#SGAhjumma teaches you how to cook Kimchi Fried Rice !

I think i blogged about it before or maybe not.

It is very easy and very simple to cook.

Ingredients you need 

Kimchi ( 2 cups )

Korean white rice ( if you find Korean rice too expensive , you can replace with japanese sushi rice which is selling quite cheap in Mustafa or Fairprice.

Spam (1/2 can) chopped into tiny cubes

1 egg

2 table spoons of sesame oil

How to cook ? 

Add olive oil to the pan and fry the spam till cooked and fragrant.


Ok , so opening the Kimchi tupperware kinda stained my fingers so i stopped taking pictures from there. Mr Shin said he will try to help out in phototaking next time lol. If he really did lah.

Once the spam cubes are cooked , add in the kimchi and fry till fragrant and soft.

Then add in the white rice and mix together.

Add in the Kimchi water ( sauce/essence or whatever you call it…in direct translation from Korean is Kimchi Water ). You know when you buy kimchi , there is the left over sauce in the packet or bottle ? Yes , that one. Just pour in about half a cup and mix together with the rice , kimchi and spam. Drizzle with the sesame oil.

Serve on plate after well mixed. Fry a sunny side up and add it on top just like that .

I also add some seaweed flakes on top of the sunny side up and i kinda like it together with the seaweed flakes. I like my seaweed flakes crunchy so i don’t really like to fry the rice together with it.


I had craving for Korean street toast few weeks back so i made my own.

Toasted the bread on frying pan with butter. Air fry the spam slices. Topped with cucumber , lettuce and tomato and sunny side up.

So yummss ! Cooked corn soup too and i used the corn as a side dish along with fries.

dsc03707a dsc03705a

I think i can open Korean cafe liao. Just kidding.

My MIL came to my bro’s wedding 2 weeks ago and she bought some cosmetics and skin care for me.

This was quite heavily raved on the home shopping site and CNP is well known for its Propolis range serums/ampoules/creams.

The smell was good and i really like it. Not that sticky or oily. I apply it at overnight as night cream. Just started using it for a week and let’s review and see if there is significant result after 1 month of use. But this is something worth getting and using. I like the texture of the cream. It feels like DYI home facial treatment.


I haven’t visit any aesthetic clinics for facials and lasers since March. And some of my friends asked how did i maintain a youthful and hydrated and radiant skin even though i did not go for facial ? How did i get rid of my black heads ?

Well , besides starting to use aesthetic skincare brands like CNP , Leaders and AHC and also toning peel products , i also exfoliate my skin once a week. It helps to remove the bumps and black heads. Also i have different kind of cleansers , serums , night cream and moisturisers for different days. Because our skin condition is different everyday. It also depends on our diet and everything. On days when i have cold or sick , my skin feels dry and on humid days , i perspire quite often so i will use something more gel-ish and avoid creams.

Here is one of the exfoliating scrubs im using from SKIN FOOD. This helps to remove and eliminate my black heads so i will concentrate on my nose and chin area when i exfoliates.


The granules are quite big actually so i will damp my hands before i start exfoliating. If you have sensitive skin , you might want to ask for samples before purchasing the full bottle. This bottle can last quite long leh. I have been using it for 3 weeks already. I also use it to exfoliate my elbows and knee cabs because it is quite gentle.


The result ? Smooth and black head free. I really really like this. My bro-in-law’s female colleagues recommended skinfood scrubs. They told me skin food products are quite good esp the Yuzu and Black sugar range. This is pretty cheap. I cannot remember how much i bought it but it is less than KRW 10,000. It is KRW 6,900 if im not wrong. I bought it during SALES online and shipped it to my MIL house and she brought over.


Speaking of my mother-in-law , we have a good news for people who are interested in getting their photoshoots taken in Busan’s studio. With my MIL’s network , ahjumma bargaining power and sharp business skills (my father-in-law and mother-in-law have been doing businesses for decades) , my in-laws will be starting up a FULL concierge service for photoshoot services in Busan wedding studios for Singaporeans. She has arranged for me and my hubby , my brother , my friends and even my clients for the photoshoot in Busan’s best studios which has branches in Seoul and other major cities. Everything went very well and now it is finally going official with full translation and transport services. Will blog about the details soon.

I noticed my skin looks more translucent and radiant lately. I actually changed my entire skincare products because the previous sets finished already and so i got new ones in October. Got new toners (Mamonde) , serums (Nature Republic and CNP) , ampoules ( CNP ) , emulsions (Mamonde) , moisturisers (Nature Republic and Real Barrier) and essences (Hanskin).

Here are some of the few i just got recently and started using. The rest are still nicely kept in my stock up corner lol,

Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence.

Price : KRW 30,000 (but i got it at 50%off for KRW 15,000 during Watsons storewide sales).

Texture : Feels abit like liquid serum. Not very watery and easy to glide and absorbed into the skin.

This feels really good and easy to apply. I really like this because of the texture and how easy it is to glide onto the skin.  It is very moisturising and smells good too. After applying it and absorption , i can see that my skin looks more hydrated and radiant.

It is very hard to find Hanskin stuff. I got this at Watsons though.

dsc03666a dsc03665a dsc03668a

Nature Republic Shea Butter Steam Cream 

Price : KRW 30,000 (  But i bought it during Korea Sale Fiesta at 50% off KRW 15,000 )

Texture : Feels like the soya bean pudding ( ya , i know right , what a description ! ). This is actually a popular product because of the moisturizing effect. It comes in 3 different types : Fresh , Moist and Ultra. I got the Moist one.

It promises 48hrs of hydration.  I use this as a night cream/sleeping pack because it is very moisturising. Will be too moisturising to be used a moisturiser. It really hydrates my skin overnight when i sleep in air conditioned room. I really love this. It also hydrates my skin when i was in Korea during autumn.

I think this bottom can be used very long. Because of our humid weather , i do not need to apply that much.

I bought this as wedding favours for my Korean wedding too.


After 2 weeks of use , still got so much left. If you are looking for something hydrating and affordable , this is one product you should get.


CNP Invisible Peeling Cleansing Gel.

Price : KRW 18,000 ( Got it at a discount during Korea Sale Fiesta too ! )

Texture : Watery Gel like and easy to foam up. I like the smell of the foam. Smells like those aesthetic clinic used cleansers. It is not very drying also. It promises to remove dead skin cells also. My skin looks brighter and clearer these days. So not sure if this is the product or the one below and all above that is contributing to it.


Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream

Price : KRW 66,000

Somehow i feel that this maybe the one ? I use this as night cream because it is quite oily and rich despite being a “watery cream”. It is very hydrating and i like the smell. Feels very luxurious also. But ..the bottle is very big and chunky. Super mafan to open the cap. I apply abit only because it is abit oily. I would recommend this as a day moisturiser. Because


Transparent gel like “watery cream” with gold flakes.

dsc03613a dsc03614a

I apply this on alternate days and find improvement in my skin tone.

I bought the serum too. Review later !

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Cooling Eye Serum 

Price : KRW 10,900

Not much of a cooling effect as it stated but quite moisturising.

Texture : Abit sticky.

Ehh.. this one not really a MUST BUY product. Unless you are looking for eye gel at the moment , this can be one of your choices.

dsc03646a dsc03647a

I use that to gently massage my eyebags . I usually keep all the emptied tubes and just use the rollers to massage my eyebags.

That’s all for today ! Lots more to review after i opened and used them for a week !

Busan : My Family and Wedding in Korea

After i touched down in Busan , the first thing i did was to go for a yummy BBQ lunch and had Korean Beef ( Han-u 한우 ) . You can read about Han-u HERE. That is the reason why you see different prices for different kind of beef sometimes. There are imported beef and local beef. Go for local beef if you want some chewiness and tenderness.

After which , we went to the Hanbok house at Gwanganli for fitting. Need to choose for my pre-wedd shoot and actual wedding day. The lady is a friend of my MIL and she recommended colours that suit my skintone , face and also pink and bright colours are often chosen for young brides. Different colours have different meanings.

20160502_173650 20160502_174103 20160502_174119

So i finally chose 1 set to be custom made for my actual wedding day lunch and rented 2 for the photoshoot.

This trip was quite a busy week so we do not have much time to go sightseeing .  Im in the saving mode now so this trip i didn’t shop except to stock up on my skincare and buy masks as gifts for my colleagues , clients and relatives. Now i only buy things i need. Managed to stock up some beauty products and the Laneige lipsticks worn by Song Hye Kyo in Descendents of the Sun drama. It was OOS almost everywhere and so difficult to find lor. Finally found the last stick in one of the Aritaums opposite our place and also renewed my Aritaum VIP card so i can enjoy the 10% off.  A new beauty shop just opened and having an event ( storewide 15% off ) so i managed to get Pony effect (by popular Korean make up guru – Korean version of Michelle Phan ) eye shadow because my canmake one cracked cos i stupidly put in my hand carry cabin and i think all the knocks during turbulence causes it to crack into several pieces 😦

Laneige 2 tone lipsticks in #11 Juicy Pop. I already used it for 2 weeks that’s why you see a “curve” from the side.

I like how the yellow part actually helps to “highlight” and “brightens” up my lips.

Price KRW 25,000. I bought at KRW 22,500 because of Aritaum VIP member 10% discount.

Review- Easy to apply and moisturized my lips.

Verdict – MUST BUY !

20160515_090130_mh1463280389869 20160515_090222_mh1463280416018

My bro went with us this trip to have his pre-wedd photos taken too. Yes you can save up to 60% if you just liase directly with Korea side. My bro’s friend paid $5K ++ through a studio here in SG to have his pre-wedd shoot taken in Korea studio excluding air ticket , hotel etc . I was quite surprised it is so expensive because my bro’s air ticket + studio shoot + his shopping and food expenses + hotel rooms for 11 days in Korea = $5K and got $200 change some more. I will recommend Toyoko Inn Hotel in Seomyeon if you are looking for an affordable accommodation in Busan. It is about $70 per night for 2 pax including breakfast for 2. Located conveniently right infront of the shopping street. Cafe street is opposite the hotel. Not a very big room but they have everything you need. They have several branches ( Haeundae , Busan station and Seomyeon ). Because i will be too busy to bring my bro and his gf around so i arranged their stay there. MRT station is just 2 mins walk , Lotte department store is also walking distance etc. Recommended this place to my friends and they like this place.

Club FIX is also nearby so if you are done with clubbing , still can walk back. Don’t ask me how is the club there. By 10 pm my body already automatically going into sleep mode. Old already.

Day 2 was spent whole day at my brother’s pre- wedd shoot and helping him with translation. Oppa is there with my bro with the translation whereas im in the make up and dressing room with my bro’s gf helping her with translation between her and the make up artist and dressing assistant.  It is good to have someone who can speaks English with you else can be frustrated because photographer may not understand what you saying and you also don’t understand what the photographer want you to do.

After which we cabbed down to Shinsaegae in Haeundae for dinner and Oppa bought me my birthday present.

Gentle Monster sunglass ! Been wanting to get one since i saw it on some K-celebs. Their sunglasses are all so pretty and tempting to get everything off the shelf (of cos not !) haha. My sunglass broke into 2 and it was time to get one. Cheaper to get it here in Korea.

C360_2016-04-29-16-40-11-504 20160429_164258

He was stoning there lol.

20160429_164312 20160429_164303

I developed a new hobby during this trip.

Gardening and floral arrangement. I spent like hours going from one florist to another.

Flowers there are so soft and pretty. It looks so not real. I thought i was faked flower but they are real. Petals are so soft and moist like tissue-paper.

20160506_195051 20160506_195045

Their roses bloom until so pretty. Dry flower bouquets are so pretty too. Dry until so not real also.


They looked so not real but they are real and soft flowers.


Im intending to go for floral arrangement classes the next trip. Arrangements are very unique there. Very pastel and french-ish which i like. I bought a pot of flowers for my MIL to thank her for whipping up such good dishes for my bro and his gf at home.

This was from one of my favourite flower shop in Busan. Creative floral arrangements and styles. I love going to flower shop cafes because it is so therapeutic . Felt so relax with all the pretty flowers around. The cafe smells good too. Flowers looks so fresh and pretty. Some can even be used to decorate on cakes and eat lor.


Besides floral arrangement , im also into interiors. Our new place will be ready in 2018 which is near the baseball stadium. I can hang around for 2 hours in this furniture shop. The stuff are affordable. They are surprisingly so pretty and cheap ! Oppa and i were saying that if we have a house in SG , we will buy from Korea and ship to SG instead. There are alot of furniture and wares for different themes ( nautical , french garden , minimalist etc ) . So prettty !


And guess who i saw ?

20160502_183415 20160502_183328


Alot of eye candies ! LOL .

To be continued….nursing a bad throat now..

I miss the cold weather in Taiwan ! My skin , hair and everything looks  better because of the weather lol. Except that my eyes looked more tired as the day goes by because i slept for 3-4 hours everyday in Taiwan. Slept at 3am and woke up at 7 or 8am to go to Ah Zhong Mian Xian to have breakfast.

Just 2 days before my trip , i had Triple Glow treatment done at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic. I do rave about treatments or products that i reviewed here ( not sponsored ones ) but this one is soooo good. I personally like it alot. Sometimes , i can feel slight bumps on my nose when i cleanse my face. They are either white or black heads. But this time , my nose and face is very smooth even 2 weeks after the treatment. I really like it ! The thing about Korean aesthetics is that they are always coming up with new treatments. Sometimes i have to stock up on the products i used before they were discontinued since they always upgrade their products or come up with better ones.

The Triple Glow treatment consist of 1) Clarity Laser Toning (pigment laser)  2) Diamond Lifting (collagen RF) and 3) Omega Glow (LED Rejuvenation). There is a CNY Special going on for trial at $100 (T&Cs apply). Go try this if you are interested or need to rejuvenate your skin.


You can quote my name to enjoy special rates when booking your appointment (Tel 6733 2002). Clinic is closed on CNY Day 1 and Day 2. They resume on Day 3. Clinic is located at Pacific Plaza @ Scotts Road ( Level 6 ) which is just opposite Grand Hyatt Hotel.

K-beauty !

Here’s something i got from Korea 2 months ago and i finally started using it after the Maxclinic one which i got in April finished up.

I used to remove make up with cleansing oil but i switched to Oil to Foam cleansing oil to remove my make up. This is used in the 2nd step after using the Biore cleansing water or Biore Jelly up remover to remove eye make up.

Cleansing = 3 steps for me and that includes thorough make up removals.

First step – Remove with cleansing water or make up remover

2nd step – Remove remaining make up with cleansing oil

3rd step – Foam cleansers.

I love how this cleansing oil turns to foam when you lather your face with water. I don’t like how oil cleansers are soooo hard to remove even with foam cleansers. Some cleansers are too mild and may take longer time or quite hard to remove the cleansing oil on the face. Or the cleansing oil is too oily and too strong for the cleansers.

So it is good to get oil to foam cleansers because they don’t leave that oily feeling and it removes your make up.

The Max Clinic one is good but not sold in SG. Blogged HERE before.

Because it turns to foam after you lather with water , it rinses off easily. YAY !

Im gonna stock on this ON: and Max Clinic ones on my next trip in March/April. I maybe going for a short 5 days in Jan to check on the wedd stuff. Got this at KRW 7,500 after 50% discount from OLIVE and YOUNG. Lucky enough to get this at 50% off because when i want to go back to buy another bottle to stock up , it was back to KRW 15,000 and so i didn’t buy.

Something you can buy and try as a 2nd step make up removal. Or if you are someone who puts on light make up , i think this one can remove your make up base well enough.


Im turning 30 soon and im slowly introducing anti-aging products to my skin. I have sooo many sample bottles of this AGE AWAY range from HERA that i think the samples alone can last me probably 6 months or more. Starting to feel old and can feel the skin is no longer like last time. A little bit different from 4 years ago because now i realized i need to maintain it quite abit more than before. I like this range alot. I haven’t gotten any breakouts yet (not pimple kind of breakouts but rashes). Because when a product is too strong or rough for my skin , rashes will start appearing and they are the abit painful and itchy kind. It will take 2 days for it to go away. But yay to this one.no side effects.


I think im like a K-travel guide. Friends often ask me where to go in Korea. Because they have been to Seoul soooo many times and they want to go elsewhere. They want to travel for 10 days.

Seoul , Jeju and Busan. These are the 3 popular places. To be honest , 3 days in Busan or 3 days in Jeju is not enough. If you have the time , 5 days will be great for you to comb the entire place and go to more places. Most people put a week in Seoul because there are more to see. Actually i find that Seoul is more for shopping. But if you want to have a rich experience of the culture , you can go to these places.

Gyeongju : 

It was once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla and you can see many ancient and traditional Korean houses and palaces. Awesome place to go in Spring and Autumn because the trees , leaves and flowers blended in so well with the architectures. 2 days 1 night here will do.


Jeonju : 

If you love bibimbap , Jeonju is the place you should try. Jeonju is famous for its bibimbap.

The Jeonju Bibimbap ! Jeonju is famous for its food. So remember to eat and eat and eat your way there.

It is about 5 hours bus ride from Seoul so it will take about 2 or 3 hours via KTX ?

Quite a small town so probably 1 day is enough. You should visit the Hanok Village. If im not wrong , you can book a Hanok stay there.


Tongyeong : 

Tongyeong is located at the southern peninsula of South Korea. If you are a fan of K-pop star Song Joong Ki and you watched the movie Innocent man , you will know this place because it was shot here at Tongyeong at this place called Dongpirang. You can find alot of paintings on the wall and the shooting locations. Famous food here is the Ggulbbang ( Honey Bread ). Very cheap. About KRW500 per piece. 1 full day here will do and you can move on to other or take a ferry to Jeju.


Naejangsan :

Good place to go in Autumn is the Naejangsan. it is located at outskirts of Jeonju. You can find temples and beautiful waterfalls here. Don’t wear like me when you go there. I can’t climb up the mountain because of my clothes so i was only at the base.  Just half a day here will do unless you want to do mountain hiking or trekking.


Jinhae :

1 day stay will do and you can move on to Busan from here.

Located an hour drive away from Busan. Famous place for its spring blossoms. Crowded with alot of locals during Spring.  Best place i have ever been to in Korea in Spring. Super nice and even the mountains have “speckles” of white cherry blossoms. So nice ! I want to go back here again next year in Spring ! Cherry blossoms everywhere. This is the best place in Korea for cherry blossoms.


Gangwon-do : 

Best place to go to during Winter because of its ski resots and the snow capped mountains. Damn cold. I have never been there but i want to !!! I was asking Oppa if i can have my honey moon here hahaha he wanted to faint already because i wanted my honeymoon in Jeju island and Gangwon-do !


There are other places also like Daegu , Ulsan , Gwangju and more….i’ve been to Ulsan and 1 full day there will do 🙂 If you were to skip Seoul , Busan or Jeju because you have been there many times , you can go to at least 7 cities for a 10 days trip to Korea.

Busan Korea

Back to work today and i really miss the autumn weather in Korea.

Imagine clear blue sky accompanied with a nice breeze and the air was very fresh especially at the mountains in the day.

The haze condition in SG is getting worst. It was bad before i left and even after 2 weeks , it got even worse. My nose itches and i kept on coughing whenever im outdoors.

This post is going to be lengthy one with my personal thoughts , 2 good news to share and also continued updates on my Korea trip.

A couple of my friends who have been following my blog and instagram asked me why haven’t i been updating my social media platforms as often and why have i not even started snapchat ?

To be honest , i really enjoyed my trip this time without considering so much about taking pictures just to update on my social media accounts. I don’t want to keep thinking about what pictures or visuals to update on my instagram page or other social media platforms. I don’t want to spend time arranging the food nicely on the table for visual purposes. I just snap a simple pic and enjoy eating the food while it is hot and nice.  I want my blog to stay true where i jot down all my daily life and memories. I can be abit blunt sometimes but they were straight from my heart and mind..

I want to keep the pictures for memories and document my travels , food i ate , places i have been to and share genuine reviews and tips with people. Sometimes , i even flip back my past posts to refer to when i need to and read my old posts with my bf. Because i forgot how to get to that place or what brand , what address or how it looks like after awhile.

Now that i am turning 30 next year , i just want my life to be simple. Enjoy time with my love ones , document and share my travel experiences , beauty and make-up journeys. I enjoying sharing and exchanging tips and feedbacks with readers too. Just simple and sweet.  It is also time for me to settle down.

I know i have some regular and long time readers of my blog who have read about the ups and downs that happened in my life. And i am also glad to have their support. It was really touching to receive their emails with words of encouragement during my down times. During my down times , i was in no mood or in any good condition to reply anyone even though i read their messages because i wish to be alone. But i do felt touched by their words even though i didn’t express it out. And also i made friends with my readers and even customers. Like i said , it is time for me to settle down , so i have 2 good news to share with you especially with people who were there for me and always encouraging me.

First good news is….

Oppa and i are already planning for our wedding in Sept 2016.  We are looking for photo studios to shoot our pre-wedding photos in Seoul or Busan and also to look for wedding venue in Busan. Whereas in SG , we are looking for a venue for the ROM ( + event styling and catering ). The main wedding will be in Busan. Planning to do pre-wedding shoot in Spring 2016. It will be nice because of the cherry blossoms.

I will be tailoring my own hanbok for the wedding on my next Korea trip. I am thinking of pastel tones ( Ivory top with Peach/Pink bottom skirting).


It will be a Korean + SG wedding. The ROM in SG will be a small affair. We ever thought of holding it on a yacht with a few of our close knit relatives actually because he was a ship navigation 2nd officer, has license to operate a ship vessel and he loves the sea. We were also considering holding it at a nice cafe or somewhere with a touch of nature because i love gardens and flowers and the budget is more affordable.

Here is one of my shortlisted venue in Busan. Something garden-ish.


For 2 years , this man has never made me worried and he really takes good care of me. He supports me in whatever i do and he understands my fear and bad experiences with trust in relationships so he always assures me.  He feels and thinks that it is the responsibility of the man to take care of his woman and his family.

After going through ups and downs in my life and in relationships , i know what i want in a marriage. I only hope for a happy and simple marriage life. Just need someone to be there for me and to be there for me for life and our family. It has been my dream marriage since young which is to have a happy family with my kids and a dog.

I will document down my planning process and hopefully to share and exchange tips with fellow readers who are in SG-KOR relationships or weddings. If you ever held a SG-KOR wedding , please drop me an email at peonykissblog@gmail.com.

Thank you !

Life and work have been exciting and challenging for me these few months. If you were wondering what am I studying for and what industry did I venture into ,

Well, Here comes the 2nd good news !

I am embarking in the Financial Planning career.

I have always been interested in the Finance industry since graduating from SIM with majors in Banking and Finance.

For 3 years, I worked for a Private Bank and I am happy to be back into the finance industry once again. To be back, it is something that I have always wanted to do. And this time, I will be at the front line happy at crossing lives and getting in touch with people at the same time.

So from now instead of just blogging about my make-up and skincare reviews and Korea travels , i will share some of my financial planning work experiences and financial matters too.

If you have any questions or need any suggestions or opinions regarding financial matters , beauty and skincare , you can email at peonykissblog@gmail.com

So what about AE ? I guess this will be what most people will be curious about. It is still running by my family as usual. There were a lot of shifting and moving to a new office for the past 2 months but you can expect a new collection this coming Sunday ( previews are up on facebook page ).

I celebrated Chu Seok ( Korea Thanksgiving Day ) on 27th Sept with Oppa and his family. And that was when i met some of his extended family members. I spent the day in the kitchen helping his mother with the food and to serve the guests. It was a tiring day because the cooking and preparing started as early as 5am. All ended after lunch time and all of us knocked out till evening.

Because Oppa’s dad passed away more than 10 years ago , his relatives will come over to pay respect to his father on Thanksgiving Day. It is the day where Koreans pay respect to their ancestors and family members who passed away. Only the men will be paying respect and the women in the kitchen. Men must be dressed formally in suits , pants and shirts. Managed to snap a pic secretly while preparing to serve lunch.


After the lunch , i helped his mother to clear up before i KOed.

Next day , Jinjae oppa took leave and drove us to a small own near Ulsan for the famous and popular beef BBQ. It is an hour drive from Busan. I just realized that the best food are located at the countryside. Cheap and good.

Supposedly to go to Gyeongju this Sept but Oppa has to renew his driving license because he has not driven for 10 years. So he has to attend a 2 day course and take the driving test again. So we shall bring the Gyeongju trip to next year.

Busan itself is so big. Went there 2 times and stayed there for 1 month in total but i have not been to every corner of Busan or even the outskirts of Busan.

It was a fun car ride chit chatting with each other and Ommoni is happy to have her 2 sons by her side and traveling with her. The BBQ place was so popular that we have to wait for 30 minutes. You can wait at the shelter near the pond.

DSC02174A DSC02175A

Saw GDragon and other celebs wearing the Seoul Olympic 1988 cap before. So when i saw it while shopping at a fashion concept shop , i have to get it ! It is the last piece too. He also wore one in the latest Big Bang US world tours concert held few days ago.

2014 MAMA Kpop G.Dragon Taeyang Good boy 1983 Seoul Olympic Snapback Hat performed



I looked at what caps the celebs wear whenever i watch Running Man , Infinity Challenge , Returns of superman or any other variety shows because their caps are all so nice. The HALYANG cap which Kang Gary from Running Man is often seen in is a hot item too. Can see many places selling it when i was shopping in Busan.


Look who joined us that day ? The youngest in the family , Bomi !

We have to hide her in the bag when seated in the restaurant. But she managed to sneak out after smelling the BBQ beef.


While waiting , we went to buy the Hae Bbang ( custard bread ) which is quite a popular snack in this town.

DSC02206A DSC02211A

My bf and his bro.

They are my 2 big pillars and bodyguards.

DSC02223A DSC02224A DSC02228A DSC02229A DSC02239A

Jinjae oppa is such a good cook ! The pastas and food he cooked are so great.


First time trying Samjang soup and it tasted so nice ! I want to learn to cook this !


After our hearty meal , we drove to this big field which was just 5 minutes away from our lunch place. Popular hangout with the locals. Weather was perfect , grass were green and clean and you can see many families having picnic and chilling out on the field. Ulju is a town in the city of Ulsan located at the easternmost of South Korea.

DSC02260A DSC02262A

The first place to see the first sunrise of the year in Ulsan (below)


2nd largest mailbox in the world and you can post your postcards and receive them a year later.

I don’t know is it the angle or my flat hair…why i looks so bah bah here ?


Back to Busan after our trip to Ulju in Ulsan.

We went to cafe street which is just opposite our house. This cafe street is Busan’s version of Dempsey hill + Holland Village + Haji Lane. Alot of concept cafes here and the prices are affordable and cheap.

DSC02294 DSC02295 DSC02297 DSC02298 DSC02299

You can find many interesting cafes with unique decors and concepts.


Fans of lobster rolls can enjoy lobster rolls at only KRW 15,000 with fries. Wanted to try this but it was full house. Saw the rolls from the window and they looked so delicious with generous servings of thick juicy lobsters.


We settled for pizzas.

DSC02305 DSC02307

This big pizza is only KRW 15,000. So huge and we struggle to finish it. Bread and side dishes are free flow. You can toast your own bread at the “SELF” corner. “SELF” in Korea means self-service.


After our pizzas , it is time for dessert. Saw a promotion and this strawberry ice cream bingsu cost only KRW 3,900.

So yummy with generous servings for strawberries and raspberries.


After which , we went for our favourite bubble tea – Bubble Pong.

It is located across the road from NC Shopping mall’s Lotteria.

My favourite bubble tea place and i have it almost everyday.


Served in a cute little bottle which you can bring home if you order the large size.

DSC02290A DSC02285A

That’s how we ended our day 10 !

Just started using some of the new skincare products i bought from Korea. Loving it and shall review it soon.

Grr…i must find a time to go to River Valley to fix my Olympus camera. The shutter jammed and totally cannot work 😦 And my Korea trip is just 20 days away. Got to make do with my phone camera and hope i can get my camera back before my trip.  Supposed to blog some new K-dishes too but all the pics were gone 😦 Arghhhh…

Last week , i went out with the Oppas , their wives/gfs for dinner at 2D1N and then we went down to Kream Beer bar for drinks. Pretty nice and cool place. A good place to chill out and bar snacks.


Because i am not a good drinker , i ordered the small glass and awww..the glass came with cute mustache print.


We ordered “Jwi-po”쥐포 which is a kind of BBQ fish snack. Pretty addictive !


And some cheese sticks to go with our beer.


This is not a place for dinner but a good place to hang out with your friends or colleagues for beer and some bar snacks.

And a week plus ago , i went to one of my old hair stylist at Raffles place. When i was working at One Raffles Quay back in 2009 – 2011 , i always go to her to get my hair cut , dyed , washed and blow !

Now i got a nice layered hair cut. She is the only one i go to whenever im at Raffles Place.


I had laser toning session done at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre too ! Face is now clear and nice. You should try the new Hydra Facial. It helps to hydrate your skin for a more radiant shine.

You can call the clinic at 6733 2002 for an appointment if you are interested and keen in Korean aesthetics . Dr Kim and his staff are Koreans but they speak fluent English. Dr Kim speaks good American English.

I am going for another session of BBL laser to remove the remaining freckles on my cheeks which i blogged about it HERE before. I cannot remember the price of the removal but it is pretty affordable because it was charged by per shot of BBL laser.

Abit busy with work and serious reading lately. Lack of sleep and my eyelids were so swollen and high that they looked like i just had surgery done. Hate swollen eyelids but i love the prominent double eyelids. Ironic isn’t it.
Fortunately , i am pretty strict and stringent with my skincare routine. I will hydrate my skin properly on days when im very tired. Because tiredness can cause the skin to be abit dry at times. I also keep a facial mist in the office because of the air con.


I had some new Korean facial masks and supposed to take pictures of the packaging but my camera spoilt and i threw the packaging away already 😦 Gotta wait till i go to Oppa’s house and take pictures of the mask packs again.

I can’t wait for my next Korea trip. It is going to be very exciting because this time im going to learn more about the history. We are going to visit the ancient capital of Silla Dynasty – Gyeongju. I am bugging oppa for a countryside Hanok stay experience. A city girl like me never stay at the countryside before mah…so i want to go and stay for 2 days 1 night as an experience. Also , i had added quite abit of skincare products into my shopping cart and waiting for a week before my trip to buy and send it to Oppa’s mum house and i can collect it when i go there. Stocking up on my HERA skincare produts and UV Mist cushions too ! But im trying out other brands’ serums because Hera doesn’t have a wide range of serums.

Here’s something i added into my online shopping cart from Hyundai Mall site.

I am only interested in the serum ( the one in the middle ) from LEADERS. I really like the LEADERS Vita C Serum , LEADERS, Cell-Derma and AHC masks which Oppa’s mother bought for me. Can’t wait for her to introduce me more skincare products which i cannot get in SG. She is really very good at these and can even buy them in bulks and have it delivered to her home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.11.21 PM

So many things to look forward too..My work , Korea trip and more !!

Im waiting for Summer sale and all the 1+1 deal before i click the BUY button.

Though i am abit busy lately , i will still make up some time to blog here at least once or twice a week with new updates on K- beauty and K-food.

Nothing interesting happened this week so im just gonna post a random OOTD here.

Studying hard these days and im hardly online and hardly check my messages too.


2 weeks ago , it was pink. Last week was blue and this week was green.

Suddenly i felt so old during this shoot. LOL ..Chrystal (photographer) and the model are 10 and 14 years younger than me respectively.

Our sunday morning.

I spent this long weekend cooking ,studying and reading some books ! Oh and meeting friends for lunch and dinner too.

I eat alot when i was studying. Sit and eat..no wonder my tummy getting bigger.

Met up with my Korean class ex-classmates for dim sum at 126 Eating House in Geylang and went opposite for Mao Shang Wang durians !

I wished i could eat more but i wasn’t feeling well. So i had few seeds and the rest of the girls dabao back.

Weather was soo hot nowadays and i realized my pores started getting abit more obvious. Etude house sent me this product just in time . I used to use their Wonder Pore Freshner . I bought the big bottle from Korea  but i spilled everything in my luggage 😦 Came back with an almost empty bottle !

I kinda like this essence because it helps to smooth out the pores and makes applying make up much easier.

It gets absorbed quite easily and not oily.

Im glad that Etude house sent me this. Because i apply this together with my usual skincare products before applying make up. I concentrate on my nose , forehead and chin area which are prone to enlarged pores.

Talking about pore care , there are several ways to do it.

The fastest and effective way is to go through aesthetic procedure. I did mine at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre.

HERE is the more detailed post which i did few months ago.

I did it again together with my 2nd freckles removal via BBL last week. Im going for the 3rd BBL session soon.

Picture below was taken after the freckles removal BBL.

There is also the DIY kit where you buy the nose patches which helps to “dissolve” the dirt in your pores before you extract or squeeze it out yourself with a black head extractor. This may not be effective if you don’t know how to squeeze or extract properly. The first time i did it , i had several abrasions because i extracted too hard and im left with alot of red marks on my nose for several days. It was really painful. I got this box of patches from Korea and blogged about it HERE before.


Ive been listening to alot of Yiruma’s piano pieces and hmmm cant get Big bang’s Bang Bang Bang out of my head too.

If you are looking for nice piano pieces for your wedding march in or montage , you can try the pieces from Yiruma. I love these piano pieces. When i was taking a break from my books , i will listen to his pieces to relax my mind before i continue.

Yiruma is a famous Korean pianist. I love his pieces.

This is my favourite : River Flows in You.

Very touching hor…

More videos to share. This one damn funny.

Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

The more aggressive and naggy one is from Busan. If you understand Korean and abit of Busan Saturi , you will find his Seoul mother vs Busan mother very hilarious.

The subject : When you asked your mother to buy delicious food for you , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

Subject : When your mother caught you watching porn , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

Subject : When you asked your mother if you can keep a puppy , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

*The last part when the mother asked him to ask his father. The father said “NO” , full stop lol. Oppa is from Busan and i agree with the last part lol. When he say “NO”. That’s a full stop. LOL damn funny

Subject : When you have no $$ for taxi and asked your mother to come down and pay for it , Seoul mother vs Busan mother.

If you understand the language , you will find this videos very funny.

If not ask your Korean friends to watch them and explain to you.

K-Beauty time !

1.5 months ago when i went to Korea and when i went to Oppa’s mum’s house , she gave me ALOT of masks , serums and facial wash. Just like me , we have many similar interests which i talk about other day. One of them is SKINCARE !

She gave me a new bottle of Maxclinic Oil Cleansing foam. It is an oil cleanser which turns into foam when you lather in water. She said this is very good and after alot of research and just like what she said , this is quite a popular choice among the locals. Because it turns into foam , it is easy to wash off. You know , you still feel like there is a film of oil after you rinse the normal cleansing oil off. But this one doesn’t have the feeling and infact , it never make my skin feels dry or oily at all. It also removes make up. I use this in the day and my HERA whitening cleansing foam one at night now. There are the rose oil , vitamin c and the caviar one which im using now.

Texture is like gel and when you apply on dry skin , it feels like cleansing oil and after you lather with water , it turns into foam and very easy to rinse off. And true enough , it does brighten my skin tone after cleansing.

I like this cleanser and it doesn’t seem to be selling anywhere. Oppa’s mum got it online and shipped to home. You can try from Gmarket. I saw them selling there.

I’ve been travelling to my Bf’s hse often and im so glad there is a new Korean beauty variety show – Beauty Bible and other shows to keep me occupied when i took public transports.  It is already at its 3rd episode. The host is Kwanghee. Though i don’t like him (because i always find him abit too fact and over reacting “unnaturally” , i like the content of the show. I watch all my shows on a Korean website.

But you can find them in youtube with subtitles.

Have a good night !

Just a day before i went to Malacca with Sim Family ( my paternal family ) for food trail , i had an appointment with Dr Kim at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic for the Doublo S treatment. It is a very popular procedure in Korea to achieve tighten and firmed parts of the face without going under the knife.

” Doublo-S uses HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) to lift, tighten and contour the whole face (or parts of the face) and neck in just 30 minutes. Doublo-S uses precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves to focus heat on the correct soft tissue layers. By focusing on these layers of tissue, the body’s regenerative response is to restore toned and tight appearance to the skin. “

Well , i had Doublo-S treatment done at my jawline. As you can see , my weight jumped from 45kg to 52kg after i met Oppa and i ate the same portion as him now lol. I need to start taking care of my chin and jawline now.

Also , Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre is one of the first clinics to offer Doublo-S ( a popular non-surgical facelift procedure in Korea ) here in Singapore. And im glad that i got to try this procedure.

I will be able to see the results after 4 weeks.  There will be slight discomfort at the jaw bone during the procedure which felt like tightening but it depends on individual’s tolerance. I find it quite ok and it was over in just 30 minutes. I had my neck and jawline done.

After consulting with Dr Kim, one of the aesthetician helped to apply numbing cream for 45 minutes on the areas where Dr Kim will be doing the Doublo-S .

Always remember try to not wear any make up when you go to aesthetic clinics.


After the aesthetician wiped off the excess numbing cream with hot towel, we took some before photos to document the changes.


A gel was applied on the areas and Dr Kim started the Doublo-S treatment around my jawline , lower cheeks and neck.



The neck area is where most people tend to overlook when it comes to skincare. You should always include your neck area in your skincare routine.

The procedure is very fast . In just 30 minutes , the whole treatment was over , the excess gel was cleaned off and you are ready to put on your make up and go.


If you are into aesthetics , you should have heard of this treatment called Thermage which is expensive and the procedure is very painful ( according to friends who had it done before ).  Doublo-S is not as expensive and unlike Thermage which is very painful. So if you want to go for tightening effect , you can try Doublo-S. It is a popular procedure in Korea since few years ago and Aeon is one of the first to offer the Doublo-S procedure here in SG !

To enquire or to book an appointment  you can call Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic at 67332002. The doctor and clinic aestheticians are Koreans but they speak fluent English.