Well…weekend came and go like that.

It was a really tiring week. I was feeling sooooo tired that my body aches but …. happy…

Working and trying to clear up backlogs and studying my Korean really hard at the same time. The level is getting more and more difficult.


Always looking forward to end of day to meet my date. Currently I’m only seeing one person for the past 2 months. 2 months of dating was great. I know i am ready and strong enough to overcome anything. After what i have been through for past few years , i hope this time things go well for me and just be happy.

Had a great sat shopping with Mr D ..dressing him up in Massimo Dutti and Zara work wear and went to IT fair at MBS. Thank you for buying the VS body mist for me.  It was a great day and how i hope the day didn’t end so fast.

Gonna cook my lunch , do some work and ready to meet him for dinner 🙂

Have a good weekend !

Im still alive. A lot of people asked where did i MIA-ed to because I’m less active on Instagram and my blog. Well…a lot to clear up from the 3 weeks of back logs . I need to clear them this week ! And my photoshoot started again…so I’m really very very tired.

It is very tiring to go under the sun for 3 hours. That’s photoshoot.
And my mum prepared for us soya bean drink. Gained back my healthy weight to almost 48kg now…omggg eat ALOT when I’m stress or tired.



Still , i tried to keep my work life balance. Woke up to work …go out on dinner , meet my date or meet up with friends and then back home to work before i zonked out from exhaustion.

When I’m stress..i eat a lot …and really a lot and i have a lot of cravings.


Everyone knows ( good friends or boyfriends when i had one ) knew that i have this every year for my birthday and when I’m sad. I ate the entire cake ( can’t remember how many kg) before when i was really sad. That was how much i love it. Sounds like a glutton..but hey ! Strawberry shortcakes are soooo delicious.

I went with Elaine to Lady M confections about 2 weeks ago. I LOVE their crepe cake and strawberry shortcake. I can have 2 of each on my own. I will probably skip my dinner and just go for the cakes. Sooo delicious and really soft. LOVE IT..


Wah….so tempted to go down for it right now. Drools.


I should gather more friends and try every single cake there. Soooooooo niceeee !


And i met up with friends for drinks every week. My alcohol tolerance is getting better but i try not to go for drinks every week. I do not want to dehydrate my skin. I love the Berry Crush Mojitos at Alley Bar. Refreshing 🙂


Met up with an old friend for coffee. Found a quiet coffee place and we talked and catch up a lot.

CYMERA_20140226_025334 20140225_205254

When i met up with friends. All were asking whether I’m attached.

Nope..not attached. No boyfriend. Just only dating.

One thing i don’t like about dating is the “push and pull” . The other party making you guess what’s in his/her mind and trying to be cold. I think I’m a pretty honest person and if i really someone..i will just tell him. I can’t hide my feelings and i feel better if i told him so. Of cos telling the person at the right time is important. If 2 people really like each other , they should be more frank in their feelings and enjoy the time spent together instead of wasting time pull and push. Pushing too much may get yourself out of the game. Go with your feelings. Ironically , maybe I’m such a straightforward person and i felt that sometimes i was taken for granted whether is it in friendship , work , relationships etc.

My mind is feeling so confused right now

If only things can be simpler and go my way.

And also i have so much work to clear. Clearing 3 weeks of work within 5 days is a big challenge. Very tired.

Back to work !

Last week was not a good week. This CNY was not a good one.

My grand father passed away. He fell down last week and last week , he passed away peacefully in his sleep. I got a shocked when my mum came into my room and said “Ah gong passed away in his sleep” . We hurriedly changed up and went to my grandparents’ house at Jalan Membina and i saw his cold body lying on his bed. Me and my bro just kneeled down by the bedside and keep crying. I touched his hands and it was really cold. But he looked so peaceful and in his usual sleeping position with fingers clasped on his chest.

We were supposed to be back at work last week and launch but couldn’t. And we have to be at the wake for 5 days. The whole AE team consists of my family members. So everyone has to be there. We cannot pack packages or process any orders or launches . Paying last respect to my grandfather is most important and crucial thing. Because my dad is the eldest son and I’m the eldest grand daughter , he doted on me and my bro a lot since we were young. When i first started Agneselle , he will ask me if i need any money for capital and when i was in university , he will ask if i need any money for laptop or school. I didn’t tell him why i cancelled my wedding in 2012. My grandma teared when i told her why i have to do it and my grand father was old. So i didn’t tell him why. He will be really upset to hear why i have to do it. My grand father really doted on me since i was a baby giving me everything. Everyone told me..he doted on you and you bro the most. So I’m really feeling very sad and down. The last day before closing the coffin , i called him “ah gong” the last time and i tried not to cry so that he can leave for a better place. But i can’t control. On last day of CNY , i wanted to give my grandparents some money so they can buy what they want to eat or go for holiday. Because i don’t have the time to bring them out due to my work and always traveling around. But he passed away before can do it.


The 4 grand children he doted on the most.

Im sure he will watch over us from above.

Ah gong , we will miss you !

IMG_332604471795737gonna work on some of my review posts soon 🙂

And back to work…a lot to do right now.

Sorry for not updating this space. Been a little bit busy with photoshoots , CNY visitings and dating.

Gonna go back to work tomorrow and i think it’s gonna be a late and tiring date clearing one week of backlogs !

Well I’ve been fed really well this week.

Korean BBQ with the Oppas.

20140207_213357 20140207_213352

And i had Tim Ho Wan with my SRJC schoolmates. Frankly speaking, the dim sum are too overrated and i prefer Swee Choon’s dim sum that this. The Harkow was so dry and so is fried bean curd skin with shrimps.

The only nice stuff are the ones below. 20140208_141236

Oppas invited me to watch their baseball game at Kallang field. Pretty interesting. I have watched baseball in Korea before but this is the first time in SG and i didn’t know there is a baseball field.

Expats here form their own teams (according to their country).


The Japanese team below.


The Korea Tigers team.

I took all pictures behind the green fence while they were playing. Cos I’m afraid the ball may hit me. It’s gonna be damn painful. 20140209_111710

20140209_110517 20140209_111114

After that , we went for a long lunch (5hours of beer and food from lunch to dinner). I didn’t drink beer of course. I think i had barley , milk tea, coke and chestnut water over 5 hours. And they had over 20 bottles of beer. Soo full ..cos i had my lunch and dinner.

Now that everyone is older than me. I have to use the formal Korean language which i seldom use because the people i knew are mostly my age or younger. And during the BBQ , i have to take note of my etiquette. Because pouring beer or drinks to people who are older than you ( in my case are the Oppas ) is slightly different. I have to rest one one hand on my arm and there other hand to pour. And the words i use are also different. And i have to remember adding the “yo” at the back of every single sentence for people older than me. And the eldest on the table has the say for everything and respect. But it was a good time sitting down to listen and i can practice my listening and learn more new vocabs   and grammars !

Anyway , new items will be launching soon . Stay tune for more updates on the launches. Gonna clear all the one week of back log from the CNY break before we launch again 🙂


Good night and have a good week ahead and good Vday date this friday !


Huat ah ~

Finally i had my CNY break. Rushing for Agneselle for the past 2 weeks and meeting some customers. Glad to meet some of them and even bumped into couple of customers in the lift , lobby or road when i went for CNY visiting ! Say hi next time and don’t be shy !

My eye bags are really terrible. Lack of sleep and I’ve been sleeping a lot these days and i hope to catch up on my sleep before i chiong for work again after the CNY break. My parents are out of town for a week and my puppy is whining everyday asking to be carried up onto the bed. Spoilt by my dad. I wanna do something about my eye bags. Really. Getting from bad to worst due to lack of sleep and i kept feeling really tired lately. Have been sleeping only 4 hours everyday for the past 2 weeks before CNY.

CYMERA_20140131_113942 CYMERA_20140131_140247

When i was younger , i collected more angbaos.. Now lesser lol. And everyone asking do i have a boyfriend now ? I just replied I’m currently dating someone. Then they proceeded to ask about their age , job , nationality etc. I decided to keep my relationship (if there is) a little more private now because i want to respect the other party’s privacy. Unless you are my relatives , i will not tell you more about it. But that doesn’t mean any guy you see me on the street with is my date. I could be my brother , best friend , friend or relative ! Lol. But i shall leave you guessing and keep you in suspense.


My Thai aunt made her version of Lo-Hei ! Infact my dad’s side is a little more “international”. My uncles’ wives from Thai , Indonesia and my aunt’s hubby from Hongkong. My friend jokingly asked if I’m gonna add another country into the family “world map”. Lol.


Look who went to my grandma’s house for reunion dinner ?
Silly girl was emo because no one played with her and she loves playing with other dogs too much that the other dogs started to get afraid of her because she is always running after them ( playing ) . Mom bought her a new year “shirt” lol. She is such a happy pill. Sometimes i missed Dolly when i looked at her. Dolly passed away 1.5 months ago 😦


Abit sad to see my grandpa growing older and frail.  His memory is getting bad. Cos of my work and trips , i didn’t visit him often. Maybe i should start doing so this year. I don’t want to regret. He doted on me and my bro ( the only guy in the picture ) the most because we are the eldest in the family. Im the eldest grand daughter and my grandpa really doted on me a lot since young. Wish him good health and longevity so that he can see me and my kids in future.


Im currently watching My Love from the Stars. Another “Jie di lian” drama. This time 9 years apart. Some younger Korean men find older women more mature and attractive . They felt they have “conquered” something because they got an older woman. It’s the trend to call Noona instead of Oppa now ? Most Korean men i knew dated an older woman before. Ok…i had a younger Korean ex-boyfriend. I don’t know if surge of such dramas causing such mentality in their society.

kim-soo-hyun-and-jun-ji-hyun mxqgid

Go watch this drama. Quite funny also. The actress is damn hot ! I watched her movie when i was in sec school and DAMN ! She doesn’t seem to grow old at all ! WTF !

Oh yeah…2 more days to the one week CNY break !

Agneselle office and team will be away from 31st Jan to 7th Feb for CNY celebrations and holiday. My parents will be out of town and no one will be doing the delivery 😦

Anyway , I’m beginning to gain back my weight. From the horrible post break up weight of 39KG to a healthy 45KG now.

Finally i managed to have my turkish food !


And i had Korean food this week with my awesome girlfriends ! Lotsa laughter , girly talks etc. Feel so comfortable with them and really enjoy their company ! Time flies and we knew each other for almost 3 years !

1390927447387 CYMERA_20140128_202920

I hope i don’t gain any more weight on my face now. This looks just fine. Of all places , the face is the first place to gain..but not else where..tsk tsk.


Enjoy your reunion dinners and have a good CNY break !

Take care 🙂

Im craving for Eastern European cuisines lately . Cant wait for the yummy treats this coming weekend. Gonna change to Samsung Galaxy S4 soon…i guess the failure to receive OTP from the Ibanking device maybe due to my phone and not the ib device or phone line. Shall see..i don’t know why shit always happen RIGHT BEFORE MY TRIP..you know like an hour before …just die die something bad has to happen before any trip ( business trip or any holiday trip ). Last trip was no wifi at home. My internet died at home and i can’t work the night before my biz trip. Because usually i don’t sleep on the night before my trip. I work overnight. HOW SUAY CAN I BE EVERYTIME !  Chinese new year coming..maybe i shall go bai bai.

So tired and ate so much that my face now looks hmmm fatter …so does my eye bags ?

A lot of people asked my friends if i have done anything to my nose. NO …i did not and stop asking me if it is real or not. It is real.


I love my new ash brown + mahogany hair color done at Salon Vim 313 by John Tham. Love this color and it matches my new favorite lip color from 3CE – Glass Red.

Im currently using the Kerastase shampoo from Salon Vim ( below )

Kerastase bain nutri termique shampoo Nutritive Masquintense Hair Mask Best Of France French Parapharmacie Pharmacie Beauty Products Goop Elodie Russo Elle Yeah fashion Lifestyle Blog

I like how it gives my hair a nice , smooth and healthy look below.


If not for John Tham from Salon Vim , i think my hair will be in a deep mess today. My uni friends called me “Lioness” in the past cos of my frizzy long hair lol.

Cant wait for my next treatment just before St Valentine’s day !

Gosh didn’t realize that it is almost 2am now. Gonna go back home from office and back to office tomorrow morning again ! I’m thinking of bringing my home clothes over. I think i need to sleep through in the office till CNY and I’m gonna breath in a lot of dust.

Btw, Agneselle just launched a new mini collection for CNY Series 3. No previews for this launch though because it is really small scale.


It is the last CNY collection before the Vday’s collection which we will start shooting next week. No CNY break for photoshoots though. We will be taking a break from 29th to 3rd Feb only. Stocks for Feb and March are here and i can’t wait for the photoshoot to start !