#throwback to 2 weeks ago at the promotion ceremony in Capella Sentosa.

Joined Pru since 2015 and i am very grateful to all my clients for their trust and faith in handling their portfolios (insurance, wealth accmulations and retirement) and everyone who has been supportive in what i do (my team manager, the secretary and my hubs).

The journey is not easy and being promoted to Senior Financial Consultant is the first milestone of my career.

There are so much i want to share and i hope by sharing, it can help people who are in the same boat or circumstances.

My TTC journey, my career and work and #smartlady posts…Been holding back my TTC and # smartlady posts because it is abit personal and was wondering if i should share.


Finally paid down the 10% for our future home nest. And just 4 more years to have a place we call our own. 4 years seems long but we have so much we need to do, achieve and work towards to in these 4 years.

And our 2nd wedding anniversary is coming soon. We were discussing should we have a cook out at home (haha i cook of cos) or go out for a meal.

Hubs “created” this thing called MF Time (Mobile-free Time) which we have it once every few days. I will prepare tea and he will prepare fruits or tidbits. And we will go to the garden and talk. No mobile phones. Just us, tea/snacks and communications. We talk about everything…about work, people, life and our future goals and how should we or how can we work towards it.

Communication is crucial in a marriage. Instead of just always being on our mobile phone, TV or laptop, this session allow us to spend more quality time with each other and know the stress each other is facing at life or work.

Now..i need to look for good caffaine free tea. Because we both cannot sleep after drinking soo many cups of tea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

HanSkin Moolbalm (Pink) #Kbeauty


Wanted to review this quite a while back after i loaded onto my instastory and dayre but did not have a chance to because i was caught up with work and trying out new cooking recipes! Not really recipes i think..more like hmmm experiencing new dishes and cooking styles.

This is my favourite tone up balm (colour correcting) which i bought it when i was in Korea in Oct 2017.

It is supposed to help to brighten and even out your skin tone before you apply your Bb cushion or foundations. Some people use this alone like a bb balm but i use it as a primer before i pat on my bb cushion. It is abit matt so i don’t use it alone and coverage is not there. I apply this and then my DPC cushion.

HanSkin Moolbalm (Pink).

Hanskin is the first brand to develop BB cream and their BB cream really sold out.

Their concealer is very good too! It is called the Blemish Cover Concealer which comes in 3 tones. I reviewed before 1 or 2 yrs back. Now they changed packaging and came with free concealer brush at β‚©7,900. The concealer was sold out in the colour “Bright” after some famous Korean make up youtubers raved about it. This colour is damn hard to get. Everytime i want to buy but cannot find because out of stock.

You can buy HanSkin products in Korea’s Olive Young stores.

I like how it brightens and tone up my skin before i apply my Bb cushion.

Because the tone is pinkish, not many people will suit this balm. Some people will end up with greyish skin tone. Just like how i cannot use Sulwhasoo’s cushion cos the cushion makes my skin looks yellow lol.

This balm comes in 2 tone – Shimmer and Pink. The one im using is Pink. Shimmer one is in cushion form and works more like a whole face high lighter.

I cannot remember how much i bought it but it should be around β‚©15,000 .

If you are looking for a tone up balm, you can give this a shot but before you buy, try the sample first. You can buy from Olive Young in Korea.

If you are keen to get online, GlobalHmall in Gmarket does sell this. I blogged about the list of shops and departmental stores that ship to Sg few posts back. GlobalHmall is where i get my stuff too. Sometimes the deal there is cheaper than i get from store because there sre discount coupons. So i even get from there and ship it to my Mil house in Korea. Just that if i ship to her house i get free shipping lo. And i bring back home everything when i go Korea.

Cannot wait for next trip leh. I need stock up my skincare. 3 more mths to the trip and i already finished up my stock ups which i bought last year. Heng ah..Guardian got 30% off skincare products from 28th June to 1st July. I went to grab some from CNP Laboratory brand first to last me till end Sept.

DoctorCos #Kbeauty

Very happy cos i managed to dig out this from my stock piles of skincare at home. I was clearing and tidying them up and managed to find the last tube ! I finished 5 tubs in 1yr and gave 1 to a client last year. This is so far my favourite sleeping pack which i apply every night so i can wake up with radiant skin and my face will not feel dry when i wake up since i sleep in air-con room daily. Hubs cannot take the heat and our house must feel like it is spring..aircon wherever he goes lol. That is why our electricity bill so high lor.

Apply everynight before i sleep using my CNP silicon brush. The brush was for the milk peeling set but since i finished the set alr..i just use it to apply ampoules and sleeping mask pack.

My eye rings very bad from all the late nights these days. Not because of outing but because of work and Fifa World Cup.

My previous tenant recommended me this product because she said it was good and she had like sooo many tubes n tubs in her room which she uses daily.

Fifa World Cup λŒ€ν•œλ―Όκ΅­

It is the World Cup season and of cos Hubs is very enthu to support home country.

Days before the match, he asked me to get ready the flag which we kept in our wardrobe and also his uniforms and caps. He even got me a set for our pre wedding shoot 2 yrs ago so i also have to wear lol.

Though they lost to Sweden and Mexico, they played very well. Esp Son Heung Min who won a goal against Mexico.

μˆ˜κ³ ν–ˆμ–΄μš” λŒ€ν•œλ―Όκ΅­ νŒ€ !

Last match against Germany this week.

This Fifa, they have to play against the strong teams like Sweden, Mexico and Germany. Really not easy.

Korean Bbq (pork and beef intestines)

After watching “I Live Alone” episode on Mamamoo’s singer Hwasa, i had sudden cravings for Pig and Cow intestines bbq ! Apparently this episode created the “Hwasa effect” and bbq shops serving these dishes were sold out before end of day and many restaurants have long queue.

Watch the video and you know why liao. It looks so yumms. Even i was tempted

So i jio my KR+SG couple neighbours for dinner last week at Running Man Restaurant. The only place so far i know serves decent quality for this dish. Haha but quantity hor….veryyyyy little for the price we may lah. Not enough lor. Dont know is it too yummy until not enough cos we want more or really not enough leh. Lol

Still hungry after this serving. $79 for this and to be shared among 6 is too little lol.

So we ordered the fried chicken wings and spicy octopus+pig intestines dish.

The chicken wing hmmm not nice. So i suggest that you order the bbq better.

The intestines are really damn shiokkk. Not those you eat at Kway Chap store. But it is soooo fatty and sooooo chewy. So yummy. The ε£ζ„Ÿ is there. The cow intestines are the best. But of cos it lose out to the one i had in Korea. The one i had in Korea was sooo fatty and chewy , shiok and cheap !

I am now craving for pork skin κ»λŒ€κΈ° bbq also . Maybe i go K&J butchery see they got sell pork skin not haha then i marinate at home and do our own bbq. Maybe if i can find the intestines too.

Hungry liao.

Attended Mr Shin’s colleague’s wedding last weekend at Empress Place. It was a very nice place and food was really good !

Reallt enjoyed ourselves. Wish the newly wed a blissful marriage !

Hehe our 2nd yr wedding anni is coming soon. To be honest, i forgot ermm date of our wedding. I got it all mixed up cos we have 2wedding dates ( one in Korea and one in Sg ) πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

Hmmm thinking of going for a good dinner. Last year we had buffet at Ritz Carlton. This year maybe same place if we cannot think of anywhere. Lol we both love the seafood section !