Kbeauty and Taobao Shopping

Happy New Year !

Jan was another busy month with CNY preparation , work , spring cleaning , body check ups etc ! I just went for my HSG test in Jan and my fallopian tubes were unblocked and uterine cavity shape is normal. Don’t know to be happy or not because no problem leh..but still have not conceived. But we decided to take it slow and steady. Now is CNY , i shall share my HSG test experiences in this space after this week.

Thank you all who dropped me a msg after seeing in my instastory on my HSG test. I felt not alone knowing there are people who are in the same situation as me and grateful that they shared their journey , advices and tips 🙂 Thank you all for the encouragement. I really apprecite it alot and grateful.


I know this post may come abit late but many asked where i got my clothes from after seeing my instastory. I got my stuff mostly from taobao. I ship direct via consolidation shipping. So it is cheaper. To ship 2 dresses via air freight courier cost about SGD 5. They take quite fast to arrive except during peak periods like festive seasons , 11.11 , 12.12 sales etc. They may take up to 1 month. Mostly stuck at custom and SG side. To be honest after buying stuff from KR and Taobao , i realized SG courier services and post office are not as efficient. SG is so small but it can take up to 5 days to deliver your registered mail for the same price but in KR , it takes a day to deliver from one end to the other end of the country ( eg from Seoul to Busan ). I can order something on Monday before 2pm and it arrives the next day.


Anyway , some girls requested that i share the shops i frequents. It is a long huge list but here are my favourites and where i got my stuff from. Good thing when you download their app is that you can take picture of item you want and TB will automatically find the same identical one or similar ones for you ! Damn amazing !




YJIA Collection

TANSSHOP ( The clothes here are very commonly seen in SG . Very blogshop )




























林珊珊 Sunny33小超人


果果家 GG WOMEN女装





彩虹姐妹服饰旗舰店 品牌直销



I have more in my favourite shops list but these are the ones i frequent often ! I only get their coats during 11.11 or 12.12 or black friday sales. Cos they will be even cheaper ! Or off winter season sales !

So enjoy ! I shall share on Gmarket and where i get my beauty stuff next time . I think more people will be interested. They are from super reliable sources and you do not need to worry about them being fakes. Apparently i got to know that some shops in SG or online do not ship them from Korea. They import from China. Because a friend of mine is a distributor for Korean cosmetic products. He is a proper distributor with contracts and distribution rights from some big brands and derma brands. He prospected some shop in SG that are selling Korean cosmetics and beauty products but they find his is slightly expensive though they are shipped directly from Korea. They told him they prefer to get from China instead. Not saying that things from China are fakes. Some maybe real. But after hearing and reading news of fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel from China going around and even fake Laneige cushions….it got me abit scared. Because i do not know where they get it from and im applying all these on my face on a regular and daily basis. Some make ups like eyeshadows are applied on the eyes somemore. So becareful and wary where you buy your cosmetics and beauty products from. You spend the $ to look good but make sure it is worth it and not spent on products from unknown sources.


Hehe #Kbeauty reviews soon ! One of the new brand i would like to intro to everyone here. It has a history of Korean traditional medicine ( just like our TCM ). I got it last October and im finally going to finish my SU:M 37 Waterful Radiant set and im going to start on this probably by this weekend ! I shall review after that together with my BBIA and VDL buys from Gmarket HmallGlobal (Hyundai Mall Global) and Mamonde lipsticks (Buy 1 get 1 free) from Amore Pacific on Gmarket during year end sales ! 2 Mamonde lipsticks for KRW 15,000 which was about SGD 17,000 then. Super good deal since my lipsticks used up very fast.

So yup this is the brand i want to share on next time : PyunKang Yul

Just a short intro on this brand , it was developed by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea which infuses Traditional Korean Medicine in their products.

Now i old liao. Turning 32 this year. So i am looking more into products that has a little more “nutritious value”. LOL i don’t know how to explain that but this is what they say in Korean. I realized i have been speaking a little more “Konglish” these days ( Korean + English = Konglish ).

Got this entire set (Toner , Serum , Moisturizer and Cleanser ) but of cos im adding on with other serums and essences from other brands together with these 4 in my 7 8 9 10 steps skincare routine !



Today is the 2nd day of Jan and can’t believe Xmas and NYE just zoomed past like that in 2 weeks. Last 2 weeks were bad. Had very sore throat and fever twice. The throat was so swollen that i have difficulty swallowing down my saliva when i lay down flat on my bed to sleep and i get choked by my own saliva. So i have to sleep side ways. Dec was a busy month. Alot of claims to submit and appointments with clients. So now i carry a hot tumbler with ginger tea out for appointments to sooth my throat and drink more water.

Dec is the month where many clients were on leave and have the time to go for medical checks. And this month , there are 2 clients who were diagnosed with early stage cancer after they went for medical checks. They are both in early 30s. 1 has the same condition as Korean actor Kim Woo Bin (nasopharynx cancer) and the other is a lady who was diagnosed with ovarian carcinoma. They just had their surgery and treatment. One just did his insurance whereas the other does not have which she asked me to share the story.

A friend referred her to me because she was looking for someone to do up her retirement and insurance portfolio. And since many of my clients are females (early 20s to late 50s) and i do plannings for families, she decided to engage my service and do up her portfolio with me since she feels more comfortable speaking to me.  Concidentally , she read my blog before when she googled for Hera. Wah so qiao…SG really damn small.

We met and as usual ,  the usual text follow up , discussion but because of her work schedules and biz trips , she has no time to look through the proposals and discussions done. So a few of meetings got postponed to later dates. Then she changed job and this company gives good employee benefits such as full medical check ups which can be reimbursed. So she decided to go and that was when she found out she has ovarian carcinoma.

There are no symptoms and the only thing she find unusual was that she felt very tired recently and her period was painful. After she met the doctor and got her results , she called me to inform me and asked for meet up asap. So on that day, she postponed her other commitments and we met. She told me she felt very guilty for postponing our meetings due to her schedules . She just bought a private property and she has to take some time off from work to go for her treatment, therapy and follow up with her doctor. Also her parents are retired and they are old. They depend on her. So she was worried because she has no coverage and was worried if treatments and taking a break from work will dry up her savings or become a financial burden to her parents if she did not recover. So now we are meeting to discuss the options.

She wanted to share her experience is because she regretted not getting her portfolio done earlier when she was younger and healthy. And she did not prioritized what needs to be done first. Somethings can be put aside and do later but some things is better to get it  done asap and earlier. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can help some others.

Better to have a sense of urgency than to have a sense of regret.


Just a month ago, oppa also asked if i have done up his portfolio in full because he just had a day surgery in Korea 3 months ago when we went back in October.  He was worried for the future and for me. He wants to make sure that if anything happens to him , the last thing he wants me to do is to be bogged down financially with any liabilities he have here (housing loans, medical bills etc if any). Suddenly out of the blue he asked me to go through what i have done up for him.

Sigh very saddening and shocking actually. Especially when you have built a good and close friendship with these people and to know they have illness that might be treatable or not is really shocking. Imagine you knew each other as strangers and then became friends…and then you have to do the claims for a friend. It is not about doing doing the claims but to know your friend was struck with an illness.

I hope this year everyone will be healthy..stay healthy and be healthy. Nothing beats more than a good health.

Chasing material goods or money is not everything. Something once you lose it , you will never get it back such as health and your relationship with your love ones.


Kbeauty buya from Korea



Yayy im coming back to this place weekly 🙂 Hopefully it will continue haha…because sometimes when i was blogging , i received some messages or emails from clients and i have to stop and attend to them instead.

Last 2 weeks were busy week clearing some work and claims. It is also the year end where many clients will be reviewing their financial goals and directions and to prepare for 2018. And some bad news also…2 young clients were diagnosed with cancer. 1 of them is only 29 and the other is 35. 1 of them asked me to share his/her experience here. Actually i had done a #smartlady post but i have issues publishing it. The HTML seems messed up and whenever i try to publish it, there is always and error. I have to redo it again lol. It is a long story of me trying for a baby , some health issues etc which i actually blogged before my KR trip in October. I guess i will redo it together with my client’s story and share with everyone.


But before that , haha i want you guys to join me in the fandom for some Kbeauty products and IDOLS hahahaha !

Leaders Multi-Vita Cream 

I use this as a night cream and i love this cream ! I can see that my skin looks clearer and more radiant after using this !

I have the serum too and my MIL bought for me the night cream. If you don’t know yet , Leaders is a derma brand developed by a group of dermatalogists from renowned Seoul University. So it is kind of like an aesthetic derma brand ! They even have their own aesthetic clinics in Korea ! So if you are looking for aesthetic procedures in Korea, you can try Leaders or CNP Laboratory since they are more commercialized and bigger and well known. Leaders masks are sold in Changi Airport but they are soooo expensive. You should just get from Olive Young in Korea or best if you know any one in Korea, just ask them to order for you from home shopping sites or apps. It will be much cheaper.


Texture wise , it is not oily and not very oily. It gets absorbed into your skin quite easily actually.

What i do is that after cleansing , i will go through my usual skincare routine but i skip moisturiser and just apply this night cream directly instead.


Hanyul Moisturiser


Hanyul is a brand inspired by the traditional folk remedies and medicinal practices carried on for centuries by women in their homes.


They smell quite organic actually. It does not smell very strong and abit like grassy smell.

I really like this moisturizer. It is slightly gel cream and does keep my face moisturized quite well ! wah i love this ! it is not oily and  i do not need to wait for it to absorb into my skin for a long time before i apply my make up .

One thing i don’t like about it is that it smells abit like grass.

This was recommended by the counter staff and i decided to get this instead of Iope one. Frankly speaking , i don’t really like Iope moisturizers because they are quite oily and texture is to rich. Ehhh i cannot remember how much does this cost because i redeemed it with my Arituam VIP points. It think about KRW 32,000.


Hanyul has pretty good skincare products which you can try ! They are available in Arituam stores ! If you prefer something more natural , Hanyul is a good brand to go for. I really like their products.

Pricing wise abit more exp than Laneige lah.

Now is #Kpop time !

Haha i am officially a Kang Daniel fan leh ! If you don’t know who is he , you need to google.

He is the winner of Produce 101 and ranked no 1.  He is a member of Wanna One which is now the MOST popular boy band in Korea.

He attracted alot of noona fans and haha im one of the noona fans. Incase you don’t know what is “Noona” , it means “older sister” . Reason why he attracted alot of noona fans is because of his

1) Appearance..looks like a puppy sometimes when he is off-stage but he became very charismatic when he was onstage..

2) his “physical”. Koreans use the word “physical” to refer to someone’s body line , height and proportion. Unlike other idols at his age where mostly are very slender , he has broad shoulders , 6 packs , big boned , long legs and masculine bodyline which i think was because of his b-boying (breakdancing). His mum made him do 100 push ups daily since he was young.

3) He is from Busan and he speaks satoori (busan dialect). Idols will avoid that on TV and speak the Seoul dialect which is the standard Korean on TV to cater to everyone but sometimes he will let slip and speaks in Busan satoori instead esp when he is nervous. He still has the Busan accent even when he speaks standard Korean which makes it really cute and manly sometimes and hence he attracted alot of noona fans plus he declared on TV he preferred older woman as a partner.

4) He is from Busan’s break dancing scene and is really good at dancing which makes it even more charismatic.

5) Mummy’s boy…he is very close to his mum

6) Humble and kind personality on and off screen. Which makes it very endearing. Sometimes he is also very blur. If you go watch the variety show “Dangeous beyond the Blanket” ..you can see liao.


All the above are some of the attributes which made him now the MOST popular idol in Korea. He was EVERYWHERE when i went to Korea 2 months ago in October. His popularity shots above BTS (Bangtan Boys idol group which i will blog about later haha). Since Produce 101 ended , i can see Kang Daniel everywhere in variety shows.

Btw , he is a Korean. His mum and dad are Korean but his original Korean name was Kang Eui Geon which is abit hard to pronounce in Korean even to Koreans . Even his dad has problems trying to pronounce it correctly. Strange lor hahah then why his dad gave that name ah ? So he changed his name to Kang Daniel.

Here are some clips of his dancing , speaking Busan dialact etc. Some of my friends are also his fans lo..If you are also his fan or becoming his fan , you can watch the variety show Master Key , Dangerous Beyond the Blankets and Wanna One Go Season 2.


Videos of him speaking Busan dialect (he is the guy one the right).



Videos of him dancing. He is a professional dancer and break dancer. He was a back up dancer for some singers before he became a trainee under MMO entertainment.

These videos focus only on Kang Daniel. You can see he is slightly bigger in bodyline and structure compared to other contestants in the Produce 101 survival show.


Mummy Boy.



Haha that’s the end of Kang Daniel from Wanna One fandom !

This weekend is so pack…alot of Christmas parties and very honoured and happy that my clients are inviting me to their home for Christmas party. This year has been a very fulfilling year for me. I meet alot of people , learnt alot from my clients and also alot of new friendships made. My clients sometimes will tell me that they are lucky to have me as their financial adviser but im feeling luckier to have them as clients. They are very nice..i have no nasty clients..and we all can relate well with each other and most importantly , there is TRUST.  It is not just about being someone’s adviser…but a financial adviser whom they trust. When i was sick (i fall sick quite often) , they even buy liang cha for me and cooked my dinner share (even though i politely declined cos i paiseh) when i meet them at their house for appointments late at night. Really blessed to meet all of them and they even referred their friends , family members and partners to me. I feel very touched by their heartfelt gestures.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone !


Here are some of my recent buys from Korea. Still have alot but will slowly update and review !

I will try to update here often and sorry if i failed to even though i promised to ! Very busy with work lately..claims and appointments etc. And everytime when i login here and type afew sentences or upload pics , i have to log out again to attend to work. I am on MC so still got time to update here.

Here are some make up and skin care reviews on items i just got them in Oct and have been using !

It is #Kbeauty time !

Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer

Wah this is damn good man ! It was recommended by a Korean youtube makeup blogger which i followed. She recommended this and i must say this is really good ! Not expensive. About KRW 8000 and it is a huge tub for a concealer. I have been using this for 1 month plus already and i think it will last me at least 2 years plus lah before i use all up.

The coverage is great and it is also moisturizing so it is not cakey at all. This is a RECOMMENDED concealer if you want to cover your dark eye circles. It covers up my dark circles very well. Plus it is so affordable..for KRW8000 (SGD9) , you can use this for at least 2 years. Best part is …it is NOT CAKEY even after application on top of BB Cushion !

If you drop by Skinfood or going to Korea and looking for concealer , this is one that you must get. If im not wrong there is a skinfood in Tampines mall or Tampines One. Im always confused with these 2 malls. But it is at one of those. The mall with uniqulo and daiso one.

Etude house lip scrub KRW 4200 

I got it at 10% off because i am a Aritaum VIP member. I love this scrub ! Smell like apple and really scrub away the layer of dead skin on my lips. I always wondered how come my lips still look flakey or dry even after applying moisturizing lipsticks or tints. My makeup artist at my Korean wedding in Busan told me that it is because there is a layer of dead skin and everytime i apply my lipstick , there will be bit of dead skin cells being “transferred” onto the lipsticks. So after lipstick application , recommended that i clean it with tissue. Plus i am a fan of velvety and matt lipsticks these days which means i have to keep my lips in good condition. So i got this scrub to get rid of any dead skincells on my lips. It really makes lipstick applications more clean and smooth. And my lips don’t look too chappy even after applying semi-matt or matt lipsticks.

Photo Hairliner from Etude House KRW8,900

WAH ! I really need this leh! I have been tying my hair into pony tail so often and almost everyday esp since i always do housework and need to get my hair away…and also during my work appointments , i will always tie my hair up so it is not distracting whenever i need to present ideas on the paper. So…….why do i need this ???
Because i have been tying up my hair too tight too often , i have slight receding hairline at the sides ! Got lobang leh…omggg.

And also during my 2016 Korean wedding in Busan , the make up artist used this to draw a “heartshape” hairline when she did my hair into a bun. That is also because of my slight receding hairline 😦

It is a crayon on one end and a sponge for you to smudge it. I will share how to use it in the next few posts. Cos i use this before i go to work and always in a rush. So no time to take pictures properly to show you girls how to use it.

You can even create “illusional” baby hair with this. LOL.

Iope Pro-Peeling Soft Gel KRW 14,900

If you are looking for a peeling scrub for face , this is one soft gel peeling i recommend you to get !

It is very good and not very drying !
I realized my skin looks very clean and clear after that . Also slightly fairer !!!!!

I really love this ! My friends too love it ! Face feels and looks clean and clear after that ! I use it once a week only.

Not recommended to use daily. Once or twice a week can already.


Derma skincare is kind of a IN thing right now. You can walk into Olive Young and find many brands from Korean aesthetics company or dermatologists. I have been using some Korean derma brands and will slowly review them because i have not opened some to use yet !

Dermalift Facial Foam

I heard that the facial masks for this brand was very good ! But i didn’t buy because it is very expensive ! 😦 1 mask for KRW 3900 if there is no discount 😦 This brand was developed by LG. I realized i have been using brands by LG these days like SUM37 and Dermalift. Even brands like The Face Shop is under LG too.

You can buy it from Olive Young.


Here is the review…

If you have dry skin and prefer a non-drying facial foam that cleanses your face thoroughly , this  is one good cleanser !
The first impression of this cleanser was that it felt and smelt like those cleansers that aestheticians use in clinics. It is not drying and not very foamy. Gives you a clean and non drying skin after shower.


Very happy because it bought it during an event in Olive Young. When Koreans say “event” , it does not mean like an event with stage or some big promotions. But they are referring to discounts or 1+1 (buy 1 get 1 free) etc.

Got this set at KRW 14,900. The actual price for this facial foam was KRW20,000


SUM:37 Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Cream


I blogged about buying this set from airport before so here is the review since i have started using and opened it.

I find this moisturizer so-so only though i like the toner and emulsion which are moisturizing.


Why i find it so-so only was because it is not that moisturizing enough. Perhaps because it is the glow cream. It has another water-full version which maybe more moisturizing. Because im always in air-conditioned room , so i need a moisturizing one.


A.H.C GEN:5 Wrinkle Care Ampoule 

KRW 19,000 (after discount) from Lotte Dept Store Online. You can find this brand AHC in Olive Young (only selected range) or Lotte Duty Free. There is one at Lotte Dept Store (Seomyeon Main Branch Level 7) . You can get tax refund there. There is also one at Lotte World Tower in Seoul. This is an aesthetic brand which some aesthetic clinics in SG uses. I noted it when i went for facials..they use A.H.C toners and serums. You can even buy it from Gmarket.



I like this ampoule so much ! Not only is it very worth it but i can my skin improved whenever i used this with a sheet mask. I will apply this first before putting on the sheet mask. This is one of my few anti-aging products. I think i need to start already because i have been working till late and i scared i look older faster 😦 If you have any Korean friends in Korea, you can even ask them to get this brand’s products for you through Home Shopping apps like Lotte Homeshopping. They sell the serums , eye creams and even BB cushions in bulk and it is really cheap ! My Mother in law bought for me the eye cream and i really love it ! It really moisturizes my skin and it is a highly raved cream which i will review in the next few posts ! She bought in bulk (like 10 tubes) via home shopping but i paiseh so i took only 2 tubes back.

Ok back to this ampoule ! It comes in 3 types : Hydration , Anti-Wrinkle and Whitening. I will get the hydration one next round. This bottle is really huge and very heavy though it is made of plastic.  I think can use for about 1yr even though i use it daily. Usually my ampoules and serums lasted me 2 months max. If not that my luggage was overweight , i would have bought the hydration (blue bottle) one.


DPC Pink Aura Cushion KRW59,000

I got it via Lotte Duty Free. It is the travel special edition.  I bought through the app which i blogged below in this post.



It comes with 2 mains + 2 refills ! So total is 4 !

This is a new cushion highly recommended by my sis-in-law. Haha i got to her for the latest products and what is good. She has good skin too ! This product is kind of the rave now on home shopping and among the ladies. Even my Korean teacher also bought this and using it now. It gives a healthy glow to the skin and coverage is good. It is also moisturizing. I really have no complains for this.

It comes with a slight pink tone mixed with BB cushion which gives you the healthy glow and colour correction.

Some cushions with pink tones makes your skin looks abit grey-ish but this one does not. I really love this ! Now i have 3 favourite cushions and i am so lost which one to use lol so i alternate them. The ones im using are from Hera UV Mist Moisture, Sum37 Waterfull cushion and DPC Pink Aura cushion. Will take another picture of the actual thing (inside) in the next review. LOL because i have used mine for almost 2 months and it looks very cui already..very paiseh to take picture and show here.


So alot of people asked me how did i managed to bring so many things back even for my friends , clients and myself and yet never need to pay luggage overweight charge ???

I used the LOTTE DUTY FREE app to order and collect it at the airport on departure date.
It is VERY easy and convenient.


  1. Download the app and open an account



2. Cart out the things you want to buy (you can search by brands)

3. Make payment and enter your passport details and departure dates etc

4. On your departure day , after clearing the immigration , head to the collection counters and get a queue number to collect your bags of items.


I suggest that you check in early. Because that time , i am 40 mins away from departure time and there are 40 pax infront of me in the queue. But as you know Koreans are very efficient and fast…so i waited for less than 15 mins to collect my stuff. You have to present your boarding pass and passport for verification before you collect. So it is important that you update and indicate the correct departure time when you place your order. So that your items can reach the airport on time few hours before your departure for your collection. Some products can be purchased on the same day or 3 hours before departure and collection. But most you need to buy the day before. Like some items i want are only available instock in Seoul but i depart from Busan Gimhae Airport , so i need to cart out at least a day before. You can buy liquid or gel items..they will pack in those safety taped duty free plastic carriers.


I usually buy BB Cushions or moisturisers or anything i want to buy more than 2 sets from Lotte Duty Free. Usually you can find those travel exclusive sets from duty free and they are cheaper. 1 HERA BB Cushion costs KRW 55,000 but you can buy the travel sets (2 sets = 2 mains + 2 refills) for KRW 70,000. Also they are tax free. Save your luggage space and money also.


Here is an alternative…

And if you cannot find what you want in Olive young or anywhere, you can download the gmarket app and order from Lotte, Hyundai, Olive Young or Shinsegae and input your accomodation address. Sometimes they have events and you can get alot of free gifts and samples. Got for a friend her black cushion set which comes with alot of freebies at KRW 49,000 from Hyundai. That time they were having sale. For example , just type HERA under search bar in Gmarket and somewhere in the middle of your mobile screen , you can see the Hyundai Mall , Lotte.com , Shinsaegae etc buttons. So you can click on those to filter out. I will suggest that you compare the prices first. Because sometimes certain malls have discounts but some don’t. They ship out pretty fast , within 24 hours after you have paid and fastest will arrive the next day depending on what time did you order the day before. If you cart out in the morning , it should reach you by next day but just incase there is any delay , better to give 2 days allowance. Their refund system is very fast…if item is out of stock , they will cancel your order and refund immediately. These department stores do not ship overseas in Gmarket. So you can only order when you are in Korea.

A friend of mine find this useful after i taught her to use Gmarket and Lotte Duty Free App. She went to Korea with her family and her parents are more into sight seeing than shopping so most of the time she was out in the nature sight seeing and visiting historical places. There is no time or not much time to shop. So she used the Duty Free App to buy her Hera skin care (because they are very heavy..their bottles are very glass-like and heavy) and Gmarket to do her other beauty care shopping. Reason why i suggest to use Gmarket instead of Lotte, Hyundai, Olive Young and Shinsegae direct website is because it is super mafan to create an account. You need a local number and the number must match its registered address. Which means you cannot enter another address which does not match the local number’s record. It is really so troublesome to create an account even for some of their local online shop clothings site.

There are some Korean local online clothing stores i want to recommend !

To be continued……

Gyeongju , South Korea

Beautiful Gyeonju – Part 1 (Autumn October)


Gyeongju is a city on South Korea’s southeast coast. It was the capital of the 1,000-year-long Silla dynasty, and is known for its extensive historical remains. The 8th-century Bulguksa Temple features twin stone pagodas, a series of wooden staircases and a large bronze Buddha. Nearby, Seokguram Grotto houses a towering seated Buddha and offers panoramic views of the sun rising over the Sea of Japan. – Wikipedia


Gyeongju is just an hour car ride from Busan. Mil drove up to Gyeongju and halfway we popby Ulsan to have lunch before continuning our journey. We stayed 1 night in a traditional hanok at the outskirts of Gyeongju which is slightly more countryside because i want to experience abit of countryside morning. You can book traditional hanoks stay in Gyeongju. There are almost everywhere. There are a couple of good ones which we initially wanted but they were fully booked.

The one we stayed was about KRW 35,000 per night ( sgd$40 per night) where the room can fit 4 pax. It is traditional hanok so we slept on the floor with the traditional floor bedding and blankets. The table in the room is also the traditional short ones like the one in the picture below.

Our hanok. There is also a sitting area outside your hanok like the one below where you can wrap yourself in warm thick blankets and chat over coffee in the morning and beer at night. It was VERY COLD at night. Suggest that you bring thick clothings if you are planning to go to the countryside. It was so cold in the morning.

One night for SGD40 in these traditional hanoks. Can squeeze in more than 4 pax actually cos it is spacious inside. Nothing except foldable floor beddings and a short table for you to have your meals.

You can bbq at night over this fire pit or hold a small little campfire with this pit or use their bbq grill. Really nice to bbq at night in the cold weather. Very shiok to eat sizzling hot and nicely bbq meat in the cold.


Very fresh air from the countryside. Air was so clean !


Once place to visit is the Gyeongju Gyochon Traditional Village.





You can try many traditional foods , see many traditional hanok houses and even rent a hanbok to take pictures in this cultural village.



One thing you must have when you visit this hanok village is this Gimbap !

Gyori Gimbap 

It is very famous and SOOOO yummy ! It was featured on many variety shows and voted one of the nicest Gimbap.

Queue is very long but it moves damn fast. Took us less than 5 min to reach the front.

All the Ahjummas are all busy wrapping the Gimbap. So when it is your turn , just tell them how many you want , they pack and you can either eat inside small restaurant or take away. There are ALOT of houseflies in the restaurant. So if you cannot stand it , suggest you just take away and eat outside or anywhere standing.


Super long queue



You should order their guksu (noodle soup) too ! It is damn nice !


You can try traditional handmade ice cream and rice cakes too !

Gyeongju is famous for its glutinous barley Bread . It is a red bean filled bread roll that was first made in Hwangnam-dong in Gyeongju. We bought a box to eat in our hanok for breakfast the next morning !


They are also famous for the soya bean paste here. You can buy and bring home or have your lunch there ! I haven tried it though.



If you walk further in , you can see the large ancient tombs of the Kings and Nobles of the Silla Kingdom. Sometimes while driving and in the middle of nowhere you can spot a “little hill” which is an ancient tomb. Hubs say that it is commonly seen in Gyeongju.



If you walk abit further , you can see the pink muhly grass. You need to queue to take pictures at a particular photo spot




Weather is very cool during autumn so it is ok to walk. Air is very fresh too.


Further up you can see the Cheomseongdae Observatory. We skipped there because nothing much to see.



Our dinner at this famous restaurant serving duck stew.

Byeolchae Gyodong Ssambap 별채반 교동쌈밥

Address in Korean : 경상북도 경주 황남동 328-1

328-1, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Contact No : +82 54-773-3322


VERY NICE ! I like it and the Banchan is ALOT and free flow !


So yummmy ! After dinner , we drove back to our hanok to sleep before we head out next morning to explore more temples.

South Korea Trip

Im back !

Was caught up with clearing my work and claims before my trip.
2 weeks in the Land of Kimchi and also a traditional hanok countryside stay in Gyeongju ( ancient capital of Korea during the Shilla dynasty ) .

Had a good rest and time spent with my Korean family. Learnt cooking from Mil and beauty tips from sis in law. This trip was abit more emotional. Shall talk about it later.


Got to clear up some work and unpacking and settle the laundry before i come back to space again this weekend ! Too many pics are on my hp but it just cannot link up to macbook.

This is part of the unpacking. Ps : Those in plastic bags are NOT mine lol. Mine are all in the pink netted pouch  only. The plastic bag is not the normal size duty free plastic bag. It is a huge sized carrier with 20kg (including the pink netted pouch ) of beauty and skincare products that i transferred from my checked-in luggage because i need to keep my luggage in the under-bed storage. Have to sort them out in paper bags to pass the stuff to clients and friends. They asked me to help them buy and now i have to sort out the stack of receipts.


Be back to this space soon after i cleared my belongings and sort these out.

Just realized my #smartlady post is still in private mode. LOL I forgot to publish it before i left for KR !

Have a good mid week 🙂

JB Trip and Korean food

Last week end , the KBS (Korean boyfriend and spouse group) went to JB !

Massage , pedicures , Tesco shopping and sweeping make up removers at Watsons while in KSL mall. Also , we had tze char, bak kut teh and Korean food for dinner. One of the couples who frequented JB introduced us to this place !

 Nam Moon Restaurant in Johor Bahru

Address : 31, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

It is about 3 mins away from KSL mall and cost 4ringgit to GRAB over. I didnt managed to take photo of the place and the food we had because my hp went low batt ! But i managed to kope some picture from google. I don’t now the source but they are just from google images.

They serve like 12 side dishes !


The pancake and Galbi Soup is very good ! The pancake is a MUST ORDER because it is soooo cripsy ! Especially the seafood pancake. The soup also very niceeee !

If you are planning to go JB ! MUST DROP BY THIS PLACE !!!

Btw , was suprised to know that the boss is a Japanese! The pricing is affordable and good.

We went to Bornga in Citysquare previously (The Citysquare in JB ! Not the one at Farrer Park hor !) . Bornga in JB is much cheaper. If you prefer to go eat BBQ , i will suggest Bornga instead of Nam Moon. The meat quality at Nam moon is not that good. It is very thin , dry and hard like bacon. Not that shiok. But the other dishes like pancakes etc are very good there . Very home cook style. So maybe you can go there for home style Korean food and then to Bornga for the BBQ.

Really enjoyed this trip ! Rented a 4 bedroom airbnb at KSL , the guys bought alot of beer , fruits and snacks from Tesco and had drinks till late night 3am. Alot of chatting and can see they are really enjoying themselves. The girls all went for beauty sleep at 1am. The guys were at one corner of the living room and the girls gathered together at another corner. Can’t wait for the next gathering and outing !

Didnt take pictures lately. I realized i missed out quite abit….during a period of time 3 yrs back when i was so insta-crazy. Everything must take photo and i didnt enjoy my food , travel and the time spent tog with hubs (that time he was still my bf). I had to bring a big bag out whenever we go out because my camera is quite big and i have to change lenses here and there. So mafan and cannot really enjoy. Now, phone aside and less photos..enjoy more…Feel so much happier ! That is why i seldom post up on instag and didn’t really blog much about the places i go and restaurants i go to…Just want to enjoy the moment and my food hehe. But of cos if i come across any good things will share lah!

One of the reasons why i didnt blog much about the Korean food or restaurants i went is because….i cook at home most of the time now !!! Hehe so instead of sharing places to eat , i will share the recipes !! I have been cooking and eating at home more these days. Will share why later.

Anyway , here are some dishes i cooked last week !

Korean Cold Bibim Noodles (Bibim Myeon) 

Very easy to cook! A friend’s hubby gave me this recipe.

It is ALMOST the same sauce i used for most of my Korean cooking but the proportion of is slightly different.

The sauce makes up the whole dish whereas the ingredients are quite easy. Raw cucumbers , boil eggs or tofu and noodles only!




How to make the sauce ? 

2 table spoon of Korean soya sauce

2 table spoon of Korean chilli paste (Gochujang)

1 table spoon of Korean chilli flakes (gochu garu)

1 table spoon of sesame oil

1 tea spoon of sugar

1 table spoon of Korean corn syrup or rice syrup

1 table spoon of minced garlic

1 tea spoon of vinegar

Mixed them up in a bowl. This serving of sauce is just nice for 2 pax.

Usually i will make more and keep in a bottle and put in the fridge. Can keep for up to 2 weeks. So i can cook bibim noodle anytime by just boiling the noddles..machiam like eating instant noodle like that. But of course , healther lah. No MSG unlike instant noodles.






Now it comes to the noodles ! Got this from Koryo Mart for about $4.95 if i remember correctly. Can eat quite long.

Don’t use the entire packet hor! That is alot..can feed more than 10 pple already. Just take out abit to boil first. If not enough , then boil somemore. I always overestimat the amount haha so i ended up with leftovers.

Just like cooking pasta, boil water and put the noodles in to boil. After about 4-5 mins or after the noodles are cooked , sieve it out and rinse it in cold water.

Hubs is particular about tap water. So i use the electric kettle boil the water first and let it cool , pour into a plastic pail , add about 10 ice cubes. That is why it is called Cold BiBim Myeon. It has to be cold then nice mah.





I sieve out the noodles using a siever and soak it into the pail of cold water. Use chopsticks to spread the noodles so they can cooled faster.







After sieved out noodles and put into a mixing bowl and mix with the sauce.

I prefer using hands to mix the noodles than chopsticks. It is more well-mixed when i use hands (with gloves of course!)



Of course , we won’t be eating just plan noodles. I cut the seaweed into shreads , boil eggs and tofu and sliced cucumbers into strips.




Put the well mixed noodle in a serving bowl , add in the boiled tofu and egg ( I don’t like plain boiled eggs so i didnt add in here ) , cucmber strips , shreaded seaweed and garnish with sesame seeds. Best is that you have dumplings at home. Steam them and eat together with the cold noodles. It is really shiok !!




The sesame seeds brand i am using.


I created a  “Bibim noodle station” for my hubs. So he can make his own after work while i went out for my client appointment. Haha hubs cannot cook so i need set everything properly. He just need to boil noodles only.

Very easy. So if you are having a home party and want to make your own Bibim noodles station also can. Guests can create their own. Because some people do not like cold noodles. So they can skip the “cooling” part or just partially cool it. Some people who like me doesn’t like plain boiled eggs ( i have to eat it with dark soya sauce ! lol ) can skip the eggs and put more tofu or eat more dumplings. It is healthier than cooking instant noodles. Just boil noodles , add the pre-prepared sauce , slice some cucumbers/boil tofu/egg/dumplings and you can eat already.

If you are interested and want to learn Korean food cooking , these are the common used sauces. I think i blogged about it before but i forgot which post or catagory i tagged in. But here is it :

Soya suace , Gochujang (Chilli paste) , Gochu Garu (Chilli Flakes) , Korean sesame oil , White Vinegar (I always get the Korean brand ones), Corn Syrup or Rice Syrup.  With all these sauces , you can basically cook anything. With $20-$25 you can get all the sauces already. Check for manufacturing and expiry dates. I realized the manufacturing and expiry dates for the Korean sauces here in SG are quite short. There was once i was in a rush and didn’t bother to check. Wah…the soya bean paste sauce was just 3 months away from expiry ! And that bottle cost $12,90 ! Very wasted if i couldn’t finish it.


Speaking of that , i have been cooking Soya Bean Paste Stew quite often for the past 2 to 3 weeks haha ..cos that is the bottle of bean paste i mentioned above which was 3 months away from expiry 😦

Blogged about this recipe before but this time abit different ! After watching Baek Jong Won’s show , i learnt a new way to cook ! It is more delicious and hubby loves it so much that he requested for it every few days. Haha Soya bean paste soup is quite salty so cannot eat every day lah ! Eat every day also sian. So usually i cooked twice a week…haha because the silken tofu sell in 2 packets ( 2 for $1.45 at Fairprice and zucchini are also sold in 2 ! )



Ingredients needed 

Boil water with kelps and dried anchovies. Once the water changed colour, take 0ut the kelps and anchovies and throw away  Keep the soup base aside.

Cut 1 yellow onion into thin slices

Cut 1 zucchini into thin slices

Cut 2 green chilli into slices

Cut 1 potato into tiny cubes or slices

Half a pack of golden straw mushrom

1 pack of silken tofu


How to cook ?

1 table spoon of sesame oil into the stone pot.

1 table spoon of minced garlic

Fry zucchini slices, potato and onion slices together with the garlic.

Once the fragrant is out , add the soup base ( that was boiled with anchovies and kelps) and boil.

Add 1 and a half table spoon of soya bean paste ( you can buy from Korean mart ) , add 1 tea spoon of Korean chilli paste (gochujang) and half a tea spoon of Korean chilli flakes (Gochugaru) into the stew and boil.

Add the sliced green chilli , silken tofu and golden straw mushroom.

Leave it to boil on small fire.

After about 20 minutes , it is ready to serve !

I prefer to use the stone pot. The soup tasted much nicer than using a stainless steel pot. Don’t know why also.

Hope this post gives you some idea what to cook this week for your family or love ones !

Heading back to work and working on next post on #Smartlady ! It’s been 4 months since i last blogged on #Smartlady !