When people heard that i have aesthetics such as laser toning , BBL and jawline botox done , their first reaction will be like ” You are still young , why do you have to do all these ? “

In my opinion , it is never too early to start. If i didn’t start early , i wouldn’t have such good complexion at all. My mother “forced” me to cleanse my face every day since i was in Secondary school. She will buy drug store brands like Biore and Shokubutsu for me and i started since young. When i was 16 , she bough a set from Lancome for me. Lancome used to have a skincare line for young girls like me back then and i think they discontinued this range after awhile. Then i moved on to other brands like Biotherm etc before i settled for Hera since last year. Well , i think that starting to cleanse and take good care of my skin since young is a good start but the only thing i regretted was how i loved tanning during my Junior college and University days. I used to think freckles are cute and now i just want to get rid of them.

Good genes play apart to in the good complexion. But as i grew older , my skin needs more help. When i apply my daily skin care , i don’t just slap them on my face and rub it in. Instead , i took sometime to massage the serum and lotions so that they are well absorbed into my skin. As we grew older , our skin start to lose abit of its elasticity and that is when lines start to appear. Nobody wants the skin on their face to look like a goose neck all saggy and loose right.

Though i am only 28 this year and my skin hasn’t reach that stage yet ( probably because of good family genes and skin care routine ) , i already started to apply and go for anti-aging and firming skincare and aesthetic procedures. I don’t want to wait for the skin to lose all its elasticity then i do something about it and by the time it will be tooooo late !

So last week , i had Aeon Diamond Lifting done at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic. This is my first lifting aesthetic procedure and i am soo in love with this. Really. My skin looks tighter and laugh line slightly reduced and my skin texture and radiance improved after one session. Even when i frown , the lines on my forehead are not that obvious. I still can see the lines but they are slightly reduced. Dr Kim told me that several sessions are required to achieve the optimal effect. Different people has different skin conditions, problems and time to achieve the optimal effect so you may want to consult the doctor before going for any procedures. Of cos you need to be abit discipline in maintaining it. You cannot expect to go for laser toning and then the next day go under the sun and get tanned again. In this way , you will never achieve radiant and fairer skin.

Too young to start on face lifting care ? No , i don’t think so. I am in my late 20s and i should start earlier.

Before i was lead to the medical treatment room to cleanse the make up off my face , i was really hungry and Clara served a Korean snack and orange juice. I always get to try new Korean snacks at Aeon and they are so delicious.


After cleansing , i was lead to the laser treatment room where Dr Kim is ready to do the Aeon Diamond Lift.

What is Aeon Diamond Lift ?

(warning : technical and medical jargon following!)

The “Diamond Lift” applicator provides a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, safe for all skin types, for the face, neck and hard to reach body areas. The applicator utilizes the proven (MP)² technology combining Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. Providing no pain, no downtime or discomfort, the applicators unique electrode placement can treat around the eyes, along the jowls and other smaller body parts to smooth skin, wrinkles and fine lines

The Diamond Lift has 4 (MP)² synthesizers for face, neck and arms and each synthesizer simultaneously emits both RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. The energy rotates between any 2 synthesizers in an organized matrix, which homogeneously raises the temperature over the entire treatment area and creates a highly efficient woven dense energy matrix that penetrates deep into the different skin layers for maximum efficacy.

The synergy between Pulsed Magnetic Field and RF in the Diamond Lift machine significantly increases collagen and elastic fiber production in the dermis and it helps to improve the dermal blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and thus enhances the function of skin cells. These biological effects result in improved tone, texture and appearance of the skin, and a more defined facial contour.

Sounds very “cheem” and “medical” but it is good to know about the procedures before you go for any.

So in short , your skin texture and facial contour will improve.


A layer of glycerin gel was spread on my face before the procedure begins.

The gel warms up after time unlike when you go for IPL or BBL where the gel cools your skin. Heat is needed and generated for this Diamond Lift treatment.


Dr Kim checked on the temperature before we start.


The whole procedure took about 20mins. There is no downtime , no pain and no discomfort. If the applicator gets too hot , i will inform Dr Kim and he will lower the temperature abit.


Jina , the clinic manager will check on the temperature so Dr Kim knows when to increase or decrease the temperature. The hotter it gets , the better the results.


Because of the heat , my skin turns abit pinkish red. It is not painful. It is like when you press on your arm for too long , you will have red patches on the other hand and it goes away after awhile.That is when post Diamond Lift treatment comes into play to clear off the redness.

I had Diamond lift done on my forehead , cheeks and under eye area.


Diamond lift and post Diamond Lift treatment took about  30 minutes in total. There is no pain and no discomfort at all. It just feels like i just went to hot stone facial massage. The pinkish redness subsides within 15 minutes after i applied moisturiser. So you can put on make up and head back to work right after the treatment.

And here was my outfit of the day in an upcoming brushstrokes peplum top.


I love this procedure alot because it firms up my skin and improved my skin texture !
No , i didn’t cut my fringe. It is a clip-on fringe.


If you are interested in the AEON Diamond Lift Treatment, you can visit the clinic and asked about the treatment that I had done.

Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Center

Dr Michael Kim 김지효

FIRST and ONLY Korean Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore with a Korea-licensed Korean medical doctor.

9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210 .  

Tel : 67332002 / 67332004



On a side note , Agneselle.com is launching today !

Previews are up on Agneselle’s facebook page !


a c I FEE_6920

I believe most people watched this video on youtube or facebook page.

Frankly speaking. This is one thing that has been bothering me since i started the outdoor shoot. My skin got darker and tanned. And sometimes i was so busy that i forgot to apply sunscreen. I had freckles on my cheeks because i used to tan once a week when i was 18-20 years old. And then now i regretted doing that. Ok , having a little tan looks sexy but once you got fairer , you will start seeing the spots.

From the outside , my skin and complexion looks good. But somewhere 2 months ago after i went to Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic and did the VISIA® Complexion Analysis , i got abit worried about the sun and UV damaged done to my skin from all the weekly outdoor shoots. The analysis showed something like what you see in the Youtube video , the spots and parts of your face damaged by the sun UV rays. My forehead , cheeks and nose bridge were the darkest because they are the protruding parts of my face that are exposed to the sun the most. So after the analysis and explanation by Dr Kim , i am very very disciplined when it comes to applying sunblock.

I mean i do apply sunblock but only if i am going out for outdoor shoot , watching my Oppa play baseball or when i am out for day activities. I don’t really apply if i went out shopping or having tea with friends because i thought anyway , i wont be under the sun for too long. But now , i apply sunblock everywhere i go and wore cap out to the market place near my home. I try to shelter my face from the sun if possible.

I avoid the dewy skin make up look when the weather is really very hot. Because the sweat + all the make up makes the skin looks shiny. So i just mix my Hera HD Foundation and Aeon clinic’s Dermamax sunblock together. The sunblock is tinted so it still gives off a sheen on my skin.

After cleansing and my usual skincare routine , i apply a layer of sunblock before the sunblock + foundation mixture.

I mixed them in the ration of 1:1 and if i want more coverage , i pump more foundation.


Both the textures of the sunblock and foundation are almost similar so they mix in very well.

If your sunblock is too creamy or oily , the mixture turns out abit clumpy and it may be difficult to blend onto your skin. So choosing the right textures for both sunblock and foundation is also important.


After blending.


Weekly photoshoots are very tiring but i can get to explore the little crannies and cafes in SG. It is amazing how the team are always excited and amused to see a vintage staircases , buildings etc and kinda sad that the govt is slowly tearing down this places. Also , the staff and management teams at the cafes i went to are very nice and friendly. Their attitude are very positive. I am not saying that just because they sponsor the location of the shoot for Agneselle. Some cafe staff or even marketing staff or managers are really rude and snobbish when you asked if you can use their place. Like when i was out with friends having lunches at cafes and i thought the place looks good and i asked the manager politely and he gave a NONONONO , we are not a photo studio answer. Then their attitude during serving also change after i asked. Such a negative attitude. Afterall , i am still a patron and i came in to eat and enjoy brunch with my friends before i even asked you or know your cafe existed. Once i encountered a cafe owner who was sooo proud and snobbish and said ” If you pay , you can use anytime you want (snobbish tone) . My cafe is very popular and $500 per hour to shoot ” . Looked around , the cafe has only one bar table which sits 5 pax. If everyone bought the most expensive sandwich set it is at most $15.90 before GST. That’s at most $150 in revenue ( not including takeaways) .Then a friend of mine who is the owner’s friend told me that the owner complained no business and bad sales lately. So i know that’s why he want to charge $500 per hour for using the small cafe for shoot probably to make up his loss in income in his business. Business sense. But still , it is still nice to be polite. Some cafes replied and they declined politely and some who require charges which i think is too high or some cafes who emailed me to invite me to take pictures in their cafe but i find that the place is not suitable , i also declined politely.

Be polite and positive.

Management’s attitude also reflects on the staff’s attitude and service.

I went to cafes for shoots lately and i will say the staff and management teams of those i went to are sooo friendly and positive. Everyone is carrying a smile on their faces when they serve and even when i was there for a shoot. Of cos , i will be automatic abit and order some things to eat but not too much because i don’t want to look bloated before shoot. After the shoot , i will drop an email to thank everyone.

A positive environment makes everyone happy and a better environment to work at.

I found a new cafe hidden at an unusual place. It is just opposite Oppa’s office and we walked past so many times but didn’t know that it existed.

Portico Restaurant.


I had Truffle Fries with Truffle mayo. Tastes really good and nice. Looked at the menu and saw many dishes i want to try and i shall bring my bf here next time after work.

Wearing an upcoming scallop crochet dress which will be available soon in 3 colours at http://www.agneselle.com


Another one of my favourite dress too. Available in Black and Navy. Coming up at http://www.agneselle.com


Sooo yummmy ! The staff are so friendly and nice. Everyone seems very happy and positive. Great Service !


I can’t wait discover and explore hidden gems in Singapore.

Photoshoots are tiring but there is always something we look forward to.

* i didn’t cut my fringe. It is clip on bangs :) ^^

Last week , i went to The Bakery Chef at Bukit Merah Central with my good friend Alan. Thanks to Alan , i get to enjoy “one of the best rainbow cake” in Singapore.

I blogged about having a rainbow cake at Tanjong pagar ( i can’t remember the cafe name. In fact , i don’t know the cafe name ) few months ago and was quite disappointed because the coloring syrup was too strong and when i sliced my fork down the cake , i can see some abit of “colour run” on the plate. And it tasted really bland that i did not finish the cake at all.

Some of the rainbow cakes i tried are just “photo worthy” as in they look good in pictures only. But i am still craving for The Bakery Chef rainbow cakes after i tried it for the first time on last Friday means it is really good.


I saw many people ordered the Salted Caramel cake and i was tempted to try. But my throat was not feeling so good and i need to avoid sweet stuff.


I am down with a bad cold and fever today but im still craving for the rainbow cake i had last week. Finished it up so fast and it was really good.


I tried the chocolate rainbow cake too but i find it abit too sweet for my liking. For those who has a sweet tooth , you may want to go for this.


Alan’s latte with cute latte art.


Whereas i requested for Hello Kitty to brighten up my gloomy friday.


I also tried their moon cakes. A little bit different from the traditional moon cakes , their moon cake comes with digestive biscuit base.

They are available in 4 flavors.


Green Tea with Red Bean. Base is made of digestive biscuit.


White lotus with melon seeds with digestive biscuit base.


Lotus with Salted Yolk with digestive biscuit base.


Chocolate with Sesame with Oreo biscuit base.


The Green tea with red bean is my favourite because i prefer something light.

You can order the mooncakes , any of their cakes or other pastries available on their website below :


Looking at their website makes me really hungry and craving for the cakes.


Agneselle.com is also launching on Tuesday night 9pm !

The previews are available on facebook page : CLICK HERE 

I love this skirt the most and i kept it in Navy and Light Blue.


As for this dress , i kept it in white .


This skirt is made of premium fabric and it is really fabulous ! I have to keep it in Black and Natural. Goes well with any top.


Most of my customers will choose blue for this dress but i prefer it in Grapefruit. Looks more vibrant and i will pair this with gold flats or sandals when i am out cafe hopping. The prints itself is definitely a head turner.



See you on tuesday night at http://www.agneselle.com !

Because i was feeling abit tired lately and i caught a cold, my skin became dry . It always happens when i caught a bad cold. I don’t know why too. And as you know i love dewy looking skin. So i now tried to put on mask pack twice a day after my daily skincare routine. I can feel how dry my skin become when i applied my UV mist cushion or foundation. It just doesn’t have the shine like it used to. So lately , i have been putting on the 물광 ( “Mul-guang” which means Dewy look like water. “Mul” is water and “Guang” is radiance or glow ) make up look. So that the skin looks dewy.

This is the back of my palm without any foundation.


I mix my foundation with moisturizer at the ratio of 1:1. If you want your skin to look more dewy , you can apply more.


I mixed it with a plastic spatula ( the one that comes with Laneige Water Sleeping Pack ). I didn’t throw these away. I keep them so i can mix my foundation with highlighter or moisturuizer.


Also , i spray some facial mist on the mixture before i apply the foundation (mixed with moisturiser and facial mist ) on my face with a sponge.


And i blend the foundation on my skin.  Skin looks naturally dewy especially when reflected under light. I don’t like to put too much moisturizer because i don’t want my face to look too unnatural or looks like i have oily face. But if you want it to be more dewy , just top up more moisturizer and spray the facial mist on your face after blending.


I seldom use this method because i don’t have dry skin but i caught a cold and feeling really tired and my skin looks dry because of that. Usually i just apply my magic starter and BB cushion. And also because Hera’s waterin moisturizer is very expensive.

I went out with Eunjin and Miran last night for to Tanjong Pagar for Korean chicken and walking around China town.  Both are Korean beauty therapists/aestheticians and they introduced me a product from Etude house that gives the natural 물광 ( Mul Guang) which i shall review after i got the product. It was a good chat with them learning about beauty tips and we exchanged our beauty tips. It is good to get more tips from these 2 beauty and skin care expert. And i have to share an awesome sunblock tomorrow too which i am so in love with right now.

Have a good weekend everyone !

Feeling so tired today.

Don’t know whether if it is because im getting older,  just too tired because it is time of the month or i am just really tired today.

I get really tired after photo shoots and i have to sleep for at least 2 hours after the shoot or else i cannot concentrate on anything. I used to have so much zest and energy whenever i go for shoot but now , i am just getting more tired and totally knock out on the bed after the shoot. Photo shoot is not just about changing and posing in a pretty pose that’s it. The weather is very hot and have to endure the heat ( in the changing tent and under the hot sun ). Changing outfits is really tiring and have to stay focus while posing. Sometimes , i get stung by mosquitoes. Even the photographer job is not easy. Nothing in this world is easy.

I haven’t been blogging much about my daily life lately because i want to keep some stuff more private. Like my future , my relationship etc. Oppa and i did talk about our future together. I feel very happy when i am with him. He can take care of me , leads the relationship and i respect him. He is a very private person so i seldom blog about him.

Can’t believe that i have been blogging for almost 8 years. 2 years on blog spot and 6 years over here at peonykiss.com . I remembered starting to blog after my Alevels and then , i only had 30-50 readers per day and how it grew to an average of 4000 per day. Some of my long time readers “grew up” with me and we made friends. Started seeing each other from our schooling days and now some of them were married and had babies. I won’t consider myself as a full time blogger because it is not my source of income. I started blogging 8 years ago pouring out my feelings about my relationships , friendships and life etc. I have been through lots of drama and ups and downs in my life for the past 8 years. And how i grew up from all these experiences and learn to see or read people.

Some people asked why i didn’t go for events or hanging out with other bloggers ? Yes , i did received invites every week for events. But just don’t want to go.

My life was kinda “public” for the past few years and as i grew older , i would like to have some privacy. I like to keep to myself and just hang out with friends i know for years and people i trust. Not that i am anti social and arrogant but i just don’t want to go because it is not my kind of thing.

I am known for being straight forward on my blog. Blogging about products that i used that weren’t even sponsored and reviewed them voluntarily (such as Hera which is a Korean skincare brand ) and i used to trash places or things which gives me break outs or food that doesn’t taste or worth the money. I guess my bluntness and straight forward personality are what drew my readers to my blog. I don’t accept products or sponsors which i know i will not use , don’t like or products just doesn’t work for me.

My bluntness and straight forward personality was seen as arrogant or anti-social by some people. But at least i am not that fake and pretending to smile at people i don’t like. People are into the fame thingy now. Like trying to increase their followers and likes on their instagram. Some buy followers and likes to jack up their advert rates. I heard some “gang up” together so that they can “share” their followers. But some are really good and i think they deserve the numbers they have. I am just too old and tired for these. Maybe if i am 23 or 24 now , i may have the energy to do so. During my prime when i was 19-24 , there were no such thing as instagram , iphone or dayre. Just blogging and people read blogs. The only blog and instagram i follow is just Xiaxue because i like how straight forward she is and not pretentious in her blogging.

Now only the new generation has the energy to do so.

At my age ( i am already 28 this year )  , i just think about stability and my future. Fame is not important anymore.

Oppa always tell me ” Minhee ( my Korean name ) , you have me and your family. Most importantly is to be happy”.

*Anyway the Korean name is for my Korean friends because i realized they find it hard to remember Chinese or English names. Or they can’t pronounce my name and it just sounds so weird that i don’t know that they are calling out for me.

I like his positivity in life and i really respect him because of that too. His previous occupation as a ship navigation officer ( 2nd officer ) who navigates a big ship definitely pay much higher but going out at sea and unable to go home for 6-8 months means he has less time for family and no life ( i cannot imagine sailing and living in a ship at open sea for 6-8 months ). But he chose to come here to work and to improve his English. I really admire his positivity in life.

Life is good for me now. Been through alot of experiences, dramas, ups and downs for the past 2 years and it kinda changed the way i look at things and what i want in life. And also never to trust people too easily even friends you know for years. Which is why i tend to keep things to myself and i get stressed up very easily. I try to release my stress now by learning to cook so that i can focus on the cooking and how to improve the taste instead. Sounds strange but different people have different way of dealing with stress. I used to sleep and sleep when i was stressed but that was a really bad way of relieving stress because it makes me feel more lazy and depressed.

I just want a simple life with my love one and have a family. I ever have thoughts about my future. I know i cannot model for long for Agneselle.com and i need to get someone new. I am just too tired.

Right now , my routine are pretty fixed. I go for photo shoots , Korean classes , my facials and laser treatments , watching dramas and variety shows to improve my Korean , learning to cook and meeting my Oppa. My life is less stressful than before. My parents are helping me to take care of Agneselle especially in the logistic part. I don’t trust anyone except my parents in my business now. And if not for them , i will be even more tired.

Just a little rant today before i get back to work.

 I have gotten my new SPF 90 DERMAMAX sunblock from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic from my latest visit.

Honestly speaking , i LOVE this sunblock because of the high SPF and best of all , it does not make your face look whitish after application unlike other sunblocks !! I always apply sunblock before my outdoor photoshoots and my make up artist always nag at me because the sunblock i used makes my skin looks really white ( even though the sunblock is gel type ) . But at the latest outdoor shoot , she did not nag at me for that.

This sunblock blends in so well and with the SPF 90 , no wonder it is their best seller.

I will take a Heliocare Sunblock Oral Pill ( read blog post HERE ) and apply this sunblock cream.


Texture is very soft and easy to blend. It also glides on very well and i can apply make up after that.

This sunblock is gel type so not sticky like other “creamy” sunblocks. Great
for men, oily skin, those people who don’t like “creamy” sunblocks.
It is also non-comedogenic , meaning will not block pores and cause bumps
like other more thicker creams. It has a very nice fruity fragrance instead of the “typical sunblock” smell like other sunblocks.

Some people think higher SPF means irritable to skin but this is not always true.
 Dr Kim told me that his children also use with no problems.


Picture taken below was after application. It is sweat resistant too so my make up and sunblock does not “melt” under the sun whenever i am out for photoshoot.


The oral and cream sunblock are available at :

Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Center

FIRST and ONLY Korean Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore with a Korea-licensed medical doctor.

9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210 .  

Tel : 67332002 / 67332004


2 weeks ago , we decided to go to Trick Art Museum.
The queue was horrible. Waited for almost 1.5 hours just to get in.

Nevertheless , we had fun and spent quality time together at Trick Art Museum , Dinner at Marche and stayovers watching Korean movies.


Saw these 3 kiddos and they all looked sooo cute together and the one in the middle is soooo pretty ! I guess she is Eurasian.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


This was super well taken hahaha.


It has been 3 days since Oppa has left for Netherlands for business trip. He will only be back in SG end of Oct. Before coming back , he will be going back to Korea for few days and i guess i have to pass him my HERA shopping list. Hehe…

오빠야 ~ 헤라완츄 …오빠사주세용…아잉 ~~~ 뽀뽀 ^^

Hahaha i guess if he sees the sentence above , he must be sighing, shaking his head and laughing. Haha Aegyo-ed. I think i will shiver down my spine if someone said that to me too. This is just for fun okay…i dont always do that. haha.

Feeling abit strange not having him around. Because we used to meet like 4-5 times a week and had stay overs.  And due to time zone difference , we can only text certain time of the day between 2pm to 1am (SG time) which is his working hours. I guess i have to get used to it because he travels often for biz trip and probably a long one once a year. Well , it is better than his previous occupation as a ship navigation officer where he is out at sea on the ship for 6-8 months straight. He has the license and certification to navigate and operate a ship vessel (up to a certain size) . I am waiting for a day we can sail on a yatch together ! Can’t imagine if he is still a seaman and will be away for 6 months :(

Keeping myself busy with work and going for Korean lessons twice a week instead to practice my speaking.

Busy at shoot today and wearing my favourite neoprene off shoulder top tucked into an upcoming skirt ! Sold 6 pieces of the skirt to a friend for her bridesmaids already.

20140811_165855 20140811_165947

This is a close up of the top and upcoming skirt.
Both made of neoprene material which is really comfy and we all love it. 9 pieces of the top  and 8 pieces of the skirt was sold to my friends and my PG is taking one piece too before the launch. Top and skirt launching this week.


SMP_2682 SMP_2672 SMP_2673 SMP_2718

Gonna blog more about my aesthetics treatment soon.

Im sort of into Fuschia or Pink lip stick colours nowadays. For those who asked , im using The Face Shop Face It Cream Matte Lipstick in PK 102. Im not sure if this colour is available in SG or not because i bought it from Korea last year and there was a promotion going on at 1+1 ( buy one get one free ) at only KRW 16,500 !! 2 lipsticks for about SGD 20. I know the 2nd pic looks spastic but that is the only one which you can see the true colour of the lipstick..hmmmm

C360_2014-08-10-17-08-08-135_mr1407664102702 C360_2014-08-10-17-09-39-849_mr1407662814952