Food food food.

My first time having Teochew Porridge. I went to Heng Long Teochew Porridge near Simon Road for dinner with Elaine today. This place is just opposite Serangoon Junior College. I think i came here once to take away when i was studying in Serangoon Junior College like ermmmm 13 years ago . Oh my….starting to feel abit old now lol. And just yesterday , i had dinner with Elaine and we spent $40 on Teochew porridge. OMG…So expensive. I can cook abalone porridge at home with $40. I didnt expect it to be that expensive.

The stretch of shophouses along Kovan has alot of such Teochew porridge and several eating house. The food there quite nice but i find it very expensive. Even 13 years ago , i would go with my friends to buy our lunch or sneaked out for recess by climbing over the fence ( but after awhile we found out that someone cut a BIG hole behind one of the fences near the field and we managed to sneak out without climbing over the barb wires ) and i find it expensive already. I went once and never go again after that until yesterday night.

This set cost us $20. We were still hungry so we ordered sweet and sour pork and pomfret fish. Paid another $18.

I don’t know why porridge here are so expensive leh. The mix rice stall near my house sell only $2 per plate of dish usually. This one is about $4 per small plate.

Cannot complain..come here already just eat bian..I thought will be quite cheap since it is just porridge.

Not that fantastic. Abit bland or maybe porridge is supposed to be healthy and that’s why it was bland. Beside our table was a lady who was talking and smiling to herself and to “an invisible person” infront of her. Really scary. She ordered like 6 dishes of food. Arranged them in a line , ordered 2 porridge and 2 drinks. She didnt touch the food at all. One porridge opposite her and one for herself. One drink for herself and one was opposite her as if she was having dinner with someone. And she was talking and smiling so naturally. It was quite scary. As if sitting beside me was a spirit or her “friend” . After she left , the cleaners looked at her in a strange manner because of the way she arranged the food and how she ordered 2 sets of everything and one is for the “space” opposite her. She only eat her own share whereas the other set was as if to pray to dead people. Maybe she lost someone she loved and became like that. But i can’t help it and find it quite eerie.

After that , the lady took a cab. Elaine and i were wondering whether the taxi driver was probably going to freak out like we do.

And finally for a change ….wearing blue..I think Elaine maybe engrossed or freaked out by the lady because she was focusing my back and not me so i appeared blur here.

I managed to take an hour break from my studying to do some cooking.
I cooked DakBokkeumTang. I blogged about it HERE before.

Blogged about it here. I added more water this time so it doesn’t appear too “sticky”.

Today’s one look nicer than the ones i did previously because i added more water.

This is my home cook chinese soup (cucumber + fishball + egg ) .

I don’t use MSG when i cook so i may take abit of time to prepare all the seasoning.

For the soup stocking , i boil water and put in about 8-10 pcs of big anchovies from Korea and 6 pieces of dashima ( Korean dried kelps ) to boil till the water turns abit fragrant. It is very healthy. No need for chicken stocks or MSG.

Throw away the big anchovies and dashima. After that , i added the sliced cucumbers , fishball and 1 cracked egg.

Wednesday’s dinner cost me only $8.50. I bought all the ingredients from wet market instead of Fairprice.

Some of my friends and readers asked why do i even bother to cook Korean food at home when it is cheaper to eat in restaurants. I realized that they bought most of their ingredients from Fairprice. Me too..i realized i spent $25 the very first time just to cook one pan of Dakkbokkeum Tang..must well go to the restaurants to eat ( cost about $38 – $45 in Korean restaurants..can save all the trouble of cooking and washing ) . Hehe… so i learnt my lesson and went to wet market to buy ingredients instead.  Chicken $4 (6 wings 6 drums) ..Carrot + Onion + Potato – $2 . This Dakkbokkeumtang cost me only $6 to cook. If you like cooking and like to cook Korean food. You should buy the sauces and mix your own instead of buying ready mix ones. It is cheaper this way. It cost me less than SGD 12 to cook one pan of Army stew for 3 pax. Haha next time teach you how. MSG free also. Somemore can top up the soup.

And finally , my bf managed to eat durians. He always gross out at the sight and smell of durian. Somehow i managed to get him to try one. Most people think that it stinks and it is all psychological. So i ask him close his eyes and pop into his mouth , chew, spit out the seeds and swallow the flesh. He realized it isn’t that bad. I bought him $1 ones to try because they only come with 4 seeds. Incase he can’t finish . I can eat the remaining 3. Then we upgraded to $10 ones where there are about 8 seeds. He ate about 5 seeds. Hehe..i didnt dare to buy him Mao Shan Wang incase he is still not used to it and i have to eat EVERYTHING..omg TOO HEATY LAH ! And i doubt i can finish too. Maybe next year or some days i will get him to try that. Now got people at durian with me loh and he ate like a local. Haha..can’t post the pictures here because he looked too local in the picture.

Btw , Agneselle is updating soon.

You will get to see many Pastel and Sorbet coloured laces and crochets in the month of July !

Stay tune for more ! Im sure you gonna love it because i have been wearing most of them out as seen on my instag !

 Lace Maxi 6 Lace Maxi 7 Lace Top 3 Lace Top 5

And this skirt too ! I love this skirt in both Dusty Navy and Pink. I kept both colours. Inner lining is nude in colour for the dusty navy one and white for pink one. It is dip back. The back is longer than the front with a gradual inverted V shape in the front.


Trying to feel princessly lately in PINK !

Previews will be up soon !

This culottes are my favourite. I swear that you will love it. Managed to find a really good premium fabric for this. Plus it is high waisted. YAY ! Not the normal polyester. Manufactured by a factory which produces and exports work wear. The lace top is also an absolute love. I kept it in all colours and pair it with culottes and other high waisted skirts. I chose the lace myself too for the dress and the top !

Lately , we are trying to change the system and flow of operations. Trying to improve and do changes every 2 years. That includes the out of stock emails. I realized that some customers’ emails got filtered to our spambox and we are not able to reply. Hence we would like to apologize for that. But reassured that all enquiries are attended to and we don’t ignore or just delete emails off. There is no point deleting it away because customers will just keep on emailing and getting angry if we ignore and end up we still have to reply back. Must well settle it earlier.

Im going continue to mug . Good luck Peiling !