K-beauty time !

Ehh.. you know nowadays ┬áthe weather is sooo shiok. Windy and sunny. Feels just like spring except that you can’t see any cherry blossoms.

My skin is very sensitive to weather changes. When i travel to somewhere cold or windy , my skin turns abit dry. And when im take MRT , my hands also feels dry that was why i always carry a tube of hand cream wherever i go.

Last year , i was in Europe for 5 weeks. Oppa was attached to Europe for few months and he bought me a ticket so i can go over and join him. The weather was very dry and cold. So i have to smack on lotsa hydrating sleeping packs or ampoules before i sleep.

But you know , SG’s weather is not that jialat. Just a little windy latey. So i bought a new moisturiser cream. Yes , most of my moisturiser are gels which is lighter in texture. Creams are slightly thicker.

I got the Primera Watery Cream Alphine Berry which is under Amore Pacific. Primera is one of their brands.

I was thinking of getting the Hera Waterfall Cream instead but i never tried that samples before. I always try at least 3 packets of samples per product before i decide whether to buy the full bottle or not. These products are not cheap. They are about SGD 60-150 and super waste money if i bought it and it doesn’t work or suit my skin type.

I tried this sample packs before i decided to purchase the big bottle. It is not very thick and oily which i find it very suitable for SG’s weather.


Very easy to glide on. It leaves my skin moisturized and i really like it alot.