Here are some beauty buys from Korea. I bought the IOPE highlighter too but i have yet to unpack my luggage so i will review it later. I have started using these for Agneselle’s shoot done on Monday.

I bought these crayon eye shadow from Aritaum. Got the first one at KRW 6500 and 2 at KRW6500 on the other day. They just have random sales anytime they want.

I love these. I gave it to Agneselle’s make up artist  – Pearlyn Law to use it for the shoot yesterday. She is my make up guru and advisor. I will always ask her how to use it and if i used it correctly because after all make up is her profession. Before knowing her , i have a foundation , eyeliner and blusher in my make up pouch. But after knowing her , it started from a pouch to several baskets and pouches !

What i like about these crayon eyeshadow is that it is very smooth and easy to apply. Frankly speaking , i dont know how to put on eye shadow. I have single eyelids and double ( sometimes it just suddenly appear probably because i gained weight or i was too tired ). Im a noob when it comes to powder eyeshadows. But this is easy to apply and good for people like me who is a noob when it comes applying eye shadows.

It comes in more than 10 colours and i only bought 3 of them. The pinkish one act as a base , the bronze one for the eyelid and purplish one as liner. It is a little creamy so easier to blend.



It has a blending brush on the other side.


I have started using it so it has little bit of shimmers on it.


It is actually not so glittery like the one in the picture below. I applied more on my back hand so that you can see the colours. Infact it is very subtle when you just go over your eyelids.

So if you happen to know someone there or popping by Aritaum , you should give this a try.


Pearlyn did a vintage hairdo for me to match the upcoming Agneselle’s lace dress which she and Fiona are getting because they love it ! All 3 of us were excited about the dresses we took for photoshoot yesterday because they were so nice.

Pearlyn created this “fake double eyelid” look for me using eyeshadow and eyeliner. I did not go for plastic surgery in Korea. Anyway after i came back from Korea , some people i met asked ” You looked prettier after you came back , did you do something to your face ?? “


It is the MAKE UP lah !!!! My eye rings look really bad from the flu. I looked like a panda.

Pearlyn used the IOPE BB Cushion which i bought from Korea for the photoshoot.


I bought this lipstick from The Face Shop at KRW10,900 .

It is creamy matt pink and i like it because it i long lasting. Even after drinking a hot latte and eating a cupcake , the colour still stay on and i didnt need to touch up. I used it for yesterday’s shoot too.



I mixed it with the Tony Moly orangey lipstick for the colour on my lips below.


 The Hera UV Mist Cushion. Finally i got the Shimmer Vanilla at the Airport. It must be selling really well else it wont be out of stock at Lotte Dept Store and Shinsaegae. It comes with a refill pack and selling at USD31 in the airport ( Lotte Duty Free ).

I have not opened it yet and will review it later.


If you are travelling to Korea, you should buy their make up and skincare products.  Cheap doesn’t mean they are not good. Because they are made in Korea, that’s why they are cheap. If you were to buy them in SG , the price will be 2 or 3 times more.

Here are some brand you should buy and look out for if you are travelling them anytime soon !

1) Missha – Buy their sheet masks and Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel ( Both are less than SG 10) . I recommended them to all my readers and friends. All of them are now a big fan of these and they are very good. Plus it is cheap and affordable. You can buy them from their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart. One mask cost about $1.00.

2) The Face Shop – Buy their lipsticks and concealers. Available at their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart

3) Tony Moly – Buy their lipsticks , lipglosses and foot cream/foot mask ! If you want nice and smooth feet , buy their foot moisture cream/mask . I love their lipglosses to the max ! They have one of the best orangey colour lipsticks .It is very moisturizing too. Lipsticks and lipglosses cost about KRW 6,000 – KRW 10,000 each. I got my lipstick during a sale at KRW 4,900 and lipgloss at KRW 6,000. With just $10 , you can have kissable looking lips.

4) Banila and co – Highlighter and Radiance concealer. A little bit pricer than the brands above but still cheaper than other international brands you see out there. They are sort of a replica of Benefit esp when it comes to packaging and products they launched. Highlighter looks almost the same and price difference was 3 times.  Of cos Banila and Co is the cheaper one.

5) IOPE – BB Cushion , Highlighter and skincare product. Most of the Korean girls i know age 22 and below are using IOPE skincare products. The BB cushion cost about KRW 38,000 and comes with refill pack too. I have blogged about it. I have the IOPE facial gel cleanser (KRW 15,000) but i still prefer Hera’s foam cleanser because i feel much more cleaner using foam cleanser than gel. IOPE products are not really cheap esp the whitening range. Available at Aritaum , Lotte Mart or Emart. I cant find the counters at Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae. Not available at Airport too. Aritaum house most of the products under Amore Pacific.

6) HERA – Known for their skincare products and CC cream. I LOVE IT ! Some of my readers and customers read my post and they went to buy it. They emailed me that it is amazingly good and asked me to introduce more products from Hera. I have not tried their facial masks yet. I was given the White Program Facial Sheet Masks and will review it if it is good and works. I have 10 products from Hera for face ( cleanser , essence , eye serum , moisturiser , toner, emulsion etc ) . I slap on about 6-7 of them in the day and all at night before i sleep.  I am also using their CC cream. You can purchase it from Lotte Store , Shinsaegae or their main flagship at Apujeong. Limited range available at Airport and mostly basic skincare. The one at Apujeong gives you ALOT of samples and they are very generous when it comes to samples. I was given 3 or 5 of  white program sheet masks when i bought my first Hera set from Apujeong.

That is all i can think of right now. I tried Innisfree and Nature Republic stuff. But they dont really work that well and too mild. Not much or no effect. So usually i skip this 2 brands. But Innisfree apple make up remover smells yummy.


Im like a Korea weather reporter. When i was in Korea, alot of friends asked me what to wear and weather over there and where to go and what make up/skin care brands to buy. When im in SG , still got people ask me about Korea’s weather.

Easy peasy, just bring a good jacket that can keep you warm !

Beside pairing 3/4 knit tops with skater skirt and ankle boots , you can wear long sleeve tight bandage dresses and pair them with leggings or stockings. Throw a nice coat over at night when it turns cold.

Here is one of my favourite dress for Autumn in Korea. I got it in 3 colours – Grey , Ivory and Black. It is made of a rough cotton which helps to trap heat and keep warm. You will probably sweat like crazy if wear it in SG. I love it because it is light weight and trendy.


This is how i pair it up in Korea. With a pair of ankle booties.

20131001_184208 20131001_184147

Pair this up with leggings and converse sneakers for a casual look at night.


Waiting for Fio to finish the pictures so that i can preview it here ! Gorgeous Racerback front dress , eyelet high waisted skirt that gives you slim looking waist and a 3/4 sleeve lace dress !

I have uploaded part of the preview for upcoming launch on FB ! My favourite gotta go to all the tops ! They goes well with anything esp the Peacock Crochet Top which is made of thick chiffon .

Good night !

Hi ~ Im back from Korea !

Just woke up from my beauty sleep and my mum’s fierce conversation with a personnel form Singpost. She even drafted a letter and want to write to IDA because one of the lost registered mail case was closed without out knowledge when it was not settled. Suspected sent to the wrong house. Another case – suspected that the postman sent the registered mail to the wrong house and the postman have to compensate for the 2nd set we sent to the customer. For both cases , they have confirmed that the address indicated on the envelope by us is correctly addressed to the 2 customers. If he can remember which house he sent to , just retrieve it and i will let it go . I don’t want to be that bad or evil. Postman salary is not alot and asking him to pay that package will be abit…..too much especially if the customer ordered alot. My mum handles lost mails because she is damn fierce. lol. Now even registered mails got problem. What other option is safe ??? These are some of the behind the scenes problems we faced.

I haven’t been blogging for the past few days due to bad wifi connection and unable to load the pictures properly.

Wake up , eat , work , eat , work and sleep  – my daily routine in Korea.

I eat alot because it is cheap and good !

Here is one restaurant we went to in Jeonju – Ma Jong.

They served only one dish – marinated meat ( comes in big , medium and small ).



It was a a little cold at night and sitting on the slightly heated floor feels so shiok.

20130925_194732 20130925_19581220130925_195753

This pot of marinated meat costs KRW 20,000 nett and comes with free flow of side dishes and water.


It is sooo yummmy !


It was 7 degrees at night when i took the pictures below. Cold. It was fine and cool at about 8pm before the sudden drop in temperature. So if you are heading to Korea in Oct , bring a trench coat or a thick jacket just incase it turns cold and windy suddenly. I brought few sets of autumn wear to Korea and bought some over there because they are cheap and material are light weight and yet it keeps you warm. And i wore short tights under the skirt to keep warm. I brought a knit top which i bought from Zara and H&M over there but sadly they look good but does not keep me warm. The $20 long sleeve top i got from Korea kept me warm in the cold weather instead. So you may want to consider getting some ribbed or knit wears if you are heading over there and keep it for your next travels.

And this pair of $60 handmade ankle booties keep my feet warm. I love this pair so much.

There will be an eyelet skirt coming up in the same cutting as the skirt below ! The thick waist band makes your waist look smaller !


Lol. Anyway , his ‘hyung’ gave me that stalk of rose. 20130926_005119

On friday night , met up with some of his friends for soju and drinks. A lovely and friendly group of friends i made in Korea. They knew that i love Ou-Deng and order it everytime when we went out at night.

At their university’s festival. Where all majors and faculties gathered and set up tents to sell beers , food and soju. Best part is that this goes on for 3 days and there are free concerts opened to public at their school outdoor theatre. Korean celebrities or pop groups came to perform ! I was told that everyone was hoping Leessang will come ( Gary from Running Man is in the group ). They came last year and all the women dropped their chopsticks , make up or whatever they do to rush to the concert to see Gary. I think Ailee came one of the days but i didn’t managed to catch her performance.


Menus are on the wine bottles. Quite unique. And food are cheap. $1.50 for a bottle of Soju and $2-$3 for a big bottle of hite beer.20130926_204539

Everyone went for 2nd round. Last night before im leaving for Incheon. So everyone in the group was dead drunk from the So-beak and drinking games ( Soju and beer ) and lots of soju. I was the sober one though because i didnt drink alot ..maybe only 1 glass of So-baek. I knew he is going to drink alot and so i need to keep myself awake. It was soo cold and 6 degrees at 2am. So wanna cuddle under the thick fleece blanket to sleep. So tired and kinda hungry. Mr Park drank a lot but was sober enough to take care of me and walk home before he zonked out. Drinking is part of their culture. Esp in the cold weather and also because alcohol is cheaper than soft drinks or other drinks.

Soju+Beer shots -click on link to view video below

Woke up in lazy mode on friday afternoon and going to take a bus to Incheon where Mr Park’s hometown and family is. He is going back to Incheon with me and then back Jeonju on the night of my flight because he is studying there.

Im gonna miss my happy pill who always make me laugh. That’s why i always gain weight when he is around.

CYMERA_20130927_143353 CYMERA_20130927_143558_mr1380260302492

His mum picks us up from the bus terminal and we went for dinner.

I love Korean BBQ. I can eat it everyday !

20130927_185655 20130927_190105 20130927_190024

Side dishes and drinks are free flow in Korea. Just pay for your meat !

20130927_190014 20130927_190005

After dinner , we went to a big mall near his house for movie and to spend sometime alone.

Watched the Korean movie – SPY and it was good. Daniel Henney is sooooooooo charming !!!! My throat was feeling abit dry and we went to A Twosome Place for coffee. It is a coffee chain in Korea. Ordered a hot latte but i was tempted by these !

This Tiramisu Bingsoo was awesome ! Go try it if you are there or going there soon ! Damn shiok ! I love it !


The traditional one is the 2nd one from the left. I love the mochi cubes.


I had a good night sleep in Incheon. Feels at home and his parents and sister are all soo kind and sweet. His mother brought me to my favourite place for Samgaetang.

Super and awesome shiokness. I love this restaurant and have been there for over 3 times.  This huge pot with free flow of side dishes costs KRW 13,000  nett each. You can view the video of this sizzling hot pot of Samgaetang in my instagram page (@dancingsugar) .

20130928_123440_mh1380340964169 20130928_123451_mh1380340943522 20130928_123500_mh1380340912855

Here is the name card.


Korean Air is definitely the best choice to fly Korea. The service and everything is perfect. Seats are spacious too. And they are always having promotions !
The best in-flight food service i have eaten so far as compared to other airlines i have taken. They serve traditional Korean food on flight. I always go for the bibimbap for dinner. I have blogged about the breakfast served 2 weeks ago.

I love the seaweed soup !

20130928_200403 20130928_200414

Open the rice pack and pour the rice into the bowl with the ingredients. Open the sachet of sesame oil and pour it onto the rice.

Open the tube of Korean sauce. It is not spicy at all so you can put as much as you want. And usually i ask for one more tube because one is not enough.

20130928_200646 20130928_200702

And then mix it and ready to eat !


So yummmyy !

See…that’s why i told you i gained alot of weight in Korea. So much good and cheap food to eat. Too tempting. I have not posted the pictures of the toast i had for tea break though. It is really sinful but damn tasty at only KRW2700 outside Jeonju University !

And yes , it was a tearful farewell again at the airport.

We are together for almost a year in a couple of months’ time. When we first got together , i felt really bad for him. Because he was often mistaken as the 3rd party which caused my previous relationship breakup. Friends told me “My friend is a friend of your ex and she said that you cheated on him and telling people not to buy from Agneselle . Why dont you blog clarify on your blog and tell everyone you did not cheat and the real reason behind it ? ”  or “Why don’t you send lawyer letters to these big mouth people for defamation ?” .

There is nothing to clarify. Yes , i have all the messages and they are proofs that Mr Park asked me out only after i broke up. I have only been in 3 relationships including this one. The previous 2 relationships last for 5 yrs each and we got together in less than 2 weeks after knowing each other. People talk , blogshop owners and bloggers asking my suppliers what happened and why i got into a relationship so fast . I dont really care about the gossips. The messages time line can prove it. But i don’t think there is a need to clarify or explain to the world just because people know who i am. If nobody knows about who i am , do you think people will care or talk ? And also , i don’t want to air all the dirty linens in public and it will stir up more of the past when i just want to get over it.

You may think ” Wah she wrote so much good things about her Mr Park…later if something happened and she wont feel xia suay meh ? “.

I have my ups and downs in life. i write about happy things and sad things. Nothing to feel xia suay about.

Just like anyone of you who have to deal with work stress and company politics , i have my own work stress and targets to hit , personal problems and issues. I have my ups and downs in life and some may say that im strong to go through so much shit , im sure everyone of you are strong too. Just because i have a blog , i blog about the ups and downs does not make me any stronger or special than anyone of you. Im just like anyone of you reading this blog trying to achieve the best in life , paying my taxes  , loans and earn a living etc.

So tolong hor….dont ask me again. I repeated my story for a year liao and don’t wanna talk about it again or mention it to me. I don’t really care about what people said.

Let’s talk about my happy pill – Mr Park !

I felt really happy when im with him. Full of laughters and it took all my stress away. I forgot about all my stress whenever im with him. We have not quarreled before and i dont want it to happen either. He is a happy-go-lucky man and everyone is always laughing with him around. Even when he was working long hours and tired during his attachment in SG , he did not lose his temper or get impatient. I told him about my fear and phobia with anger due to my bad past experiences and he assured me that he was not those kind of man. The only time i saw him being angry was when a stranger was really rude to me and knocked onto me really hard and yet scolded me. I was angry too and Korean vulgarities came out from my mouth. I forgot for a moment that i was in SG. lol. And we both laughed real hard after that because the Korean vulgarities came out a little bit too fluent with the accent lol. And i am laughing now as i was typing it.

Does age really matter ? In Singapore , people open their eyes wide and kept quiet after i told them that he was younger than me by 4 yrs and he is a Korean. Whereas in Korea , no one batter an eyelid because it is normal.I have asked all his friends and they mentioned that as long as it is no more than 6 years they are ok with it. He insisted that his friends greet me as “Noona” or “Onni” as a form of respect unless they are older than me whom im have to call “Oppa” or “Onni” . By doing so , he is respecting me too.

Fortunately , he looks older than me and his mind and thinking are mature lol. All his friends thought im only 23 yrs old because of my skin.  His university is 3 hours car ride away from his hometown and he lives on his own till his finished his university in Jeonju. He takes care of himself , cook his own dishes , clean the whole house himself and settle his own problems. I think that made him much more mature and independent. Whatever i do , he never left me alone.

A common question asked when i was in Korea and SG.

“Would you prefer to move to Korea or stay in SG ?”

I have not worked there or lived there for a long time so i cannot really compare or decide. In SG , people around my age worry about getting a job , good pay , paying for housing loans , kids , loans and loans and loans , taxes  and high standard cost of living. Whereas in Korea , people around my age also have their own problems like getting a good job and pay. Each have their own problems. So , would i prefer to move to Korea or stay in SG ?

For now , i would prefer Korea. It is a conducive place for my work because of the never ending inspirations i have got during my trip there ( secret places which i will not blog about ) , living expenses are low and slower pace. Also , Mr Park is over there. Im slowly adjusting to the life there. Now , people over there understand my Korean and i understand what are they talking about. Maybe i cant reply that well because of my limited vocabulary and some words that i have not learnt or heard of. But im slowly picking them up and write them on my note book everyday. Im starting to make small conversations with his parents and we are able to communicate. His parents are soo sweet. Just got home and woke up to his mother’s message saying that she feels good and happy when she thought of me and said to me Saranghae ! Aww…She is a powerful ahjumma !

But im back in SG now and have to do my best over here.

Here are some pieces coming up on soon ! Some are inspirations i got from my secret places in Korea.

Stay tune.

FEE_9208 FEE_9244 FEE_9274 FEE_9324 FEE_9348

Gotta go have a good rest. Caught a cold and sneezing and tearing damn badly. Eyes were swollen

And i need to be in tip-top condition for tomorrow’s shoot with my babes Pearlyn and Fiona !

Anyway i finally got the Hera UV Mist Cushion in Shimmer Vanilla from the airport at USD 31 and it comes with a refill pack as well. They are having a promotion at the airport – 2 boxes for USD56 and each box comes with a refill pack so you are actually getting 4 for USD 56. Damn cheap right ? Anyway , promotions in Korea come and go very fast. I got my eye shadow crayon at KRW6500 for one in Aritaum and the next day it was going at 2 for KRW 6500 and the day after back to one for KRW6500.  Anyway , Hera UV Mist Cushion in Vanilla Shimmer No 22 was out of stock in Lotte and Shinsaegae dept stores. And i wanna get some make up stuff from 3CE at Lotte Dept Store near Mr Park’s house but i cant make it.

Shall blog about my beauty buys in the next post ! And will manufacture the white long sleeve top i got from Gaeksa in another material suitable for SG weather. I wore that back to SG and i was sweating like crazy.

Have a good weekend rest before we chiong for our new work week !
Fighting !

Good afternoon !

Before i start my blogging…

Agneselle just launched a new collection !
Shop at !

The Olympia Embroidery Dress , Flutter Sleeve Crop Top , Brad Shorts and Bree Knit are my top favorites esp. the dress and crop top.

Finally I’ve bought the IOPE BB Cushion. I want to get the Hera UV Mist BB Cushion but it was out of stock in the colour i want. So IOPE was the next choice.

IOPE BB Cushion. My first IOPE product.

I bought it in No 21 – Natural beige. I was contemplating between no 21 (natural beige) and no 22 ( Shimmer beige ). The weather in autumn and winter is a little bit drying and no 22 shimmer beige will look good on my skin and gives a dewy finish. But if i were to use it in SG , it will make my face look “oily” because of the humidity. Still thinking to get no 22 or not so that i can mix the 2 colors when I’m back in SG.


It comes with a refill pack. It costs KRW 38,000 at Aritaum. So it is like getting 2 of them for that price since it comes with a full refill pack. Pretty cheap here.

20130921_150714Air fit sponge included. I love these sponges and usually i will buy a few to keep so i can change when it gets a dirty.


No 21 ( Natural Beige ).

20130921_150846 20130921_150907

I am still a HERA fan and using their CC cream too. This IOPE BB cushion in No 21 does not have a pink tone. The Hera CC cream which i am also using is Pink Beige in color and gives a radiant color looking skin. Depending on my make up for the day , i will switch between IOPE and HERA CC cream. If i am using darker colour lipsticks , i will use IOPE. If im using nude or orange colour lipsticks , i will use HERA’s CC Cream. HERA’s skincare products are really very good. The best skincare product i have used so far. Im using Laneige now in Korea because i left them here during my last trip before i switch to using HERA . I don’t want to bring my 8 bottles of Hera products here because they are too heavy ! Now i regretted because i feel very uncomfortable not using them. They make my skin looks so clear and the HERA CC Cream makes a good makeup base.

Im using the IOPE BB Cushion in the picture below.


Met up with cute little Eungyeom . She is 6 yrs. younger than me and had her own online shop. She is a photoshop guru and I’m pretty amazed how much photoshop are done to the pictures on Korean online shop. They can make someone look very very very x5 times different. I had my Agneselle’s photo shoot done in Korea back in July with a photographer  who shoot for some gmarket online shops. I have to keep reminding him not to photoshop a lot. Just make sure the products are clear , sharp and color are true and that’s all i need. They did an example for me to see before i told them to just do what i want and i was shock because i cannot recognize myself lol. It’s like online plastic surgery. V shape jawline , big eyes , cheekbones , pale looking skin etc.

Eungyeom is always photo ready. Great in selca skills and she knows which angle and poses make you look slimmer.

We went to watch The Conjuring. Wah lau..damn scary pls..I’m still traumatized by the movie. I was so afraid of going to the toilet and shower alone. I have to keep the door half opened and shower in the cold night.



I didn’t buy any autumn wear in SG because it is very expensive. Except the stripe knit top from H&M which sadly does not keep me even a bit warm even in air conditioned room. It only looks nice that’s all. Sian.

So i got my white top from Gaeksa at KRW 15,000. This top keeps me warm even without a jacket because of the material used. A little wooly mix. Im gonna haunt for other colors such as the navy one below and the pink one ! I wore this in the day and it doesn’t make me sweat. I can see myself wearing this in SG. I wonder what material is this. Quite nice. Keeps you warm in the cold night and cool in the hot day.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 12.26.54 PM

Before our movie , we had dinner at Momo Steak. Cheap set meal at $10 and sooo yummy. I love the cafes and restaurants here. The interiors are so pretty and there are a lot of outdoor cafes here in Jeonju. 20130921_17512220130921_175228 20130921_181339_mh1379850053616 20130921_181357_mh1379850084320

And we had coffee at a cafe. Love this cafe. I can imagine having my photo shoot here. The outdoor garden like seats are soo pretty.


We eat and eat and eat and eat again and again.

After our movie , we met up with his friends and went to a beer house opposite Jeonbuk Uni.

This string kebab is very interesting and delicious. It is damn long and there are 6 big pieces of steak , baked potatoes , capsicums , mushrooms , pineapple , sausages etc and at only KRW 20,000 ! I cant really take a proper picture of it because it was a little windy and the thing keeps swinging left and right.

20130922_001725 20130922_001750

And there is a pan for you to heat up and grill the food yourself.  Damn yummy.

20130922_001759_mh1379850136107 20130922_001812 20130922_001833_mh1379850111580

Best part of the meal – take picture of the entire group and post your picture on their Facebook page and you get free beers and a bottle of Soju for everyone ! 6 pax and we only spend KRW 38,000. The kimchi , ramyeon and sides dishes are free flow. You can take mushrooms , kimchi , sausages to fry.

So cold at 3am. It was 10 degrees. Standing by the roadside stall and have Ou Deng and hot food on the stix. So shiok. KRW 1,000 per stick.


Damn cold at night. It was going to rain and super windy. Weather was sooo hot in the day and cold at night. Sometimes i don’t know what to wear when i go out in the evening.


Besides tourist attractions and cities such as Seoul and Jeju-do , you should come to Jeonju , Daegu and Busan. 3 days 2 nights will be enough for each places. Jeonju is a city with strong Korean culture and heritage. You can take KTX from Seoul to Jeonju.

Seoul–> Jeonju–> Busan will be good for 10 days holiday. You can buy ticket to see famous Lotte Giants playing baseball in Busan. Jeonju is famous for the traditional Bibimbap.Even the bus stops in Jeonju are traditional hanok shelters. Anyone who comes here must try their Bibimbap. You can visit Hanok Village and have a sip of coffee at the cafes there which are housed in Hanoks. And they serve damn yummy and unique Bingsoo which you cant find anywhere else in other cities unless they have other branches.

Whereas for Incheon where Mr Park’s home is,  it is a big city located west side of Seoul and just like Seoul , it is a shopping and technology heaven. I still prefer the big cities because there are so many things to see , do and opportunities. Cant wait for winter when he goes back to Incheon during his winter school vacation.

Addicted to this drama and this song is very nice. Very funny drama.

Have a good week everyone !

Im gonna head back to work after lunch time. A lot of work to do and later going out to source for inspirations !

It was the first time celebrating Korean Chu Seok 추석 ( Thanks Giving Day ) and received my first  “ang bao” from Mr Park’s grandma ( 할머니 – Halmoni ) . Koreans give the money in white envelopes unlike Chinese who give out red packets.

Everyone gathered to visit their ancestral hometowns , pay respects to their ancestors at their graves in the mountains. The women (Mr Park’s mother , aunts and grandmother ) stayed at home to prepare the dishes while the men were dressed up in black suits or black apparels to pay respect to their ancestors at home and visit the graves. I didnt know how to prepare the traditional food and entire process so i just helped to clear the place and carry the food to the tables and outside the house for prayers. Everyone was very helpful and introduced me to this culture and festival.

 The thick and yummy rice cake…wahhhh i was aiming at these.


We arrived at grandma’s house early in the morning at 5.30am to help out in the kitchen and preparation. Halmoni’s house is at the rural areas at the mountains. Very cold. And on the way up to the mountain at 4am , i could a sky full of twinkling stars. The sight was beautiful. Mountains , stars , rivers and everything natural. There were no street lamps and the mountainous road were windy so i didnt sleep in the car. Mr Park’s parents drove from their home in Incheon to Jeonju (3 hours) and another 1.5 hours to Jinan where Halmoni lives. I was pretty amazed at how his dad had so much focus and concentration. Especially when he came to Jeonju immediately after work and drove for the entire day. I think we went through , up and down more than 4 mountains.

Here’s how Halmoni’s backyard looks like.

Waiting for Sunrise.


And she grew Kimchi cabbage at her backyard.20130919_062628

Her backyard.


Traditional pots of Kimchi , sauces and spices.


The storage room.


To the backyard farm.


I went to the moutons to visit the graves with Mr Park, his dad and uncle. High up in the mountains and have to climb through bushes and trees. The mountain where their ancestors’ graves were located was an hour car ride away. Abit tired and i totally knocked out in the car after that

At about 7.30am , i helped to arrange the food and the men start to bow and do their offerings to the ancestors. It is a traditional ancestral memorial rites known as Charye. It is usually done at home.

Below was the half arranged tables. I didnt take any photos after i left the room because it is quite rude to do so. The entire process took about 15 minutes.


The day ended at 8pm. Went back home and worked abit before i totally zonked out. So tired and have to wake up early on friday morning to work.

Anyway , we went to catch a midnight movie the day before Chu Seok.


Only the first half of the movie was nice and interesting. But….it starts to make no sense after the 2nd half. It’s like the writer was trying to rush off and make a hasty ending. At the end of the movie , everyone around me wer  saying things like “what kind of ending in this?”. Lol.


On friday night , we went to a beer house opposite Jeonbuk Uni for food and some drinks. Lol …well i dont drink so i only had coke. It is like Hongdae where you get to see alot of street performances and shops.

20130920_210117 20130920_220317 20130920_220326

In this pub , they organize games such as drinking games , dancing , bingo and you can even pay money just to get any customer’s number or buy her a drink. So this place is always crowded and full house.

Mr Park took part in the drinking game. Who can drink the jug of beer the fastest with a straw and he came in 2nd. I was abit worried though because he just had “Subaek” ( Mix of Soju and beer – Korean version of Jaeger bomb ) . But everyone have confident in him lol.

Im soooooo determined to go on a diet soon. Too much food and getting rounder and rounder.

Ready to head out in my new pair of handmade ankle booties last night. So comfy and totally meant for walking. So many shoe shops in Gaeksa. It is only $50.


Agneselle is launching on 22nd Sept , Sunday 9pm !

Previews are up on facebook page !

See you and im going back to sleep abit before meeting Mr Park’s friend who wanna take pictures for me. And she owns an online shop in Korea too !

Have a good weekend everyone !

Hugs !

Salon Vim Giveaway !

Photo 24-8-13 5 57 26-s

To thank my readers for their continuous support of Salon Vim, Salon Vim will be rewarding my readers by giving ONE Redken Cocktail Chemistry Hair Treatment to a winner !
How can you take part ?
  1. To join, all you have to do is post a video/picture and complete the hashtag #ilovesalonvim like what I just did on my own instagram – and leave a comment on my picture so that I can pick a winner!
On top of that, all entries with the #ilovesalonvim will be entered for a lucky draw, where the 3 most creative entries will get to win really awesome prizes!

For the terms & conditions, please visit:

Yes! There’s a grand draw with 3 prizes 

  • 1st Prize: $1000 Chanel Vouchers
  • 2nd Prize: An iPad Mini
  • 3rd Prize: $300 worth of Kerastase Products

Look how the Redken Hair Treatment made my hair so smooth and manageable !

20130820_165707_mh1376991134825 20130820_163844

Thank you Salon Vim for the generosity !


Haircut at Salon Vim , Garnier Advert and Agneselle Summer 2 Preview

Finally ive went for my monthly haircut at Salon Vim. Super looking forward to this day because im gonna get my fringe snip off ! The last time i had bangs/fringe was in Primary School. So im pretty excited about it and John is my hairstylist at Salon Vim. Trust him.

A photo before i go for my haircut.

Ive gotten Spring Summer 2013 colour and high lights done today , Redken Cocktail hair treatment and get my fringe snip off. Their 30% promotion will end in a couple of day’s time. So hurry make your appointment with Salon Vim at 313 now !


This is my new hair colour with subtle highlights. My hair was seriously damaged after the Krabi trip and thanks to Salom Vim for the Redken Cocktail Hair Treatment , my hair is now smooth and manageable. Not as dry as before.

Cut my hair length a little bit shorter and then..time to cut the fringe.

See my nervous expression. My heart was beating kinda fast because i was afraid that i will look weird or strange with bangs. But i trust John.


Cut off this long. Snip snip snip away ~~~~


And..tadahhh done !

Soooo freaking happy with the cut. Mr Park loves it too ! Korean-ish bangs. Guess who did the research with me ? hehe Mr Park of cos. Found a couple of pictures and sent it to John to let him know what kind of bangs i wanna cut.

And i love my lip colour for today. I put on the Etude House Cherry Lip tint and Lancome’s rouge. The lip tint gives my lips a healthy and natural reddish pink colour before i apply the rouge. I used to apply the lipstick alone …but now i put on the lip tint before the rouge so the colour of the rouge is more true. Some of us have darker lips or lighter lips.


I love my new hair !

Garnier sent me some products and ive tried it for 2 weeks🙂

It is their new product – Garnier Sakura White !
Experience the blossoming of rosy , radiant skin with Garnier Sakura White.


All of us wants a rosy and fair skin. Nobody wants fair skin with yellowish tone. It makes you look unhealthy or tired.

The Sakura extracts found in the products are known to inhibit melanin and brighten skin tone. In just 4 weeks you can expect to see fairer , more luminous skin !
It also helps to combat uneven skin tone.

After removing my make up , i used the Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam to cleanse my skin. This cleanser helps to removal dirt and make up, Revealing a pinkish radiant complexion after each wash.


Next , i apply the Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Softening Lotion. It helps to boost your skin rosiness and transparency. It helps to prep you for the next step which is the moisturiser. I love the scent of this lotion. Smells really nice and flowery.

I always pat the lotions or essences on my skin. It helps to absorb better and prep the skin for the next step.

CYMERA_20130528_201051_mr000_mh000 CYMERA_20130528_201213_mh000

Texture is light and watery.

CYMERA_20130528_201330_mr000_mh000 CYMERA_20130528_201359_mr000_mh000

Hence it is easily absorbed !


Next up is the Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream.

It glides onto your skin easily for absorption. It contains Sakura extracts , Vit B3 ad Vit CG to nourish your skin. ICYMERA_20130528_200923_mh000

You can get your Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance products from Watsons !

Here are the pricing list :

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam – $5.90

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Softening Lotion – $17.90

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream – $19.90

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance High Concentrated Mask – $21.90 for a box of 4


Here’s my OOTD with my new hair.

Im wearing Alena Crop Top in Lime Size S and upcoming maxi skirt which i really love alot !
I kept both black and blue🙂

Both are so nice and i kept both of them !


In the picture below , it was paired with Reverie Bralet. You can pair the white reverie bralet with the skirt in black too ! I wanna thank Nostalgia Hotel for providing the venue for the shoot🙂 The staff there are so friendly and one of them is getting 2 pieces of the Relax Resort shirt from Agnesellle. Love the colonial and oriental decor. That’s why it was called Nostalgia Hotel. Located at Tiong Bahru. A place where i grew up when i was young ( until 6 yrs old ). My grandpa used to sell textile at the old Tiong Bahru market and how i will go to this small little stall to help out to promote his cloths and go to the fishball stall auntie to ask for fishballs. lol…Maybe that’s how i grew to love fishball noodles soo much !



This dress is such a love that my photographer and make up artist are buying one each for themselves ! Fiona got the blue one and Pearlyn took the black one !


This dress is really pretty. Received 3 nods from Mr Park.


The resort shirt also comes in Blue and Turquoise. You will get to see the 3 colours on our facebook page.


And this dress is really love…You will love it ! I love it so much !


And crop tops are soo HOT this summer season ! you can pair it with your high waisted shorts , dungarees , skirts or pants🙂 Comes in 3 summer hues.

EhvtzqFLpb5X6QYoPufucXIFN6o8k_Qn7ySom5CFerc d0ANFexedDEs0NLiy0-nKjAH6Ir6OU0k6eylWC_X4_E mnzQB6HXrTGosmIR90zJSW4umHgNDOFGJR-nrZhoaAw

Im having a little fever right now. Gotta rest abit before doing some work and i hope i still have the energy for upcoming photoshoot. Hate falling means i cant do much😦