfree , VDL , Clio Professional , It’s skin , Etude house , The face shop , Nature republic , Espoir , Holika Holika , Aritaum etc etc. Whatever brands you can think of that are Korean. The salesgirls in the clothing shops are not very friendly to foreigners. So it will be good if you can speak abit of Korean. And if you can speak and understand Korean , they will also be very aggressive in pushing their sales. Oppa and i spoke in English abit and the salesgirl wasn’t that friendly and i was not allowed to try the top. When we switched to speaking in Korean , the attitude changed. Suddenly become friendly.

You will see staircases at the sides , go up and and it is the street level filled with more beauty and fashion shops. The shops at street level are bigger but scattered everywhere. So it will be troublesome for you to compare prices, colours , sizes or whatever you need to compare and hesitate about. If you shop underground , the beauty shops are side by side or just opposite each other. So it is easy to move around the different brands and get everything one shot. There are more fashion shops underground than at street level.

We went on a trip to Oppa’s University with his mother. Yup , we were greeted with this beautiful beach/view¬†which is¬†just right in front of his¬†faculty¬†block. I was told this is the place where campus couples usually go on quiet dates and students have picnic here in summer.


Imagine sitting here and reading your school notes. Weather was pretty good that afternoon before it suddenly turned soooo cold at night. Checked the weather forecast and it was supposed to be cooling (18-23 degrees celsius ) instead of cold and windy. So I brought bandage and skater skirts , dresses , stockings and high waisted pants to be paired with crop knit tops ¬†but i¬†ended up have to buy a new top and new pair of jeans because it was too cold. To be in fashion¬†or keep myself warm ? I prefer to be more practical and that was to keep myself warm. So i borrowed the puffer coat from Oppa’s mother. I only brought a trench coat , denim crop jacket and a biker rider jacket.

This is a great place for photoshoot. Found lotsa secret places for photoshoot and if only it was summer , i could have done my shoots here.


I got my top from TOP 10 and jeans from one of the shops at Seomyeon underground shopping strip for only KRW 29,000. ¬†There are alot shops selling ripped jeans in Seomyeon. I wanted to get more but i don’t wear jeans in SG and it will be waste of money to buy all the colours i want to even though they are so pretty and chic ! So , i only got one pair. Im wearing size M . Their sizing are reallly small. I even wear size 28 for some Korean jeans.


The view was beautiful and noon sun was great before the weather turns cold late afternoon.


After visiting his University , ¬†Oppa’s mother drove us to Gamcheon Cultural Village.

It is like Italy’s Cinque Terre where you see colourful houses on the mountains and cliffs overlooking the sea.

Gamcheon Cultural Village is just like Korea’s own version of Cinque Terre.


Over here , you can get to enjoy cool and breezy view. And also learn more about Korean’s way of living back in the 1960s and when it is still not a developed country.


There are alot of phototaking points where you can go up to the roof tops to take picture and enjoy the view. If you are hungry , you can grab abite at the cafes or road side stalls selling hotdogs , spicy rice cakes and grab a cup of coffee if you feel cold.


Roof top on one of the cafes where you can write love notes and pin it on the railings.



Everyone was queuing up to take picture with this statue. I was on of those who queued for it too lol.


It ain’t scary as you think it is to sit here and take a picture with this little guy !


Oppa’s mother was feeling abit tired and cold after the long drive and walk . So we stopped by one of the cafes to have a coffee. There are alot of French themed cafes here. I realized that alot of Korean cafes are very French themed. Eg. the interior designs and music they played in the cafes.


You can buy sovenirs in the cafes but i think they are too expensive and over priced.

After Gamcheon Cultural Village , we went to Nampo-dong shopping street.

How to get there ? 

Nampodong Station (Busan Subway Line 1) .

You can put Gamcheon Cultural Village , Nampo-dong shopping street and famous Jalgachi fish market all in one day. Because Gamcheon Cultural Village is just 10 minutes drive away from Nampo-dong and Jalgachi fish market is just next to Nampo-doing shopping street. So you can have lunch at Gamcheon Cultural Village or light snacks there , shop at Nampo-dong and then dinner at Jalgachi fish market. Also a super huge Lotte Departmental Store is located at Nampo-dong. You can do all of them in a day.

Oppa wanted eat Ho-ddok ( which is a kind of pastry ). So we queued for the famous one. There is a street in Nampo-dong which was lined up with alot of Tarot cards reading stalls and street food stalls. You know those you see in K-dramas. Where they had street food in a plastic sheet covered stalls.



20150324_163445 (1)a

Lotte Department Store Gwangbok is just next to Nampo-dong shopping street. Nearest MRT is Nampodong station , Exit 10.

The world’s largest indoor musical water fountain and the rooftop park, which is the largest in Korea and it offers a great view of the entire city of Busan.

Fyi , Lotte and Shinsaegae departmental stores close at 8pm. So you need to plan your shopping. Street shops don’t close that early and usually before 11 pm.


Street food galore. Street food can fill your tummies and there is no need to go to restaurants or cafes. So many things to eat and so many varieties of local food at Nampo-dong street. You can also visit Busan Tower located at Nampo-dong.


After the street food street is the shopping stretch.

Somewhere along this shopping belt¬†in Gwangbok-dong¬†, you can see an escalator and it leads you to Busan Tower. I have been there 2 years ago so i didn’t go this time. It is the Busan’s version of Seoul Tower. Kinda similar.

How to get to Gwang-bok dong ?

Take MRT to Nampodong station , Exit 1.

So in fact , you can drop off at Nampo-dong station and shop at Lotte , Gwangbok-dong and Nampo-dong shopping stretch. These 3 places are connected. So connected that you don’t know if you are at Nampo-dong or Gwangbok-dong lol.

And after that you can walk to Jalgachi market from Nampo-dong for dinner and go back to your hotel via Jalgachi station.


Difference between Nampo-dong/Gwangbok-dong and Seomyeon shopping stretch is that in Nampo-dong/Gwangbok-dong you can find more bigger brand names like MLB , New balance , Adidas boutiques etc and the shops are bigger whereas in Seomyeon , you can find more local designers and smaller fashion shops. Of cos , the ones in Seomyeon are cheaper than Nampo-dong/Gwangbok-dong. But for beauty brands , all outlets sell same things lah.

We walked further in to Gwangbok-dong.


We ordered Woo-Jing-Or-Tuee Kim ( Squid tempura )  , Korean pancake and Spicy Rice Cake ( Ddok-bokk-i )

Sooo nice !


Korean pancake with spring onion.


Shop and eat . Shop and eat. Because the street food carts were all lined up infront of the fashion shops.
It turned windy and cold so suddenly (8 degrees and im feeling so cold in my outfit ) ,. so the only comfort was to keep eating and drinking the free flow of Oh-Muk (fish cake) soup to keep my body warm. Busan is famous for their Oh-Muk ( Fish cake ) . You should buy them home or eat at the road side stall.




We were standing at the stall eating the street food for dinner and i don’t wanna leave because i felt so warm eating and drinking the hot soup.

Street food are very cheap. We ate so much and spent less than KRW 10,000


Jalgachi Fish Market at night.


So cold lor…i cannot take the cold and just want to go to the nearest Lotteria for a cup of hot coffee.

So we just rushed through a small stretch of Jalgachi fish market , walked back to Nampodong for final dose of Oh-Muk Soup before we head back to our home in Seomyeon via Nampodong station.

I bought alot of beauty products and make up when i shopped at Seomyeon which is just opposite our house. Last post , i blogged about the A.H.C (Korean professional skincare line) which was widely used in aesthetic clinics.
This post , gonna blog about a new serum i bought from Iope and a Leaders Vitamin C serum Oppa’s mother bought for me.


I heard about this brand called Leaders before but i don’t have the chance to try it because it is sooo hard to find. You can buy their masks in SG but not their serums , creams or cleansers etc.

This brand was created by dermatologists from Seoul University.


I tried this serum and i love it . Easily absorbed and after applying the serum , i can apply my emulsion , moisturiser and creams without worrying that it will make my skin oily. It comes with capsule beads which contains high concentration of Vit C. I have been using this for a week already ! I saw that there is a slight improvement in my skin tone. With this Vitamin C serum and other products im using , i think it makes my skin tone looks better and brighter. This is not easily available online and Oppa’s mother bought from the HOME SHOPPING TV program. Lol. That is her favourite TV channel. I tried to find it in Gmarket but it is not available.

Iope Moistgen Serum Skin Hydration.

I tried the samples before i bought this full size bottle. Some times you must be thick skin abit and ask for samples before you buy the full size bottles. I always ask for samples to try first so that im sure the product suits my skin ¬†condition before i spend money and buy. If im not wrong it is about KRW 49,900. Lol. I threw away the boxes and can’t remember the price.




What i like about this is that it is not oily and easily absorbed. Im currently using this and Hera’s Waterin Serum. I switched Hera’s Waterin Serum to night because the texture is more sticky than Iope’s. I find it easier to apply make up if i used the Iope one. Hera’s Waterin Serum is good and really hydrating too.

I had my Eyelashes done at Seomyeon eyelash extension studio.

I walked around Seomyeon and all the eyelash extension shops there are having promotion of KRW 30,000 which is approx SGD 35 only. I did it 3 weeks ago and the eyelashes are still very dense till today and i am happy with the results. Usually the ones i did in SG all dropped off within 2 weeks. But the one i did in Korea are still going on strong and dense even at the 3rd week.  I took pictures with my HP but i have problem transferring them to the lap top to post it here. Once i have resolved this problem , i will post a picture for you all to see.

The shop i went to was called Magic Face. They do not have any website. I just chanced upon it and read from naver blogs and reviews from other Koreans. You can go to any beauty shops in Seomyeon to ask for the price and usually outside the shop , they will hang a banner or poster if there are any promotions. Seriously you should get it done in Korea instead if you are there for holiday because it is so cheap ! I had eyelash permed and extensions done for total of KRW 50,000 ! I checked with my Korean girlfriends. For eyelash extensions , usually it is only KRW 30,000 even in places like Seoul . It should not be more than KRW 50,000.

Happy Chinese New Year !

Wish everyone good healthy and prosperity !

17th Feb was Oppa’s birthday. Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays. Just like how Chinese have mee-sua with eggs on their birthday.

Why seaweed soup ?
When pregnant and after child birth , mothers drink seaweed soup to replenish nutrients , bloody supply and relieve labour pain and discomfort. So they drink seaweed soup on their birthdays to remember the pain and hardwork their mothers went through.

Spending his birthday away from home and no one to cook him birthday meals and seaweed soup.

So on tuesday , i woke up early at 9am to prepare his lunch. Oppa’s office is just 1 bus stop away so he can come back for lunch. Because there are only 1 frying pan and 1 pot and only 1 workable stove , i have to cook one dish at a time. LOL that’s why i have to start at 9am and took me 3 hours to prepare.

I used my mobile phone to take the pictures because my hands were dirty from all the marination , chopping of onions and garlics etc. So i can’t take pictures of every single ingredients i used.


I cooked seaweed soup , his favourite omelette (korean style) , prawns and bulgogi.


I didn’t have time to do proper Korean style marination the day before so i did it within 2 hours early in the morning when i woke up . Traditionally you have to marinate the night before and leave it in the fridge for at least 6-8 hours before you cook it.

I did a short cut and marinate it for like 2 hours only with black pepper , Korean soya sauce , sesame oil and Korean seasalt seasoning with herbs. It turned out so nice that he had everything and i only had a few slices. I just¬†throw some minced garlic in the frying pan , onions , carrots and the marinated meat into the pan¬†and fry. That’s all. super easy. Garnish with spring onions after that.


Korean seaweed soup. Very easy to cook !


I replaced beef with mussels instead. Mussels are believed to be good for skin and health.

I used beef the other time but it kinda changed the colour of the soup. So i used mussels this time.

So here’s how to make the seaweed soup.

You can buy the seaweeds from Korean supermarkets (Shine Mart, Lotte Mart, Sol Mart , Seoul Mart). Look for the ones that are used to cook soups ! It comes in a sealed pack.

Oppa’s mother sent me alot of good quality and expensive seaweeds from Busan. So this may look different from the ones you buy at Korean marts which may not be as smooth. If you want good quality ones , you can buy from Korea. This is different from the Chinese seaweeds you eat in yong tau foo. So don’t mix them up.

I got a pack of large mussels from Giant supermarket. About $4.84 for 8pcs ( comes with shell) , i washed the mussels and removed the shells because the shells are dirty.


Chopped garlics ( about 3 cloves ).


Soak the seaweed in a pail of water.


This part you really have to be careful. The dried seaweed portion you see above ( scroll up for picture of the pre-soaked dried seaweed. ) is for 4 pax ( 4 -6 bowls ) . The dried seaweed expanded after soaking in the water for 10 minutes. The entire pack you buy from Korean supermarkets can feed up to 10 bowls. So take bit by bit to soak to get the amount you want to serve. Take abit to soak first and if it is not enough, then take a bit more to soak. If not you will be shocked by the amount of seaweed and wasted your money if you throw the excess away.

After soaking the seaweed for about 15-20 minutes , sieve it out and throw away the water.

Then marinate the seaweed with 2 tablespoon of sesame oil. Don’t add too much. Try to adjust according to the amount of seaweed you have. Because you don’t want your soup ended up looking too oily because of the sesame oil..

Boil a pot of water and throw in some large anchovies and cut sea tangle. Remember to use large anchovies ! Not the small ikan billis size ones. The anchovies and sea tangle are like seasoning and natural stockings. I don’t like to add chicken stocks , fish stocks , beef stocks or MSG when i cook.

So i will use ingredients such as adding anchovies and sea tangle into the boiling water to create my own healthy natural soup stockings. Koreans use large anchovies and sea tangles as soup stockings when they make kimchi soups , ramen etc. I added about 10 large anchovies and 3 or 4  sea tangles.

Let the large anchovies and sea tangles boil for about 15 minutes in the boiling water. You can smell the natural soup stocking fragrance after that.

After 15 minute , sieve out the large anchovies and sea tangles . Throw them away.


You can buy sea tangles from Shine mart , Lotte mart , Sol mart or Seoul Mart.


After that , throw in the sesame oil marinated seaweeds , chopped garlics and mussels into the boiling water to boil for 10 minutes at high heat before switching it to medium heat. Adjust the taste with soup soya sauce ( gook gan-jang ). A kind of Korean soya sauce used for soups only. Instead of adding salt , you can add this soya sauce for soups ).

Your seaweed soup is ready to serve !


In the evening , we went to Ocean restaurant for dinner. We managed to secure a seat by the tank and it was nice. Except that there were alot of children and they were around our table jumping around , screaming etc because our tables are near the tank. I have no problems with kids and i love kids and understand their excitement but the problem is with their parents. They don’t seem to care that their children are running around other patrons’ tables and screaming everywhere. They never do anything about it. They saw but they don’t care.


To be honest , the food at Ocean restaurant at RWS was¬†not fantastic and not worth it at all. The only thing that compensated was the view if not i won’t recommend anyone to go. I was very¬†disappointed. We paid about $238 for the meal and expected better. The only dish that was nice were¬†the raw oysters.

After dinner , we went back home to cut the “cake”.

I ordered customized cupcakes from The Frosted Chick. It was very hard to get customized cupcakes. I called Flour Fancies at first and the lady told me to email her what i want and i did not hear from her thereafter. And others never get back to me. Vanessa from The Frosted Chick was really friendly and i love her works. Looks soo nice and we couldn’t bear to eat it !


I decided on a base ball team cupcakes because he is a baseball player. Born and raised in Busan , South Korea , he is a huge fan of his home team Lotte Giants. So i decided to go for a Lotte Giants theme cupcake ! So nicee !

Well , it was a tiring Tuesday. Woke up early to cook , rush my work before’s CNY break and then to a birthday dinner. After CNY , i have to prepare for next launch !

This shirt is coming up in 2 pastel colours and in white too !


Do look out for the next K-beauty post this weekend !

The theme is Sleeping Beauty. Guess what i wanna blog about ??

The boys will head to one of their Hyung’s (older brother) house for drinks over the weekend frequently and usually i will help out in the kitchen with the wife learning how to make dishes. I learnt how to make fried anchovies side dish from Hyunjong onni. Each time , i will learn something new and i will try to make it at home again myself

And so , i made a Korean side dish today – Fried Anchovies.

It is very easy and seems easy but finding the correct Anchovies is important and correct amount of sauce. Chinese anchovies are a little too salty and it will be good if you can get the Korean anchovies which is less salty.

Ingredients – Korean anchovies , Korean Soy Sauce, Rice Syrup and Sugar.

Left – Rice Syrup

Right – Korean Soy Sauce.


Oil your pan and fry the anchovies.

Add 1 tea spoon of soya sauce. I will suggest that you add bit by bit and taste to see if it is too salty. Some Chinese anchovies are really salty already and you may want to cut down on the soy sauce. Fry at low heat.



Till it turned abit golden brown , add 1 tbs of rice syrup and 2 tbs of sugar.

Mix the syrup and sugar with the anchovies. It should turn abit sticky. If you want , add some Korean chilli paste with it.


Ready to serve !

Easy and just took me 5 minutes to get it done. You can keep it in the fridge in a sealed tupperware and eat it over a couple of days.