I have been cooking every weekend for the past few weeks.

Haha quite happy that i took about 1.5 hours to prepare and cook instead of the usual 3-4 hours.

That means my skills improved right ?

Here’s the menu for last week.

Salad with apple + Chai seeds + Korean sesame salad sauce which i bought from Lotte Mart.


And Bak Kut Teh with mushrooms and lotsa garlic. Eh…i don’t really like garlic so i separate my own soup from Oppa’s. Koreans love garlic. But im not a garlic lover.

I am quite impressed by the Bak Kut Teh i cooked last week.
Didn’t expect myself to cook so well haha. I boiled the soup for an hour under small fire.

Whenever i am stress , i will cook haha so i can eat too. Cooking takes my mind of other things because i just focus on the taste and adjusting the seasoning. So my dear Mr Shin was being well-fed by me these days.


And last week , besides going for facial and laser toning at Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Clinic , i also had eye lashes done at LushLashh which is located at Raffles Place.

LushLashh Korean Lash Parlour – The Arcade @Raffles place #03-12 Tel: 85685268

I had my Korean eyelash extensions done in Korea a month ago . And it is time to go for another round but now in SG. The done in Korea was very lasting and so i requested for the same to be done in LushLashh except that i want a few longer strands.

Here’s the before and after. What i like about them was that instead of using tapes to tape your eyelids , they used Coenzyme Q10 eye mask to rejuvenate your eyes as the lash technicians work on your lash.


I had a good sleep because the bed was comfy. I told Wendy (the lash technician) that i will tear at times because i have sensitive and dry eyes. So she dripped abit of eye drops before she started so that my eyes are well moisturized. So during the whole session , i did not tear at all. Yes even when i sleep , i will wake up with abit of tears.

Quite difficult to find a eye lash extension parlour at Raffles place area. This is right smack beside Chevron house which is good for office ladies who worked near that area. I will definitely go back there again because i feel comfortable there and the owners are very friendly and nice. They are lash extension lovers too and were customers to some lash parlours before they decided to start on their own because of their love and interest for eye-lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions do let me sleep abit more before i go to work because i do not need to wake up early to do much eye make up. Now i just put on BB cushion , eyeshadows and lipsticks.

I did B-curl lashes here. The one i did in Korea was also B-curl.


They are having promotions right now.

$90 unlimited single strand extension (Latest Korean soft lash)

You can follow them in instagram to view the different types of lashes done at LushLashh (Instagram account Lushlashh).

Oh , here’s the mousse which i reviewed previously. Managed to take life pics and i think it is time i should consider a new camera. Very hard to focus with this Sony cam leh.

DSC02493A DSC02494A

And this is a new primer which i have been using for a week already.

Espoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer.

I bought it from Espoir standalone boutique right at Seomyeon MRT. Eh…i cannot remember which exit was it. But it is right at Seomyeon. Quite hard to find Espoir boutiques around.

Espoir has really nice neutral colour eyeliners and lipsticks.

I was shopping alone (buying my friend’s stuff) and i saw this couple of times and quite tempted to get it because of the pretty “balls” inside.


After using it , i really like it alot. It is different from the HERA one as in this is more moisturizing because it contains moisturizing essences. So it is a beauty skin care + make up product. The lady in the shop explained alot to me in Korean but i was busy testing it out so i only heard about the moisturizing essences part lol.

DSC02496A DSC02497A

*Saw that red mark ? A plastic bag caught fire at his bro’s home while me and his mum were in the kitchen preparing for Chu Seok’s lunch. I put out the fire but a speck of burning plastic piece from the plastic bag landed on the back of my hand and it melted and stuck onto my skin. I couldn’t wash it off because it actually melted and stuck onto my skin . Have to “scratch” it off and i ended up with a small scar ūüė¶


Anyway , you can see the different with and without this primer. This is good primer for first time users because ..

  1. It is not sticky
  2. Easily absorbed
  3. Doesn’t give a disco light effect kind of shimmer
  4. Moisturizing and it is easy to apply your make up after that
  5. Subtle radiance .

Price tag : KRW 28,000

If it is your first time looking for a primer , this is a good one because it is easy to apply and also for lazy people because it contains moisturizing essences. You can get it from Espoir store in Korea. There is no Espoir in SG. I don’t seem to find it easily everywhere but if you are going to Busan , you can get it from Seomyeon ( near one of the MRT exit gantry ). Located beside TOP TEN shop and the exit¬†that goes to Lotte Dept Store. I haven’t been to Seoul for 2 years already. The last i saw it was in Myeongdong. Not sure if they moved.

It was grooming day on Sunday. My parents went to JB to do some shopping and so i went along. I wanted to go to KSL mall to do some beauty shopping and grooming.

Some people asked why took the trouble just to go all the way there ? Well , things are really cheaper and i can do many things there and pamper myself without feeling the heartbreak.

 I changed SGD 305 to Ringgit 900. And after 6 hours in KSL mall , i still have some monies left.

Exchange rate is approx SGD  1 = Ringgit 3

Alot of money changers in SG ran out of ringgit. You can change in JB at rate 2.94.

I had classic gelish pedi and manicure early in the morning at 10am when the shops opened. Why 10am ? Because the shops are mostly empty when it just open at 10am and i do not need to wait or queue.

Classic gelish manicure + Classic gelish pedicure costs RM130 which is approx SGD43. Classic gel pedicure alone costs RM75. It is so much cheaper than in SG and they do it pretty fast because there are 2 people attending to me. One do my pedi and one do for me mani.  No surcharge if i do 2 colours .


This is a very big nail salon. Very comfortable too. It is always packed. Managed to take some snap shots with my phone while having my manicure done. No time to go down to Olympus service centre to service my faulty cam ūüė¶

20150906_112224  20150906_112247


I had apple red pedicure done. Love it !

After that my parents and  went to Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh which is just opposite KSL mall.

Famous place for Bak Kut Teh and have to queue for quite awhile. So after my 10am pedi and mani , i had Bak Kut Teh for lunch before i go for hair treatment. How to get to the Bak Kut Teh shop from KSL ? You can find a Hongkong cafe on the ground floor. I cant remember the exact name but it is a Hong Kong style cafe. The bak kut teh store is just the street right opposite the Hong kong style cafe at KSL mall.



You can choose the toppings you one in your bak kut teh ( pig intestines , stomache , liver etc ). Pretty nice and it is really crowded and have to queue to wait for seats. I prefer to seat outdoor because indoor ventilation is quite bad. I came out with my hair and shirt smelling like bak kut teh. So after that i went to RCS salon for Keratase hair treatment. 2 steps Keratase treatment cost Ringgit 160 and 3 steps costs Ringgit 220. There are alot of hair and nail salons in KSL mall. I wanted to go Kimly’s hair salon but i have to wait cos it was packed so i decided to go to another one.

The service was good and i had treatment done in a special treatment room. One thing i like about it is that i was given a 15 minutes head , neck and shoulder massage. The guy just put a timer infront of me and started the 15 minutes massage after he applied the Keratase treatment on my hair and before washing it off. Hair dye costs less than SGD 100. If im not wrong its only about $50-$70 sgd. Cant really remember. Most of the salons offer the same price for treatments and hair dye. There are tooooo many hair salons there already. I spent like 20 minutes walking everywhere to compare the price. There are soo many many salons such that it gets abit competitive and it seems like everyone is offering the same price for everything except for those super atas ones which are mostly the empty ones.


The private treatment room.


And last Friday , we went to Dong Bang Hong for Korean-Chinese food.

DSC01916A DSC01917A DSC01918a

Korean-Chinese style Sweet and Sour pork (Tang Su Yuk).


Korean-Chinese Jajjangmyeon (Black bean paste noodle)


Jambbong (Korean spicy seafood noodle)


Dong Bang Hong is located opposite one of¬†¬†Telok Ayer’s MRT exit Just come out of Telok Ayer mrt , cross the road and you will see it.

If i were to compare with Hwangsil , the Jjambbong here tastes better. I don’t know why but the last time i came here , it wasn’t that good. Maybe they changed the cook ?

I cant wait for more Korean food this weekend ūüôā
Someone’s gonna bring me for more BBQ ! Yumm Yummm !

Besides putting some masks from Cel-Derma , Leaders insolution , AHC into¬†Cj Mall¬†, Hyundai Mall¬†or Lotte Mall’s shopping cart and buying HERA from my friend’s mother , i also just added these 2 items into the shopping cart this week . All ready to cart out 3 days before i fly so that when i arrive , i can receive these items in our Busan home.

I love the eye liner pencils and lipsticks from Espoir.

And i decided to try this primer. I need this because i will be going outdoors often now and i need my make up to stay and look presentable. Of cos , i will be stocking up my HERA UV Mist cushions , HERA skincare and other stuff too. Shall do a list of what i have gotten when im back in Oct.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.56.52 PM

Just ordered a set of Hanboks for my niece and nephew. Hope their sizes are not out of stock. Because thanks giving is just around the corner and many parents will be buying han boks for their children.

Love this colour. Cute and so sweet right ?

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 9.03.57 PM