I guess i haven’t blog for quite a while and the last check was 2 weeks ago . And hmm i forgot my wordpress password ??

And i just managed to check my blog’s email and saw that i have some incoming emails from readers.

Lately , i have a couple of friends who are travelling to Korea for holiday and they asked me where to make specs and contact lenses. Because the shops there are known for the fast delivery and you can collect your specs ( frame + lens ) within 30 minutes. I don’t know how they do it but maybe they have stock up of lenses in different degrees. Even for contact lenses too which is immediate.

Oppa always have his specs and contact lenses done at Davich. He has been buying here for many years since his schooling days.  Bought his specs (frame + lens ) and contact lenses and get them immediately. No waiting.

20150921_212954A 20150921_212957A

Lots of color and cosmetic lenses too. About KRW 10,000 per pair which is about SGD $11.

20150921_213443A 20150921_213446A

I had Korean bbq 3 times in a week last week. Feeling really guilty and sinful. Better drink more liang teh if not very heaty.

Had a great day spending time with his seniors and their families. Their kids are soooo cute esp Bong Bong Ee ( the baby below and Bong Bong Ee is his nickname ). Sooo cute when he place both his hands on his belly , did a little cute squat , bow and said “Annyeonghasaeyo” when he greeted me.


Feeling really fat these days because i have been eating alot of good food lately when i meet the oppas. Korean BBQ , shabu shabu , chicken and home cooked Korean food. Oh i cooked Sogolgi Jeongol ( Beef soup stew ) last week and i will share the recipe later.

And i heard that Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Centre has expanded their space ! Korean body contouring services are now available at the clinic. Saw the newly renovated clinic and i will share more pictures of it soon !

AEON is glad to be the first and only clinic currently to carry and do treatments with the third, latest and improved version of Ultrashape in Singapore.

I did Venus Legacy tummy toning and firming which is a painless process. It feels like having a “stomach facial” actually.

Changed to a comfortable wear in the new space that looks like a spa. Spacious room with a bed in the middle.








Angela , the aesthetician applied a layer of cool gel on my tummy area which i want to tone. I hardly exercise these days ( or should i say MONTHS ? ). And i like to wear tight dresses so i need to tone my tummy. My weight also fluctuates these days. Sometimes i weight 52kg and sometimes im 54kg. I got a shock when i stood onto the weighing skill. Because i was only 45-46kg before i met Oppa so you can imagine how much weight i gained 😦 And the all go to the hips , tummy and bum area.

Room was spacious so that the aesthetician has space to move around and also i feel very relax because of the space and luxurious decor and bed. You can also have your facial and body contouring done together in this room. The aesthetician adjust the temperature of the machine to achieve optimal results.



The whole process took only 30 minutes and during the process , Angela will check to ask if i feel any discomfort. But it was so comfortable that i feel asleep. After which , she will use a hot towel to clean the excess gel and i get to change back to my own clothes and have my cup of hot Korean tea.

Aeon is having Christmas Surprise Promo and you can enjoy these services at a Promo rate. T&Cs apply.

The tummy toning and firming i did is Venus Legacy. You can call 6733 2002 to enquire and do drop by to take a look at their newly expanded space.


I spent my weekend at a fan meet.

Thank you Koryo Trading Pte Ltd ( Koryo Mart ) for the invitation to the Monsta X and Sistar fan meet.

I got the VIP Cat 1 tickets for 2 so Oppa and i went to attend this fan meet.


Wahh alot of students and we felt old there..i was joking to Oppa saying that why is this ahjussi (oppa) doing here lol..

It was an experience because it was my first time to an invited Fan meet. Being able to come up so close with the kpop stars whom i always see online only. Bora from Sistar is my favourite and she is soo pretty !

We get to see Sistar and Monsta X performing their top hits , Hi 5 sessions and phototaking as well.





I don’t know about Monsta X until few months ago when i chanced upon their MV on youtube. They are quite shuai actually when we met face to face during the Hi 5 and phototaking sessions. Haha Oppa was jokingly saying that im already a Noona..no hope already hahaha. I realized Korean guys are quite big build and tall. If you ask who are my favorites ? It will be Bora from Sistar and Shownu from Monsta X. Both are good at rapping and i find guys who rap quite have “seh” one leh

If you don’t know who is Monsta X yet , you can see some of their videos below. They are from the same company as Sistar.

12299174_10153837526088885_7313196546381853496_n  12347880_10153837526138885_7960751364123582891_n

Thank you Koryo Mart for the tickets.

If you were wondering what is Koryo mart , it used to be known as Lotte Mart but they changed the name and now known as Koryo Mart. If you are a Korean food fan and frequent Tanjong pagar , you will see a Korean supermarket. Yup , that is the one. They have several outlets in SG where you can buy Korean snacks , ramen , sauces and more. All imported from Korea. I have been to other Korean marts in town which though was named Korean mart but alot of stuff are from China and can buy from NTUC. Can’t even buy decent Korean dumplings at those marts because they sell chinese mantous and wantons..hmmmm…

I shop at Lotte /Koryo Mart for my Korean sauces and ingredients which i used to cook Korean food at home. All the chilli paste , soya bean paste , vinegar, sesame oil and soya sauce etc. Even the BBQ pan which can filter oil. The standard sauces are chilli paste , soya bean paste , vinegar , sesame oil , soya sauce and chilli flakes. These are the basic sauces you need to have and with these , you can cook quite a number of dishes and stews already.

Going there to shop for more stuff soon !

You can check their Facebook page HERE for details. They just opened a new outlet at Marine Parade.

Long time no see and here’s a selfie taken when i had pedicure done.


Have a good week.