Here are some pieces that are my favourite and launching next week.
Finally stock flow is back to normal and going back to weekly launch.

Some people asked was it because i was busy in love that’s why im only launching once a month in March and April ?
Well do allocate time for my work , personal space and working on new looks and styles which takes time.

Processed with VSCOcam with q8 preset

Wore this maxi to Malacca and this is definitely a head turner. Some people asked where i got my dress from and i just passed them my name card and that Agneselle do ship to Malaysia. You can wear it with or without belt.

Processed with VSCOcam with q8 preset

And this lovely shade of blue tulle. You see alot of poofy tulle skirts but this one is abit “tamed” and not so poofy but flowy so you can wear for any occasion or day out.

Processed with VSCOcam with q3 preset

There are so much more coming soon and i can’t wait to enjoy my birthday with Oppa this weekend !


I have been eating ALOT for the past 2 weekends.

Just the weekend before Labour Day holiday , we went to Chinatown for a walk , dinner and buy toiletries from Swanston at People’s Park Complex hawker centre. The shop sells alot of toiletries at cheaper price and you can find salon brands selling at a cheaper price too. A Keratase shampoo was selling¬†from $25.00 onwards. Loreal Mythic Oil Shampoo at only $11. You can save up to 40% discount. We lugged alot of toiletries and sanitary pads home.

I brought him to China Town Food Street for dinner.


Soo yummy !

1430707003126 1430707001534

This Lala from the Boon Tat Street Zi Char stall is soo nice !! The sauce is soo nice !

I love Lalas. I must order Lala everytime i have Zi Char.


The Char Kway Teow is really nice too. The “wok-hei” taste was strong and just nice. So delicious.


Can you see how fat i am now ? ya ..i always complain about weight gain but i still eat and i NEVER exercise.

Even the Vshape face roller don’t help lol.

I signed up with Amore but i was either too tired ( usually after work and photoshoots ) or too lazy ( i rather rest and sleep than exercise ) . So i decided to buy a yoga mat and do my own planking and squats at home.


Before dinner , i brought him to Tiong Bahru Pau to buy large chicken pau and he ate 2 somemore. LOL .

We also had dessert at Mei Heong Yuan. It was supposedly to be famous but i was disappointed with my Mango pomelo and his Matcha ice shavings.  Both are ..hmmm..tasteless ? Not worth spending $12.


And on Wednesday , we had lunch together at Oppa’s work place.

We went to Old Kim Guan chinese cafe for lunch. They served pretty fast so even though the cafe is small , the turnover is high and easy to get a seat.

They served very nice noodles and chicken wings and I love their Signature Chicken Wings.

I ordered Dou Jiang Stirred Fried Noodles and we shared the chicken wings ( 6 pcs ) .

Soo yummy and goes well with the chilli. I will want to go back for the pig belly soup , Mee sua , curry chicken and the chicken wings next time !


Very tempting right. $1.80 per piece and they are very big pieces.


And then it is the long weekend where my family and i went to Malacca for food trail.

We hired a driver ( from our relative’s contacts ) and he picked us up from our home one by one ( Bishan , Thomson , CCK and Tiong Bahru ) , cross the causeway to JB and then to Malacca. 2 way.

This trip is really eat and sleep trip. We all woke up at 4am because the picking up starts at 5am. By the we reach JB , it is already 7am where we had our breakfast , then we slept in the bus for 3.5 hrs , arrive in Malacca for lunch at a nonya restaurant , then check in hotel to put our luggage, slept in the mini bus while on the way to the popular and famous Klebang coconut shake (Klebang, 5, Melaka, Malaysia )  and we slept in the mini bus again while on the way to the beach and then to our dinner place Bei Zhan Restaurant ( No. 43 Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17,, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2, 75200 Malacca Town, Malacca, Malaysia ) and then to Jonker street to buy the local produce such as Melaka Coffee before we head back to the hotel and it was already 10.30pm. Time to sleep !


Street food at Jonker Street.



That was our day 1 ! The beach has alot of buses and they are bus hotel. Meaning you rent the bus and sleep in the bus that goes nowhere. Looks interesting.

The next morning , we had breakfast. My bro , Oppa and i went for massage just opposite our hotel . Very cheap. Less than $20 per hour and it was very good. I had food massage while the guys had back and shoulder massages.

After that , it was check out and lunch time at 12noon. We went to the famous Amy¬†Nonya Restaurant ¬†(Bandar Hilir 75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka, 75000, Malaysia). It was full house and glad that we made reservations in March. Alot of walk-ins were turned away and asked to come back on Monday and make a booking instead. There were alot of walk-ins and the boss has to come all the way to the main door to turn away the customers. So she locked the restaurant’s front door so that nobody can walk in and ask for seats. Hmmm….~~~

I love the Kueh Pieti ! The crust was thin and cripsy !


After our Nonya lunch , it was time to go Johor Bahru. Again , we slept in the mini bus from 2pm to 5.30pm.

When we arrived in JB , we went to Aeon Shopping Mall at Bukit Indah for some shopping. Nothing much to buy except for some necessities from supermarkets and pillows because they were going on SALES and very cheap. Should take advantage of the exchange rate between Ringgit and SGD.

After which we went to Chef Wah Restaurant (2, Jalan Bistari 2, Taman Industri Jaya, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia )  for dinner. The dinner at Bei Zhan in Malacca was better than Chef Wah in JB.

For the 2 chinese dinners , we had it banquet style with more than 7 dishes. ¬†There were 18 of us and we booked 2 tables. sgd250 for 18 pax is really cheap and the food were¬†soo nice. OMG…this trip is really just eat and sleep , eat and sleep only. After lunch , we sleep in the mini bus and then eat tea break again and then sleep again in the bus and then it is time for dinner.

But the food was really good. They were all famous and popular places. I had the chicken rice balls at Malacca before so im skipped that this time. The trip was planned in March and my auntie made reservations in March . So remember to make reservations if you want to go to the famous and popular restaurants.

It was 34 degrees ! We were perspiring alot and the best part..i forgot to bring SUNBLOCK !

Can’t even open my eyes. I was perspiring in my loafers and i have to change out to slippers.

Here’s my OOTD. Wearing an upcoming Moto Midi¬†Skirt. It will be available in 2 colours.

I have been updating my instagram account with my OOTDs lately. The new stuff are slowly arriving ( like FINALLY ! YAY ! ) and i can’t wait to launch ! Already keeping this skirt and an upcoming slit maxi in all colours. If you have missed the previous Slit Maxi Dress , you definitely don’t want to miss this one. The slits are the same..just that the neckline is different !


Have a good week ahead !

So , had the first launch after 1 month of hiatus.

New launch just up at ! Hop over now to shop !

During the 1 month hiatus, i was working on some new looks which i can’t wait to launch in May for the start of Summer collection. There will ALOT¬†of crochets. When i was in Korea , there were lotsa crochet everywhere and i was soo inspired by it. Went on a work trip 2 weeks ago with a friend and she saw the samples when i was choosing the colours. Very excited for them. Trying to create new refreshing looks every year. Last year , it was more on basics but this year , it will be abit more clean , tailored and¬†feminine. So keep your eyes on Agneselle’s previews for Summer Collections.

Oppa and i can’t wait to watch this movie on Friday. This movie¬†broke the new record of being the 2nd highest grossing film in Korea’s cinema history.

Gukje Market ÍĶ≠ž†úžčúžě•¬†

The movie was filmed in Busan and features the Busan Gukje Market located at Nampo-dong. When you watch the trailer , you will realize that the way they speak and the tune sounds different. Well , that’s Busan Dialect (aka Busan Saturi ). That’s how my bf and his family speaks. So i must get used to it because the vocabs and expressions used are different from the standard Seoul dialect. Each¬†city speaks different dialects. Seoul dialect is the standard Korean you found in textbooks or news channels.

It is Busan’s largest traditional market since Korean war in 1950. ¬†You can see many amazing things , crafts , potteries etc etc.

How to get to Gukje Market ?

Take MRT to Nampo-dong station and exit 1 .

It was one of the place i wanted to go to but i was sick and i wasted like 5 days staying indoors.

Some of the places i wanted to go to was Busan University¬†street which is similar to Ewha Women’s University street in Seoul where you can find many cheap eateries and shopping area.

How to get to Busan University ?

Take MRT to Busan University station and exit 1.

Can’t wait for the weekend and new stocks to arrive.

Was sick for almost 7 days (fever, sorethroat and flu) and now still suffering from¬†a bad cough. Typing on the keyboard is such a chore because my body aches really bad and flu med makes me sooo drowsy and sleepy. Somedays it was so drowsy that i just sleep the entire day and don’t even have the appetite to eat.

Don’t know why even though there are not many launches and not many items , i am still very busy. Alot of shoots and designs to plan. I can’t wait for April..because by then , some new stocks will arrive. OMG like have to wait for 2 months after CNY before another proper launch because the manufacturers in China just started opening for biz last week after 1 month of CNY holiday. ¬†SO yup , bear with me…lol just because less launches and lesser items doesn’t mean it will get boring..I cant wait for some laces , cape blazers and crochets to arrive ! Stay tune and wait okie..thanks thanks.

Lost alot of weight for the past 10 days because i have been eating porridge EVERYDAY because of my fever except for maybe 2-3 meals where i get to eat some noodles. 2 days before i fell sick , i went to Bukang Korean Sashimi Restaurant with Oppa and his friend. It is located at Red Dot Museum. If you want to have fresh and nice Korean sashimi without travelling to Korea, this is the place to go. Oppa and his friends goes there at least twice a month and some of them goes every friday for the sashimi , soju and beer.

20150306_223036 20150306_221637 20150306_221622 20150306_221613

I had cravings for live octopus that day and they ordered one plate for me. Y0u can go to my instagram to view the video. I have uploaded it there. My username is dancingsugar.

Hmm most people asked me how does it taste and feel like. I can feel the tentacles sticking itself to my tongue and side of the cheeks. So i just keep chewing and chewing…like rubber band. Lol if you just had jaw botox done , not a good idea to have this dish for a few days.

I love it ..i always have it when i go to Korea. Dip it in sesame oil and pop it into the mouth. I dare not eat the WHOLE octopus of cos ! It has to be cut into tiny pieces. Yup  they are still moving and still moving after an hour even though they were chopped into pieces.

Heng..managed to eat some good food before i fell sick !

When i fall sick , my lips and face will dry up very bad. I don’t know why but it always happen whenever i caught a bad flu.

So i managed to drag myself to Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic for another round of Spring Blossom Treatment. (Click HERE for more information) . This treatment is the improved version of Winter Glow Treatment which was available end of last year 2014. I really like the Spring Blossom so much and have been asking for it. If i keep asking for it , it means good and i love it ! Face looks very clear and moisturized. BBL laser suddenly seems abit addictive because of the effective results.


My hair is damn cui now and i haven’t cut or dyed my hair for like almost 6 months ???

Hehe..thanks to Dr Kim from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic , he recommended me a Korean hair stylist to get my new hair colour and hair cut before i go to Korea this weekend. The colour is a mix of Red and Brown but somehow and at some angle , it looks pink and purple too with tinge of Red brown. My bf loves it alot and i love it alot too !

Hehe..need to look chio before i go to Korea this weekend mah…meeting alot of people there leh.

Thanks to Dr Kim , my hair is fixed and my skin looks great from the Spring Blossom Treatment !!!!


Weather is abit cold over there and im gonna bring lotsa moisturizing product there. Hera products maybe good but the bottles are DAMN heavy ( made of glass ). Fortunately , i still have TONNES of sample packs and gonna bring there , use and then throw away.

I haven even pack my luggage yet. Going there for 12 days (2 days of travelling) because oppa bought Air Asia tickets before SQ came up with their promotion. Pray that i have a safe flight okay ??

Agneselle is launching tonight at 9pm !

Not many items , just 3 simple designs which you will wear anytime and any day !

Can’t wait for the full batch of stocks to go back to its full cycle again in April. Lol by the time everything arrives , i think i can prepare for CNY 2016 liao lol..

_T8A5875 _T8A5923 _T8A6020

Somethings to share in the next post about K-beauty make up !

Here are some items coming up before CNY besides the maxi dress and the skorts i posted previously.

1) Top – will be available in one of the SPRING COLLECTIONS.

2) Pleated skirt will be available in 3 colours. White and Forest Teal are definitely my favourites.


Everything lace top . It will be available in 3 colours too ! For this upcoming CNY launch , you are covered from head to toe (top and bottom ) !


Nothing happened this whole week. I had photoshoots for 2 full days and im so tired and dead beat. Cant wait for Friday ! Finally meeting the girls with all our bfs/hubby for Japanese food and singing session. OMG i haven’t had Jap food for often¬†since i got into a relationship with Oppa. ¬†Got nagged at when i accidentally mentioned¬†Sea of Japan instead of East¬†SEA. Lol. Im gonna gobble up all the sashimi on Friday !

Gonna start my spring cleaning soon. Gonna blog about it. Something i wanna share here.

6 more weeks to my Korea trip ! CAN’T WAIT and at the same time. DAMN DAMN DAMN nervous. cooking Korean omelette curry rice tomorrow for the boys. I shall blog about the recipe once i received the thumbs up! is collaborating with some brands for an awesome giveaway worth $xxxx (4 digits sum).

We will have the tummies and visuals for your event guests covered.

Catch Agneselle’s¬†facebook page or newsletter for details soon.


Cant wait to launch the CNY stuff soon.

Samples got stuck at China air custom for like almost 1 month and production just started recently ūüė¶ ¬†That’s why no updates for 2 weeks ūüė¶

Here are some beauty buys from Korea. I bought the IOPE highlighter too but i have yet to unpack my luggage so i will review it later. I have started using these for Agneselle’s shoot done on Monday.

I bought these crayon eye shadow from Aritaum. Got the first one at KRW 6500 and 2 at KRW6500 on the other day. They just have random sales anytime they want.

I love these. I gave it to Agneselle’s make up artist ¬†– Pearlyn Law to use it for the shoot yesterday. She is my make up guru and advisor. I will always ask her how to use it and if i used it correctly because after all make up is her profession. Before knowing her , i have a foundation , eyeliner and blusher in my make up pouch. But after knowing her , it started from a pouch to several baskets and pouches !

What i like about these crayon eyeshadow is that it is very smooth and easy to apply. Frankly speaking , i dont know how to put on eye shadow. I have single eyelids and double ( sometimes it just suddenly appear probably because i gained weight or i was too tired ). Im a noob when it comes to powder eyeshadows. But this is easy to apply and good for people like me who is a noob when it comes applying eye shadows.

It comes in more than 10 colours and i only bought 3 of them. The pinkish one act as a base , the bronze one for the eyelid and purplish one as liner. It is a little creamy so easier to blend.



It has a blending brush on the other side.


I have started using it so it has little bit of shimmers on it.


It is actually not so glittery like the one in the picture below. I applied more on my back hand so that you can see the colours. Infact it is very subtle when you just go over your eyelids.

So if you happen to know someone there or popping by Aritaum , you should give this a try.


Pearlyn did a vintage hairdo for me to match the upcoming Agneselle’s lace dress which she and Fiona are getting because they love it ! All 3 of us were excited about the dresses we took for photoshoot yesterday because they were so nice.

Pearlyn created this “fake double eyelid” look for me using eyeshadow and eyeliner. I did not go for plastic surgery in Korea. Anyway after i came back from Korea , some people i met asked ” You looked prettier after you came back , did you do something to your face ?? “


It is the MAKE UP lah !!!! My eye rings look really bad from the flu. I looked like a panda.

Pearlyn used the IOPE BB Cushion which i bought from Korea for the photoshoot.


I bought this lipstick from The Face Shop at KRW10,900 .

It is creamy matt pink and i like it because it i long lasting. Even after drinking a hot latte and eating a cupcake , the colour still stay on and i didnt need to touch up. I used it for yesterday’s shoot too.



I mixed it with the Tony Moly orangey lipstick for the colour on my lips below.


 The Hera UV Mist Cushion. Finally i got the Shimmer Vanilla at the Airport. It must be selling really well else it wont be out of stock at Lotte Dept Store and Shinsaegae. It comes with a refill pack and selling at USD31 in the airport ( Lotte Duty Free ).

I have not opened it yet and will review it later.


If you are travelling to Korea, you should buy their make up and skincare products. ¬†Cheap doesn’t mean they are not good. Because they are made in Korea, that’s why they are cheap. If you were to buy them in SG , the price will be 2 or 3 times more.

Here are some brand you should buy and look out for if you are travelling them anytime soon !

1) Missha – Buy their sheet masks and Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel ( Both are less than SG 10) . I recommended them to all my readers and friends. All of them are now a big fan of these and they are very good. Plus it is cheap and affordable. You can buy them from their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart. One mask cost about $1.00.

2) The Face Shop – Buy their lipsticks and concealers. Available at their outlets or counters at Emart or Lotte Mart

3) Tony Moly – Buy their lipsticks , lipglosses and foot cream/foot mask ! If you want nice and smooth feet , buy their foot moisture cream/mask . I love their lipglosses to the max ! They have one of the best orangey colour lipsticks .It is very moisturizing too. Lipsticks and lipglosses cost about KRW 6,000 – KRW 10,000 each. I got my lipstick during a sale at KRW 4,900 and lipgloss at KRW 6,000. With just $10 , you can have kissable looking lips.

4) Banila and co РHighlighter and Radiance concealer. A little bit pricer than the brands above but still cheaper than other international brands you see out there. They are sort of a replica of Benefit esp when it comes to packaging and products they launched. Highlighter looks almost the same and price difference was 3 times.  Of cos Banila and Co is the cheaper one.

5) IOPE – BB Cushion , Highlighter and skincare product. Most of the Korean girls i know age 22 and below are using IOPE skincare products. The BB cushion cost about KRW 38,000 and comes with refill pack too. I have blogged about it. I have the IOPE facial gel cleanser (KRW 15,000) but i still prefer Hera’s foam cleanser because i feel much more cleaner using foam cleanser than gel. IOPE products are not really cheap esp the whitening range. Available at Aritaum , Lotte Mart or Emart. I cant find the counters at Lotte Dept Store or Shinsaegae. Not available at Airport too. Aritaum house most of the products under Amore Pacific.

6) HERA РKnown for their skincare products and CC cream. I LOVE IT ! Some of my readers and customers read my post and they went to buy it. They emailed me that it is amazingly good and asked me to introduce more products from Hera. I have not tried their facial masks yet. I was given the White Program Facial Sheet Masks and will review it if it is good and works. I have 10 products from Hera for face ( cleanser , essence , eye serum , moisturiser , toner, emulsion etc ) . I slap on about 6-7 of them in the day and all at night before i sleep.  I am also using their CC cream. You can purchase it from Lotte Store , Shinsaegae or their main flagship at Apujeong. Limited range available at Airport and mostly basic skincare. The one at Apujeong gives you ALOT of samples and they are very generous when it comes to samples. I was given 3 or 5 of  white program sheet masks when i bought my first Hera set from Apujeong.

That is all i can think of right now. I tried Innisfree and Nature Republic stuff. But they dont really work that well and too mild. Not much or no effect. So usually i skip this 2 brands. But Innisfree apple make up remover smells yummy.


Im like a Korea weather reporter. When i was in Korea, alot of friends asked me what to wear and weather over there and where to go and what make up/skin care brands to buy. When im in SG , still got people ask me about Korea’s weather.

Easy peasy, just bring a good jacket that can keep you warm !

Beside pairing 3/4 knit tops with skater skirt and ankle boots , you can wear long sleeve tight bandage dresses and pair them with leggings or stockings. Throw a nice coat over at night when it turns cold.

Here is one of my favourite dress for Autumn in Korea. I got it in 3 colours – Grey , Ivory and Black. It is made of a rough cotton which helps to trap heat and keep warm. You will probably sweat like crazy if wear it in SG. I love it because it is light weight and trendy.


This is how i pair it up in Korea. With a pair of ankle booties.

20131001_184208 20131001_184147

Pair this up with leggings and converse sneakers for a casual look at night.


Waiting for Fio to finish the pictures so that i can preview it here ! Gorgeous Racerback front dress , eyelet high waisted skirt that gives you slim looking waist and a 3/4 sleeve lace dress !

I have uploaded part of the preview for upcoming launch on FB ! My favourite gotta go to all the tops ! They goes well with anything esp the Peacock Crochet Top which is made of thick chiffon .

Good night !