*Edit: Added some info*

I had freckles removal done via BBL at Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre last week.

Whenever i meet new people or friend’s friends or even my friends , they will take a good look at my skin to see if they are really that good or was it because i photoshopped my skin tone on my blog. To be honest and frankly speaking , i do not know how to photoshop lol..i just know how to brighten pics , crop and add text. My skin does not have visible bumps , pimples and i can say it is pretty smooth actually. I don’t have pimple issues since young and i think im quite lucky. Im glad im blessed with good skin because of the genes and it ran in the family. And also i maintain well with skincare. My mum actually forced me to wash my face with those cheap drugstore brands during my sec school days and i remember i hated it because i find it very troublesome. Lol.

I love the sun and i love being under the sun during my sec school and JC days. Being tanned was the hip thing and if you want to be hip , you need to be tan. So i went for weekly tanning sessions at the beach with my gfs. Now i regretted it because i had freckles on my cheeks due to sun exposure. I didn’t protect my skin then and don’t know how to do it. And the freckles stayed with me for quite long.

First was the millia seeds on my eyes after using eye creams which i removed it only 5 years ago after i went to work and got my pay check. Millia seeds removal is not cheap and i actually had it since young and can only removed it after i went to work and earned my own pay cheque. It is a really painful procedure. I still have few small ones though because to avoid scarring as advised by my doctor , it is better to do some first and leave the 2nd half later ( i have so many on my eyes that they formed into lines and when i met people , they would ask what is it on your eyes and that irritates me alot. Plus applying concealer does no help and instead it made it even more obvious.). But most of it were gone esp the “lines” and big ones. It was so painful that i can’t think about going back to remove it again. I have high pain threshold but if you ask me to go for it again , i will probably have to think about it.

And i will never use eye creams EVER AGAIN !

Ok back to freckles , so as i grow older , the freckles became bigger and darker. You can’t really see it in pictures or my selfies but if you were to meet me in real life, you will notice abit of them on my cheeks. Im one more step closer to having clear skin now. And that is to remove all my freckles.

They don’t really pose a problem but as i grow older , i noticed they got darker , bigger and sometimes it looks like shadows on my cheeks. When i apply blusher , there will be a part that looks like shadow.

So Dr Kim recommended using BBL to remove the freckles. Not every freckles are suitable for BBL treatment. So it is best to consult Dr Kim first. You can go for Laser Toning to remove the freckles but it will be a long and slow process. BBL is faster. The freckles turned dark and then the “husks” which looks like scabs slowly dropped off after 5 days. Mine were gone after the 6th day. There is no pain. The BBL laser felt like someone using a rubber band to snap onto your face. No discomfort and no burning of skin like the painful Millia seeds removal via CO2 laser. I can continue chit chatting with Dr Kim about Korean culture and Korean food. There is no need for any numbing cream or ointment. Just like IPL , a layer of gel was applied on the targeted area before the BBL treatment only.

Here is the before after. I took the after photo only this morning after the last piece of “husk” dropped off on Friday morning. You can see some difference. I didn’t do all at once because i am going for important meeting and don’t want to have too many brown/black “husks” like spots on my skin.

The big one under the eye wasn’t that obvious now. And the 3 spots below were gone as well. Im going for the next round soon to remove the remaining ones on my right cheek. I only had part of my right cheeks done last week.


This picture below was taken after the BBL. Dr Kim marked the targeted freckle spots. There will slight redness before the “husk” turned brown and then black before they dropped off slowly. I put on my make up as usual the night after the BBL session. You can put make up to conceal the “husk” easily actually and return to your normal activities ( but of cos it has to depend on your freckle type and size). If you worry and don’t want too many obvious “husk” , you can break it up into several sessions like i do.

After the BBL , you really have to avoid and protect it from the sun by applying sunblock.

Be discipline and don’t expose it to the sun.

I also did laser toning and my skin tone looks more even. My 3rd session in 3 weeks and the skin tone looks brighter ! I even go meet my customers without make up at Bishan MRT.

Haha lately i was kinda addicted to this song. This song quite long liao but i just got to know about it after hearing it while dining at Nanta Korean Restaurant which i blogged earlier.

Even though i am learning Korean , into Korean skincare , dramas and variety shows , im not soo into chasing boy bands or music. Haha seriously if you ask me the actor’s name , actress name or singer name , i may not know. I only know those that i like ( eg Won Bin , Hyun Bin , Zo In-Sung , Shin Min-ah , Min Hyorin , Lee Hyori etc !!!! AHHHHH ! Fan girl scream ! )

Whenever i hear a nice Korean song while dining at Korean restaurants , Korean marts or when Jinjae Oppa ( Oppa’s brother who is in Busan ) and other Oppas play Korean songs in their car , i will use NAVER which is a Korean version of google to search for the song. It is very easy. You will find a “microphone” symbol when you go to http://www.naver.com or download the Naver app. It will automatically search for the song , title , album cover , singer name , its producers and the lyrics are included too. Very fast and faster than other song search apps. Go try it !

I have not cooked Korean food for quite a long time. It’s been a month already i think ?
Thinking what should i cook this week heh..

Gonna blog about the list of BBQ places we go often and what else about Korea food, skincare or places you want to know about ? You can email me and let me see if i can make a list. Sometimes i even book mark my own blogpost for reference incase i forgot about it or if i need the information again. And thank you all for trusting my recommendations eh !

K-food time !

We chanced upon this restaurant at Novena. Just beside United square. I don’t know the exact name of this building though.

Restaurant name is Nanta BBQ Korean Restaurant.

The chef was very nice and courteous. We got service drinks too. I think because Oppa is a Korean. LOL. I realized i seldom get service (drinks or extra dishes for free) when i go to Korean restaurants with a Singaporean unless i am a regular at that particular restaurant. I was regular at some restaurants and sometimes the soft drinks or a beer or makkoli were free of charge or i got extra kimchi jiggae or any stews. But lately , i seldom go to Korean resturants at Tanjong Pagar lately because i want Oppa to try different local dishes (peranakan , indian , malay , chinese etc etc ) and some restaurants changed the owner and management so i sometimes don’t get any service anymore unless i go with Oppa. LOL.


Oppa’s teammate came here before and he recommended the chicken + cheese set. But i was not in the mood for cheese and it was only 2 of us. The set will be better for 3 pax i think. But next time , im gonna try the chicken+cheese.


I was craving for stews. So we ordered the budaejjigae ( aka Army stew ).

1435580215109 1435580218919 1435580232310 1435580247128

So yummy ! We finished the whole thing because we were hungry and i was craving for stews. Wasn’t the best i tasted yet but the attenttiveness from the chef and the servers , generous amount of spam and also the service drinks made it up. Side dishes are free flow too. Good to go and give it a try and tell me how is the chicken+cheese set okay ? It looks soo yummy on their FB profile page and menu. The BBQ pricing also not very expensive.

Anyway , gonna blog about my freckles removal later. I removed some freckles on my cheeks that was bothering me for awhile ! Finally…they will all be gone soon !

Remember the last time i blogged about my friend who started up an app ? It is a networking app where you can meet people who are near you for lunch or a meal ! I met a lunch kaki and i blogged about it HERE.
Though it is an app about looking for lunch partner , you can get to network with people from all walks of life. Some girls may feel uncomfortable meeting people of the opposite sex for lunch. But no worries ! you can meet people of the same gender for a meal too !
The co founder is actually my good friend and i decided to blog about his app because it is a really good app   for people to make new friends, even for attached people like myself who wants to network for my business.  The more people you meet, the more opportunities you will have. I am very happy to see that inside the Lunch Kaki community is a growing positive community where the people are all working professionals from different walks of life. When i first started using the app, it was unstable at the beginning, crashes many times and being told that many users dropped off during that period.But now my friend spent alot of effort and months working to improve this app for everyone. Now , the app is fine and steady. Alot of users and i have many people sending me lunch requests too.
I blocked out the person’s ID for privacy purposes. This was screenshot from my mobile phone.



Right now, I am proud that my good friend has churned out what could be Singapore’s most popular social networking app. As the campaign now is “GO LOCAL” What can be more local then this? We are talking about Lunch Kaki
Ask every singaporean what is Lunch Kaki, they will or definitely tell you they have at least 1 lunch kaki each.
Lunch Kaki is a social networking app designed to help ordinary folks get out there and socialise with like-minded people during lunch.
Here are some interesting features.
1) Last Minute Lunch : This is where you can really find a lunch partner last minute. Previously the app wasn’t able to do so. How it works is you turned on the Last Min Function, you will be searchable and likewise can search for fellow lunch kakis who have turned on the function as well for the next 10 minute time frame. In this case, you can instantly see who are near you and available for last minute lunches. Just click on the user and send a lunch request to arrange an immediate lunch. As simple as that. I wished this was created earlier haha cause sometimes while I am running errands, there are times where I am alone. Hmm but i must say, I am more in favour to meet girls than guys lol. Cause knowing more girls, i am able to find out what’s their thinking about Agneselle’s clothings.
2) Perkies: I asked my good friend what is Perkie. He tells me this is going to be something big in the future. But for now it works like a “Like”. Just click on the icons under the avatar and you are sending some sunshine to fellow lunch kaki users. haha.  You will also find that you can select 3 status under my profile. In the mood for something sweet (cake) , I miss the bed (coffee) and My stomach’s growling (burger) . Once you choose any one of them,  fellow users will see the corresponding icon being lighted up in the user listing. They can then give you accordingly :P  Another way how Perkies is used is just like a facebook or instagram like , perhaps if you see an interesting bio, you just feel like giving him/her a Perkie!
3) Random Lunch: This used to be called Free For Lunch (FFL) but too many people get confused! haha. They thought they have to on it before they can send out lunch requests.  Random Lunch is actually just a simple random game of fate where you schedule a future date, time and preference gender. If the corresponding matches, a chat box will automatically appear where both of you can then proceed to chat and arrange the lunch session.

Personally , i felt that the app was abit slow and laggy when it first started which i feedback to my friend but now it works pretty fast and there are more and more users in the app which means better networking opportunities. The first thought or impression by anyone who saw this app will be that it is just another dating app. Nope , it is not though some people may use it for dating opportunity. But the main focus and objective for this application is to allow individual to increase their network and their social circle. If you are a working adult or fresh grad who just started work , you should know that networking is very important for your work life and how it can help you in your work and career.  That is why you see quite a number of professionals ( if you click under SEARCH KAKI ) who work in the finance industry , civil servants , real estate industry etc.

Of cos if you just want to make a new friend or someone to enjoy a meal with , this will be a good app for you too.

You know , sometimes you feel abit hmmm lonely and shy to go out for lunch or a meal alone ? I sat at a sushi bar alone and eating my sashimi and sushi before and when suddenly a group of patrons came in and they sat beside me , laughing and talking happily . I really want to finish up my food fast and leave at that time because it can get abit lonely. Especially where my lunch timing is pretty flexible and most of my friends worked in the CBD area and no one that i know of works at my office building which is at Sin Ming . Plus , there are alot of cafes at Thomson Road and it will be good to find a lunch kaki.

It is the GSS period.

Everywhere i go , i see the red SALE sign.

Added new items under SALES page and extra 50% off and further reduction off some items ( which are mostly M sizes ).




Btw , only mailing list subscribers get the latest discount codes for new arrivals and more.

Quite a number of people emailed / whatsapp me to ask for recommendations , so i decided to make my own list. Lol i know i took almost 1 month to do it. Been abit busy these days studying. I haven studied for a loooong time so my head was so tight and packed. I realized that this blog post was drafted back in May and i only posted it today.

The places from this list are the places me and my Oppa often go to.  Sometimes i walked past certain Korean restaurants and asked if he wants to try and at times , he will pull me away and said “맛없어” which means not delicious in Korean even though there was a loooong queue. Being a Korean , he knows what is good and what is not. Same goes to me , i will bring him to the best hawker stalls or chinese restaurants because i know which is good or not.

So well , here is the list and places we frequented for the past 1.5 years. I realized that i don’t see alot of Singaporeans in these restaurants everytime i went there and mosts of the customers are Koreans. Perhaps these places are not very common or well known. So here they are and all listed in random order. There are no pictures available for some restaurants because i don’t take out my camera when i am having BBQ ( later my camera lens oily lah ) . Well , here you go for authentic Korean food.

1) Woo Jung –  

45 Peking Street  , #01-01 – Tel : 65363110

It is near Telok Ayer Mrt and opposite the Citibank.

You can have BBQ , Ala carte dishes like kimchi pancake , kimchi soups etc ) and stews.

The food tastes very good but the service is very slow. I waited 20 minutes for a bowl of soup before and 30 minutes for a plate of the beef for BBQ even though there were only 5 customers including me and my bf in the restaurant. So i will suggest that you order everything one shot. My bf asked why it took so long and the boss said they don’t use MSG so it took quite long.

I like their Korean BBQ especially the marble wagyu beef. So yummy and delicious.

2) Bu Kang – 

Reddot Traffic Building #01-06, 28 Maxwell Road – Tel: 63274123

This restaurant is hidden at the side of the Reddot building. It serves fresh Korean sashimi and other ala carte dishes. But this restaurant is famous for its sashimi. Raw live octopus sashimi is also available here. You know the one you saw often that were still squiggling and wriggling though they were chopped into pieces ? I LOVE IT. Not that i am sadistic or what but it is very delicious and fresh. The whole octopus is too big and too dangerous for me to swallow down so i asked for it to be chopped into tiny pieces. Dipped it with sesame oil and it is soo yum yum. Side dishes are free flow and each main dish set comes with its own kind of side dishes.

I blogged about it here before.

My bf and his friends only order sashimi from this restaurant and we have been there quite often.

3) Hwang Sil Korean-Chinese Restaurant 

 Airview Building, 38 Maxwell Road #01-03/05 – Tel : 62244371

It is located beside the Reddot Traffic Building.

Only ala carte cooked food and no BBQ . You can find popular Korean-Chinese dishes like that black bean sauce noodles ( Jjajangmyeon ) , Spicy seafood noodles  (Jjampong) , Sweet and Sour Pork ( Tangsuyuk ).  These 3 dishes usually go together. What i do there is i order the Jjajangmyeon ( Black bean sauce noodle ) for myself , a bowl Jjampong soup and a plate of sweet and sour pork to share. I don’t know why but i will go on a food coma after my meals at Hwang Sil. Too full and too delicious. I haven tried other dishes yet because these 3 are my favourite so far at the restaurant and that’s what my bf and his friends always order. The signature dish is actually the Jjampong noodle ( Spicy seafood noodle ) .

Better to go in a group of 2-4 because the portion is quite huge. You can even share a bowl of noodles.

Tangsuyuk ( Sweet and Sour Pork )


Jjampong ( Spicy Seafood noodle ).




4) Todamgol

31 Tanjong Pagar Rd – Tel : 6224 7077

Located near the end of the Tanjong Pagar road turning towards Chinatown , this restaurant is always full house and it is better for you to call for reservation if not you have to wait for 1hr to be seated. What i like about this place is that it opens till 3am so it is a good supper place ( if you are really hungry and want a full meal ) . The seatings are very cozy.

I have been here very often and have blogged about it HERE . I always order the Odeng Soup , Bo Ssam ( braised pork belly ) , Potato pancake ( Gamjajeon ) , Japchae and Makkoli ( goes well with the potato pancake and these 2 usually should come as a pair ).

Or i will order the army stew if i go with more people. It is better to go in a group of 3-4 so you can try more dishes.

5) Tae Woo Bam Jum Korean Restuarant

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-84 Clarke Quay Central, Clarke Quay Central  Tel – 6224 8284

Located conveniently inside Clark Quay Central mall , this restaurant serves one of the best Jjajangmyeon ! It has a “wok-hei” taste which i really like alot and they do have nice and cheap lunch set which can give you food coma after that.

Again , the usual dishes i order are Jjajangmyeon ( Black bean sauce noodle ) , Jjampong ( Spicy Seafood soup/noodle ) and Tangsuyuk ( Sweet and Sour Pork ) .

This restaurant serves Korean-Chinese cuisine and no Korean BBQ . There are 2 kinds of Jjajangmyeon ( i always order the traditional one ).

6) Bornga at Vivocity

I blogged about my first visit over HERE. And i went there twice after that.

The pricing at this restaurant is abit expensive but it is worth it. The food was delicious and you should really try their soon-dubu jiggae and spicy beef stew. I brought a friend along and she really loves it. It tasted abit different from the usual soon-dubu jiggae you had anywhere. The taste is really fragrant and nice. Generous portion of tofu and clams. The first time i went there , i wasn’t really impressed because the staff only serve the side dishes in the middle of our meal even though we asked for it many times. My bf wasn’t happy about it because he is not used to having side dishes being served only in the middle of the meal. Side dishes should be served the moment the customers sat down at the table.  I have not tried their BBQ yet because it is a little pricey. But if you want to go for the usual dishes like kimchi jiggae , budaejjigae ( army stew ) etc , this is a good place to go.

7)  Dong Bang Hong

94 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 048473

It is a Korean-chinese restaurant just like Hwang Sil. But i prefer the Jjampong here. It is better than Hwang Sil’s. But can be abit fishy to some people. So if you think it taste abit “fishy” , you can try adding abit of soya sauce. I had a unique dish. I can’t remember if it’s  sliced pig ears or head. But it tasted so delicious. So if you work around Raffles area and craving for Korean food , Telok Ayer is a good place to go for Korean food. Quite a number of Korean restaurants there.

8) 2 days 1 Night located along Tanjong Pagar Road

Always long queue and need to call for reservation.

I used to go there once a month with Oppa after his baseball practices on Sunday. Well , the team always order the same thing. Dak Doritang and Bossam (braised pork)

Dak Doritang which is a kind of spicy chicken stew. I love this and it is easy to cook.

I cooked and blogged about it HERE before . I bought many bottles of sauces from Korean supermarkets just to cook this. But if you are just want to try to cook one time and you seldom cook Korean dishes , you can buy ready made sauces from the Korean Mart that comes in sachets for 1 time use and it cost less than $4.

timthumb (1)

Bossam ( Pork Belly )

Love it when i wrap the pork + kimchi with lettuce and stuff it into my mouth. The website and menu mentioned there’s oyster in the dish but when it was served on our table , i don’t see any oysters so far.

timthumb (2)

These are the only 2 dishes we have every time with the team.


Well , these are some places Oppa frequents and hope you enjoy the dishes i mentioned here.

Actually there are more places just that i didnt get to try more food because i always order the usual ones and the ones i like to eat . Let this be list 1 and i shall do a list 2 next time for Korean BBQ.

K-beauty time.

Visited Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre last week to remove 2 small moles on my cheeks. There were 3 but i decided to remove 2 first and the 3rd one this coming week. To those who asked me about mole and millia seeds removal , you can consult Dr Kim first before you decide to proceed with the procedures. Small mole removal procedure is very fast and not painful. There is no need for numbing cream. 3-5 minutes and they were zapped off.

After the laser , there will be 2 small little wounds. Just like a needle prick wound and it can be easily covered by make up. My wounds are healing very fast in a week ( i circled them in red and you can still see abit of pinkish because they are still recovering ) . Im going to remove the 3rd one on the left cheek.

The clinic does mole and millia seeds removal so you can call them at 67332002 to enquire.

Laser toning really helps me and i go for laser toning every 10 days. This was my 2nd time and the skin does brighten up. I can see the difference when i put on make up. There is no need for thicker foundation coverage and sometimes, i went out without any BB cushions or foundations and felt more confident with my bare face. Usually when i go to Oppa’s place , i will put on the HERA UV Mist Cushion and a lipstick or go there with no make up and just a black cap. I didn’t put alot of make up since i will be washing them off right after i arrive at his place. But lately , i just take the train with bare face and just lip tints to his place.  Im starting my intensive Laser Toning Treatment now to achieve even skin tone. My skin tone was abit uneven due to long sun exposure when i was still modeling for my online shoot. The outdoor shoots tanned my skin and causing it to be abit uneven.

Every season , Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Centre will come up with new treatments. Last year was Winter Glow , then it was Spring Blossom and this summer , it is Summer Shine.

The treatment comes with a Korean Doublo collagen boosting treatment and 3 medical facials.

Summer Shine’s facial includes Arbutin concentrate.

I have to hold on to this current rod during the process while the aesthetician apply and massage my face with the electric current road soaked with Arbutin concentrate.

This process is known as Iontophoresis where ionic medicinal compounds are introduced into your skin by applying an electric current. There is no pain or discomfort involved so no worries. But if you are sick or pregnant , it is better to inform the doctor to see if you are suitable to continue or not.

After which , the aesthetician put on a mask pack and i rested for 15 minutes. Just like the name of this treatment , this treatment gives you a glow and shine to your face this summer. Looking radiant during this season. To know more about this treatment , you can click HERE or call 67332002 to make an appointment with Dr Kim.

If you are already a patient at Aeon , you can take part in this instagram event. One of their winners just won a set of skin care products from Aeon !

1) Post your visit to Aeon on your instagram

2) Add hashtag #aeonmedical

3) Aeon will choose one person every 2 weeks to give a FREE gift !

Their official instagram account is @aeon_medical_aesthetic ! 

They will be updating their instgram account with Korean beauty tips , news , traditions , travels and more ! You can follow them if you want to know more about Korean beauty tips from Dr Kim who is a Korean doctor.

In their clinic, you can find several Korean travel brochures , cultural books , magazines and i even got a cooking tip booklet from there. I read it while waiting for Dr Kim and sipping my hot cup of Korean tea.


Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre is located at Pacific Plaza at Orchard Road and it is very convenient. You can call 6733 2002 to enquire or make an appointment.

Btw , i haven’t been blogging actively for a week because i was busy studying and working of cos.

But well , i finally done up the list of Korean restaurants recommended by Oppa. LOL. Took very long to do up this list because we go to new place and i have to add it in again before i could post. We hardly go to Korean restaurants lately because we eat Korean food at his friends’ house instead ! So i guess it is a good time to blog one list now and maybe the 2nd one after we visited more and he gave his verdict !

Have a good weekend everyone !

Last week was a busy week meeting many people , talking about my future and planning our future.

Im so glad that i have the support of my family , friends and my bf. I have been hole-ing up at my bf’s place because that’s the place i can find comfort , encouragement and advices. He is just like my advisor , best friend and my bf. I really felt very well taken care of. We talked about our future, PR in Korea, what is best for us and our future. I felt really stable and settled down when im with him and it makes me cherish the relationship even more.

I’ve been supporting him in his baseball activities every Sunday. I would rather he spend time exercising and staying at home glued to the ipad watching baseball updates on Lotte than partying around. It is a healthy activity and i get to eat yummy Korean food every week with his team mates ! YAY ! He is soo into baseball lol.

As a token of appreciation for my support ( making kimbabs and watermelons on hot sunny days)  , his team bought me a perfume as present. I love it and i need a perfume.


This was taken right after his weekly bottles and cartons of beer or beer+soju sessions after sunday baseball practice aka drunk. I was surprised that bf’s OOTD taking skill was pretty good and better than when he was sober. LOL.

That’s how i take my own OOTD with a dining mirror.

2 weekends ago , we went to Singapore American School to collect the baseball bats the team left behind and then to Bishan Park for a walk.

Sat at the bench just next to the door run and looking at dogs playing around. Should have brought my Bobo down the dog run.

This dog is soo cute and fluffy like a teddy bear !

We haven’t been to a cafe for a looong time because we felt that cafe food are kinda overpriced and the taste only so-so. Plus , he is a big eater..lol.

We were kinda disappointed with the food and thought the nearby Macdonalds will be better.

Nevertheless , we had a lovely weekend together and i also made him sandwiches for breakfast.

I was supposed to cook spicy tuna pasta because i missed the one we had in Rotterdam last year when he was posted to Europe for work. But we ran out of gas so i have to rush down to Fair Price , bought white bread and made sandwich instead. If only we have a bread toaster , it will taste better.

It is easy to make and very nice !

Just need spicy tuna with mayo , rocket salad,  olives and bread. Tadahhh .

Ahhhh I missed the 5 weeks stay in Europe.

The rockets go well with the spicy tuna.

Remember i mentioned about this TARTE makeup which i really like ?

Yes , i love their concealers. It is so moisturizing and so easy to blend with fingers. I prefer to blend it with my finger tips than using a sponge for this one though. I tried with a damp sponge but seems like it works better when i blend with finger tips instead.

I can’t remember the price because Oppa bought for me. Nah..hahah he knows nothing about make up. He just wanted to get me some stuff lol. Incase you wonder how come he knows this concealer is good and incase people start asking me to get him to introduce make ups. LOL …i think he will faint.

You can see the “sheen” and that’s how moisturizing it is.


After blending with finger tips. It looks very natural and blends in easily. I love it ! Doesn’t look like im wearing any concealer at all. I realized i dont need to use under eye highlighter when i use this because it is moisturizing enough and there is already a slight sheen.

What i think TARTE should improve is that they should indicate the colour code or number in more obvious way.
It was printed at the back of the tube in black. Sooo black that it blends into the dark purple colour packaging and it is hard to see. click onto the image below and try to squint your eyes. It is just right above the words”Full Coverage”. It says “Light Medium” .

Even the Sephora lady mentioned the wrong colour when she helped me with the tester. I almost got the wrong one. I always open up the box to check the colour and was shocked to see a very very dark brown concealer colour. She mentioned something like dark sand (tester that she tried on the back of my hand) but actually the one i tried was Light Medium. Anyway , i only shop at Sephora if brands like TARTE doesn’t have a flagship beauty counter in department stores or if i know what i want to buy. I find the staff there not very helpful at times and sometimes i have to open the drawers myself to get what i want myself or it is difficult asked for advices. So if i want to buy from the major brands , i prefer going to the counters at department stores because the counter ladies have more product knowledge.

So remember to check your purchases before you pay.

This concealer is pretty good and i love it. I will buy the 2nd tube definitely !

Btw , http://www.agneselle.com is launching soon !
Guess which one is my favourite ?

The shoulder padded dress , jumpsuit and parka !

And remember to join the mailing list ( found at the bottom of the homepage at http://www.agneselle.com ) . Last week , we sent a 20% discount code to our customers in the mailing list. Also , there will be private sales just for mailing list subscribers only. Yes , you will receive codes for every launch !

Anyway, this blue dress is “damn hot” said my oppa. I wore it out over the weekends with a 4.5 inches high wedges and he said “so pretty and hot!”. But of cos on normal days , i pair it with sandals or flats. Even on lazy days , i wear it with havis.

I envy this model. She is soo tall (1.77m) and have a waist smaller than mine (she’s 23 inches whereas im 23.5-24 inches).

_T8A9775 _T8A9864 _T8A9903 _T8A9908 _T8A0043