Before i start blogging , here is a video you should watch.

New Korean drama coming up on 15th August !
Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds featuring Park Bo Gum.

Here is a teaser by KBS.


Im waiting for the drama loh. Debuting on 15th August which means that it will be online by 16th August in SG.

Park Bo Gum is soooo cute lah !  Maybe he will be the next Song Joong Ki !

I got a new buy to share in #Kbeauty

Pony Effect’s Everlasting Cushion.

Pony is a famous make up artist in Korea. The Korean version of Michelle Phan i will say. She is CL’s make up artist. You can follow her on instagram. I just bought her lipstick and primers as well. Will review once i used it.

I bought this from Gmarket to try. If it is good , i will ask my brother-in-law to buy 2-3 of it from the beauty shop opposite his house and bring them to SG for me. Hehe. I bought Pony’s eyeshadow palette from the beauty shop back in May and i really like the shades.

Verdict : MUST BUY !

Packaging is very posh looking and not that bulky.

DSC03342A DSC03343A DSC03344A

Rose gold rims.

DSC03345A DSC03346A DSC03347A DSC03349A

Cost about KRW 39,000 and it comes with a refill pack.

Coverage : 8/10

Dewiness : 8/10

Moisturizing effect : 9/10

Lasting : 8/10

One thing i don’t really like about it is that it can make my face looks oily. So if you have oily skin , you may want to top up with a loose powder.

I bought the colour Ivory Beige. It makes my skin looks abit fairer So if you are not comfortable with having a “whitish look” , you can try Rosy Ivory which comes with a slight pink tinge.

Yes, Buy and Try !  Worth it !


It comes in 5 shades.

It is similar to that of HERA. Im just attracted to its packaging and the packaging is less bulky so it wont make my make up pouch so bulgy.

Well Kbeauty and Kdrama aside for now , i have created a chat group for SG-KOR couples. All of us have Korean husbands/fiance. So if you are keen to join this group , drop me an email at peonykissblog@gmail.com .  We do meet ups and planning to do double dates. I created this group so that all of us can learn and pick up tips from each other. Some of us were already married with kids , some getting married and some planning to. Those getting married can get tips from those who were already married on the applications and steps etc. It is good to have some support back home in SG and in Korea. So incase anyone moves to Korea or need help or company there when we all go back during festive seasons like Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving day.

Yup infact , all of us go back to Korea for few days to few weeks for the Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving day. So we can meet up for coffee or hangout. Good to have friends and support when we are all in foreign land.
So yup , if you want to join us , do drop me an email. Currently i only add in those who are in serious relationships ( with marriage in plans at least).

Hehe..i named the group #KBS which stands for Korean Boyfriends and Spouse . Haha nice one ?

But if you have a Korean wife/fiancee and keen to join this group , we also don’t mind lah..but you better get your wife’s or fiancee approval first. Because it is all girls in the group at the moment.

OMG 2.5 more months to my wedding in Korea and 1.5 more months to my ROM in SG.

Just last week , there was a day when my mobile phone was vibrating like crazy. Yes it is always on vibration mode now because im so busy with work these days. And alot of friends and even my clients sent me this article published on straits time on 11th July.


The article makes everything sounds like hell but it was not that case for me. My MIL gave me alot of freedom. We have a group chat but she didnt always call or bug me with smses. I guess probably she is occupied with her new Korean BBQ business in Busan and she knows im quite automatic. Because when i cook , i will send photos over. I do clean my house , wash up and do laundry etc on my own daily. So she didn’t need to check on me because she trust that i do that on my own and im cleaner than her son hehehe. I would say that my MIL doesn’t have that mantra but more of that my fiance has that mantra that i have to cook for him leh. Yup , he expects me to cook , know how to do housework etc. I think he is more traditional lol.

Im planning to cook spicy pork ribs stew and bean paste soup or soon dubu soup this weekend.

My friends asked me how come i can come up with different dishes everyday and never run out of idea and where did i learn all these recipes that are so delicious and easy to cook ?

Well , i picked up from my Mother-in-law , my mum and also through a programme by a famous Korean chef Baek Jong won. He owns Bornga Korean Restaurant in SG. There is an outlet in Vivo and Buona Vista. I prefer the one at Buona Vista. Yup you can try the Korean food there. It is good !

I watch his program every week when  i go to work or when im on the way to appointment. Gives me idea what to cook. I just learnt how to cook aglio oglio. It is so easy and it became our version of “instant food” because it is soo easy to cook. I mixed it with Bulgogi lol..Korean-western style ? I cooked with tiger prawns just last week (western style).

Here is where i got the recipe for Bean Paste Soup Stew (Duenjang Jiggae). The one all of you asked me to blog about.

Super easy to cook and very delicious. I made it within 15 minutes.  If you cannot find radish , you can replace it with zucchini which i always use. My MIL version is slightly different. She don’t use instant soya bean paste and chilli pepper paste. She used home made soya bean paste made by my grandmother-in-law. The one you always see in drama where they put in a huge clay pot and ferment it. So it tastes really original and savory.


Korean Steam Egg

Bet that this is everybody’s favourite.

Enjoy his videos !
More to share this weekend with my new PONY EFFECT primers and pore brush.

Hola ~

Last week was a busy and tiring week. And also i am in the midst of preparing for my wedding. Quite busy these days because of work and also wedding prep. This coming April , i will be going there for my pre-wedding shoot , tailor made my hanbok , visit the showroom of our new house , confirm the interiors and decors/concept at our wedding hall etc.

So much to do and so much planning to do before we head over end of April. Also, i need to look for new make up and skin care and stock up my Hera skincare

I am also caught up with the drama Descendants of the Sun. One thing that kept me busy and nuaing on the bed the past few weekends + Wed and Thurs.


I realized he became more manly and masculine after he was discharged from the Korean army. Before that he was more of a pretty boy. Now that he is 31 years old…looks more masculine.

CYHtM27UoAAIDGF f6e6e5323948389b5dd0fdad1ec7d45c tumblr_o3r2j77JC01u2r065o1_400 tumblr_o4b8q8KJ4h1u2r065o1_400

My face book page is flooded with his news and photos. Aww so handsome and charming….~ He is having a fan meet in Busan and hopefully it will be held when im there this month end. Mr Shin promised to bring me there !

Big Boss !!!

And also this coming trip im going to get some make up from Pony’s line – PONY EFFECT.

Her makeup skill is really daebak. She can do an exact Taylor Swift look. And she is CL’s make up artist. No wonder CL looks better these days !

PonyEffect_lipstick_PC_01 PONY-PONY-Effect

What i was busy at for the past few weeks…

Looking at the samples of the photo studio im going to for my pre wedding !

Love it ! Looks very K-drama cover page or magazine style. But because the model is chio..haha if only i look like that lah.

A A1 A2

Can’t wait.

And now , im like listening to soooo many Korean ost and songs to find the perfect songs for my wedding.

But i kinda “strayed away” . Instead of searching for my wedding songs , i went to listen to Descendants of the Sun’s OST.

Of all the OSTs , here are my favourites from the drama. ENJOY !

Spring SALE is on !

Just bought this knit for KRW 19,000 to match with my white jeans and i realized i got soooo many pink knits. I also reazlied the tops i brought to my Taiwan trip back in Jan were all in PINK.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.41.58 PM

Watching the Descendants of the Sun gave me alot of inspiration ( make up and hair colour ) for my pre-wedding shoot.

I want to dye this exact same colour ! Same as Song Hye Kyo when i go to Korea in 3 weeks’ time.

Song Hye Kyo

Hehe here’s a new drama that i am addicted to currently.

Rain is soooooooo hot (GOSH! Fangirl blushing here).

The drama plot is very well done and very funny.
You should start watching this because this is a new Korean drama hit. Now on its 5th episode 🙂


Yay…i can’t wait for my trip to Korea in end April. There are quite a number of people asking where and how i get it arranged. Well , i think it is better for me to blog about my experiences and the process after i have done the shoot. So i can share my experiences and thing to take note of for those who are shooting their wedd photos in Korea.

Oppa is going back in March first and i have so many skin care to stock up. Haha i think he will “faint” if he saw my stock up list. I am switching some products to Sulwhasoo. Not that Hera is not good. But im starting on anti-aging products and i will prefer Sulwhasoo.

I realized i haven’t been blogging here much. Lately , i was busy running around SG to meet my clients and prospects.

Receiving this kind of messages made my day. This is from one of my youngest clients. And all my clients will message me “Thank you for your help” .


Some of my friends always teased me saying that i am “motherly” or “housewife-ish” cos i cook , clean the house etc. But i guess this motherly nature of mine was well appreciated by my clients and prospects.

Im glad to be in this line. Something i like to do because i love meeting people and getting to know more people. And also i learn to be more appreciate and cherish the people around me and i should help more people. Throughout my course in this line , i have met different families , situations and people. That is also something i want to blog about. Because i just went to the hospital last week to visit someone young ( Age 15 ) who was on life support before she passed on. I will blog about this separately and it will be part of the “Smart Lady” posts where i will talk about financial planning.

Good news !
Hoodadak is opening soon on Monday 14th March at Galaxis @ One North. It is just above One North MRT.

Menu includes Korean dishes , chicken and beer. The chef and bosses are Korean. And the chef was working previously at Chicken Up and other restaurants in Korea. Come here for Korean food with some in Korean homemade sauces.





Here are 2 dishes i had for food tasting.



2 dishes which you have to try are the fried chicken in different Korean sauces and also the Andong JjimDdak .

Andong is a town in Korea and they are famous for Jjimddak (Chicken stew). There is the spicy and non-spicy version. But here in Hoodadak they are serving the spicy version.

Come support the Oppas in their new opening. This is a place where i will “park” myself to do work and also help out abit after my work or when im free. The Oppas are always looking for home cooked taste Korean food in SG and now they will all come to Hoodadak. Come come and you may see there often especially during dinner time. Say hi if we see each other there !

Paiseh , my blog abit boring these days. Quite busy with work , wedding preparation and taking care of my health.

Alot of things to research and look for my wedding prep because once i arrive in Korea in April , i will do my wedding shoots , hair dye and perms etc etc all together lol. Some readers have emailed me to ask how and where and what i do for my wedding prep. But because i have not seen the real thing in Korea yet , i can’t review or advice much yet. Wait till end of April okay ? haha my bro is coming to Korea with me too. I helped him to arrange his pre wedding shoots there.

Oh there is a cheongsam tailor shop i want to recommend. If you are keen in making your own cheongsam for your wedding. Im going for fitting next tuesday. Will take a picture and blog here !

Look out for the following posts in March

Smart Lady post on financial planning and health planning (for ladies!)

Shopping in Korean sites

Wedding preparation in Korea

Cheongsam making in SG

Korean food and recipe

Korean make up and skin care ( new ones which i bought ! )

I just went to have my eyelash extensions done. Quite a number of people asked how i go about removing my eye make up and yet taking good care of the lash extensions ? Removing make up when you have lash extensions can be quite challenging but i managed to find a quick and cheap way.

I bought this Etude House eye make up pencil remover. It doesn”t really remove make up totally but kind of helps to remove make up smudges. But i used it to remove my eye make up (1st step) before i use oil-to-foam cleanser (2nd step) to remove the remaining. This pencil helps to “dissolve” your eyemake up thus making it easier for your 2nd step make up remover to remove it totally. In this way , there is no need to soak your q-tip cotton buds into make up remover solutions and slowly trying to “rub” it off.

My method works pretty find for me and it also helps to “dissolve” waterproof make up and making eye make up remover easier. It is not expensive and about 7,800 KRW at Etude house. Im not sure if the stores in Singapore are selling it or not but you should give it a try.

DSC02601A DSC02603A

This month is a busy but fulfilling month for me. Down with food poisoning last 1 week and i couldnt eat or sleep well.

Next few months going to be bit busy and i can’t wait for the Xmas holidays because i can finally sit down and do a proper research for our wedding plans which will happen next year Sept / Oct in Busan. And im already looking for coats for next year. This year, i didn’t bring thick enough and ended up having food poisoning and a bad cold. Feeling damn paiseh..because first time meeting his mum but i ended up in hospital and she has to take care of me.

Anyways , should i go for a hanbok wedding dress or a traditional hanbok ?
I prefer it to be pastel colour though. Hehe.

Saw a couple of coats for spring on a korean site and tempted to get them though. They are having Xmas SALES ! Thinking should i ship them to SG or to our place in Busan.

The cutting is so nice. Only KRW 40,000. I bought coats from this shop previously and they keep me so warm during late winter and spring. Very light weight too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.44.57 AM

Like this purple colour. Quite unique and since im always in black. It should brighten my outfit. Also i like furry coats. Very nice and soft to touch !

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.50.19 AM

 If only SG has 4 seasons. I love dressing up during spring/autumn where the weather is not too cold and not too hot. Just nice for my lace boots , coats and stockings etc.

I haven’t been getting in touch with the latest Korean dramas or variety shows due to work for the past 1 month. But im still having my weekly Korean classes and surprisingly my Korean speaking improves quite alot and i am able to have fluent conversations with his mother on the phone and even understanding abit of the Busan dialect.

Im hooked to the Reply drama series.

I have watched Reply 1994 , Repy 1997 and now Korea is airing the Reply 1988. I started watching the first drama series in 2013.

Damn funny and interesting drama. You can hear many forms of Korean dialects – Standard Seoul Dialect , Busan Dialect , Jeolla-d- Dialect, Chungcheong-do Dialect or Gangwon-do Dialect. Also , you can get to learn alot about traditional Korean cultures. It helps me to understand the era that oppa’s mother and him grew up. You will also get to learn their family house rules / habits , manners etc. I also learnt my Busan dialect from these 3 series. Though i can understand , i can’t really speak the dialect.

If you have watched the Taiwanese drama Our Times , it is something similar but this is drama form.

Reply 1997 featured Eunji from Apink and some other rapper idols.

Very hilarious drama. Even more hilarious if you understand Korean or even the dialects.


This time Reply 1988 featured Hyeri from Girls Day. The actor on the left very shuai hor ?



Go watch Reply 1988 and the other series also. You will get hooked. If you have a Korean bf/gf/spouse , watch it with them. It will be good for bonding and also to learn more about his culture , family habits etc.

I think i had too much Korean bbq or the pork was not well cooked. I was down with food poisoning for a few days and the feeling was really terrible.

Last week , we went to Robert Oppa’s house for Korean bbq.

Went with SY oppa and RJ oppa to K&J Butchery at Bukit Timah to buy pork belly and pork collar.

This butchery carries alot of Korean food , meats , sauces , sojus etc. A typical Korean mart for you to buy Korean ingredients for cooking. The vegs and all are also from Korea.


Yup yup, you can find Peach soju here !

20151212_184100  20151212_184053

It is Christmas soon. And lately i have been working outside at starbucks sipping my cup of $4.60 Earl Grey tea with some new found friends using the app Lunch Kaki.

Here’s a picture taken while having coffee with my lunch kaki.


Lunch Kaki was an app started by a dear friend of mine. He quit his job as a stock broker to start out a networking app on his own. Alot of hardwork and planning were put into this app and though in just less than 1 year , the app has alot of users and i see more new people joining this app. Even my Korean teacher also joined this app. As a humble man , he will meet his users to ask for feedbacks to improve the app. This app helps to improve my social circle and i met people from all walks of life. For people like me who moved around , having meals alone can be quite sian at times. Lol i will always joke with my lunch kaki that i need someone to look after my belongings while i go get my food which is the reason why i used. Haha just joking lah. Need to break the ice what if not the meal will be very quiet and awkward.

My lunch kakis and i had meals ,talked about what we do , our trades and for some we eventually became friends and met often for meals. Recently, i met with someone who worked in the petrochemical industry and he taught me alot about dealing with people and differentiating personalities. Not only did i met someone and made a friend but we learnt from each other.

You can read more about the app HERE.

Support local app , join Lunch kaki and make a new friend !

** Psst..i just had new eyelash extensions done and also a tummy fat “destroying” session at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Center. Sounds scary but actually it is not. Blogging soon tomorrow on these 2 !!