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Well , today’s beauty topic is Sleeping Beauty !

Woken up by my Prince charming’s kisses every morning but this Sleeping beauty falls back to sleep after that lol. Too tired lah..every work till 2am.

So i went out on Sunday afternoon for lunch with my bf and his baseball team mates. Those who came for lunch were from Gyeongsan-do ( cities like Busan , Daegu , Gochang etc etc which is near the coastal area ). They speak in Gyeongsan-do dialect since they were from the same area. Only my bf and another Oppa speak with very heavy Gyeongsan-do saturi accent. That’s why I have to open my ears real wide and focus when they tried to speak in Seoul dialect to me which was what i learnt in school and my classes. It was a good practice for me because now i can understand abit of the gyeongsan-do dialect ( maybe 40% ? ).  One of their wives had mul-guang 물광 injections done. She looks really pretty and young. What is mul-guang ? It means dewy look in Korean. 물광 주사  (Mul-guang ju-sa – Mul-guang injection ) is a kind of injection where the doctor injects hydrating skin boosters into your skin to create a dewy glow. The boosters locks in the moisture which creates the natural glow. I have not done it before and not sure how long it will last.  If you are afraid of injections and yet want dewy skin. Then you have to be very discipline and keep your skin always hydrated with good products.  Copy this 4 korean words into google search ” 물광 주사” and look at the images if you want to know more. Or these 6 Korean words “물광 주사 가격”into google search to see  before and after pictures.

The weather was soo hot and im feeling very lazy. Oppa asked me not to put on any make up. He doesn’t like ladies with thick make up or overly done eye shadows and prefer natural looks. Good thing is that i always go for natural look make up so he seldom nag at me.

So i went out without make up and only apply sunscreen gel and tinted lip balm ( see picture below ) . Sun screen is a MUST ! Even though i don’t put make up but i will not skip my sunscreen gel. It is a water base and i love it alot. No grease and feels like applying serum on my skin. Got it from Missha for only KRW 2,500 during sales.

Heh heh..i don’t go out without make up just like that ok. Before going out without any make up , i will do an extra step of skin care and that is MASKING !


So let’s talk about masking.

There are many kinds of masks and packs in the market now.

There is the modeling pack. Where you scoop up the powder and put it in a bowl , add water , stir and mix , apply onto your face with a brush , wait for it to harden for about 20 minutes and peel it off.

I bought a bottle of Collagen Modeling Mask but i have not used it yet. Too lazy and find it cumbersome.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.30.38 PM

And then you have the sleeping packs.

Im currently using Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and Sulwhasoo Vitalizing Overnight Pack. The former is more for hydration and latter is for brightening.


Also there is the night cream. Im currently using Hera’s Cell-Bio Cream. It is more of a night cream to me because it is quite thick. I will apply and sleep overnight with it.


And then you have the sheet masks.

Im currently using Missha’s green tea and pearl mask , Hera’s white program masks , Cell-Derma T-laser Hydrogel masks and the new Korean Oriental Herb masks from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic. Just got them on CNY Eve. So cute the packaging. Comes in 5 different sheets for different skin conditions. They are made of Korean Oriental herbs.



Directions available in Korean and English.


Available for purchase in pack of 5 only.


Comparing Hydro-gel and Sheet masks , i prefer the sheet masks because they are soaked wet with the essences in the packaging. Whereas for Hydrogel masks , they dry up pretty fast if you don’t store and keep them properly. But of cos the fit for hydro-gel masks is better because they really stick onto your skin and face shape as compared to sheet masks. But Sulwhasoo hydrogel masks are the best because the gel masks are thin and really soaked wet with serum and essences ( but they are too expensive) .

I don’t recommend sleeping over night with the modeling pack and sheet masks on your face. It somehow made your skin feels dry the next morning. Well , i go to sleep with the packs or cell-bio night cream. I mask my face everyday lol. Yes..i have to if not i feel very…hmmm strange and “empty” like as if i missed out something. I even mask my face on the plane.
Besides applying on my face , i also apply on my neck and shoulders. But how to apply on your neck or shoulders when you are using the gel or sheet masks ??? well , there are always left over essences or serums in the packaging after you took it out. I will put on my hand in and feel around and then spread the essences and serums on my neck and shoulders and face.

If i applied sleeping pack or cream overnight , i will use a damp warm towel to slowly clean it off the next morning or do a mild cleansing with very little cleansing foam.

When you apply these overnight masks or creams , make sure you have enough sleep and have a good rest.

On days when i go out without make up , i will put on sheet masks first. After shower , i put on the sheet mask and then my normal skin care routine ( toner , essences , serums , emulsions and moisturizer ). The mask helps to brighten up my skin and so even though i went out without make up , my skin tone still looks even and nice. I will also put on lip balms. I dont want my face to look moisturized but yet my lips looks dry and chapped.

Sheet/gel masks aren’t only for night use. You can use it in the day also ! If i have any important appointments , dinners or occasion , i will put on sheet masks before applying my make up.

After swimming or under the sun for too long , i will put on aloe vera gel masks and then another layer of whitening mask. I don’t just apply the whitening mask right away because my skin flushes and gets irritated after being exposed to the sun for too long and whitening products are usually stronger and tends to dry up my skin. So before i apply any whitening products , i will first treat my skin and calm it down first with aloe vera masks or any moisturizing / hydrating cooling masks.

Some people have the wrong thinking that they should “salvage” their skin by applying whitening products first. Maybe it works for some people but i find it too harsh for my skin.

 Hope this post helps to those who ask about masking/sleeping packs.

And yup , i put on masks/sleeping packs every night !

You should try to see if there are any improvement in your skin. It doesn’t just happen overnight . It takes sometime depending on your skin type.

Whatever works for me may not work for some people. Always ask for sample packs first ( at least for 3 times use ) !

And store your sheet masks in the fridge if you are not using them yet.

And here’s a bandage dress coming up soon on Agneselle.com !

I LOVE IT ALOT and im sure you will ! Something that you will always pull it out from your wardrobe and wear !

It is shoulder padded and had a unique side cut. My bf loves it alot and he said very very nice !


Oh well , i fell sick on the first day of CNY :( Had a bad case of diarrhea and vomitting. Probably because of the overnight soya bean milk :(

Also , this CNY was the first CNY for Oppa in SG. So he went home visiting with me for 2 days. It was a bit different in Korea where everyone gathers at someone’s house. Korea is very big you see. Travelling from houses to houses can take up to hours or half a day and probably longer if there is a massive jam. This is also his first time collecting Ang Bao. But then..all the ang bao money were spent on taxi fares travelling from houses to houses when my dad was not driving us around.

First thing in the morning was to wish his mother a happy lunar new year in Korean and she sent us a picture of Oppa’s chihuahua , Bomi ( her name means Spring in Korean ). Sooo cute right ! She was wearing her lunar new year dress lol. We got her a cooling and heat pad from Daiso and will be bringing over in March. Can’t wait to see this cute little thing in March !


Early in the morning , i went to the temple to pray to my grandparents. Whereas in Korea , they do it at home. Oppa’s mum sent me this picture and told me that it is to pray to Oppa’s father who passed away when Oppa was in his teens due to heart attack :( She prepared them early in the morning. They pray to ancestors and visit their graves in the mountains during Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving.


And perhaps next year , i will be celebrating CNY in Korea. We agreed to take turns to spend the Lunar New Year in Korea and SG.

Feel sick on first 2 days of CNY and all i could do was to rest at home and watch dramas. The only time i switched on my TV to watch Channel 5 , Channel 8 and Channel U is during CNY where i can get to watch those super old movies ( gambler king , Stephen Chow movies etc ). I don’t get tired of watching them every year. After CNY , its back to online variety shows and dramas.

Now ..back to work loh !

The “Sleeping Beauty” skin care blog post will be up next !  Hope it helps for those who asked about sleeping packs and what brands am i using !

Have a good night !

3 more weeks to my trip to my boyfriend’s hometown , Busan in South Korea. It will be the peak period of Spring and i hope to catch the beautiful cherry blossoms !

Several Korean make up brands are slowly are coming with their Spring palettes and beauty products suitable for the Spring season. As i have mentioned before , Korean brands are always coming up with new products and colours every season. Just like the HERA UV mist cushion which i have been using for 2 years , they came up with Long Stay version for Summer which stays on for 12 hours and does not “melt” away if you are exposed to and under the hot sun , Ultra Moisture version for winter for ultimate moisturizing effect despite the cold and dry winter season and also the normal cushions for daily use.

That is also the reason why i have alot of skin care products flooding my make up desk. I used different products according to my skin conditions.

A normal and typical skin care routine in Korea comprises of up to 10 steps to achieve perfection. It is no longer just cleansing , toning and moisturizing. That is why in Aeon , you do not just go for laser or facial only. Some programs in Aeon comprises of several steps from cleansing , laser treatments and laser post cares such as serums , ampoules , gels , essences , oils , masks, creams and sunscreen. You do it the Korean style in the Korean clinic.

Since last year November , Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre introduced the “Winter Glow” treatment. Just like its name , the treatment was supposedly to create a glow to your skin by retaining moisture in your skin and making it look radiant.

Now that it is Spring , Korean Doctor Michael Kim (Ji-Hyo) from Aeon Centre came up with the “Spring Bloom” Treatment. Like cherry blossoms in Spring, this treatment program helps to improve your skin radiance and texture with the premium products used.

I love the Winter Glow treatment but i love this one more. First, as I enter the room I noticed a flowery scent in the air as an aromatherapy was already lighted to make me relax.

I went to the clinic without make up. So Esther started with a few minutes of head massage before facial cleansing.


After cleansing , a special brown sea algae serum was massaged all over my face and neck area. It contains mainly Alginic acid and other amino acids and vitamins. Alginic acid acts like hyaluronic acid in that it can absorb and bond with water many times its own weight. It also detoxes your skin by bonding to heavy metal ions that may be on your skin from air pollution, left over makeup or sunblock. The serum is very gentle and does not contain any artificial  preservatives or colors so it is suitable for all skin types.  In addition to giving smoother skin and detoxing your skin, it also strengthens the skin barrier and gives long-term moisturization.

The sea algae gel used to massage on my skin removed the dead skin cells and gave me a smooth , soft and clean texture. The sea algae gel used was very gentle and the face and neck Korean facial massage technique by Esther felt so good that i hope the massage part never ends. When i went for facials in Korea , the therapists will include a Korean facial massage for face and neck which last at least 10 minutes. Sometimes they will massage your chest but before doing that , they will ask if you want to have chest massage.  I started going for facial since 2009 and i have been to several clinics and spas and none of the spas i went to gave facial massages except at Aeon. Esther is really the best! You can feel it the moment she starts cleansing your face and you can feel how experienced she is.


Esther removed the excess with facial sponge and warm towel.



After this deep cleansing with the Algae serum, i went to the laser treatment room to start my BBL Forever Young Laser Treatment.

Dr Kim is so friendly, patient and like a fatherly figure. He will give me advice on how to maintain and improve my skin conditions. Before every treatment , he will explain to me the products used and how it actually helps to improve my skin tone. Not only that , when i have questions on Korean culture , he will explain to me clearly in English and Korean so that i can learn new vocabs. It makes me feel very comfortable to go for my treatments every time.

Just like its name , the BBL Forever Young Laser Treatment helps to reduce wrinkles , fine lines and rejuvenate your skin cells to reveal a younger and radiant looking skin. Totally giving a honest review here. My skin really looks very very very clean after this entire Spring Bloom Treatment. Perhaps i have good skin to begin with and this whole treatment makes it look even better.

Alot of readers wonder if BBL lasers are painful ? From my experience , i don’t feel any pain. I only felt a slight heat that’s all. It doesn’t even felt anything like an ant bite that makes you want to get up from the seat. Sometimes i was soo tired that i slept through the whole laser procedure and Dr Kim had to tilt my head for me and woke me up after it ended. The BBL laser applicator comes with a buffer which cools your skin surface before the laser was shot onto your skin. For more information about the BBL laser , you can refer to this post HERE where i blogged about my first experience with BBL.

Dr Kim not only just focus on the face but also the neck area. He mentioned that skincare should start from head to shoulder. You don’t want to have a pretty face but your neck looks old.








After the BBL laser treatment which lasted about 10 minutes , i was brought back to the medical treatment room where a special collagen mask was put onto my face and neck for 20 minutes. This mask contains 92% collagen concentrate. It helps to rejuvenate your skin to reveal a brighter and radiant skin tone. The mask sheet was specially cut by Esther to fit onto my face shape perfectly. It covered my lips too.


An LED light was switched on to help my skin absorb the collagen concentrate and essence efficiently.

The picture looks red because of the lighting from the LED. Nope , i do not feel any heat or burning sensation. Felt nothing and it just as if the lights in the room was switched on that’s all. A goggle was used to cover my eyes so it wasn’t bright at all. I fell asleep for good 20 minutes.


Here’s the result after 20 minutes of masking.


After the treatment , i have to rush off for my quickie hair trim. All salons in SG were fully booked and i managed to get a slot and got my hair trimmed by a KPOP girlband look alike hairstylist at a Korean hair salon in Novena. Trimmed, wash and blow for an hour and i have to rush off for CNY Eve reunion dinner !

Beautiful skin and nicely trimmed hair on CNY Eve. YEAH !

No time to say proper goodbye at Aeon and no time to put on make up because i have to rush off for my hair appointment.

[I was told that for the Spring Blossom, you are give a special Green Tea from Jeju Island in Korea with a mixture of real flowers to finish the experience while relaxing in the nice waiting room. Maybe next time for me, but try not to miss out!]

Having good skin makes everything so easy and fast. I managed to draw eyeliner and apply my favourite Tony Moly lipstick within 15 seconds when i took the lift down from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre (6th floor) to the 1st floor lobby.

Managed to snap a picture while waiting for my quickie hair cut !


If you are interested in the Spring Blossom Treatment at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic , you can call 67332002 to enquire or book your appointment. Even though Dr Kim and his staff are all Koreans , they speak fluent English so you do not need to worry about communication problems. The clinic is located at 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210 . You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic !

Visit their FACEBOOK page for beauty and make up tips. They even interviewed random Koreans on the streets to share their personal make up and beauty tips !

Happy Chinese New Year !

Wish everyone good healthy and prosperity !

17th Feb was Oppa’s birthday. Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays. Just like how Chinese have mee-sua with eggs on their birthday.

Why seaweed soup ?
When pregnant and after child birth , mothers drink seaweed soup to replenish nutrients , bloody supply and relieve labour pain and discomfort. So they drink seaweed soup on their birthdays to remember the pain and hardwork their mothers went through.

Spending his birthday away from home and no one to cook him birthday meals and seaweed soup.

So on tuesday , i woke up early at 9am to prepare his lunch. Oppa’s office is just 1 bus stop away so he can come back for lunch. Because there are only 1 frying pan and 1 pot and only 1 workable stove , i have to cook one dish at a time. LOL that’s why i have to start at 9am and took me 3 hours to prepare.

I used my mobile phone to take the pictures because my hands were dirty from all the marination , chopping of onions and garlics etc. So i can’t take pictures of every single ingredients i used.


I cooked seaweed soup , his favourite omelette (korean style) , prawns and bulgogi.


I didn’t have time to do proper Korean style marination the day before so i did it within 2 hours early in the morning when i woke up . Traditionally you have to marinate the night before and leave it in the fridge for at least 6-8 hours before you cook it.

I did a short cut and marinate it for like 2 hours only with black pepper , Korean soya sauce , sesame oil and Korean seasalt seasoning with herbs. It turned out so nice that he had everything and i only had a few slices. I just throw some minced garlic in the frying pan , onions , carrots and the marinated meat into the pan and fry. That’s all. super easy. Garnish with spring onions after that.


Korean seaweed soup. Very easy to cook !


I replaced beef with mussels instead. Mussels are believed to be good for skin and health.

I used beef the other time but it kinda changed the colour of the soup. So i used mussels this time.

So here’s how to make the seaweed soup.

You can buy the seaweeds from Korean supermarkets (Shine Mart, Lotte Mart, Sol Mart , Seoul Mart). Look for the ones that are used to cook soups ! It comes in a sealed pack.

Oppa’s mother sent me alot of good quality and expensive seaweeds from Busan. So this may look different from the ones you buy at Korean marts which may not be as smooth. If you want good quality ones , you can buy from Korea. This is different from the Chinese seaweeds you eat in yong tau foo. So don’t mix them up.

I got a pack of large mussels from Giant supermarket. About $4.84 for 8pcs ( comes with shell) , i washed the mussels and removed the shells because the shells are dirty.


Chopped garlics ( about 3 cloves ).


Soak the seaweed in a pail of water.


This part you really have to be careful. The dried seaweed portion you see above ( scroll up for picture of the pre-soaked dried seaweed. ) is for 4 pax ( 4 -6 bowls ) . The dried seaweed expanded after soaking in the water for 10 minutes. The entire pack you buy from Korean supermarkets can feed up to 10 bowls. So take bit by bit to soak to get the amount you want to serve. Take abit to soak first and if it is not enough, then take a bit more to soak. If not you will be shocked by the amount of seaweed and wasted your money if you throw the excess away.

After soaking the seaweed for about 15-20 minutes , sieve it out and throw away the water.

Then marinate the seaweed with 2 tablespoon of sesame oil. Don’t add too much. Try to adjust according to the amount of seaweed you have. Because you don’t want your soup ended up looking too oily because of the sesame oil..

Boil a pot of water and throw in some large anchovies and cut sea tangle. Remember to use large anchovies ! Not the small ikan billis size ones. The anchovies and sea tangle are like seasoning and natural stockings. I don’t like to add chicken stocks , fish stocks , beef stocks or MSG when i cook.

So i will use ingredients such as adding anchovies and sea tangle into the boiling water to create my own healthy natural soup stockings. Koreans use large anchovies and sea tangles as soup stockings when they make kimchi soups , ramen etc. I added about 10 large anchovies and 3 or 4  sea tangles.

Let the large anchovies and sea tangles boil for about 15 minutes in the boiling water. You can smell the natural soup stocking fragrance after that.

After 15 minute , sieve out the large anchovies and sea tangles . Throw them away.


You can buy sea tangles from Shine mart , Lotte mart , Sol mart or Seoul Mart.


After that , throw in the sesame oil marinated seaweeds , chopped garlics and mussels into the boiling water to boil for 10 minutes at high heat before switching it to medium heat. Adjust the taste with soup soya sauce ( gook gan-jang ). A kind of Korean soya sauce used for soups only. Instead of adding salt , you can add this soya sauce for soups ).

Your seaweed soup is ready to serve !


In the evening , we went to Ocean restaurant for dinner. We managed to secure a seat by the tank and it was nice. Except that there were alot of children and they were around our table jumping around , screaming etc because our tables are near the tank. I have no problems with kids and i love kids and understand their excitement but the problem is with their parents. They don’t seem to care that their children are running around other patrons’ tables and screaming everywhere. They never do anything about it. They saw but they don’t care.


To be honest , the food at Ocean restaurant at RWS was not fantastic and not worth it at all. The only thing that compensated was the view if not i won’t recommend anyone to go. I was very disappointed. We paid about $238 for the meal and expected better. The only dish that was nice were the raw oysters.

After dinner , we went back home to cut the “cake”.

I ordered customized cupcakes from The Frosted Chick. It was very hard to get customized cupcakes. I called Flour Fancies at first and the lady told me to email her what i want and i did not hear from her thereafter. And others never get back to me. Vanessa from The Frosted Chick was really friendly and i love her works. Looks soo nice and we couldn’t bear to eat it !


I decided on a base ball team cupcakes because he is a baseball player. Born and raised in Busan , South Korea , he is a huge fan of his home team Lotte Giants. So i decided to go for a Lotte Giants theme cupcake ! So nicee !

Well , it was a tiring Tuesday. Woke up early to cook , rush my work before Agneselle.com’s CNY break and then to a birthday dinner. After CNY , i have to prepare for next launch !

This shirt is coming up in 2 pastel colours and in white too !


Do look out for the next K-beauty post this weekend !

The theme is Sleeping Beauty. Guess what i wanna blog about ??

My Vday was a simple affair. We had simple home cooked Korean ramen with dumplings for lunch , a long walk to RWS in the evening for dinner. I didn’t expect any roses from Oppa. Because he is really not that romantic kind of guy. He said the loveliest things always at the unromantic place , never believe in buying flowers or gifts. He usually just give me his credit card or pay for my shopping buys.

So i was kinda surprised to wake up to a cute bouquet of pink roses in an unromantic way. LOL. Like he just shove it to my face along with my you tiao and hot soya bean drink lol. He never buy flowers for ladies before and he was hmm feeling awkward. I can see that..he felt paiseh lol. But it is the heart and thoughts that counts. Thank you so much !


Sheer make up is kinda in thing now for Spring. It is hard to find foundations which gives very sheer coverage. I read about the Guerlain baby glow foundation in Urban papers and i decided to give it a try. Usually i will ask for sample packs before i buy the full bottle but this time it was kinda impulse buy.
I used to buy the full bottles without trying the samples first (make up and skin care ) and ended up wasting my money because the products don’t suit my skin tone or skin type or has no effects on me. Now , i always ask for sample packs before i buy the full bottle. But this time , i was in a mad rush and just took it and paid for it because i read reviews and rave that it gives a “glow” and makes your skin looks dewy.

I love dewy skin make up look and all my foundations are Korean brands because i must say that they are the experts when it comes to dewy make up look and so far , their foundations never fail me before. This is my first non-Korean brand foundation.


Unfortunately , it makes my skin looks so matte and i can’t see any dewy-ness in it which was different from the reviews. The only thing i like about it was the sheer coverage and scent because i hate thick coverage foundations and it indeed smells good. Well , it costs $74 for this small tube and i guess i just have to dab liquid highlighter after the foundation or mix it in to create a dewy skin look or else it will be a waste to chuck it somewhere.

Here are some upcoming pieces for next launch – Spring Reflection 2.

This maxi skirt is total love ! Definitely a head turner piece because of the unique short from and maxi back !

I wore it with sandals for a gathering last week !


Looked tired and my hair was flat..i don’t care..haha the skirt will take away the attention.

Was thinking to have my hair cut and dyed in Korea or have it done in SG before i leave for Korea in March. Heh and i can’t book for hair services cos most salons are fully booked for CNY. So no choice..gonna live with flat hair for 3 more weeks before i get a new fresh colour and hair cut. But well , i am getting my nails done next week ! At least something done to look “fresh” for CNY.


I love this print and i just have to make it into a maxi dress. So sweet right ! And i love my new pair of nude heels ! It has a slight tinge of pink which goes well with my skin tone.


Aha..this top is different from Varina Top. Actually Varina is a capped sleeve top. Just that while trying and getting ready for shoot , the sleeve came down and i thought it also looks good as an off shoulder. And it holds on pretty well on the shoulder.

But this time , this top is totally off shoulder. At most you can wear it boat neck or off shoulder.


This collection will be launched tonight at 9pm !

12th Feb , Thursday 9pm at http://www.agneselle.com

K-beauty time !

Ehh.. you know nowadays  the weather is sooo shiok. Windy and sunny. Feels just like spring except that you can’t see any cherry blossoms.

My skin is very sensitive to weather changes. When i travel to somewhere cold or windy , my skin turns abit dry. And when im take MRT , my hands also feels dry that was why i always carry a tube of hand cream wherever i go.

Last year , i was in Europe for 5 weeks. Oppa was attached to Europe for few months and he bought me a ticket so i can go over and join him. The weather was very dry and cold. So i have to smack on lotsa hydrating sleeping packs or ampoules before i sleep.

But you know , SG’s weather is not that jialat. Just a little windy latey. So i bought a new moisturiser cream. Yes , most of my moisturiser are gels which is lighter in texture. Creams are slightly thicker.

I got the Primera Watery Cream Alphine Berry which is under Amore Pacific. Primera is one of their brands.

I was thinking of getting the Hera Waterfall Cream instead but i never tried that samples before. I always try at least 3 packets of samples per product before i decide whether to buy the full bottle or not. These products are not cheap. They are about SGD 60-150 and super waste money if i bought it and it doesn’t work or suit my skin type.

I tried this sample packs before i decided to purchase the big bottle. It is not very thick and oily which i find it very suitable for SG’s weather.


Very easy to glide on. It leaves my skin moisturized and i really like it alot.


Also , manage to get the out of stock whitening eye serum from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic .

This eye serum is easy to glide one. It helps to brighten and also to moisturize the eye area. I noted that my concealers doesn’t “crack” or “look cakey” after i apply the serum or eye gels. Moisturizing your eyes is important. Try to avoid eye creams. I got ALOT of millia seeds few years ago after trying one of loreal’s eye cream. Cant remember the name but i got oil seeds on my eyes after using it because the cream was too oily. Ended up i have to go for Co2 lasers to remove them. The laser hurts so much because there were too many of them and my entire forehead and eye area was so swollen after the laser. My eyes looked like it was shot by many small “bullet” . The holes look disgusting.  I didn’t remove all completely because the doctor  then was telling me that i will have scars if i remove too many at one go. So i had one session done and it was too painful for me to think about going for 2nd session to remove the remaining. So , i still have some on my eyes. I avoided eye creams after that.

Whatever eye products you use , try to apply only a little bit and wait  for it to absorb.


Texture was easy to glide on and i love the fragrance. Smells like in a spa.


Im using it twice a week at night. It is available at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic.

Last week , i had laser toning done at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic by Dr Michael Kim who is a Korean.


I also had Clarity toning done at my nose area to reduce pores size and reduce sebum production.


A pack was later placed on my nose bridge for 10 minutes before Lyn , the aesthetician removed my black heads and white heads without any extraction or pain with a device. You can read about the full process which i blogged about before HERE and HERE .


So i had beautiful lashes and skin after my K-beauty grooming session.


Have a good midweek !