Salon Vim Giveaway !

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To thank my readers for their continuous support of Salon Vim, Salon Vim will be rewarding my readers by giving ONE Redken Cocktail Chemistry Hair Treatment to a winner !
How can you take part ?
  1. To join, all you have to do is post a video/picture and complete the hashtag #ilovesalonvim like what I just did on my own instagram – and leave a comment on my picture so that I can pick a winner!
On top of that, all entries with the #ilovesalonvim will be entered for a lucky draw, where the 3 most creative entries will get to win really awesome prizes!

For the terms & conditions, please visit:

Yes! There’s a grand draw with 3 prizes 

  • 1st Prize: $1000 Chanel Vouchers
  • 2nd Prize: An iPad Mini
  • 3rd Prize: $300 worth of Kerastase Products

Look how the Redken Hair Treatment made my hair so smooth and manageable !

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Thank you Salon Vim for the generosity !


Haircut at Salon Vim , Garnier Advert and Agneselle Summer 2 Preview

Finally ive went for my monthly haircut at Salon Vim. Super looking forward to this day because im gonna get my fringe snip off ! The last time i had bangs/fringe was in Primary School. So im pretty excited about it and John is my hairstylist at Salon Vim. Trust him.

A photo before i go for my haircut.

Ive gotten Spring Summer 2013 colour and high lights done today , Redken Cocktail hair treatment and get my fringe snip off. Their 30% promotion will end in a couple of day’s time. So hurry make your appointment with Salon Vim at 313 now !


This is my new hair colour with subtle highlights. My hair was seriously damaged after the Krabi trip and thanks to Salom Vim for the Redken Cocktail Hair Treatment , my hair is now smooth and manageable. Not as dry as before.

Cut my hair length a little bit shorter and then..time to cut the fringe.

See my nervous expression. My heart was beating kinda fast because i was afraid that i will look weird or strange with bangs. But i trust John.


Cut off this long. Snip snip snip away ~~~~


And..tadahhh done !

Soooo freaking happy with the cut. Mr Park loves it too ! Korean-ish bangs. Guess who did the research with me ? hehe Mr Park of cos. Found a couple of pictures and sent it to John to let him know what kind of bangs i wanna cut.

And i love my lip colour for today. I put on the Etude House Cherry Lip tint and Lancome’s rouge. The lip tint gives my lips a healthy and natural reddish pink colour before i apply the rouge. I used to apply the lipstick alone …but now i put on the lip tint before the rouge so the colour of the rouge is more true. Some of us have darker lips or lighter lips.


I love my new hair !

Garnier sent me some products and ive tried it for 2 weeks🙂

It is their new product – Garnier Sakura White !
Experience the blossoming of rosy , radiant skin with Garnier Sakura White.


All of us wants a rosy and fair skin. Nobody wants fair skin with yellowish tone. It makes you look unhealthy or tired.

The Sakura extracts found in the products are known to inhibit melanin and brighten skin tone. In just 4 weeks you can expect to see fairer , more luminous skin !
It also helps to combat uneven skin tone.

After removing my make up , i used the Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam to cleanse my skin. This cleanser helps to removal dirt and make up, Revealing a pinkish radiant complexion after each wash.


Next , i apply the Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Softening Lotion. It helps to boost your skin rosiness and transparency. It helps to prep you for the next step which is the moisturiser. I love the scent of this lotion. Smells really nice and flowery.

I always pat the lotions or essences on my skin. It helps to absorb better and prep the skin for the next step.

CYMERA_20130528_201051_mr000_mh000 CYMERA_20130528_201213_mh000

Texture is light and watery.

CYMERA_20130528_201330_mr000_mh000 CYMERA_20130528_201359_mr000_mh000

Hence it is easily absorbed !


Next up is the Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream.

It glides onto your skin easily for absorption. It contains Sakura extracts , Vit B3 ad Vit CG to nourish your skin. ICYMERA_20130528_200923_mh000

You can get your Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance products from Watsons !

Here are the pricing list :

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam – $5.90

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Softening Lotion – $17.90

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream – $19.90

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance High Concentrated Mask – $21.90 for a box of 4


Here’s my OOTD with my new hair.

Im wearing Alena Crop Top in Lime Size S and upcoming maxi skirt which i really love alot !
I kept both black and blue🙂

Both are so nice and i kept both of them !


In the picture below , it was paired with Reverie Bralet. You can pair the white reverie bralet with the skirt in black too ! I wanna thank Nostalgia Hotel for providing the venue for the shoot🙂 The staff there are so friendly and one of them is getting 2 pieces of the Relax Resort shirt from Agnesellle. Love the colonial and oriental decor. That’s why it was called Nostalgia Hotel. Located at Tiong Bahru. A place where i grew up when i was young ( until 6 yrs old ). My grandpa used to sell textile at the old Tiong Bahru market and how i will go to this small little stall to help out to promote his cloths and go to the fishball stall auntie to ask for fishballs. lol…Maybe that’s how i grew to love fishball noodles soo much !



This dress is such a love that my photographer and make up artist are buying one each for themselves ! Fiona got the blue one and Pearlyn took the black one !


This dress is really pretty. Received 3 nods from Mr Park.


The resort shirt also comes in Blue and Turquoise. You will get to see the 3 colours on our facebook page.


And this dress is really love…You will love it ! I love it so much !


And crop tops are soo HOT this summer season ! you can pair it with your high waisted shorts , dungarees , skirts or pants🙂 Comes in 3 summer hues.

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Im having a little fever right now. Gotta rest abit before doing some work and i hope i still have the energy for upcoming photoshoot. Hate falling means i cant do much😦