Just arrived Busan on Sat and had a loooong transit flight in KL (8hrs). Lol thanks to “someone” for booking the wrong flight timing and arrival destination. Arriving in Incheon means we have to take KTX to Busan :( So tired.

Hair – new colour and hair cut done by a Korean hairstylist.


Nails – new gold glitter express gelish done at the last minute. Got 2 free crystals some more.


Face – moisturizing and nourishing medical facial done at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic just right before my trip !

I really need this facial because weather is quite cool in Korea now and my eyes looked tired lately. Been working till late for the past 1 week because i have to finish as much as i can before my flight.

My favourite aesthetician , Esther started cleansing my face before facial massage.


Facial oil was applied before the facial massage started. The Korean facial massage was really relaxing. The pressure was right and she focused on my cheeks , jawlines , eye contour and nose.


The massage was extended to my neck and shoulders.


After the Korean facial massage , a machine was used to massage around my face. It was to help to contour the face shape for slimmer V shape line.


It was used the neck as well for tightening effect.


Next , a whitening eye serum was applied and massaged on my eye area.


Later , an eye cream was applied before a machine was used to increase circulation around my eyes to reduce my heavy eye bags and dark circle. It also helps the eye cream to penetrate into the skin to reduce fine lines. This is what i need because i looked really tired now adays and my eyes really showed it.


The very last step !

Eye pack and Ginseng facial pack was applied. I love the smell of the Ginseng facial pack. It has an aromatic effect.

The mask helps to revitalize , brighten and moisturize my tired skin.


After 20 minutes , the mask was removed and im ready to go home ! Didn’t have a chance to have a good chat with Dr Kim before my flight because the clinic’s schedule was full and i have to rush back. Dr Kim is a Korean and a fully licensed medical doctor in Korea and Singapore. The clinic’s appointments are quite packed with patients who wish to seek Korean aesthetic treatments and facials in Singapore without having to fly out of the country. Sometimes , i have to book my appointments 2-3 weeks in advance.

I bought facial packages from a local spa before (back in 2010 – 2012 ) and it is very different from the ones i had at Aeon. At Aeon , i had lasers done before the medical facials.

Beauty culture influence is very strong in Korea. Even Oppa’s mother who is in her late 50s are into packs , serums , lotions etc. As a Korean doctor , Dr Kim seems to know very well what women wants aesthetically and the medical facials do include all the aspects like contouring , tightening , brightening and moisturizing etc.

You can mention my name if you want to make appointments with Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic which is located at Pacific Plaza Orchard ( Tel 6733 2002).

On a side note , i just started my first day in Korea and im heading to the fish market in Busan !

Was sick for almost 7 days (fever, sorethroat and flu) and now still suffering from a bad cough. Typing on the keyboard is such a chore because my body aches really bad and flu med makes me sooo drowsy and sleepy. Somedays it was so drowsy that i just sleep the entire day and don’t even have the appetite to eat.

Don’t know why even though there are not many launches and not many items , i am still very busy. Alot of shoots and designs to plan. I can’t wait for April..because by then , some new stocks will arrive. OMG like have to wait for 2 months after CNY before another proper launch because the manufacturers in China just started opening for biz last week after 1 month of CNY holiday.  SO yup , bear with me…lol just because less launches and lesser items doesn’t mean it will get boring..I cant wait for some laces , cape blazers and crochets to arrive ! Stay tune and wait okie..thanks thanks.

Lost alot of weight for the past 10 days because i have been eating porridge EVERYDAY because of my fever except for maybe 2-3 meals where i get to eat some noodles. 2 days before i fell sick , i went to Bukang Korean Sashimi Restaurant with Oppa and his friend. It is located at Red Dot Museum. If you want to have fresh and nice Korean sashimi without travelling to Korea, this is the place to go. Oppa and his friends goes there at least twice a month and some of them goes every friday for the sashimi , soju and beer.

20150306_223036 20150306_221637 20150306_221622 20150306_221613

I had cravings for live octopus that day and they ordered one plate for me. Y0u can go to my instagram to view the video. I have uploaded it there. My username is dancingsugar.

Hmm most people asked me how does it taste and feel like. I can feel the tentacles sticking itself to my tongue and side of the cheeks. So i just keep chewing and chewing…like rubber band. Lol ..so if you just had jaw botox done , not a good idea to have this dish for a few days.

I love it ..i always have it when i go to Korea. Dip it in sesame oil and pop it into the mouth. I dare not eat the WHOLE octopus of cos ! It has to be cut into tiny pieces. Yup  they are still moving and still moving after an hour even though they were chopped into pieces.

Heng..managed to eat some good food before i fell sick !

When i fall sick , my lips and face will dry up very bad. I don’t know why but it always happen whenever i caught a bad flu.

So i managed to drag myself to Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic for another round of Spring Blossom Treatment. (Click HERE for more information) . This treatment is the improved version of Winter Glow Treatment which was available end of last year 2014. I really like the Spring Blossom so much and have been asking for it. If i keep asking for it , it means good and i love it ! Face looks very clear and moisturized. BBL laser suddenly seems abit addictive because of the effective results.


My hair is damn cui now and i haven’t cut or dyed my hair for like almost 6 months ???

Hehe..thanks to Dr Kim from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic , he recommended me a Korean hair stylist to get my new hair colour and hair cut before i go to Korea this weekend. The colour is a mix of Red and Brown but somehow and at some angle , it looks pink and purple too with tinge of Red brown. My bf loves it alot and i love it alot too !

Hehe..need to look chio before i go to Korea this weekend mah…meeting alot of people there leh.

Thanks to Dr Kim , my hair is fixed and my skin looks great from the Spring Blossom Treatment !!!!


Weather is abit cold over there and im gonna bring lotsa moisturizing product there. Hera products maybe good but the bottles are DAMN heavy ( made of glass ). Fortunately , i still have TONNES of sample packs and gonna bring there , use and then throw away.

I haven even pack my luggage yet. Going there for 12 days (2 days of travelling) because oppa bought Air Asia tickets before SQ came up with their promotion. Pray that i have a safe flight okay ??

Agneselle is launching tonight at 9pm !

Not many items , just 3 simple designs which you will wear anytime and any day !

Can’t wait for the full batch of stocks to go back to its full cycle again in April. Lol by the time everything arrives , i think i can prepare for CNY 2016 liao lol..

_T8A5875 _T8A5923 _T8A6020

Somethings to share in the next post about K-beauty make up !

Can’t wait for my Korea trip next week ! But i still gotta work even though im overseas and wifi accessibility is very important for me. So every time when i go to Korea, i will rent the Wifi egg from SK or KT telecom. Well , if i remember correctly , SK doesn’t cover whole of Korea. Only certain cities and you may experience weak signals in some cities. So incase you are renting the Wifi egg, check for the coverage in the cities that you are going to before you rent it. You can see Sroaming , KT or SK websites for information. Click HERE for  KT’s Olleh wibro estimated pricing and coverage.

So before going to Korea, i will jot down my shopping list and also pack my luggage at least 1 week before my trip.

I ever blogged about it HERE .

I have not been blogging much about Korean skincare or cosmetics for the past 6 months. That was because i have stocked up enough and still using them. The products im using now (95% are from HERA are working well on my skin so im still using them ). I have blogged about them before. I have some new products which im buying. I was given some samples and i love it so much that i have to buy the full size.

Alot of people have been asking me about Hera and other Korean beauty brands and i realized that when i review them , i usually review all together and group them under the tag “Korean Make Up” or sometimes i forgot to tag. I will try to review each product one by one and tag them under the individual brands instead so that it is easier for anyone to refer to . YAY ? You can see individual brand tags at the side bar now. But because of memory size constraint , some pictures cannot be viewed. And some requested for me to redo a blogpost. I will do a summary of the basic HERA products im currently using when i have the time maybe this sunday morning.

Now it comes to packing my luggage.

I prefer to travel light. Especially im going to stock up a year supply of skincare products from Korea.

Well , heres what i packed for my upcoming trip !

When traveling during cold season like spring , autumn or winter , we need thick jackets, thermal wears , boots etc. They can be very heavy and you definitely want to travel light if you plan to shop ALOT.

Good thing about traveling in Spring , Autumn and Winter is that there is nothing much to buy and if you are traveling to Korea, you probably can only buy tonnes of skincare ! LOL can save money ! I only changed SGD600 to KRW for this trip lol.

 I love those kind of thermal wears which you can easily buy from any Korean boutiques for KRA 14,000 t0 KRW 25,000. I got some of them during season sales at KRW 9,900 !!

Not only do they keep you warm and are light weight, they do make you look good too. I realized Korean fashion styles are either very very tight clothings or very very baggy clothings. There is no in between. I love their skinny jeans because they are super tight and nice. But the sizing super small. I wear their size 28 even though im a ZARA size 34. I was like WTF ! IM FAT but chey….it’s their sizing issues not mine.

Here are some that i bought during season sale or in Spring/Autumn (picture below) , i just pair them with stockings and booties or boots thats all. They are durable and im still keeping them even after 2 years. You can hand wash them so there is no need to spend on laundry services. You can mix and match them with skirts , stockings or pants. When wearing skirt , i tuck it in.

If you travel often and prefer to travel during cold seasons and you happen to visit Korea, then you should stock up trendy basic pieces from there (like the ones i got below ) because they are so cheap. Even angora knits and fleece leather leggings are priced at KRW 19,000 – KRW 30,000 only. Don’t expect to wear them in SG. I tried it before…IT WAS SOO BAD AND HOT TO DEATH. I ended up with heat rashes. These pieces will look good with booties , walker heels or peep toe boots.

I don’t know if it is their photoshop skill , but the model’s body is too perfect.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.48.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.50.38 PM

Leggings. It is a chore to layer and layer of pants or thick and heavy jeans. That’s why i prefer to wear leatherette leggings. Fashionable and also there are some that comes with fleece inner layers to keep you warm while still looking good and fashionable. Hehe..i have a total of 6 pairs. 2 normal ones without any fleece for spring , 2 pairs with thin layer of fleece for Autumn and 2 pairs with thick furry fleece for winter for sub-zero degrees. They are light weight, easy to pack and i bought them at only KRW 9,900 except for the winter ones at KRW 13,900 probably because of the thicker fleece layers. I can roll them and put in my handbag. Save space. I do not need to put on so many layer of pants when the weather turns cold because the fleece inner layer is enough to keep me warm.


Fleece layer to keep you warm

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.06.19 PM

Trench coat. Their fabric seems much lighter than the ones i got from Zara and yet still keep me warm.

Trench coats are cheap if you buy them off season. I got this wool trench coat for only KRW 49,000. They kept me warm during my work trips and holidays. Cheap, nice and light. One problem is sizing. Their clothes are mostly FREE size..they are either too big or fits me nicely. Only the jeans are too small for me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.07.37 PM

So if you are running out of clothing for cold season , just pack 2 sets over and get the rest there instead.

Shoes and hats.

Just buy from there. More variety , cheaper and nicer. Especially their sneakers and sport shoes. I love their range of sport shoes and sneakers. Sadly , i don’t really wear them out often so i don’t buy them.

I blog about skin care , fashion and food but i never blogged about myself. Lol..like who the hell will blog about themselves so thick skin right ?

Im feeling sick ( down with fever , flu and sore throat ) . I spent the whole day on bed sleeping and woke up occasionally by Bobo’s (my dog) grumbling and whining ( because she came her menses ). As i lied down on the bed , i thought about alot of things and what people around me mistaken me for and my intentions.

1) Looks – Plastic surgery

Randomly , when i was chatting with some friends or customers over whatsapp , they will suddenly pop this kind of sentences trying to see if something was “done”.

” the work done was good “

” your eyes doesn’t look like last time “

” your nose suddenly sharper hor “

Some people mistaken and confused Aesthetics with Plastic Surgery. Aesthetics doesn’t alter your looks except for botox and fillers which alter your looks temporary and their effects only last for few months before they revert back to original. I had aesthetics done but the most invasive was only thread lifting and botox. The rest like lasers and facials only help to improve my skin tone.

Yes i also indeed noticed that my eyes looked abit different with more prominent eyelids.


It started to appear after my massive weight gain. I gained 8kg in a year. Can you believe that ? LOL .

And nope , i never had any plastic surgery done before. Though im tempted to go for eye bag removal this coming Korea trip and asking my BF to help me to find and book for surgery. But im still contemplating whether to do it or not. May yes..maybe not. I dont know yet and wait till i go there then i decide.

Abit scared. LOL.You know you see bloggers going for PS , reviews on celebrities etc. People show the successful and good reviews but nobody will take about the cons and failures. A friend of mine had hers done at a famous clinic in Gangnam but her eye bags still there and totally no difference. Going for PS really takes alot of courage. You read the good reviews but you have to accept the fact and know what to do next if it was not done well and proper. If it was successful , you should be happy with your choice. Oppa asked me to think properly because he knows of failed surgery procedures which can be very depressing post surgery and some girls commit suicide because of that.

2) Boobs

Because of my weight gain , my boobs size went up a little and looks rounder when i wear low cut tops. They are natural and just fats. Kinda strange when a friend asked if i had something done to my boobs. I wish to have it done to full C but i don’t have the courage to and i dont want to. I prefer it being natural. Happy with my size.

3) Arrogant , introvert.

” Why don’t you go for events and mix with bloggers “

” Why you dont hang out with friends often “

 “Why don’t you mix with other bloggers or online shop owners ? It can help to increase your exposure , popularity blah blah blah which everyone is doing now “

I don’t hang around because i think im high and mighty or an introvert. I don’t hang around because im someone who is quite “sticky” to my bf. I hang out with my friends for dinner , Kbox sessions and shopping too but i don’t post their photos or the things we do is because they want some privacy and i dont want to blog about my friends’ daily activities here too. They have a full time job and incase their colleagues are my readers , who knows. Not as if we were doing something illegal or ashame of but it is better to keep their lives private than to open to the public.

I have blogger friends whom maybe i contact once in a while and i don’t meet or know other bloggers probably because i dont hang around or go to events. There are very nice and down to earth bloggers and they are also the abit bitchy ones who really go deep into people’s lives. I don’t want to be embroiled into this kind of things and i prefer to keep things private now. So if you hear any stories or people bitch about me, they are probably stories because i have not told anyone anything about my life and my future plans with my bf. If i want to tell people , i rather blog it here so everyone knows the same story and not having different versions.

In short , i like my life now … abit private and doing my own things and in my own sweet world.

Isn’t it better and you don’t need to care about what people thinks , no need to compete etc.

4) Advertorials.

2 of my sponsors talked to me and told me that i brought in alot of traffic compared to some bloggers they hired and asked why don’t i take in more advert as an income.

Well , i don’t my blog to be an advertorial blog. Because this is a place where i pen down my thoughts just like this post. Where there are many things stuck in my head and i want to let it all out. And i only take in advertorials if im confident and if im a consumer , i will go for their services.

What is the point about blogging that i use this product and then next month i use this or pretending to be a big fan of the product ? There will be no credibility just for that few hundred bucks.

5) Xiao Nu Ren ( 小女人 )

Just because i listens to my bf , cooks for him etc doesn’t mean’t im xiao nu ren . I also have my own opinions and i bring it across to him on certain matters and we discuss together too. I don’t see listening to my bf or cooking for him as being overly submissive. Im just fulfilling a traditional role of a woman. And the best part is that this comment often comes from men. But then when a woman get too opinionated , they don’t like it. Ironic isn’t it. It is natural for men to want to be above a woman. Not physically..dont think dirty ok. Im talking about social standing. I prefer men to who takes the lead. If 2 persons are too strong headed , it can really create a huge quarrel and fight. Because each one of them are too opinionated.

6) Crazy over Koreans

Just because i love using Korean make ups , Korean dramas , learn Korean and have a Korean bf , people think i Korean siao. I already started using Korean make ups , crazy over Korean dramas and learning Korean way before i met or know any Koreans in my life. The drama craze started way back when i was taking Alevels and make-up craze back in 2010 and i took the language course in 2010. Only till i have a Korean bf then i start to get to know more and interested in their culture. I have to. So i can understand his actions and understand him better.

Ok , so i thought until here before i was semi-woken by my parents telling me about some return mails. LOL

Anyway , http://www.agneselle.com has launched a mini collection.

I cant wait for the new arrivals in April. WHY APRIL ?
The factories only start work mid of March lor.

Im very excited about them and the plans.

Love this romper esp the one in White and Midnight. The cutting is fab and the ruffles add a girly feel to this whole outfit.



And if you are looking for pieces for work !
This dress comes in Blue and Magenta.


And my worn to death midi skirt ! The cutting is so fab that it wraps around your curves !


Have a good week !

3.5 weeks ago , i had my red CNY French nails done at The Professionails.

A simple touch with thick red french tips topped with pearls and swarovski crystals.



Some of you had CNY related designs done ( cartoon sheeps , chinese characters etc ) and now that CNY is over ! It is time to go for a change ! If you are thinking of changing your nail art , new nail colours etc , just mention my name “Pei Ling” when you head down to The Professionails and you get to enjoy 10% discount ! Heard from the boss that they just came in some new colours for Korean gelish.

Click HERE , HERE and HERE for my past nail colours done at The Professionails.

The Professionails is located just opposite Somerset 313 in town. So you can get your girly nail fix before your appointments !

Call 67336100 .

220 Orchard Road , Midpoint Orchard #01-06 S238852


Hi ~~

Well , today’s beauty topic is Sleeping Beauty !

Woken up by my Prince charming’s kisses every morning but this Sleeping beauty falls back to sleep after that lol. Too tired lah..every work till 2am.

So i went out on Sunday afternoon for lunch with my bf and his baseball team mates. Those who came for lunch were from Gyeongsan-do ( cities like Busan , Daegu , Gochang etc etc which is near the coastal area ). They speak in Gyeongsan-do dialect since they were from the same area. Only my bf and another Oppa speak with very heavy Gyeongsan-do saturi accent. That’s why I have to open my ears real wide and focus when they tried to speak in Seoul dialect to me which was what i learnt in school and my classes. It was a good practice for me because now i can understand abit of the gyeongsan-do dialect ( maybe 40% ? ).  One of their wives had mul-guang 물광 injections done. She looks really pretty and young. What is mul-guang ? It means dewy look in Korean. 물광 주사  (Mul-guang ju-sa – Mul-guang injection ) is a kind of injection where the doctor injects hydrating skin boosters into your skin to create a dewy glow. The boosters locks in the moisture which creates the natural glow. I have not done it before and not sure how long it will last.  If you are afraid of injections and yet want dewy skin. Then you have to be very discipline and keep your skin always hydrated with good products.  Copy this 4 korean words into google search ” 물광 주사” and look at the images if you want to know more. Or these 6 Korean words “물광 주사 가격”into google search to see  before and after pictures.

The weather was soo hot and im feeling very lazy. Oppa asked me not to put on any make up. He doesn’t like ladies with thick make up or overly done eye shadows and prefer natural looks. Good thing is that i always go for natural look make up so he seldom nag at me.

So i went out without make up and only apply sunscreen gel and tinted lip balm ( see picture below ) . Sun screen is a MUST ! Even though i don’t put make up but i will not skip my sunscreen gel. It is a water base and i love it alot. No grease and feels like applying serum on my skin. Got it from Missha for only KRW 2,500 during sales.

Heh heh..i don’t go out without make up just like that ok. Before going out without any make up , i will do an extra step of skin care and that is MASKING !


So let’s talk about masking.

There are many kinds of masks and packs in the market now.

There is the modeling pack. Where you scoop up the powder and put it in a bowl , add water , stir and mix , apply onto your face with a brush , wait for it to harden for about 20 minutes and peel it off.

I bought a bottle of Collagen Modeling Mask but i have not used it yet. Too lazy and find it cumbersome.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.30.38 PM

And then you have the sleeping packs.

Im currently using Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and Sulwhasoo Vitalizing Overnight Pack. The former is more for hydration and latter is for brightening.


Also there is the night cream. Im currently using Hera’s Cell-Bio Cream. It is more of a night cream to me because it is quite thick. I will apply and sleep overnight with it.


And then you have the sheet masks.

Im currently using Missha’s green tea and pearl mask , Hera’s white program masks , Cell-Derma T-laser Hydrogel masks and the new Korean Oriental Herb masks from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic. Just got them on CNY Eve. So cute the packaging. Comes in 5 different sheets for different skin conditions. They are made of Korean Oriental herbs.



Directions available in Korean and English.


Available for purchase in pack of 5 only.


Comparing Hydro-gel and Sheet masks , i prefer the sheet masks because they are soaked wet with the essences in the packaging. Whereas for Hydrogel masks , they dry up pretty fast if you don’t store and keep them properly. But of cos the fit for hydro-gel masks is better because they really stick onto your skin and face shape as compared to sheet masks. But Sulwhasoo hydrogel masks are the best because the gel masks are thin and really soaked wet with serum and essences ( but they are too expensive) .

I don’t recommend sleeping over night with the modeling pack and sheet masks on your face. It somehow made your skin feels dry the next morning. Well , i go to sleep with the packs or cell-bio night cream. I mask my face everyday lol. Yes..i have to if not i feel very…hmmm strange and “empty” like as if i missed out something. I even mask my face on the plane.
Besides applying on my face , i also apply on my neck and shoulders. But how to apply on your neck or shoulders when you are using the gel or sheet masks ??? well , there are always left over essences or serums in the packaging after you took it out. I will put on my hand in and feel around and then spread the essences and serums on my neck and shoulders and face.

If i applied sleeping pack or cream overnight , i will use a damp warm towel to slowly clean it off the next morning or do a mild cleansing with very little cleansing foam.

When you apply these overnight masks or creams , make sure you have enough sleep and have a good rest.

On days when i go out without make up , i will put on sheet masks first. After shower , i put on the sheet mask and then my normal skin care routine ( toner , essences , serums , emulsions and moisturizer ). The mask helps to brighten up my skin and so even though i went out without make up , my skin tone still looks even and nice. I will also put on lip balms. I dont want my face to look moisturized but yet my lips looks dry and chapped.

Sheet/gel masks aren’t only for night use. You can use it in the day also ! If i have any important appointments , dinners or occasion , i will put on sheet masks before applying my make up.

After swimming or under the sun for too long , i will put on aloe vera gel masks and then another layer of whitening mask. I don’t just apply the whitening mask right away because my skin flushes and gets irritated after being exposed to the sun for too long and whitening products are usually stronger and tends to dry up my skin. So before i apply any whitening products , i will first treat my skin and calm it down first with aloe vera masks or any moisturizing / hydrating cooling masks.

Some people have the wrong thinking that they should “salvage” their skin by applying whitening products first. Maybe it works for some people but i find it too harsh for my skin.

 Hope this post helps to those who ask about masking/sleeping packs.

And yup , i put on masks/sleeping packs every night !

You should try to see if there are any improvement in your skin. It doesn’t just happen overnight . It takes sometime depending on your skin type.

Whatever works for me may not work for some people. Always ask for sample packs first ( at least for 3 times use ) !

And store your sheet masks in the fridge if you are not using them yet.

And here’s a bandage dress coming up soon on Agneselle.com !

I LOVE IT ALOT and im sure you will ! Something that you will always pull it out from your wardrobe and wear !

It is shoulder padded and had a unique side cut. My bf loves it alot and he said very very nice !


Oh well , i fell sick on the first day of CNY :( Had a bad case of diarrhea and vomitting. Probably because of the overnight soya bean milk :(

Also , this CNY was the first CNY for Oppa in SG. So he went home visiting with me for 2 days. It was a bit different in Korea where everyone gathers at someone’s house. Korea is very big you see. Travelling from houses to houses can take up to hours or half a day and probably longer if there is a massive jam. This is also his first time collecting Ang Bao. But then..all the ang bao money were spent on taxi fares travelling from houses to houses when my dad was not driving us around.

First thing in the morning was to wish his mother a happy lunar new year in Korean and she sent us a picture of Oppa’s chihuahua , Bomi ( her name means Spring in Korean ). Sooo cute right ! She was wearing her lunar new year dress lol. We got her a cooling and heat pad from Daiso and will be bringing over in March. Can’t wait to see this cute little thing in March !


Early in the morning , i went to the temple to pray to my grandparents. Whereas in Korea , they do it at home. Oppa’s mum sent me this picture and told me that it is to pray to Oppa’s father who passed away when Oppa was in his teens due to heart attack :( She prepared them early in the morning. They pray to ancestors and visit their graves in the mountains during Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving.


And perhaps next year , i will be celebrating CNY in Korea. We agreed to take turns to spend the Lunar New Year in Korea and SG.

Feel sick on first 2 days of CNY and all i could do was to rest at home and watch dramas. The only time i switched on my TV to watch Channel 5 , Channel 8 and Channel U is during CNY where i can get to watch those super old movies ( gambler king , Stephen Chow movies etc ). I don’t get tired of watching them every year. After CNY , its back to online variety shows and dramas.

Now ..back to work loh !

The “Sleeping Beauty” skin care blog post will be up next !  Hope it helps for those who asked about sleeping packs and what brands am i using !

Have a good night !