Because someone was commenting that there is no “Christmas” atmosphere in SG (because he was used to snowy white Christmas) , so i decided to prepare some steamboat , invited his friends and also decorated the house with some ornaments i bought from daison. Lol..but it felt like CNY to me because one of the mama store in the neighbourhood was already playing CNY songs and i was having steamboat at home lol.

Bought moscato , beer and cutesy kitchen wares from Daiso because we only have 2 sets at home.

 Whether is it Korean bbq or steamboat..i need to have at least 6 packs of Enoki mushrooms and 2 packets of crabsticks.

DSC02610A DSC02608A

I made my own chicken stock with corn.

Bought the steamboat pot and induction cooker at the last minute from Giant for  $40..hehe cos they were having discount and i can use it for Army stews, any other stews or Ddokbokki ( with ra-myeon ) soon ! Maybe cooking army stew this coming week. Let’s see.


The table was “separated into 2 sides” – 1 side are all the meats ( Korean style ) and the other side are all the yong tau foo ( Chinese style ) which is for me and oppa’s baseball teammate’s gf who is a Malaysian.


That was how we spent our Christmas at home . After that , we had drinks at the balcony which had a beautiful sea view and keppel port view.

Whereas for NYE , we had a quite and quality time at home. Because it was our 2nd anniversary ( the day we met ). We watched fireworks from our balcony.


After which on 02 Jan , Vivi and I brought the oppas to East Coast for their first prawning and BBQ. Can’t compare our prawning to the prawning in Korea which is more natural. But at least we were having fun and yummy prawns because we caught many. We even bought pork belly , beef , Kimchi, Korean seaweeds and hehe of cos Enoki mushrooms to bbq. Paired with my sambal belachan which all of them were addicted to.

DSC02683 DSC02682 DSC02681 DSC02680

I really had a good rest for the past 2 long weekends and did alot of cooking too. When i had appointments , i will cook and prepare Korean “bento” which is known as Do-Si-Rak for Oppa and he just heat up during meal time. It includes rice / porridge garnished with seaweed shreds , 1 meat / korean style omelette , 2 side dishes ( ban-chan ). Very easy , just need 30 minutes to prepare.

I had a good time and yummy Korean food with my gf at Tanjong Pagar – Tomdamgol. I am getting the ban-chan (side dishes) recipe from his mother and hopefully i can start making them as soon as i get all the ingredients i need. Not easy to find certain ingredients and sauces.

Ramyeon + Ddokbokki

2529_546936172123300_604177292126405720_n 1661308_546936188789965_2192138389260278362_n

Jjim-Dak ( Braised chicken with glass noodles )


O-muk Tang

(usually known as O-deng but hmmm oppa is quite particular..i can’t use jap names for Korean dishes. O-deng is actually japanese. In Korean , it is known as O-muk which means fish cake). Busan is well known for its fish cakes , so if you are going to Busan , this is something you must try. You can find alot of such street stalls in Nampo-dong selling them at $1 per stick ( KRW 1000 ).


CNY is coming and it was year end which is the only time i shop because it is SALES everywhere for past season designs and at the same time you can see new 2016 designs.

After which i will go on a hiatus on shopping till November again lol.

Korean websites are having sales too. Christmas and Lunar New Year sales so it is a good time to shop for coats which i will need since i will be traveling to Korea twice a year now and maybe 3 times after the wedding lol.

One shop i will go to without fail everytime i go to Korea is the MLB shop. They sell alot of cool baseball caps and jackets.

Whenever i watch Korean variety shows , i will look out for the caps the hosts and guests are wearing. Especially for Running man and Infinity Challenge because the hosts are always in new and latest designs. Not only their caps but i do look out for their shoes and jackets. Because the ones they wear are always soooo nice. Quite lucky i managed to get the one G-dragon was seen wearing when i went to Korea in Oct. Alot of people wanted me to sell to them and some even offered a higher price (all because G-dragon was seen wearing same design during a performance ).

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.33.06 PM

I don’t have a black cap. So i decided to get this one. I had this in White with silver Sox logo and Navy with white NY logo. So this is my first LA black one with gold outlined logo. MLB is having discount. So haha i just have to get it.

Usually i wear caps when im out or when im wearing simple spag tops with denim shorts. It adds abit of chic-ness to the entire outfit. And also on days when im lazy to put on any make up , i will just wear a cap.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.34.37 PM

I was thinking to get the leather one or not but my head quiet small so snapbacks may not really suit me.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.32.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.34.49 PM

This looks like the one from Chrome hearts. If only they have it in camouflage prints instead of black. It will be nice too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.38.30 PM

CNY is coming and do look out for AE’s CNY collection coming this weekend !

Here’s a sneak peek of an upcoming lace dress. Look out for discounts too !

Lace Bodycon dress (Navy)11

Taking a break from the books this weekend. Oppa’s friends are coming to SG and we are going to tour guides for 2 days !

I cant wait for next week. It is going to be a challenging start for me 🙂 Not used to waking up early at 730am every morning but im gonna start adjusting my body clock now !

Well , there are nice pieces coming up on

Whatever i posted here are the pieces i kept.

Reason why you always see the green knit was because the model’s pic in green was one of the nicest. Her pose was perfect and soo nice lol. But i kept all these 3 pieces ( mint , blue and black ) . You can wear it off shoulder or the usual boat neck. But i prefer it worn as off shoulder. More sexy lah.

Mint stripes knit 3 Blue striped knit8 Black striped knit2

Next is this off shoulder top. I wore the blue one for one of the pics on my instagram @dancingsugar.

The top is actually not very short if you saw my instagram pic below. The model has a very long body so it may appear short on her. I paired this top alot with culottes in white. My favourite colour is actually the blue one because it is not a common colour. But my skin tone suits the pink one though.


Pink lace off shoulder 1 Blue lace off shoulder 6 White lace off shoulder6

Remember the dress Kang Sora wore the the awards ?

2014124124031z71vhks_T5_118796 (1)

 It is supposed to be as boat neck actually but i thought off shoulder will be good too.

Lace Bodycon dress Navy2

Yup alot of off shoulders this week 🙂
Another one in abstract prints. I love this prints and kept the one in white. I pair it with shorts on casual day out and with skirts or high waisted culottes on special occasions.

WHite Printed off shoulder3

Remember to join the mailing list for discount codes 🙂
I can’t wait for the new week. Looking forward to new challenges , new aspirations , new industry , meeting new people and more 🙂

Can’t wait !

Food food food.

My first time having Teochew Porridge. I went to Heng Long Teochew Porridge near Simon Road for dinner with Elaine today. This place is just opposite Serangoon Junior College. I think i came here once to take away when i was studying in Serangoon Junior College like ermmmm 13 years ago . Oh my….starting to feel abit old now lol. And just yesterday , i had dinner with Elaine and we spent $40 on Teochew porridge. OMG…So expensive. I can cook abalone porridge at home with $40. I didnt expect it to be that expensive.

The stretch of shophouses along Kovan has alot of such Teochew porridge and several eating house. The food there quite nice but i find it very expensive. Even 13 years ago , i would go with my friends to buy our lunch or sneaked out for recess by climbing over the fence ( but after awhile we found out that someone cut a BIG hole behind one of the fences near the field and we managed to sneak out without climbing over the barb wires ) and i find it expensive already. I went once and never go again after that until yesterday night.

This set cost us $20. We were still hungry so we ordered sweet and sour pork and pomfret fish. Paid another $18.

I don’t know why porridge here are so expensive leh. The mix rice stall near my house sell only $2 per plate of dish usually. This one is about $4 per small plate.

Cannot complain..come here already just eat bian..I thought will be quite cheap since it is just porridge.

Not that fantastic. Abit bland or maybe porridge is supposed to be healthy and that’s why it was bland. Beside our table was a lady who was talking and smiling to herself and to “an invisible person” infront of her. Really scary. She ordered like 6 dishes of food. Arranged them in a line , ordered 2 porridge and 2 drinks. She didnt touch the food at all. One porridge opposite her and one for herself. One drink for herself and one was opposite her as if she was having dinner with someone. And she was talking and smiling so naturally. It was quite scary. As if sitting beside me was a spirit or her “friend” . After she left , the cleaners looked at her in a strange manner because of the way she arranged the food and how she ordered 2 sets of everything and one is for the “space” opposite her. She only eat her own share whereas the other set was as if to pray to dead people. Maybe she lost someone she loved and became like that. But i can’t help it and find it quite eerie.

After that , the lady took a cab. Elaine and i were wondering whether the taxi driver was probably going to freak out like we do.

And finally for a change ….wearing blue..I think Elaine maybe engrossed or freaked out by the lady because she was focusing my back and not me so i appeared blur here.

I managed to take an hour break from my studying to do some cooking.
I cooked DakBokkeumTang. I blogged about it HERE before.

Blogged about it here. I added more water this time so it doesn’t appear too “sticky”.

Today’s one look nicer than the ones i did previously because i added more water.

This is my home cook chinese soup (cucumber + fishball + egg ) .

I don’t use MSG when i cook so i may take abit of time to prepare all the seasoning.

For the soup stocking , i boil water and put in about 8-10 pcs of big anchovies from Korea and 6 pieces of dashima ( Korean dried kelps ) to boil till the water turns abit fragrant. It is very healthy. No need for chicken stocks or MSG.

Throw away the big anchovies and dashima. After that , i added the sliced cucumbers , fishball and 1 cracked egg.

Wednesday’s dinner cost me only $8.50. I bought all the ingredients from wet market instead of Fairprice.

Some of my friends and readers asked why do i even bother to cook Korean food at home when it is cheaper to eat in restaurants. I realized that they bought most of their ingredients from Fairprice. Me too..i realized i spent $25 the very first time just to cook one pan of Dakkbokkeum Tang..must well go to the restaurants to eat ( cost about $38 – $45 in Korean restaurants..can save all the trouble of cooking and washing ) . Hehe… so i learnt my lesson and went to wet market to buy ingredients instead.  Chicken $4 (6 wings 6 drums) ..Carrot + Onion + Potato – $2 . This Dakkbokkeumtang cost me only $6 to cook. If you like cooking and like to cook Korean food. You should buy the sauces and mix your own instead of buying ready mix ones. It is cheaper this way. It cost me less than SGD 12 to cook one pan of Army stew for 3 pax. Haha next time teach you how. MSG free also. Somemore can top up the soup.

And finally , my bf managed to eat durians. He always gross out at the sight and smell of durian. Somehow i managed to get him to try one. Most people think that it stinks and it is all psychological. So i ask him close his eyes and pop into his mouth , chew, spit out the seeds and swallow the flesh. He realized it isn’t that bad. I bought him $1 ones to try because they only come with 4 seeds. Incase he can’t finish . I can eat the remaining 3. Then we upgraded to $10 ones where there are about 8 seeds. He ate about 5 seeds. Hehe..i didnt dare to buy him Mao Shan Wang incase he is still not used to it and i have to eat EVERYTHING..omg TOO HEATY LAH ! And i doubt i can finish too. Maybe next year or some days i will get him to try that. Now got people at durian with me loh and he ate like a local. Haha..can’t post the pictures here because he looked too local in the picture.

Btw , Agneselle is updating soon.

You will get to see many Pastel and Sorbet coloured laces and crochets in the month of July !

Stay tune for more ! Im sure you gonna love it because i have been wearing most of them out as seen on my instag !

 Lace Maxi 6 Lace Maxi 7 Lace Top 3 Lace Top 5

And this skirt too ! I love this skirt in both Dusty Navy and Pink. I kept both colours. Inner lining is nude in colour for the dusty navy one and white for pink one. It is dip back. The back is longer than the front with a gradual inverted V shape in the front.


Trying to feel princessly lately in PINK !

Previews will be up soon !

This culottes are my favourite. I swear that you will love it. Managed to find a really good premium fabric for this. Plus it is high waisted. YAY ! Not the normal polyester. Manufactured by a factory which produces and exports work wear. The lace top is also an absolute love. I kept it in all colours and pair it with culottes and other high waisted skirts. I chose the lace myself too for the dress and the top !

Lately , we are trying to change the system and flow of operations. Trying to improve and do changes every 2 years. That includes the out of stock emails. I realized that some customers’ emails got filtered to our spambox and we are not able to reply. Hence we would like to apologize for that. But reassured that all enquiries are attended to and we don’t ignore or just delete emails off. There is no point deleting it away because customers will just keep on emailing and getting angry if we ignore and end up we still have to reply back. Must well settle it earlier.

Im going continue to mug . Good luck Peiling !

It is the GSS period.

Everywhere i go , i see the red SALE sign.

Added new items under SALES page and extra 50% off and further reduction off some items ( which are mostly M sizes ).



Btw , only mailing list subscribers get the latest discount codes for new arrivals and more.

Last week was a busy week meeting many people , talking about my future and planning our future.

Im so glad that i have the support of my family , friends and my bf. I have been hole-ing up at my bf’s place because that’s the place i can find comfort , encouragement and advices. He is just like my advisor , best friend and my bf. I really felt very well taken care of. We talked about our future, PR in Korea, what is best for us and our future. I felt really stable and settled down when im with him and it makes me cherish the relationship even more.

I’ve been supporting him in his baseball activities every Sunday. I would rather he spend time exercising and staying at home glued to the ipad watching baseball updates on Lotte than partying around. It is a healthy activity and i get to eat yummy Korean food every week with his team mates ! YAY ! He is soo into baseball lol.

As a token of appreciation for my support ( making kimbabs and watermelons on hot sunny days)  , his team bought me a perfume as present. I love it and i need a perfume.


This was taken right after his weekly bottles and cartons of beer or beer+soju sessions after sunday baseball practice aka drunk. I was surprised that bf’s OOTD taking skill was pretty good and better than when he was sober. LOL.

That’s how i take my own OOTD with a dining mirror.

2 weekends ago , we went to Singapore American School to collect the baseball bats the team left behind and then to Bishan Park for a walk.

Sat at the bench just next to the door run and looking at dogs playing around. Should have brought my Bobo down the dog run.

This dog is soo cute and fluffy like a teddy bear !

We haven’t been to a cafe for a looong time because we felt that cafe food are kinda overpriced and the taste only so-so. Plus , he is a big

We were kinda disappointed with the food and thought the nearby Macdonalds will be better.

Nevertheless , we had a lovely weekend together and i also made him sandwiches for breakfast.

I was supposed to cook spicy tuna pasta because i missed the one we had in Rotterdam last year when he was posted to Europe for work. But we ran out of gas so i have to rush down to Fair Price , bought white bread and made sandwich instead. If only we have a bread toaster , it will taste better.

It is easy to make and very nice !

Just need spicy tuna with mayo , rocket salad,  olives and bread. Tadahhh .

Ahhhh I missed the 5 weeks stay in Europe.

The rockets go well with the spicy tuna.

Remember i mentioned about this TARTE makeup which i really like ?

Yes , i love their concealers. It is so moisturizing and so easy to blend with fingers. I prefer to blend it with my finger tips than using a sponge for this one though. I tried with a damp sponge but seems like it works better when i blend with finger tips instead.

I can’t remember the price because Oppa bought for me. Nah..hahah he knows nothing about make up. He just wanted to get me some stuff lol. Incase you wonder how come he knows this concealer is good and incase people start asking me to get him to introduce make ups. LOL …i think he will faint.

You can see the “sheen” and that’s how moisturizing it is.


After blending with finger tips. It looks very natural and blends in easily. I love it ! Doesn’t look like im wearing any concealer at all. I realized i dont need to use under eye highlighter when i use this because it is moisturizing enough and there is already a slight sheen.

What i think TARTE should improve is that they should indicate the colour code or number in more obvious way.
It was printed at the back of the tube in black. Sooo black that it blends into the dark purple colour packaging and it is hard to see. click onto the image below and try to squint your eyes. It is just right above the words”Full Coverage”. It says “Light Medium” .

Even the Sephora lady mentioned the wrong colour when she helped me with the tester. I almost got the wrong one. I always open up the box to check the colour and was shocked to see a very very dark brown concealer colour. She mentioned something like dark sand (tester that she tried on the back of my hand) but actually the one i tried was Light Medium. Anyway , i only shop at Sephora if brands like TARTE doesn’t have a flagship beauty counter in department stores or if i know what i want to buy. I find the staff there not very helpful at times and sometimes i have to open the drawers myself to get what i want myself or it is difficult asked for advices. So if i want to buy from the major brands , i prefer going to the counters at department stores because the counter ladies have more product knowledge.

So remember to check your purchases before you pay.

This concealer is pretty good and i love it. I will buy the 2nd tube definitely !

Btw , is launching soon !
Guess which one is my favourite ?

The shoulder padded dress , jumpsuit and parka !

And remember to join the mailing list ( found at the bottom of the homepage at ) . Last week , we sent a 20% discount code to our customers in the mailing list. Also , there will be private sales just for mailing list subscribers only. Yes , you will receive codes for every launch !

Anyway, this blue dress is “damn hot” said my oppa. I wore it out over the weekends with a 4.5 inches high wedges and he said “so pretty and hot!”. But of cos on normal days , i pair it with sandals or flats. Even on lazy days , i wear it with havis.

I envy this model. She is soo tall (1.77m) and have a waist smaller than mine (she’s 23 inches whereas im 23.5-24 inches).

_T8A9775 _T8A9864 _T8A9903 _T8A9908 _T8A0043

My favourite collection this month and i kept every single thing and have been wearing the stripe shirt as an outerwear because it can get very hot and then rain suddenly these days. It can be a good light weight outerwear or just a shirt. Prints for the romper and shrug is soo pretttttyyy !

Join the mailing list to receive a special discount code !

We may give special discount codes to our mailing listees only , face book fans only or our instagram followers only.

Remember to join all 3 to get the codes okay.

Ya…it’s never too late to start an instag for Agneselle. Decided to separate it from my personal instag after i stopped modeling. Anyway..the instag account is @shopagneselle

Ehh now i dont know what to wear this weekend..too many…

Full preview up on facebook page !

ag2-002ca  ag105ca-1 ag032ca-1 ag081ca ag072ca

I have a photoshoot at 730am in the morning tomorrow and its already 11pm now. I can’t sleep :((((  Even though im not the one modeling anymore , i still need to prepare the styling etc and it is more tiring lol. And im always scouting for accessories for shoots.

Finally , the launches are back to normal. And we have launched 4 collections in a spam of 2 weeks. Just today , a new dress..yup only one dress launched.

I was having lunch with a friend when she told me that it is difficult to find affordable dresses for her bridesmaids. They are either expensive or can only be worn once. She wanted something where her bridesmaids can still wear to work or casual day out after that special day.

And i thought so too. And here’s a sweet little pleated dress.

For work and for that special day as a bridesmaid , you can pair with pumps or strappy heels.

On casual day out , i wore it with sandals or flats.

The neckline has a slimming effect and makes you look lean.

ag75ca ag83ca

Most people will go for pastels but i think black will be a good choice too. Go with pink and white flower bouquets ( like the one one the mode ) or flower hand bands for your bridesmaids. It makes the brides stands out more (cos she will be wearing white ) and the bridesmaids will be center of attention too because not many bridesmaids will wear black. If you are not superstitious , i suggest you go for the black one. You can wear it to work easily also.


I can’t wait for JUNE ! Oh wait.hahaha its June already.

There will be style makeover in Agneselle’s launches and thank you all so much for your support !

I have already gotten the pictures from my photographer friend , Clarence Aw but i guess i will put them up on Agneselle’s facebook page and over on my blog here near the launch date.

No time to even update my instagram this week. Too busy and don’t know why after typing this , i feel like sleeping already. Just got well from my cold. What the..fell sick 4 times in 2 months. Time to pop some vitamin C pills !