AHC Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face

I realized i have not reviewed this yet! I have been using it for a year already! I thought i did reviewed after i posted on my instastory. Received many Dms asking for eye cream recommendations and they say cannot find this eye cream post!

This is my 5th tube since last year. Lol

My MIL bought me 2 tubes last year but it was not this edition. It was the one in black. I do not have the pic on my phone. I probably deleted it off. It was the one below :

I like the texture. Very light and smells good. It smells abit like Lancome Miracle perfume leh. Who thinks so too ? (Those who used this before). And it also moisturisers my eye area well without feeling oily.

So my Korean housemate got me a box of 4 from another edition from Korea when her grandma sent a parcel to her.

I realized this AHC eye cream has alot of editions. There are different colour tubes and texture differs abit. There are black, gold, bronze and white tubes.

I really like this eye cream! This is my 5th tube already in a year. Now i only use this eye cream…unless i found another good one maybe i will consider a change.

AHC is a Korean aesthetic cosmetic brand. I got my first AHC product back in 2014 or 2015. The first product was their modeling mask pack !

My MIL uses AHC too for all her skincare and make up. I blogged abt it before. There are some spas and clinics in Sg using their toners and serums for facial. It is an aesthetic brand so quality quite good! Haha the model Oh Yeon Seo also very chioooo!

If you are looking for eye creams, i will recommend this AHC one!

I will apply it after shower and toner. So i left a tube in the toilet. And also before i sleep.

When your eye area is hydrated, it makes applying concealers and make ups much easier. You dont see fine lines and cakey lines.

Hydrating is key for young looking eyes. I very scared will have fine lines since im approaching my mid 30s. Like the fear is there lol. Now im starting to take care of my neck area so i wont look have a pelican neck when i grow old !!!

**Becareful of fakes esp if they sell too cheap.