3 days ago , i went to Salon Vim at 313 Somerset to revive my dead and limpy hair !

I went to Salon Vim with this messy and dried hair. Weekly hair styling for outdoor shoots make my hair very dry because of the back combing , curling tongs and hair sprays. It got so badly tangled that it hurts to brush through my hair and the hair breaks into very small strands :(

My hair colour was turning abit copperish too.


Very happy to be wearing my new peplum top. It will be launched next week ! LOVE IT SO MUCH !

The prints and the black contrasting fabric. The black “zig zaggy” contrast piping are actually folds.

DSC01205a DSC01189a

I had dark mocha hair colour done by John and the highly raved Keratase hair treatment to strengthen and moisturize my hair.

I trust John and always let him choose the colour and style for me. This is how much i trust and the faith i have in the skills of  the staff at Salon Vim. They have a great taste for hair colours and cuts. I never doubt their choices and recommendations.


After 3 hours , i left the salon with healthy and dark mocha colour hair ! It is the new hair colour this season and also known as the Korean Mocha Brown.

My eye bags are soo bad that i can’t wait to get it removed.


Thanks to Salon Vim , these shampoos gonna help me in reducing the damage done to my hair. These 2 are my favourites. They leave my hair silky smooth after shower.

DSC01218a DSC01217a

I guess most ladies know about this brand 3 Concept Eyes ( 3CE ) which is a Korean make up brand founded by Style Nanda.

I bought and started my first 3CE product back in late 2012. My first buy was a lipstick.

And as time goes by , my collection grew to 10++ bottles of nail polishes , brush set , blushers , concealers , highlighters , face glow , eye cream shadows , lipsticks , lipglosses , eye shadows and more. Basically , i had the basic make up products from 3CE. The nail polishes are free when i order them from the website.

I remembered queuing for half an hour just to pay for the products at its flagship outlet in Hongdae.

What i like about 3CE is the very “M.A.C-ish” kind of packaging and impression. The colours are bold and alot of variety. They keep coming up with new colours just like any other Korean brands. Koreans like to play around with lipstick colours so you can find a huge range of lipstick colours when you shop at Korean beauty brands.

Here is part of my humble collection of products from 3CE. The rest such as the nail polishes , foundations and concealers were kept in a pouch because i seldom use or don’t use them anymore.


After using most of the basic 3CE make up products , i have to say that their lipsticks , shimmer sticks and lipglosses are worth buying because they are good.

I find their blushers so so only and their waterfall concealer is moisturizing but i was kinda shocked to see a “clear liquid” and the concealer oozed out of the concealer tube when i squeezed it. The clear liquid was kinda oily. The concealer doesn’t really cover up my eye rings. The Banila and Co and Nature republic ones cover better. The face glow was abit too creamy and oily that i felt my face is kinda oily after applying it. So i stopped using their concealers , face glow and foundation. I am currently using their face shimmer stick and lipsticks only.

The brushes are ok except for the blusher brush which can’t really “sweep” up the powder from the blusher.

If you would like to try products from 3CE , i will suggest that you start from their lipsticks first.

Oppa just got me some Mizon lipglosses. I haven’t get to use them yet and will review it soon ! Im still faithful to my Tony Moly Spring Orange lipstick and i am into my 4th stock within 1.5 year already !

Have a good weekend !

I miss the cool weather in Netherlands and the time we spent together.

The daily walk in the parks just right next to our apartment and riding on the bicycle.


And every Tuesday , i will go to the field next to the park to watch Oppa and his colleagues playing football. Sitting on the grass patch , enjoy the breeze and the game.

I made friends from Ukraine , Russia , Australia , Germany ,  France , Italy , Belgium , England , USA etc. Everyone was friendly. I was surprised that some are interested in the Chinese culture and language. They speak fluent Chinese too.

Almost everyone was a seaman or captain of a ship before. Having been out in the sea for months every year , everyone just want to have a “normal” life with their families which is why they decided to work on shore after years. Oppa was one of them.

This is one thing common between us. A normal and slow pace life.

I blogged since i was 19 years old and my life and everything has been public for several years. As i grew older , my blog contents also mature a little and became a tad boring. People want to read news , tabloids , gossips , relationships , breakups and catfights. I used to tilt towards that side years ago but as time goes by , it gets too tiring to chase and trying to increase your readership and instagram followers. People go to cafes to post food photos in the hope to increase likes and followers etc and things people blog and instagram lately is just to increase followers and likes on their photos. When i first started my instagram back in 2012 , i was into that too. But after a few months , it gets soo tiring and meaningless.

There were some bloggers/instagramers who were surprised that i take public transport such as train/mrt instead of taxi.

I was being asked this question many times : ” What if people recognize you ?”

I don’t drive and i don’t have a driving licence ( Long story of why until now i still don’t have. It is an absurd long story ) and i don’t see anything wrong taking public transport such as MRT/Bus. It is crazy if i were to take a taxi to orchard when i can just take a train which is faster and cheaper ? I don’t care what people think if they see me taking train/bus as long as i feel convenient. At the rate that i travel daily , i will be spending hundreds of dollars on taxi fares per month. If these people think there is nothing wrong taking taxis everywhere and everyday , i don’t see anything wrong taking bus/trains everyday too.

That is one thing about being a blogger/instagrammer , some are so self conscious that they live the way by how other people see them. I used to think that too years ago . Self conscious about how i look and act. But for the past 2 years , i just let it go and be myself. It is less tiring and less stressful to live this way.

But of cos , there are some bloggers who are still being truthful to themselves and be themselves.

I seldom blog about my relationships or private life now. And i find it very peaceful actually.

I really missed the times in Europe. We lived together for 3 weeks. It maybe short but these 3 weeks , you can see each other’s living habits and especially 2 people who came from different cultural background. Koreans and Chinese cultures are almost similar but still there are some differences.

For example , when a Chinese stretch out his/her hand to pick food from a dish , it is rude if other person cross his/her hand above or under another person’s hand. But for Koreans , it is normal and acceptable. So i felt strange when he just stretch his hand and cross above my arm to pick the dish at the other end of the table. But we compromise and respect each other’s culture. Because we have living with our own cultural habits for many years. So now when he sees me picking food from a dish , he will wait before he stretch out his hand .

Living with each other also means you get to see each other’s living habits. I have the habit of not capping the toothpaste and just leave it open like that.

Though just 3 weeks , we get to see and compromise with each other’s living habits. Thank god that there are no major differences and unhappiness. We are pretty similar when it comes to living habits. Like how i will cook and he washed the dishes. I do the laundry and he did the vacuuming. Unless he is really tired from a day of work , i will do everything. Or when i was having the “time of the month” and feeling really restless , he will do everything.

Most people’s misperception about Koreans are that Korean men are MCP and Korean women are submissive.

Not really actually. Some men are not MCP and some women are really aggressive. It depends and everyone is different.

My Oppa is MCP at times but in a positive way. As in when we were in Europe , he really takes good care of me. He feels that he has the responsibility to ensure my safety and im well taken care and well fed in Europe. Even when he is Netherlands and i am in SG , he will ask his friends in SG to take good are of me and told them to go out with me over the weekends to keep me accompany. He doesn’t leave me alone. Being the man of the house for 3 weeks , he paid for all the necessities , train tickets , hotels and air tickets even though i offered to pay for my own share. I felt very well taken care of because he is really responsible and someone i can go to for advices for anything in life and my business.

In Korean culture , the older ones take care of the younger ones. Especially the men are “trained” to take care of their girlfriends , wives and mothers. And the younger ones listen to the older ones. Respect is very important and respect comes with Age.

I will wake up in the morning and say good bye and a kiss at the door before he goes to work and to greet when he comes back from work. It is a bit rude to “hide” in the room (unless you are really fast asleep then it is ok ) when he goes out or comes back home. When i am eating at the dining table and his friends came into the house , i will stand up , bow my head and say “anyeonghasaeyo”.

All these cultural habits became a part of my life now that we don’t realized any differences at all. Which is good because it means we compromised and adapted to it.

Some people said i am xiao nu ren. But i don’t think so. There are something which i don’t agree with him but i bring it across in a less aggressive tone.

The tone makes a big difference and it can start or avoid a fight.

So much jumbled thoughts cramped into this small post. All these thoughts came about when i took a bus from Serangoon to Bishan. 10 minutes bus ride and so much to think about. Public transport ain’t that bad lah.

Anyway , Oppa bought for me some make up from Korea and im gonna share and review after using it !

Weather in Europe was very dry and cool but my make up still stayed on well and skin still looked dewy from day to night.

This picture was taken at night and usually it is windy and cold at night but my skin still looks dewy and glowing till night.

My skin was pumped up with moisture despite the dry and cool weather in Europe.


All thanks to the moisturising Babor ampoule set from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics clinic.
Babor is a German brand and specializes in professional skincare and you can purchase it over the counter at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics clinic.

This limited edition Babor ampoule travel set is very useful and convenient for travel. It comes with a compact case to keep the ampoule doses.


There are 7 ampoules per box.


This ampoule contains hyaluronic acid which helps to plump up your skin with moisture for a younger looking skin.


It also comes with a plastic applicator to break open the bottle head so that you can apply the ampoule onto your skin.


This is how it looks like after pushing the plastic applicator to open the ampoule bottle.


I applied bit by bit, part by part of my face and massaged my face for better absorption. I start on the forehead.


The sides of the nose which is prone to redness when weather is very dry.


Not to forget my cheeks , jawline and neck.


After massaging the ampoule on my skin for about 5 minutes , my skin was pumped with moisture and best of all , this ampoule is not very sticky. Unlike some ampoules which are very sticky.


I applied 2 bottles a week ( mid week and weekend ) before i go to bed. I wipe my face with hot towel the next morning to get rid of any excess ampoule.

It is concentrated and only need half to one ampule per night.

Babor is German company which is very famous for it’s ampoule production and quality.

Due to it being very potent, consultation is required before prescription.

Autumn and winter season are approaching and if you are traveling and have concerns about drying your skin out in the weather , you may want to consider using the Babor Hydra Plus Active Fluid to lock in the moisture in your skin. It is available at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic.
This travel set is limited edition.

You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic. Staffs at Aeon are all Koreans but they speak English and Korean so don’t be alarmed if you were greeted in Korean. You can look for Clara (Clinic coordinator) or Jina (Clinic Manager).

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

*When you walk into Pacific Plaza’s main entrance, turn right and you will see a lift lobby. Take the lift up to Level 6

Tel : +65 6733 2002

Operating hours (Appointment only)

Mon : 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tue,Thu: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wed,Fri: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:30am to 4:00pm
Sun & PH: Closed


There are many people i know heading to Korea to see the beautiful and colourful autumn maple leaves.

Well , decided to blog about a list of things you should buy if you are going to Korea.

Below was a picture of me and my other 3 girlfriends’ luggages when we went to Korea for the first time back in 2012.

We went with one and came back SG with additional luggages , boxes and more and more hand carry bags.


So how did we went with only 1 but came back with erm… so many ? Well , we spent more than sgd800 per pax at Laneige in Myeondong and they gave us a free luggage each ( The ones with polka dogs , mine is the pink one in the picture ). That was for my 1.5 years of supply of facial care and it came with generous supply of samples which in fact tempted me to get more of their newly launch products. Only you can buy 3 items in Korea and get alot of samples. Hera was more generous when i bought my first set of facial care. They gave me like 4 sheets of the white program masks and REALLY ALOT of samples. Not that i am a cheapo for the samples but these samples are convenient for my travels and it actually tempted me to get the full bottle of product instead and now i am a big fan. My friend’s sister used to send me new samples that last me 1 month and i love the results and ended up buying the full bottles and stock up on a year’s supply.

I don’t like how some counter ladies in SG were abit stingy with it when you ask for few more sachets and they look at you like as if you are some cheapo who want freebies. Maybe they have their reasons for doing so because there are really cheapos doing that but not all are so cheapo okay. There are genuine buyers like me.

It doesn’t make sense you see , your products claimed that with continuous use for 14 days , you will achieve radiant skin. But how can you expect your customers to see the results by giving one pathetic sachet ? Tell me how can you convince your customers the product is good with just one sad sachet and expect people to spend money on the full bottle ? To be reasonable , you should give samples that last at least for 3 days to be able to convince consumers how good your product is.

Ok back to the list of things you should buy in Korea !

1) Korean beauty make up 


Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Holika Holika and Missha.

Reason why you should buy the make up products is because they are cheap and good. Korean ladies are very good with “natural make up look” so most of their products are not very pigment heavy. The colours are light and refreshing. They like to play around with lip colours so you can see a range of colours for the lipsticks.

Because they are cheap , you can buy many colours and have different looks. I usually shop off the city area because there are some outlets with 1+1 deal meaning buy 1 get 1 free ( usually for masks and lipsticks ) and some have up to 50% discount for make up products. I got my masks , make up and some accessories from the boutiques off city centre and i get to enjoy 30-50% discount or 1+1 deal. But this depends on your luck because sometimes they don’t have such promotions. Usually there are such deals at theend of each season . But the thing is that you don’t get to enjoy tax refund. But i think i saved more with those deals than the tax refund if im getting hell lot of them.

Can’t decide to get a lipstick in Pink , Coral or Red ?
Just get all 3. They will probably cost less than sgd20 for 3. If there is any 1+1 or discounts , you save more.


2) Amore Pacific Brands.

Beauty is important in Korea and girls there do take extra time and care to maintain their looks and skin.

Brands such as IOPE , Laneige , Sulwhasoo and Hera are under Amore Pacfiic. They do have a house brand too.

You can buy Laneige , Sulwhasoo and Hera at any Lotte Department store or Shinsaegae Department store in town. They are available at the airport as well.

Iope is available at Emart , Lotte mart and Aritaum.


If you a big fan of these brands , there are few reasons why you should buy in Korea ..

1) Cheaper than SG and there is tax refund.

2) Brands like IOPE and Hera are not available in SG.

3) Generous samples

4) These products works on my skin very well.

Below were my buys from Laneige back in 2012 when i was still using their products before switching to HERA. I was given a free luggage and hell lot of samples for purchase of SGD 800 and above. It filled up that entire luggage.

I bought home 1.5 years of supply of facial product.


I have since switched to HERA and because it is not available in SG and i have to really stock up .

3) Aritaum 

You can find brands like IOPE , Laneige and Mamonde in Aritaum. I love Aritaum make up produts because they are cheap , nice colour and pretty good.

See the crayon lip tints and crayon eye shadows ? They were going at 1+1 for KRW 6,900. It is cheap and can’t decide which colour to buy ?
Just get all lah !


You can find whole range of IOPE products in Arituam. I have been to Korea 4 times but i have not seen any Iope boutique before.

Even blushers come in the form of cushions.


4) BB Cushions and CC creams

Korea is the mother of all BB and CC Creams.

And now the BB Cushion and CC cushion for easy application !

20130921_150714 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10102231_5437dfc7c4129

My favourite goes to Hera UV Mist Cushion and Hera CC cream. Iope is another popular choice among the locals.

They come in various shades which suits Asian skin tones. It costs about KRW 40,000-KRW45,000 and it comes with a refill pack.

5) Facial masks

Again not only being cheap is the reason but they have lots of selections for different skin types. It also work very well in hydrating the skin.

I bought like 300 over packs to last me 1.5 years. Instead of keeping them at room temperature , i kept them in the fridge so that the sheets remains moist and preserve the essence on the sheets.

My favourite brands are from Missha and Sulwhasoo. I bought 300 packets of Missha masks at 1+1 and each was KRW 1000-KRW3500 depending on the type of mask. The hydrogel ones are more than KRW3,000.

You can buy from the boutiques at Myengdong ( for tax refund ) or Supermarket such as Lotte mart and Emart. Usually the ones at Myeongdong does not have discount or 1+1 promotions. I realized it on one of my trips. I was helping friends to buy Missha masks and got some from the boutique at Myengdong and i swept up all the green tea stocks available at their boutique ( about few hundred pieces ) and i have to go to else where to get the remaining. So i went somewhere and i saw a Missha at subway underpass and saw that there was 1+1 promotion  ( no tax refund ) . So you have to work on your maths to see which one is cheaper and you save more.

6) Seaweeds and snacks.

You can buy Korean snacks from Emart or Lotte Mart which can be found at departmental store. You can find your favourite and delicious and cheap Korean snacks there. I always buy a trolley full and bring it back to SG. They don’t give you plastic bags so bring your own HUGE bag or you can use the boxes found near the cashier to wrap up your shopping.

However , if you prefer a bag , you can pay for a paper bag. I dont recommend that if you have TOO many things because it breaks quite easily.

7) Kimchi and side dishes

Seriously , you can never get them so tasty in SG.


I never buy Kimchi in those aluminum packages and instead i bought those homemade ones because they are much tastier.
You can buy them from Emart or Lotte Mart. Be sure to wrap them up properly and suggest to send it back to SG in a box or else the Kimchi juice might leak and stained your clothes and the smell may linger on your clothes for a while.


8) Made in Korea apparels

Myeongdong , Dongdaemun , Namdaemun , Hongdae , Ehwa , Garusil Gil etc

Just to name afew , there are the popular places among tourists.

I skip on Dongdaemun and Namdaemun because some are china made and very platinum mall Bangkok like pieces. And are very overpriced. The ahjumma there are not very friendly. I deal with a supplier from Namdaemun before and they are really rude.

I only shop in 2 local boutiques at Myeong dong because they sell their own labels and design their own means there is quality control. And the apparels are priced tagged.

Try to bargain when you are buying. Some shops don’t indicate any price tags and i usually avoid those unless i really like the item and find the price reasonable. I was quoted KRW 32,000 for a skirt and a friend was quoted KRW 18,000. The salesman must have thought i am a tourist and don’t understand Korean and when my Korean friend asked for the price again  , she was quoted cheaper ( almost half the price ). The salesman must have thought we were not friends . But i understand what the price he quoted to other person in Korean.

So for those shops that does not have any price tags  on their apparels , do try to bargain.

9) Cute and little accessories such as stockings , socks and samsung mobile covers.

I get all my winter, spring and autumn stockings from there because they are very cheap and good. You can get a winter stockings/leggings with fleece for KRW5,000. That is why i can still wear skirt with the stockings in such cold weather.

They have tonnes of cute little stocks with ribbons and prints at KRW 1,000 each ! Some were going at KRW 800. Samsung mobile covers are cheaper there. I got one for my cousin from Korea for her Note 3 at like SGD 20 cheaper ?

I got my stockings and leggings from Ah jummas at the road side stalls. Or you can get from shops that sells those cute little socks and hair accessories.


Happy shopping in Korea and worry about overweight luggage ?

One tip is to send all your shopping buys back via EMS Korea to SG.
It takes 3 working days. Meaning if you send it out on Monday , you will receive it on Wednesday.

I sent 500 pieces of Missha masks to my friend from Korea ( helped her to buy..you see im such a good friend haha , carrying 100 pieces each time x 4 trips is really not easy and super heavy ) and it costs about KRW 34,000. It is cheaper than paying for extra baggage weight.

And i buy my Hera skin care products from the airport duty free. There is one counter which carries the full range. Hera bottles are made of glass and very heavy. Definitely going to add weight onto your luggage. So i will buy at the airport and hand carry up to the plane instead to save on overweight baggage fees.

Well , have a good time and happy shopping !

I would like to share a good tip with everyone on how to cleanse your face and clear the make up from your skin.

I have blogged about the cleanser i use but i realised i have not blogged about how to cleanse your face properly.

We all want to have flawless or healthy looking skin.The first and foremost important step is CLEANSING.

There is no point applying expensive or good product on your skin if you don’t cleanse properly. What is the point of spending money to apply good products on your skin when it is piled or clogged with dirt and make up remnants ?

Some of you have been asking how to cleanse the face properly and remove the make up completely. I guess some of you have problems with that.

I like to see that my face is clean , moisturized and healthy looking after my skincare routine.


Besides having a good non-drying cleanser or any cleanser which suits your skin conditions , the way and how you cleanse your face is also important.

I have to put on heavy make up for Agneselle.com’s photoshoots. Makeup was so heavy that sometimes i felt that cleansing my face once is not clean enough.

True enough when there was once after i showered, washed my face and dried my face with a towel. The towel was white colour and i noted some very slight yellowish stain. So i took a facial tissue and wrap it around my index finger thickly and scrap abit of the side of my nose. To my horror , it was the foundation and it was still on my face despite removing with my make up remover and cleanser.

Fortunately , it was not too late to change the way i cleanse my face after realizing it. It was about 1 month after my very first outdoor shoot that i realized that.

So some of you may have thought that you have cleansed your face properly and removed your make up but actually you did not.

Hence i bought a microfiber facial cleansing mitten from The Face Shop. It works like a glove and just put 3-4 fingers into the mitten and go around your face in circular motions.

After removing my eye and face make up with a make up remover , i cleanse my face with the facial mitten.

You can see how much make up remnants were on the facial mitten even after removing make up with a make up remover or cleansing oil.

The mitten works like a body scrub/sponge/mitten.

How to use it ? 

1) Lather my face with warm water

2) Squeeze some cleanser onto the mitten and lather with water

3) Use the mitten and gently go in circular motions round your face. The cleansing foam will lather up nicely.

I didn’t get facial mittens from any drugstore and i prefer to get it from proper skincare shops because the mittens are more gentle and it doesn’t scrap your skin. The ones from drugstores are very rough and your skin feels like being scratched. The one i got from The Face Shop is good and i just bought some from other brands and sent to D’s house in Busan at KRW600 each ( waiting for him to bring it back ).

Alternatively you can use the facial cleansing sponge. I use the facial cleansing sponge too but i prefer the mittens because it reaches the corners of my eyes , eyelids and nose area easily by controlling my fingers. But both help to remove dead skin, make ups and impurities from your skin surface.

As you can see below , remnants of the mascara/eyeliner , BB cushion and blusher on my face even after removing them with a make up remover.



When i used it for the first time , i didn’t wash it and left it to dry so i can see how much make up were removed. I saw orangey yellow patches and they were the foundations i used for photoshoots.

Removing make up with cleansing oil or removers are not enough and you need to do more about it.

I got my sponges and mittens from The Face Shop , Etude house , Innisfree and Nature Republic from Korea because it is very cheap. What i like about the mittens as compared to facial cleansing sponge is that i can throw the mittens into the washing machine to wash it and reuse again. But i cannot do that to the sponges. Mittens are more cost effective.

On normal days when my make up is really light , i will skip using the mittens and just use my hands or konjac sponge to cleanse.

If you are a blogshop model or going for events with thick and heavy make up or a bride , you should start taking care of your face and cleanse them properly before all the make up start piling up on your face, clogging your pores and gives you dull looking skin !

Hope this helps !

Also , http://www.agneselle.com just launched on Sunday night !

Since 2014 , Agneselle will not be opening backorders for sold out items anymore and we will not be repeating designs.

So grab it before your sizes are gone.

This top is my favourite. My mum has been seeing it in the laundry for so many times that she asked me if this is the only top i have .


Processed with VSCOcam

New collection coming up this weekend on 19th Oct , Sunday 9pm !

These are the pieces which i will wear everyday.

Swee boh ?

( Not me but the clothes lah )


Love the subtle poof of the peplum part.  Material is stretchable and smooth.


I love the prints of this romper and the black pipings.


This crop top comes with a curved bottom to give an illusion of slimmer waist line.  I love this fabric. It is made of quality fabric and im sure you will love it.


Had the photoshoot done at Boiler.

Where you can have seafood such as clams , prawns , lobsters and crabs in a bag.

You can have a crab ,clams , prawns and mussels in a bag which costs $139 for 4pax

Or a bag of clams , prawns , corns , mussels which costs $49 for 2 pax.

I tried the fish and chips and chicken waffles. They are really nice !


Back from Europe last week and went for skin care treatment at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre few days ago.

Sudden change in climate and weather affects my skin tone , condition and hydration. That is why some girls have a bad breakout or dry flaky skin after they come back from their holiday trip. You skin is exposed to sudden change in climate and humidity. Fortunately , i did not have a bad break out or dry flaky skin. But i still want to maintain a glowy and hydrated skin.

Arrived at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre and changed into their comfortable gown before i proceeded with the skin care treatment.

Elena , the aesthetician, cleansed my face before applying the Babor Vitamin C concentrate on my skin.


The product used is Babor, which is a German brand. It is highly concentrated and can only be used with doctor’s prescription.

So you can imagine your face was massaged with this goodness and the essence was being absorbed into your skin.


The Vitamin C concentrate was gently dripped onto my skin bit by bit. This Vitamin concentrate not only helps to hydrate your skin but also lock the moisture in and brightens your skin tone.


Medical device was used to help the vitamin C concentrate better absorb into the skin. Elena gently and meticulously went through my entire face and corners of my nose and chin.


After the process , Elena gently gave me a Korean massage on my face. This is definitely one thing i look forward to after a tiring week trying to adjust my body clock and i looked really tired because i have been working almost non-stop.


This Korean facial massage helps to calm your skin before masking.



A velvet mask was placed onto my skin. The “slits” on the mouth and nose were cut by the aestheticians to ensure that the mask fits and rest on your face perfectly without any bumps

DSC00988a DSC00991a


For 20 minutes , i had a good rest in the room with the velvet mask on my face and classical music in the background. Fell into a deep sleep the whole 20 minutes.

No wonder it was called a velvet mask. My face looks so velvety smooth after the mask.


Moisturizer and sunblock was applied onto my skin to protect against UV rays.

DSC00997a DSC00998a

My face now looks so velvety smooth.


Went to my favorite hide out which is the powder room to put on my eyeliner and lipstick. Don’t need to put on any foundation !


You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic. Staffs at Aeon are all Koreans but they speak English and Korean so don’t be alarmed if you were greeted in Korean. You can look for Clara (Clinic coordinator) or Jina (Clinic Manager).

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

*When you walk into Pacific Plaza’s main entrance, turn right and you will see a lift lobby. Take the lift up to Level 6

Tel : +65 6733 2002

Operating hours (Appointment only)

Mon : 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tue,Thu: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wed,Fri: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:30am to 4:00pm
Sun & PH: Closed