My K-beauty – Masks and overnight packs.

Call me crazy but i apply overnight packs / sheet masks everyday.

I put on sheet masks twice a week and the rest of the week are for overnight packs/night cream.

HERA Filler Ampoule.

On really dry and rainy days , i will apply this because it is very hydrating ( note ..abit sticky ) . It is rich in Hyaluronic acid which holds to the moisture strongly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to improve radiancy.

Sometimes i have soo many skincare products ( for hydration , whitening , brightening , anti aging etc ) that i have to write on a piece of paper and stick on my wall with the step by step and products to use. It is a good option if you are traveling to countries during their winter season. Because you skin can get abit dry and these ampoules do help to lock in the moisture. May feel abit sticky when used in SG’s weather but in winter season , your skin really feels hydrated and “normal”.

After photoshoot , i will use whitening ( esp for outdoor shoots ) , hydration on rainy and windy days , brightening , whitening and light hydration during hot sunny days etc.


Another overnight mask which i always use if i sleep late or when my skin feels dull and dry. Texture is abit oily / creamy but it is an overnight mask and supposed to last you the entire night. I like this because i woke up with radiant skin and i will use a hot tower to pat the excess off my face the next morning because cleansing.


Not a sleeping pack but a night cream to me. An anti-aging and brightening cream. Skin does brightens up the next day and i really love this. Abit creamy or oily so i used it as the last step and went to sleep with it.


Sheet masks. I got alot of them from Korea during the 1+1 promotion. over 300 pieces and they last me for 2 years already. Most of them are from Missha , Nature Republic , Hera and Sulwhasoo.

I am also using the Cell-Derma T-laser Hydrogel mask which Oppa’s mother bought for me.


This is the Cel-Derma T Laser Hydrogel mask . I kept it in Oppa’s house which i will use when i stay over

It was ranked the No 1 hot selling hydrogel mask in Korea. Indeed , it really hydrates my skin and i love it ! If you are heading to Korea, you should try this Hydro gel mask. One thing i like about hydrogel masks compared to sheet masks is that it sticks on to the skin really well. It is very “wet” and i will squeeze out the excess serum found in the packaging and apply onto my neck area. Don’t know how much it costs and where to get it since it was a gift from Oppa’s mum. I shall ask her where to get it. Love this hydrogel mask.


These are the masks and overnight packs i use daily.I even put on sheet masks or the overnight pack ( sample size ) when im on long haul flight ( of more than 4 hours ). Before putting on these masks / overnight packs , you need to cleanse your face really well. Shall blog about the cleansing part later.

Im always recommending and reviewing about ladies stuff.

Here is something for the guys, at last !


( )


Archules is the first hybrid online shoe store in Singapore, where their customers are able to select two sizes of the purchased shoes from their website and these two sizes will be delivered by their in-house personnel to try out in the comfort of your own home.  You know , sometimes you may wonder size 40 or 42 fits you better. Archules understands their customers and hence they provided this unique service. Archules’s aim is to provide quality and handsome shoes for the Singaporean men. Their shoes are European-styled and prices are affordable. as such our shoes are European-styled and prices are affordable.

Oppa opted for the Normandy loafers in Antique Chestnut with lambskin lining.


I was surprised by the quality of the shoes. Looks very sturdy and made of premium Cowhide leather.


It also comes with a set of accessories such as polish and a shoe brush.


Archules will give you a rebate of $25 for every shoes purchased after the 12th Dec.All you have to do is just have to post a pic of your newly purchased shoes with them wearing the shoes or just the shoes alone and #Archules on your social media such as instagram or facebook to get the rebate. After which you just simply have to email Archules ( with photographic evidence and the amount will be credited to your account.
At the same time, Archules will be donating $5 to a charity organization for each shoes purchased.

giving-and-sharinginsta (latest)

Buy a new pair of shoes , receive a rebate of $25 for your next purchase and at the same time , you also play a part in donating to charity. CNY is just around the corner in 2 months’ time. So guys , if you need a pair of  good shoes , you know where to go !

It is the season of giving. So let’s shop and do some good ! 

Last week , D and i went to Bornga at Vivocity for dinner. D introduced me to this restaurant , history of the restaurant and stories of the owner ( who is very famous in Korea and wife is an actress ) etc.

He loved the food hear and mentioned many times ” just like back in Korea ” . Now i know why he doesn’t like the Cold noodles in Tanjong Pagar and he never have them. Usually after BBQ , Koreans will have a bowl of cold noodles. He said the ones at Tanjong pagar are not nice , too soggy and doesn’t taste like what was back home. But he gulped down the entire bowl of cold noodles at Bornga.

Well , the food is nice but service was not what we will expect from an “Original Taste of Korea” restaurant. The side dishes were served so late. The table next to us were only served their side dishes in the middle of their BBQ. Side dishes should be served immediately the moment customers sat down at the table. The staff doesn’t really know how to do BBQ and the metal grill should be changed often. There is a “rule” for grilling the pork belly  , the meat cannot be flipped over more than 3 times. I used to have BBQ with D and his baseball mates once a week and that was when i learned Korean BBQ skills from the Oppas and Onni.

Koreans were often mistaken as impatient when they travel to other countries. That is because in Korea, services are really fast. People complain and scold if they waited too long for food or even bill. Even at the supermarket , the cashier cash in the groceries and pack them really fast. I was really surprised by their speed and accuracy. Sometimes i have to calm D down when the bill take too long to come , food served too late or the cashier at NTUC Fairprice took too long. I told him just bo bian..its like that in SG lol.



The cold noodles was sooo nice. Noodle texture is really bouncy and chewy. Not soggy at all.


Someone is happily enjoying his beef bean stew soup with rice.

10671323_10152972921848885_2935696849507622658_n 10858502_10152972921923885_1999019990838106980_n

Here was my OOTD for the past few days in my favourite white midi skirt that is an upcoming design.

I love the wrap !


It is K beauty time :)
Blogging my reviews from my personal experiences with Korean beauty products.

I don’t really like to apply thick make up. I prefer natural and light make up. To make my skin looks hydrated and dewy, i will always apply my toner , emulsion , serum , essence and moisturizer after cleansing my face. To achieve natural make up look besides making sure my skin is hydrated with moisturizer , i also need to hydrate my eyes area.

I am currently using Hera’s Roll On Eye Serum. Im a huge Hera fan. Because their products are not oily and have this nice fragrance. I always apply this roller after shower. Not just roll on and smack on my make up . But i will lie down on the bed and massage around my eyes gently to make sure that the serum is properly absorbed into my skin. I realised after doing so , the skin around my eyes doesnt look cakey when i applied my concealer. The concealer glided on well and blended in well with my foundation/BB cushion.

Before applying the Hera UV Mist Cushion , i will apply the Magic Starter. This is a moisturizing base which helps to set my skin condition before make up. When using the Hera UV Mist Cushion , i will pat around my face instead of spreading it using the cushion sponge. Patting gives a more natural finish.


Im a skin-care “addict” and i will leave home without washing my face and never sleep without washing my face and putting on a mask/pack. So i am always looking for new ways to improve my skin texture , colour or conditions. Im into the Vitamin C serum lately. It helps to hydrate your skin , improve radiance and brightening. I bought one online from a Korean shop but the Vitamin C concentrate was too strong and it caused my skin to flush and turn reddish. For ampoules or serums with high concentration of Vit C or hyaluronic acid , i will always test it out under my chin first before applying to my entire face. If there is any redness , i will stop and just throw it away. Because sometimes , these products are too strong and can cause a reaction on your skin causing redness or break outs.

Fortunately , i was given one from Aeon Aesthetics and Medical clinic. Guess it is better to get one from the doctor instead of buying it online. Can’t wait to test it out and see the improvements in skin radiancy and brightening.


Besides depending on skin care products, you really need to have a good sleep and drink plenty of water. When i had a bad migraine or headache , my skin will turns dry and my eyes look really tired. Eat more fruits and it will help too.

Next K beauty post , i will blog about the masks i used and how applying it daily helps.

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Too many sales going on in town..So in the mood for sales and need to start the mood at now too.

Shooting at cafes and restaurants again :) It is really a challenge for me to keep finding cafes every month. Quite amazed by myself that i can find cafes almost every week for the past 6 months and i will be shooting in cafes all the way till Jan.
During the shoots, i made friends with some cafe owners, marketing personnels etc. It is really inspiring to hear about their start ups and the difficulty they encountered. There used to be a few cafes in SG. The pioneer ones are located along Dempsey hill and slowly more and more are sprouting out and customers like to move to the latest and newest cafes in town. It is just like the online shop scene in SG. There used to be a few shops only when i first started. I used to shop and buy from the pioneers before i started my own. And as time goes by , more and more online shops started appearing in the market and everything became competitive. Nevertheless, strive on and everyone JIA YOU !

Here’s the pictures of the latest cafe i went to.

Buck Tile St. Cafe is located at 104 Faber Drive .  It is a new kid on the block in the cafe scene.



Can you spot mine on the wall ?



I gulped this whole thing down at a shocking rate. My make up artist was shocked that i finished it in less than 5 bites. Because i was toooooo hungry.


Tiramisu served in cute little clay pots and looks like a pot of “plant” in soil.

This is really a creative idea. Too cute. Thank you for the Tiramisu on the house !



I love the hair done by Yoona onni ! The black ribbon just added a different feel to the whole hairdo.

She is a Korean but speaks fluent English even singlish. I was surprised by her Singlish. Some readers were worried if there will be any communication problem if they hire her for bridal make up services. But no worries , she speaks fluent English and even Singlish. Her husband is Singaporean.

2014-12-08 05.07.19 2_mr1418032308986 (1)

Finally i managed to find time to head down to town to buy presents for upcoming family Christmas parties !

And we stopped by Oppa’s favourite Dutch brand – Suit Supply.

Love the shirts and style. It really looks good on him because of his 1.86m height and build. Dutch are the tallest people in the European Union. When i was shopping in Rotterdam central Ljinbaan , i saw many tall and sauve looking men dressed up in really classy suits and shirts to work. Love their suits.

The style at Suit Suppy is soooo Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Processed with VSCOcam

An unflattering shot of him. He looks much more chiseled in real life.
Im wearing an upcoming Midi skirt and my own tube top. Abit unglam to wear slippers but it was bian..i have to carry my havis out everyday. Whenever it rains , i will change to havis and keep my sandals/suede flats in the bag.  So heavy :(

 Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Love this shirt but i can’t find it at the store in Ion. It is cheaper to buy in Netherlands because it is a Dutch brand. One shirt cost about EUR 79.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.31.54 PM

The style at Suit Supply reminds me of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl lol.

Hopefully no rain tomorrow. Need to bring my dress for alteration and to Aeon for facial.

Have a good night !

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Christmas and CNY is just around the corner and everyone is always dressing up , looking pretty and presentable. I don’t know why but during Nov-Jan , im always in the mood to dress up in long flowy dresses , blazers etc. Probably because of the festive mood and all the year end parties. You can see so many people dressing up pretty on the streets and heading to year end parties , DNDs and weddings etc.

Well , last week was a grooming and self-pampering week for me !

I had my nails done at The Professionails at Midpoint Orchard. It is located just right opposite Somerset 313 and beside Orchard Gateway. Very centralized and easy to get there. Nearest MRT staiton is Somerset station.

I decided to go for simple and classic gel manicure. I don’t really like too fanciful designs and prefer simple and elegant ones. Easy to go with any outfits.


The interior of the salon looks cozy and nice. You will be served with a cup of hot or cold beverage while having your mani or pedi done.

TheProfessioNails 1 TheProfessioNails 2

You can opt for OPI or Gelish services.

TheProfessioNails 3

The service is good :) The staff only focus on my nails and nothing else. All finished within 1 hr.

You know some nail salon staff talk alot and take their own sweet time. I ever had a classic manicure and pedicure done at Far East Plaza for 2 hours and there were 2 staff attending to me at the same time. I really fell asleep on the couch. Soo lonnnggg. One person took 2 hours to do a gelish classic manicure for you and her colleague doing your feet at the same time. Both were talking alot. I mean it is ok and normal for people or staff to talk but when you talk , you must also move your hands. Time is precious for everyone !



I was given a 5 minutes hand massage after the session.


I decided to go for simple designs first because i had back to back meetings and in a rush. Found a new design for Jan and it will be a slightly elaborated one :)


Girl boss from The Professionails is so nice and sweet. Cherlyn and her boyfriend are the owner of the shop. 3 of us had a good chat and they are really so nice and down to earth. We talked about clothes , online shopping etc. It is really nice to have the boss to come out to chat and know more about their customers. If you want to go for affordable and good service nail salons , you should head down to The Professionails at Midpoint Orchard. Their prices are really reasonable and not expensive compared to other nail salons i have been to.

And good news, The Professionails is having a promotion for my readers only.

Quote my name “Pei Ling” when you visit and you get to enjoy a free Express Pedicure with a Classic Gel Manicure Service at $40 only. Or all other services at 10% off.

220 Orchard Road #01-06
Midpoint Orchard, Singapore 238852
Daily 11am – 8pm Sun:11-6pm
Tel : 67336100
Or you can book online over HERE.
View their list of prices over HERE.
Last week was really a grooming and self-pampering week. I just lack a good body massage to end the week.
Facial at Aeon Aesthetics and Medical Clinic at Scotts Road.
Christmas decors are up at Aeon ! Love these snow dolls :)
Listening to Christmas carols while having my facial done.
My skin condition is abit dry lately. When the weather turns cold or rains often , my skin will turn dry. It happened when i was in Europe too because of the strong wind.
I had my face cleansed , scrubbed , dead skin cells removed and hydrating Hydraplus Serum applied onto my skin to boost the hydration and moisture in my skin.
DSC01650a DSC01651a
Finally , i put on a hydrating facial mask.
Lyn , the clinic aesthetician applied a medical hair scalp serum. It really helps for people who are prone to hair fall. Not only does it helps to protect and nourish your scalp. But also nourish the roots of your hair.
A good head massage was done to help better absorption.
After my facial and scalp treatment , i had Korean coffee (K-coffee) at the VIP room.
If you have been to Korea often , i guess the only Korean coffee you know of maybe the ones you see at supermarkets ( brands such as Maxim ) . But the K-coffee i had at Aeon was soo nice. It is light yet fragrant.
This coffee has a history behind it.
It is Kojong, the first Emperor of Korea’s favourite coffee brew. Also , it was made of Korean Barley and has a lower caffeine content.
DSC01685a DSC01679a
The coffee drips made it easy to serve and drink.
Here i am , sipping my K-coffee after a relaxing facial and then how can i miss taking my OOTD using the mirror in the powder room ?
Upcoming top and i love the puffy bottom alot.
What i love about Aeon is that the clinic is always coming up with new facial procedures , masks and products etc. There are always something new every month. This is how Korean works. Just like all the Korean beauty and make up brands , they are always coming up with new products , new beauty tips , masks etc every season. Now the weather is kinda dry and rainy , for people who are experiencing dry skin like me during this weather conditions , you can enjoy a hydrating facial at Aeon. The facial and laser care are custom fit and catered to your skin needs. That is one thing i love about Korean aesthetics , beauty and make-up. There is always something new to look forward to.
This month , i get to try Korean coffee after a calming facial.
The clinic is having a Winter Glow Facial and Laser promotion. I went for it and love it !

You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic. Staffs at Aeon are all Koreans but they speak English and Korean so don’t be alarmed if you were greeted in Korean. You can look for Clara (Clinic coordinator) or Jina (Clinic Manager).

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

*When you walk into Pacific Plaza’s main entrance,

turn right and you will see a lift lobby. Take the lift up to Level 6

Tel : +65 6733 2002

Operating hours (Appointment only)

Mon : 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tue,Thu: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wed,Fri: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:30am to 4:00pm
Sun & PH: Closed

This week was a busy week. Meeting new people , meetings to plan for 2015 and also meeting with old friends.

Met up with a sec school friend whom i have not met since we graduated after Olevels 12 years ago.


It was great to catch up with Iris and Sophia who is going back to Korea after her 4 days holiday in SG.


Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel is nice place. A great place for OOTD but don’t know why my bf always focus on the back ground but not me lol. Im always blur in the photos and the back ground is always clear.


I think i need to go on a healthy diet and exercise soon. Will start playing squash at his new place this week onwards.


Weekend was kinda busy helping Oppa to move his things to his new home. Really tired and our weekend was spent shifting things here and there. But it was great to wake up to this view everyday. The habour view was nicer at night. I love sitting in the balcony at night , enjoy the breeze, check my emails and it was very quiet and peaceful. Love it when i opened the room door and was greeted with a beautiful sight every morning and night.


My Sunday was great too. Really honored to have drinks, dinner and talk with a professional baseball player from Seoul LG Twins. He is the pitcher. He came over to SG with his wife for honeymoon and visited the local Korean baseball team in SG. His wife is soo pretty and her figure is sooo good. Her best friend is a K-drama actress and soo pretty. The ambience was really great and enjoyable. Can’t believe we had a long talk and drinks from 1pm all the way till 6pm at Newton Circus and then we went for 2nd round ( dinner ) at a Korean Chinese Restaurant. Bottles of beer and soju from 1pm till 8pm. Now Oppa knocked out and drunk. Sleeping beside me while im blogging here at the study table. Lol.

Just yesterday , we were talking about our future plans. Where to have our wedding and also try to get his PR status. Probably gonna have wedding shoots and ceremony in Busan.
When we talked about our future plans , i don’t feel any fear or uncertainty. It’s unlike my past relationships whereby i felt the uncertainty whether this guy is responsible, reliable and the fear to live together etc.

Anyways , shall talk more about this later.

This week is going to be a tiring week ! Photoshoots and meetings !

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It is K-beauty time !

Something new in the market for a couple of months already.

HERA UV MIST CUSHION – Ultra Moisture.

It is HERA’s newest formula for Korea’s cold and dry Winter climate.


One thing i love about Korean beauty products is that they are always churning out new formulas , technologies and techniques. They seem to know what the girls want.

Hera have the normal UV Mist Cushion (for normal days) , Long Stay UV Mist Cushion ( for summer ) and now the Ultra Moisture ( for winter ).  Different cushions and formulas for different weather and climate conditions.

Colour of the cover differs from the rest. It is slightly greyish-purple.


I can’t wait to try this which my Korean friend gave me. It costs KRW45,000. Im using Cool Vanilla ( N21).

It is supposed to give you glowy and dewy skin. I am still using my normal pack and can’t wait to use this after finishing the current one. I don’t just open and do a review like that lol. Because once i open it , i will use it.

You know , when you push the cushion  aside ( not only Hera , but other brands as well ) , you will see all the cream at the bottom. So when i keep my cushion , i put on the table upside down so that the cream will flow to the top of the cushion when i open. Some people mistook that BB cushions dry up too fast and abit dry to the skin. But if you were to put it upside down when you keep it  , the cream will flow to the top of the cushion so that when you use it , you will get to squeeze more of the cream out onto the air sponge and it will not be too dry. I can use one refill for 3 months because i use it everyday.

Anyway , here is what the HERA UV MIST Ultra Moisture promises its users.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.18.55 PM

Can’t wait to try this.

I have a total of 3 different types of  BB cushions from Hera. The normal one , summer long stay and ultra moisture. Now that i have a normal and summer long stay one opened , i alternate between these 2 depends on the weather and activities i will be doing that day. If the weather is really hot and i will be under the sun for very long , i will use the Long stay version because it stays on and doesn’t melt. For casual day out , i use the normal UV mist. Weather is kinda dry and rainy these days and i can’t wait to try the Ultra Moisture to see how it is !

Have a good mid week !