Huat ah ~

Finally i had my CNY break. Rushing for Agneselle for the past 2 weeks and meeting some customers. Glad to meet some of them and even bumped into couple of customers in the lift , lobby or road when i went for CNY visiting ! Say hi next time and don’t be shy !

My eye bags are really terrible. Lack of sleep and I’ve been sleeping a lot these days and i hope to catch up on my sleep before i chiong for work again after the CNY break. My parents are out of town for a week and my puppy is whining everyday asking to be carried up onto the bed. Spoilt by my dad. I wanna do something about my eye bags. Really. Getting from bad to worst due to lack of sleep and i kept feeling really tired lately. Have been sleeping only 4 hours everyday for the past 2 weeks before CNY.

CYMERA_20140131_113942 CYMERA_20140131_140247

When i was younger , i collected more angbaos.. Now lesser lol. And everyone asking do i have a boyfriend now ? I just replied I’m currently dating someone. Then they proceeded to ask about their age , job , nationality etc. I decided to keep my relationship (if there is) a little more private now because i want to respect the other party’s privacy. Unless you are my relatives , i will not tell you more about it. But that doesn’t mean any guy you see me on the street with is my date. I could be my brother , best friend , friend or relative ! Lol. But i shall leave you guessing and keep you in suspense.


My Thai aunt made her version of Lo-Hei ! Infact my dad’s side is a little more “international”. My uncles’ wives from Thai , Indonesia and my aunt’s hubby from Hongkong. My friend jokingly asked if I’m gonna add another country into the family “world map”. Lol.


Look who went to my grandma’s house for reunion dinner ?
Silly girl was emo because no one played with her and she loves playing with other dogs too much that the other dogs started to get afraid of her because she is always running after them ( playing ) . Mom bought her a new year “shirt” lol. She is such a happy pill. Sometimes i missed Dolly when i looked at her. Dolly passed away 1.5 months ago 😦


Abit sad to see my grandpa growing older and frail.  His memory is getting bad. Cos of my work and trips , i didn’t visit him often. Maybe i should start doing so this year. I don’t want to regret. He doted on me and my bro ( the only guy in the picture ) the most because we are the eldest in the family. Im the eldest grand daughter and my grandpa really doted on me a lot since young. Wish him good health and longevity so that he can see me and my kids in future.


Im currently watching My Love from the Stars. Another “Jie di lian” drama. This time 9 years apart. Some younger Korean men find older women more mature and attractive . They felt they have “conquered” something because they got an older woman. It’s the trend to call Noona instead of Oppa now ? Most Korean men i knew dated an older woman before. Ok…i had a younger Korean ex-boyfriend. I don’t know if surge of such dramas causing such mentality in their society.

kim-soo-hyun-and-jun-ji-hyun mxqgid

Go watch this drama. Quite funny also. The actress is damn hot ! I watched her movie when i was in sec school and DAMN ! She doesn’t seem to grow old at all ! WTF !

Oh yeah…2 more days to the one week CNY break !

Agneselle office and team will be away from 31st Jan to 7th Feb for CNY celebrations and holiday. My parents will be out of town and no one will be doing the delivery 😦

Anyway , I’m beginning to gain back my weight. From the horrible post break up weight of 39KG to a healthy 45KG now.

Finally i managed to have my turkish food !


And i had Korean food this week with my awesome girlfriends ! Lotsa laughter , girly talks etc. Feel so comfortable with them and really enjoy their company ! Time flies and we knew each other for almost 3 years !

1390927447387 CYMERA_20140128_202920

I hope i don’t gain any more weight on my face now. This looks just fine. Of all places , the face is the first place to gain..but not else where..tsk tsk.


Enjoy your reunion dinners and have a good CNY break !

Take care 🙂

Im craving for Eastern European cuisines lately . Cant wait for the yummy treats this coming weekend. Gonna change to Samsung Galaxy S4 soon…i guess the failure to receive OTP from the Ibanking device maybe due to my phone and not the ib device or phone line. Shall see..i don’t know why shit always happen RIGHT BEFORE MY TRIP..you know like an hour before …just die die something bad has to happen before any trip ( business trip or any holiday trip ). Last trip was no wifi at home. My internet died at home and i can’t work the night before my biz trip. Because usually i don’t sleep on the night before my trip. I work overnight. HOW SUAY CAN I BE EVERYTIME !  Chinese new year coming..maybe i shall go bai bai.

So tired and ate so much that my face now looks hmmm fatter …so does my eye bags ?

A lot of people asked my friends if i have done anything to my nose. NO …i did not and stop asking me if it is real or not. It is real.


I love my new ash brown + mahogany hair color done at Salon Vim 313 by John Tham. Love this color and it matches my new favorite lip color from 3CE – Glass Red.

Im currently using the Kerastase shampoo from Salon Vim ( below )

Kerastase bain nutri termique shampoo Nutritive Masquintense Hair Mask Best Of France French Parapharmacie Pharmacie Beauty Products Goop Elodie Russo Elle Yeah fashion Lifestyle Blog

I like how it gives my hair a nice , smooth and healthy look below.


If not for John Tham from Salon Vim , i think my hair will be in a deep mess today. My uni friends called me “Lioness” in the past cos of my frizzy long hair lol.

Cant wait for my next treatment just before St Valentine’s day !

Gosh didn’t realize that it is almost 2am now. Gonna go back home from office and back to office tomorrow morning again ! I’m thinking of bringing my home clothes over. I think i need to sleep through in the office till CNY and I’m gonna breath in a lot of dust.

Btw, Agneselle just launched a new mini collection for CNY Series 3. No previews for this launch though because it is really small scale.


It is the last CNY collection before the Vday’s collection which we will start shooting next week. No CNY break for photoshoots though. We will be taking a break from 29th to 3rd Feb only. Stocks for Feb and March are here and i can’t wait for the photoshoot to start !

After i posted about wanting to go for double eyelid surgery , i received smses or whatsapp asking why do i want to change my look.

Erm..im not doing my whole face.

It is just the eyelids that’s all lah !

When i was considering to get my millia seeds ( oil seeds ) removal via CO2 laser 3 years ago , people around me were telling me not to go for it and just let it be. But after much thoughts for several months and after months of research , i decided to go for it and went to look for Dr Vincent Yeow to get it removed. Because i have alot under my eyes and esp along the lash line , i need a pair of good and steady hands to remove it. One wrong move and what if it burnt a whole in my eyeball ! I can’t imagine that. Why Dr Yeow at that time was because he is the President of Plastic Surgery Association of Singapore and head consultant at SGH and KKH. Plus it is at KKH so the price was not expensive and it includes 2 reviews and medications. I paid about $550 to remove 30 over oil seeds on my eyes. Those beauty salons charged $10 per oil seed before GST and i tell you it is USELESS. I did like 5 with a beauty salon before. They do for me free of charge to let me see the effect so that i will sign a “package” with them. But useless lor ! Well , after my laser with Dr Yeow,  I looked like an alien head for a week with very bruised eyes. The swell on my eyes were quite bad that even my forehead and brow bone were swollen. If you were to remove like 5-10 , your swell and bruising wont be as bad as mine. Mine was like purplish red like as if i got punched very badly before it turned yellow-green.

Ok , i managed to find the pictures.

Still , i have people emailing me every week to ask me where and how i removed my milia seeds and the down time. Down time depends on individual. I think i blogged about this many times but well , since there are people still asking me , let me repeat again.

When i was 24 years old back in 2010. A day after the laser. There are actually “holes” but  i have to keep my wound moist and the “holes” covered with antibiotics and never let it dry to avoid scarring and keeping it moist and the holes covered with the antibiotic cream let it heals faster.

Front Camera

When i opened my eyes , looked like an alien.

Front Camera

Took about 10 days for me to look normal.

This was taken about 5 days after the laser. Still swollen.

Front Camera

I did not regret my decision. I went to work like that at ABN AMRO wearing my specs to cover the wounds. I felt so much confident meeting and looking at a person eye to eye after the laser because no one will ask me what is that one your eyes anymore. I had milia seeds since 17 yrs old because i started using this eye cream which you can find at Watson. And after that incident , i totally shun off that particular brand and their skincare. It is a big brand somemore. Too oily !

So i was “living” in 7 years with those “yi li yi li” thingy on my eyes and no matter how much concealers i put , they still pop out. Im glad i made the move to get it removed even if means alot of pain. Stupid me never put numbing cream on a part of the eyes and i went through it feeling the immense pain when the laser burn a hole in my skin.

And last year , i went for LASIK. Because my degree per eye was about 900+. Yes i was a blind bat if i did not wear my specs or contacts. My mum was nagging when i told her i wanna go for it. She told me not to regret because she was afraid that something might happen and i may go blind. My ex also discouraged me and did not say something nice at all. But i decided to go ahead after months of research and with Mr Park’s support. He stayed beside me and took care of me.  I did it at The Lasik Surgery Clinic at Paragon and i made appointment with Dr Jon Goh to have my consultation and surgery done on the same day itself.

This was also one of the best decision i made in my life. You see , i have been wearing specs for 19 years ! I started wearing at age 7.  For that 19 years , i woke up every day and have to stretch out my hand to find my specs. And the best part is that when my degree start to get higher and worst , i can’t see anything except colours. I cant find my specs and i have to ask my parents to find for me because sometimes i forgot where i put it. I mistook my dog for my furry jacket once and i just picked up her like that. She yelped because i pulled her fur and it was painful. After Lasik , i can see immediately right after the surgery. The moment he finished it and flip back my cornea , i can see everything so clear and even what was he doing to my eyes and the laser beams hitting on my eyes. It is very scary to have your eyes “forced” opened and witnessing the doctor flipping open your cornea and the laser beams start hitting your eyeballs and there was 3 seconds of black out when the laser was completed before i can see again. After 15 minutes of anxiety and terrifying moment , my eyes can see clearly again without the help of any specs or contact lenses. It feels so shiok to be able to see your love ones face , no need to look for specs or contact lens , i can sleep in peace on the plane without my eyes feeling dry and i can go for water sports.

A day after the surgery , i still cant believe that i can see clearly now without any aid. Lasik is really an amazing invention. I see halos at night for the first 3 months but things get fine and clearer after 6 months. I saved up for a year just for this Lasik.

Now , im considering to go for double eyelid surgery. I hope i will not regret it.

 I managed to short list 3 clinics. I emailed for online consultations. I do not want to go through any middleman or trouble my bf. Best is to do it myself cos only i know what i want.

Here was the reply from one of the clinics after i sent them my front view close up photo . Their replies are in blue.

I showed your photos to Dr. and he gave comments and suggestions for you.

 “From the photo she seems to have slight crease on her upper eyelid.  Her skin is not so thick, but slightly drooped so if the double eyelid is done with non-incision, there is a high chance that the folds may come undone. So for a permanent result of her double eyelid crease, I prefer upper eyelid blepharoplasty in incisional method. As this is an incision method, the preferred size of crease will be discussed with the patient, I would have to remove any excess fat and skin tissues. The incised crease line will be sutured and the stitches will be removed after about 4-5 days of her surgery. The swelling will take at least few weeks to subside but the result will look very natural after 3 months or so. It is important for the patient to be aware that the recovery time can vary by patient’s condition.

If she is open for other suggestions, I would recommend lower eyelid blepharoplasty to remove the bulging lower eyelid area.” – He is referring to my eye bag here ! 

 The surgical cost is always individual as each patient has different condition, case, and method used. 

1. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty (incisional method) = US$x,xxx – Still cheaper than SG

2. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty (fat relocation) = US$x,xxx – Not ready to remove eyebag because i don’t think it is that serious. 

 Please note that the surgical cost may differ after in-person consultation with our Dr. The surgical cost can be paid by cash, wire transfer or credit card. Please note that there will be 10% Plastic Surgery Tax applied by the Korean Government when paid by credit card. I can book for your consultation and surgery date on XXXXX, XXXXX.  :).

That was a very detailed and well versed reply. I was pretty impressed. Im still considering though. I am not thinking of finding a middleman to arrange for me because it will be more expensive as they charge a fee or commission from surgery. Most clinics have English or Mandarin speakers to cater to foreigners.

Im pretty worried about “failed” surgery. LIke taking too much fats or tissues on one eye and ended up looking loop-sided. You see all the good and successful ones online. But there are people who have failed ones , infection and fell into depression that were not publicized online. Nobody will put up those photos online because they already felt depress enough.

Well i still have alot of time to think through. I wont be going back to Korea so soon till next year. Too busy for the next 3 months with work and work.

I have to go on several work trips for the next 3 months. Used to travel once every few months but now , it seems more frequent and abit tiring. Finally , part of my hardwork from previous work trips arrived. Sourced for the fabrics , laces , crochets , cuttings and fittings by myself . I hope you all will love them because i do !

Cant trust anyone else other than myself to do the job since only i know what i want.

Do look out for end Nov , Dec and future launches ! Im already wearing them out everyday now.  I will JIAYOU , work and focus harder during my work trips to bring the best for all the customers !

10pm and gonna leave the office now.
Good night !

Brunch with the pretty girls Yina , Evonne , Eve and Tricia at Supply and Demand and brought my new lens out to do some test shoot today.

It is a newly opened Bistro and Bar tucked in a corner at Esplanade. You can try a variety of Pizzas , Pastas and meat. The rooftop bar was very hot in the day. So it will be better for you to dine at the first floor and perhaps popby the rooftop bar for a drink at night.

*Cilck on the image for zoom in view. But make sure you had your dinner/lunch before that. It will make you hungry.


The sides – Mash Potatoes and Greens.


Yina’s main course. Fish of the day was Sea Bass.


Eve and Tricia’s main course. I will definitely want to try this next time. Smells really yummy and the chicken skin looks so good.


Ordered an Aglio Oglio with shrimps. Chef was pretty generous with the shrimps.



Truffles and Egg Pizza with Rocket Salad.

Yummy !


Here was my OOTD. Printed racerback dress coming up on Agneselle.com soon.  Thanks Evonne for helping me to snap this picture.

The weather was damn crazily hot and my eyeliner smudge like mad.


10 years of friendship and counting…

Met up with my awesome group of friends for brunch at Working Title at Arab Street. Seems like alot of my friends are opening up cafes and bakeries. Maybe that’s why im getting fatter and chubbier.


My dearest friend knew all of us too well. We were supposed to meet at 12noon. But she knows that all of us will be late and she reserved at 12.30pm instead. And true enough , everyone arrived at 12.30pm.


No GST and no service charge at Working Title. I had my Agneselle photoshoot at Working Title 2 months ago.


I saw everyone eating this. It looks really sinful and nice.


My dearest Dr Teng is soo nice to pick me up from Braddell MRT. Else i will be damn late. It is public holiday and hard to get a cab. Both of us are punctual and arrived at 12noon. No one was there yet. lol.



Craft beers at less than $10 each. We tried the Chocolate beer and Green Tea beer. Tastes good and yummy. You can try different craft beers at Working Title. I love the Green Tea beer the most.


Calvin owns the backpacker hostel too – Shop House , The Social Hostel.


All of us were sooo hungry that we ordered alot of food. 2 Pizzas, Burgers , Sandwiches , Rosti with sunny side up , Sunny side up salad and some  pieces and cakes for desserts.


Because we were so hungry. All gone at a fast rate.


Here are my lovely group of friends. I cant wait to meet up again for our Halloween house party. Last year’s party was really crazyyy and this year will be crazier !


Oh…we will restocking Constance Dress in other colours soon.

Here are the colours available soon !

Cobalt blue , Red and White

Alot of customers love this dress and request for the white version. I love the white and crimson red the most.


FEE_6263 FEE_6247

Due to several requests , we will be remanufacturing some sold out and best sellers again in other colours ! Silva Lace Top will be coming in dress version too !

Stay tune at http://www.agneselle.com

And i hope you like the new website features. Took me several days and 5 hours from 12-5am daily for the past 1 week to work on it ( because most people are sleeping at this time and easier for me to tweak the website ). Im happy that the new features such as the zoom and slide show are working fine. YEAH !

Have a good evening and enjoy your evening before chiong-ing for work tomorrow.

Still thinking to go office now or not to finish some work now or leave it for tomorrow. Because it is getting a little bit dark now.

*click on image for bigger picture*

Here are some beauty buys from Korea. I bought the IOPE highlighter too but i have yet to unpack my luggage so i will review it later. I have started using these for Agneselle’s shoot done on Monday.

I bought these crayon eye shadow from Aritaum. Got the first one at KRW 6500 and 2 at KRW6500 on the other day. They just have random sales anytime they want.

I love these. I gave it to Agneselle’s make up artist  – Pearlyn Law to use it for the shoot yesterday. She is my make up guru and advisor. I will always ask her how to use it and if i used it correctly because after all make up is her profession. Before knowing her , i have a foundation , eyeliner and blusher in my make up pouch. But after knowing her , it started from a pouch to several baskets and pouches !

What i like about these crayon eyeshadow is that it is very smooth and easy to apply. Frankly speaking , i dont know how to put on eye shadow. I have single eyelids and double ( sometimes it just suddenly appear probably because i gained weight or i was too tired ). Im a noob when it comes to powder eyeshadows. But this is easy to apply and good for people like me who is a noob when it comes applying eye shadows.

It comes in more than 10 colours and i only bought 3 of them. The pinkish one act as a base , the bronze one for the eyelid and purplish one as liner. It is a little creamy so easier to blend.



It has a blending brush on the other side.


I have started using it so it has little bit of shimmers on it.


It is actually not so glittery like the one in the picture below. I applied more on my back hand so that you can see the colours. Infact it is very subtle when you just go over your eyelids.

So if you happen to know someone there or popping by Aritaum , you should give this a try.


Pearlyn did a vintage hairdo for me to match the upcoming Agneselle’s lace dress which she and Fiona are getting because they love it ! All 3 of us were excited about the dresses we took for photoshoot yesterday because they were so nice.

Pearlyn created this “fake double eyelid” look for me using eyeshadow and eyeliner. I did not go for plastic surgery in Korea. Anyway after i came back from Korea , some people i met asked ” You looked prettier after you came back , did you do something to your face ?? “


It is the MAKE UP lah !!!! My eye rings look really bad from the flu. I looked like a panda.

Pearlyn used the IOPE BB Cushion which i bought from Korea for the photoshoot.


I bought this lipstick from The Face Shop at KRW10,900 .

It is creamy matt pink and i like it because it i long lasting. Even after drinking a hot latte and eating a cupcake , the colour still stay on and i didnt need to touch up. I used it for yesterday’s shoot too.



I mixed it with the Tony Moly orangey lipstick for the colour on my lips below.


 The Hera UV Mist Cushion. Finally i got the Shimmer Vanilla at the Airport. It must be selling really well else it wont be out of stock at Lotte Dept Store and Shinsaegae. It comes with a refill pack and selling at USD31 in the airport ( Lotte Duty Free ).

I have not opened it yet and will review it later.


If you are travelling to Korea, you should buy their make up and skincare products.  Cheap doesn’t mean they are not good. Because they are made in Korea, that’s why they are cheap. If you were to buy them in SG , the price will be 2 or 3 times more.

Here are some brand you should buy and look out for if you are travelling them anytime soon !

1) Missha – Buy their sheet masks and Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel ( Both are less than SG 10) . I recommended them to all my readers and friends. All of them are now a big fan of these and they are very good. Plus it is cheap and affordable. You can buy them from their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart. One mask cost about $1.00.

2) The Face Shop – Buy their lipsticks and concealers. Available at their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart

3) Tony Moly – Buy their lipsticks , lipglosses and foot cream/foot mask ! If you want nice and smooth feet , buy their foot moisture cream/mask . I love their lipglosses to the max ! They have one of the best orangey colour lipsticks .It is very moisturizing too. Lipsticks and lipglosses cost about KRW 6,000 – KRW 10,000 each. I got my lipstick during a sale at KRW 4,900 and lipgloss at KRW 6,000. With just $10 , you can have kissable looking lips.

4) Banila and co – Highlighter and Radiance concealer. A little bit pricer than the brands above but still cheaper than other international brands you see out there. They are sort of a replica of Benefit esp when it comes to packaging and products they launched. Highlighter looks almost the same and price difference was 3 times.  Of cos Banila and Co is the cheaper one.

5) IOPE – BB Cushion , Highlighter and skincare product. Most of the Korean girls i know age 22 and below are using IOPE skincare products. The BB cushion cost about KRW 38,000 and comes with refill pack too. I have blogged about it. I have the IOPE facial gel cleanser (KRW 15,000) but i still prefer Hera’s foam cleanser because i feel much more cleaner using foam cleanser than gel. IOPE products are not really cheap esp the whitening range. Available at Aritaum , Lotte Mart or Emart. I cant find the counters at Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae. Not available at Airport too. Aritaum house most of the products under Amore Pacific.

6) HERA – Known for their skincare products and CC cream. I LOVE IT ! Some of my readers and customers read my post and they went to buy it. They emailed me that it is amazingly good and asked me to introduce more products from Hera. I have not tried their facial masks yet. I was given the White Program Facial Sheet Masks and will review it if it is good and works. I have 10 products from Hera for face ( cleanser , essence , eye serum , moisturiser , toner, emulsion etc ) . I slap on about 6-7 of them in the day and all at night before i sleep.  I am also using their CC cream. You can purchase it from Lotte Store , Shinsaegae or their main flagship at Apujeong. Limited range available at Airport and mostly basic skincare. The one at Apujeong gives you ALOT of samples and they are very generous when it comes to samples. I was given 3 or 5 of  white program sheet masks when i bought my first Hera set from Apujeong.

That is all i can think of right now. I tried Innisfree and Nature Republic stuff. But they dont really work that well and too mild. Not much or no effect. So usually i skip this 2 brands. But Innisfree apple make up remover smells yummy.


Im like a Korea weather reporter. When i was in Korea, alot of friends asked me what to wear and weather over there and where to go and what make up/skin care brands to buy. When im in SG , still got people ask me about Korea’s weather.

Easy peasy, just bring a good jacket that can keep you warm !

Beside pairing 3/4 knit tops with skater skirt and ankle boots , you can wear long sleeve tight bandage dresses and pair them with leggings or stockings. Throw a nice coat over at night when it turns cold.

Here is one of my favourite dress for Autumn in Korea. I got it in 3 colours – Grey , Ivory and Black. It is made of a rough cotton which helps to trap heat and keep warm. You will probably sweat like crazy if wear it in SG. I love it because it is light weight and trendy.


This is how i pair it up in Korea. With a pair of ankle booties.

20131001_184208 20131001_184147

Pair this up with leggings and converse sneakers for a casual look at night.


Waiting for Fio to finish the pictures so that i can preview it here ! Gorgeous Racerback front dress , eyelet high waisted skirt that gives you slim looking waist and a 3/4 sleeve lace dress !

I have uploaded part of the preview for upcoming launch on FB ! My favourite gotta go to all the tops ! They goes well with anything esp the Peacock Crochet Top which is made of thick chiffon .

Good night !