K-Beauty time !

Some simple and short K-beauty tips this time.

But i will have more coming up…it is about Korean aesthetic facials , facial massages and hair care ( i just started my 6 steps daily hair care routine which may help you to save money going to salons for treatment ) ! And im still waiting for my BF to vet through the recommended Korean restaurants in SG . He is very busy lately and hasn’t got the time to vet through yet.

It’s been long since i blogged about things i bought and used after my Korean trip back in March.

Already back for 1 month and used most of the products i bought !

Well , i would say that the reason why Korean Beauty and Hair are so popular is because they are the trendsetters. They set the trends and techniques used and then salons started following and used the same techniques and trends. Especially the hair part. Im a big fan of Korean hair salons now because they set their own trends.

About 2-3 weeks ago , i had Doublo-S treatment done at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. The treatment helps in skin lifting and tightening especially one the lower part of the face where it tends to lose its elasticity as we grow older.

You can click HERE to read more about the Doublo-S treatment i had done few weeks ago. I can see the tightening and lifting effect. I have gained weight for the past 1 year and my face got abit rounder and ‘fatter’. Can’t wait to lift and chuck those fats away. I miss my skinny face. I looked back at the photos i took back on 2013 and i really miss the thin and defined features and face.

This was taken back in 2013. See the difference in face and body shape ?

OK , back to Doublo-S treatment !

Though the effect will last up to 1 year, you can go for Diamond Lifting to maintain and maximize the effect.

Diamond lifting is not painful at all.

A gel will be applied and spread across the face.

And the treatment starts. This treatment last about 20-30 minutes and it goes around your face to your neck area.

The Diamond Lift machine significantly increases collagen and elastic fiber production in the dermis and it helps to improve the dermal blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and thus enhances the function of skin cells. These biological effects result in improved tone, texture and appearance of the skin, and a more defined facial contour.

Temperature check to make sure that the Diamond lift is at its optimum effect.

My favourite aesthetician , Esther did the treatment for me. It is a quick process and there is no downtime and no pain or discomfort. So if you are thinking of maximizing and maintaining the Doublo-S treatment , you can go for Diamond Lift. And if you have not have Doublo-S treatment done , you can just go for Diamond lift alone. It helps in lifting , texture and brightening of your skin tone all in one.

If you are interested in Korean aesthetics procedures ( lasers and medical facials ) performed by a Korean doctor in Singapore , you can call 67332002 to make an appointment with Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. Clinic assistants are all Koreans but speak fluent English. So you do not worry about langauge barrier. Dr Michael Kim is a Korean doctor who has lived in America for many years  and he speaks very fluent American English too !


1.5 months ago when i went to Korea and when i went to Oppa’s mum’s house , she gave me ALOT of masks , serums and facial wash. Just like me , we have many similar interests which i talk about other day. One of them is SKINCARE !

She gave me a new bottle of Maxclinic Oil Cleansing foam. It is an oil cleanser which turns into foam when you lather in water. She said this is very good and after alot of research and just like what she said , this is quite a popular choice among the locals. Because it turns into foam , it is easy to wash off. You know , you still feel like there is a film of oil after you rinse the normal cleansing oil off. But this one doesn’t have the feeling and infact , it never make my skin feels dry or oily at all. It also removes make up. I use this in the day and my HERA whitening cleansing foam one at night now. There are the rose oil , vitamin c and the caviar one which im using now.

Texture is like gel and when you apply on dry skin , it feels like cleansing oil and after you lather with water , it turns into foam and very easy to rinse off. And true enough , it does brighten my skin tone after cleansing.

I like this cleanser and it doesn’t seem to be selling anywhere. Oppa’s mum got it online and shipped to home. You can try from Gmarket. I saw them selling there.

I’ve been travelling to my Bf’s hse often and im so glad there is a new Korean beauty variety show – Beauty Bible and other shows to keep me occupied when i took public transports.  It is already at its 3rd episode. The host is Kwanghee. Though i don’t like him (because i always find him abit too fact and over reacting “unnaturally” , i like the content of the show. I watch all my shows on a Korean website.

But you can find them in youtube with subtitles.

Have a good night !

The last time i shot in a studio was probably 3 years ago ? Did one at a Korean studio BJ Photo factory 2 weeks ago and that was where i took my Korean Hanbok photos.

Here are upcoming pieces for Agneselle.com tomorrow !

Trust me , you will love this pleated midi skirt. I love it esp the one in Red and Grey ! For the office ladies who want to go fora more “OL” look , black or grey will be a better choice. On casual day out , you can pair it with crop tops and a pair of sandals or wedges. Whereas on any occasions , you can pair with heels. The fabric is really comfortable and nice. It gives you the flow when you walk. Comes with inner lining as well.



I bought the original piece from a high street brand and it was too tight under the ribs. The hem seems to “press” on my fats and created a budge. So i made my own version that is a little wider at the bottom so it won’t “‘press” on your waist fats and create a budge. I added a zip at the back too because the original piece does not come with zip and it was so tight that it almost ruined my eye make up and my top was stained with my eyeliner or lipstick.

This top really goes with any bottom ! You got to have it. Because me too kept all colours to match with my skirts and pants.


The little mermaid skirt. Added a mermaid trumpet hem. The skirt looks really cute. Cobalt Blue and White are my favourite pieces. Crochet top is an upcoming piece as well.



I know im not young anymore but i kinda like little cutesy details lately just like how the mermaid skirting pops out like the picture below.


And a simple lace skirt for your beach getaway this summer !


They will be available on 19th May , Tuesday 9pm !

Happy weekend !

Took these photos at BJ Photo factory located at Tanjong Pagar by a Korean photographer based in SG last week !

Nope , this is not a wedding photo . Lol we had some times after shooting some Agneselle pieces and i saw a hanbok so i asked whether i can wear it.

Put your index and thumb together to form a heart shape ( *that’s the pose in the pictures below ).

Love the hanbok colours. Would want a yellow+red , navy+red , or yellow+pink one like the one below for wedding !

2015-05-07-Peiling-model-30634 2015-05-07-Peiling-model-30635

Oh yay it is friday !

So , i turned 29 on 10th May , Sunday.

I had a simple celebration with Oppa. No fanciful dinner , no expensive presents. Just 2 of us , relaxing, ordering my favourite tze char food ( like really alot  ! ) , watching his baseball match and staycation at MBS.  He wanted to buy me a present or bring me go shopping but i don’t want.

When i was younger ( maybe when i just graduated , started work and had my first income ) , i will go for meals at restaurants and expect some nice presents on my birthday. As i grew older , i realized these are not important. It how and the time spent with my love one more important and more precious to me than those material goods. Even though it was just tze char at famous restaurant that cost less than $60 , i get to eat my favourite dishes , wearing very comfortable clothings , talked and laughed with Oppa. The day before my birthday , we went to Henderson waves for a walk. A 2 hour “trekking” lol. And on my birthday , i went to watch his baseball match in the morning and though this birthday gift for me didn’t happen ( that is to score a homerun ) , we managed to have a good time under the sun and having so many Oppas to wish me Happy Birthday.






Lol i wish i can photoshop the uncle’s armpit away from the picture above though.

Can’t believe im already 29. I started blogging when i was 18 at blogspot and blog name was then Star-Ling. It was inspired from a word or something from my biology text book that time though. There was thing “starling” something ..which i cant remember what it was.  People’s first impression of me was that im that kind of girl who is not serious in relationships and only out to play because of my looks and dressing. Well , they are wrong. Im serious in all my relationships and each of my relationships last 5 to 6 years. I always give my best.

Now that im already 29. I know what i want in a marriage and the kind of guy i want to live with for the rest of my life. The guy i know who is responsible and will take care of me and our kids. The guy who saves his money and thrifty yet not stingy. A guy who is willing to share my joys , stress and sorrows because i will do so for him too. I want a simple relationship and a guy whom i know i can depend on. And i had found one.

I was once in a very stressful state. I was holding 2 jobs,  my body and health was really affected. My menstrual cycle went crazy and i was having period 3 times a month and sometimes it never stopped. I felt so tired that i only work and sleep. I was working really hard for a future and i realized it was just a one sided sacrifice. I was stupid , naive and silly.  You know people tell you “well , remember the good times you once had in the relationship”. But do people even think about the good times in the relationship before they commit a mistake ?  Nope they don’t. Once a trust is broken , it is broken and things will never be the same again.

Sometimes i don’t know to be lucky or not to learn all these life lessons. Because sometimes i wish these things don’t happen to me.

People come and go for the past few years. I am an easy going person and i close one eye or sometimes both eyes when people made mistake. I clear the mistakes for them behind their back. But these people take me for granted and stabbed me in the back. They told you to give them the job because they want to learn but on the other hand , they told people they don’t want to do it and was force to do it. The thing i hate the most is dishonesty.

Some people said im heartless or cold because i just left like that from people i worked with , relationships or people i know . You see , when people made mistakes or did something wrong , i didn’t say anything , try to clear everything and just let it go like nothing happen. And because i let it go , people think they didn’t make any mistake. Then these people took me for granted and they let it happened again or came up with certain lies. And these people go around telling people that it was my fault blah blah blah when i didn’t go around telling people how this person works , what kind of person he/she is , what actually happened with black and white as proof. Why make myself so stressful ? Just let these people go because they don’t cherish you so why do you ?

Im glad that Oppa came into my life , i felt my life is very calm and stable. He shares my stress , joys and sorrows. He is always there listening to me and always telling me ” you always have me and i will take care of you”. Sometimes , i felt that this sentence is more meaningful than “I love you” . It just makes you wanna cry hahaha. He is someone who is not into material goods , expensive meals etc but when it comes to me , he wants to give me the best and i always tell him don’t need to and save the money instead for better use or things which we can do together.

MCP-ness aside , he pampers me alot and takes good care of me  ( he doesn’t call me dear , darling or whatsoever , he calls me “Princess” in Korean lol which i hmmm enjoyed it actually. Sounds special mah !  ). I think that is the pros of being MCP. The man feels that he has the responsibility to take care of you and be responsible for you.

Though not a very good photographer , he always try his best when i asked him to take OOTD for me.

So here’s the ones he took on my birthday in our MBS room !

I told him i want to show the flow of the flare of the jumpsuit and i don’t know why this is the only photo that shows the “flow” lol. I was actually running to my phone on the dresser because it was ringing.


These are pieces launching on http://www.agneselle.com soon !

Btw, there are alot of “Top Korean restaurants list in Singapore” and so i decided to do my own list too !  I  have drafted a list of Korean restaurants that topped my bf’s list. Yes the list was according to his reference and palate lol. He said he needs to vet through first before i can click the publish button. So well , let me vet through this weekend and hopefully i can share with all of you next week  !

Here are some pieces that are my favourite and launching next week.
Finally stock flow is back to normal and going back to weekly launch.

Some people asked was it because i was busy in love that’s why im only launching once a month in March and April ?
Well ..nope..lol..i do allocate time for my work , personal space and working on new looks and styles which takes time.

Processed with VSCOcam with q8 preset

Wore this maxi to Malacca and this is definitely a head turner. Some people asked where i got my dress from and i just passed them my name card and that Agneselle do ship to Malaysia. You can wear it with or without belt.

Processed with VSCOcam with q8 preset

And this lovely shade of blue tulle. You see alot of poofy tulle skirts but this one is abit “tamed” and not so poofy but flowy so you can wear for any occasion or day out.

Processed with VSCOcam with q3 preset

There are so much more coming soon and i can’t wait to enjoy my birthday with Oppa this weekend !


I have been eating ALOT for the past 2 weekends.

Just the weekend before Labour Day holiday , we went to Chinatown for a walk , dinner and buy toiletries from Swanston at People’s Park Complex hawker centre. The shop sells alot of toiletries at cheaper price and you can find salon brands selling at a cheaper price too. A Keratase shampoo was selling from $25.00 onwards. Loreal Mythic Oil Shampoo at only $11. You can save up to 40% discount. We lugged alot of toiletries and sanitary pads home.

I brought him to China Town Food Street for dinner.


Soo yummy !

1430707003126 1430707001534

This Lala from the Boon Tat Street Zi Char stall is soo nice !! The sauce is soo nice !

I love Lalas. I must order Lala everytime i have Zi Char.


The Char Kway Teow is really nice too. The “wok-hei” taste was strong and just nice. So delicious.


Can you see how fat i am now ? ya ..i always complain about weight gain but i still eat and i NEVER exercise.

Even the Vshape face roller don’t help lol.

I signed up with Amore but i was either too tired ( usually after work and photoshoots ) or too lazy ( i rather rest and sleep than exercise ) . So i decided to buy a yoga mat and do my own planking and squats at home.


Before dinner , i brought him to Tiong Bahru Pau to buy large chicken pau and he ate 2 somemore. LOL .

We also had dessert at Mei Heong Yuan. It was supposedly to be famous but i was disappointed with my Mango pomelo and his Matcha ice shavings.  Both are ..hmmm..tasteless ? Not worth spending $12.


And on Wednesday , we had lunch together at Oppa’s work place.

We went to Old Kim Guan chinese cafe for lunch. They served pretty fast so even though the cafe is small , the turnover is high and easy to get a seat.

They served very nice noodles and chicken wings and I love their Signature Chicken Wings.

I ordered Dou Jiang Stirred Fried Noodles and we shared the chicken wings ( 6 pcs ) .

Soo yummy and goes well with the chilli. I will want to go back for the pig belly soup , Mee sua , curry chicken and the chicken wings next time !


Very tempting right. $1.80 per piece and they are very big pieces.


And then it is the long weekend where my family and i went to Malacca for food trail.

We hired a driver ( from our relative’s contacts ) and he picked us up from our home one by one ( Bishan , Thomson , CCK and Tiong Bahru ) , cross the causeway to JB and then to Malacca. 2 way.

This trip is really eat and sleep trip. We all woke up at 4am because the picking up starts at 5am. By the we reach JB , it is already 7am where we had our breakfast , then we slept in the bus for 3.5 hrs , arrive in Malacca for lunch at a nonya restaurant , then check in hotel to put our luggage, slept in the mini bus while on the way to the popular and famous Klebang coconut shake (Klebang, 5, Melaka, Malaysia )  and we slept in the mini bus again while on the way to the beach and then to our dinner place Bei Zhan Restaurant ( No. 43 Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17,, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2, 75200 Malacca Town, Malacca, Malaysia ) and then to Jonker street to buy the local produce such as Melaka Coffee before we head back to the hotel and it was already 10.30pm. Time to sleep !


Street food at Jonker Street.



That was our day 1 ! The beach has alot of buses and they are bus hotel. Meaning you rent the bus and sleep in the bus that goes nowhere. Looks interesting.

The next morning , we had breakfast. My bro , Oppa and i went for massage just opposite our hotel . Very cheap. Less than $20 per hour and it was very good. I had food massage while the guys had back and shoulder massages.

After that , it was check out and lunch time at 12noon. We went to the famous Amy Nonya Restaurant  (Bandar Hilir 75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka, 75000, Malaysia). It was full house and glad that we made reservations in March. Alot of walk-ins were turned away and asked to come back on Monday and make a booking instead. There were alot of walk-ins and the boss has to come all the way to the main door to turn away the customers. So she locked the restaurant’s front door so that nobody can walk in and ask for seats. Hmmm….~~~

I love the Kueh Pieti ! The crust was thin and cripsy !


After our Nonya lunch , it was time to go Johor Bahru. Again , we slept in the mini bus from 2pm to 5.30pm.

When we arrived in JB , we went to Aeon Shopping Mall at Bukit Indah for some shopping. Nothing much to buy except for some necessities from supermarkets and pillows because they were going on SALES and very cheap. Should take advantage of the exchange rate between Ringgit and SGD.

After which we went to Chef Wah Restaurant (2, Jalan Bistari 2, Taman Industri Jaya, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia )  for dinner. The dinner at Bei Zhan in Malacca was better than Chef Wah in JB.

For the 2 chinese dinners , we had it banquet style with more than 7 dishes.  There were 18 of us and we booked 2 tables. sgd250 for 18 pax is really cheap and the food were soo nice. OMG…this trip is really just eat and sleep , eat and sleep only. After lunch , we sleep in the mini bus and then eat tea break again and then sleep again in the bus and then it is time for dinner.

But the food was really good. They were all famous and popular places. I had the chicken rice balls at Malacca before so im skipped that this time. The trip was planned in March and my auntie made reservations in March . So remember to make reservations if you want to go to the famous and popular restaurants.

It was 34 degrees ! We were perspiring alot and the best part..i forgot to bring SUNBLOCK !

Can’t even open my eyes. I was perspiring in my loafers and i have to change out to slippers.

Here’s my OOTD. Wearing an upcoming Moto Midi Skirt. It will be available in 2 colours.

I have been updating my instagram account with my OOTDs lately. The new stuff are slowly arriving ( like FINALLY ! YAY ! ) and i can’t wait to launch ! Already keeping this skirt and an upcoming slit maxi in all colours. If you have missed the previous Slit Maxi Dress , you definitely don’t want to miss this one. The slits are the same..just that the neckline is different !


Have a good week ahead !