I failed to go on a healthy diet with all the good food every week !

D and i are always busy and though we meet almost everyday , we hardly go out on a proper date ( like a proper dinner , movies , stroll etc ). 2 weeks ago , we went Sela Restaurant at Seah Street for dinner.

The restaurant was so nice and gave a relaxing feel.




Our starters.

The scallops are sooo fabulous. So nice i can have one more serving .

Carpaccio Of Scallops, Thai Fish Sauce Chilli Dressing.

The scallops were soo tender and fresh. Even blogging about it now makes me really hungry and craving for it again.


Duck Rillette, Seared Duck Liver, Apple Compote, Rocket
The taste was just like foie gras except that this is a duck’s liver. Nicely pan-seared. The outside was cripsy and soft in the inside. The sauce compliments the duck liver. Oppa was really enjoying this dish.


We tried Japanese sake too. Oppa was a good drinker and so he had a glass of Sake. We find it quite strange to drink match the Sakes with the dishes but infact it is goes very well. It is an unique fusion. The food was great and so was the Sake. Tasted like none of the Sakes i had before. The taste was not very strong and infact was light and slightly fruity like white wine.


Craft beers were available at Sela too ! There were several award winning craft beers. Oppa seems to know alot about these awarrds but this is the first time i tried Japanese craft beer.


The middle one was my favourite. It is slightly fruity and like cider.


After our Sake and beer tasting session , the main dishes were served.

Baked Miso Chilean Seabass, Edamame & Sweet Peas
This Chilean sea bass is restaurants’ customers’ favourite. Sela changes their menu every season and many customers requested for this one to remain in the menu. Now i know why. The sea bass is really fresh and soft. No fishy taste at all.
The sea bass skin were cripsy and the meat inside was soo soft and fresh. Unlike some sea bass i had at other restaurants which were quite dry and flaky.
The roes just burst and melt in the mouth.


Grilled Ribeye Steak, Crispy Confit Potatoes, Haricot Verts, Shimeji Mushrooms,Veal Jus

We had medium rare ribeye stick. The stick was again so juicy and tender. I love the fatty parts.

The sauce was great and compliments the steak.


Herb Crusted Lamb Rack, Braised Red Cabbage, Banana Shallots, Lamb Jus

I don’t really eat lamb so i tried abit of it whereas Oppa had everything lol.

You know some lamb racks had this very strong smell but this one was not that strong. It was well controlled by the herbs and sauces.This was also one of the restaurant’s favourite dish and loved by their regular customers.


The starts and mains were soo nice and we had such a sumptuous and hearty meal.

And now , we are waiting for our desserts to be served.


Gula Melaka Crème Caramel
I was kinda skeptical about this at first. Because i dislike desserts that are tooo sugary and tooo sweet. Desserts are meant to be sweet but not too overly sweet.
The last time i tried a Gula Melaka pudding , i was kinda disappointed because it seemed like i was eating syrup and gula melaka.

But this one was not. The carmel with gula melaka makes it taste like coffee pudding instead . I was quite surprised and asked Annie , the owner of Sela if it is a coffee pudding. Very unique and special actually. You should really try this dessert at Sela and be surprised. The raspberries at the side helps to clear your palate too.


We also tried the Wasabi and Caramel Balsamico ice cream.

The wasabi one was alittle “hot” whereas the Caramel Balsamico was really nice and light.


Fig Sorbet
I love this one too because i love sorbets. It helpes to clear my palate after a hearty meal.


SELA not only serves great food and drinks but they do also contribute to the society.

When you dine at Seal from 15th Nov to 31st Dec 2014 , they will donate 10% of your total spending to St. Andrew’s Autism Centre.

So not only you get to enjoy great food in a great ambience , you get a chance to contribute and be part of a charity too !

Poster- SELA CSR for SAAC FINAL copy

To make a reservation or know more about their menu , you can visit their website ( click HERE ) !

This weekend is another fattening weekend.

Im starting my diet on Monday. Im gonna have just salad for lunch and stop my ice cream cravings. I had ice cream everyday for the past 5 days.

I brought Oppa for steamboat on friday night. This is his first time eating steamboat. I want to make reservation at Haidilao but it was full house. And Oppa prefers buffet cos he eats alot.

So i made reservation at Coca Steamboat Restaurant at Takashimaya.


Our first round. Oppa eats it Korean style. Just beef and beef and beef and his favourite fish fillet for our 2nd , 3rd and 4th round of ordering. Really daebak. He had a total of 5 bowls of the signature Coca chilli sauce. He practically dips everything in the bowl. I wonder if he dips or drank the chilli cos the waiter refilled his chilli bowl 5 times.

For me..it is just crab sticks, prawns , golden mushrooms beef.


So we had a total of hmmm 10 plates of beef , 2 plates of pork , 5 plates of golden mushrooms , 24 pcs of crabsticks  and 5 plates of prawns. Soup ended up very oily at the end so didnt drink it.  Their ice kacang is very expensive ( $7 ++ ) but the bandung syrup used made up for it. If not i will be very disappointed.


I want to go for the chicken soup only but Oppa wants to try tom yum steamboat too. So we ordered the Yuan Yang pot.


After our hearty meal , we walked from Orchard to Dhoby gaut to enjoy the Christmas lighting decorations.

Wearing an upcoming AE maxi dress ( short front and long back ).


And saturday , my bro proposed to his long time girlfriend at Oasia Hotel.

So i took the chance to wear the swimsuit from Kblu Swimwear’s Gems Ashore Collection at their pool.

 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset




My bro’s friend owns the Partieholic event company. They do events for proposals , weddings and other events. If you need an event or wedding planner , you can contact Partieholic.


Have a good weekend everyone !

Im gonna cook kimchi fried rice , Korean seaweed soup and Salted egg yolk prawn on Sunday. If i received good reviews from Oppa and his Korean friend , then i shall share my recipe here. Lol as you know , PL doesn’t share things here that is no good.

Sleep tight and night night !



Love the curls Korean Make Up Artist, Yoona Han did for me and the new hair colour done at Salon Vim.

Yoona is a Korean and based in Singapore. Her sister is also a make up artist in Seoul. So i know who do i look for my wedding and pre-wedding shoot in Korea in 2 years’ time lol.


In love with black dresses lately. So into the festive mood these days !

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

 Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I cant wait for my date with D this coming friday !  Its has been soo long since we went to Orchard.

Agneselle just launch a new collection today !

Do hop over for new arrivals !

Also , im the Lunch Kaki of the month for the Lunch Kaki App !

For those who are keen to find out more about managing an online business or simply wish to have a casual lunch with  me, switch on your FFL now and indicate your lunch date and time. I will be available for a specific lunch session between 24-28 Nov. Should your details match with me, you can be lunching with me very soon! Schedule your FFL today! Men and women all welcome ! 


There are more and more users scheduling their lunches via this application. It is quite interesting to see many people from all walks of life around me. From real estate agents, stock brokers , teachers , students and entrepreneurs.
It is not your usual dating site but more of a networking app where you can meet someone casually for a simple lunch and make new friends.

So set your lunch schedule today and i cant wait to meet my lunch kaki next week !

Now , you dont need to worry about having your meals alone ! Just switch on your lunch kaki and find a kaki around you to explore places and cafes with you.

Two more months before 2015 and we are all packed with year-end parties , gatherings and dinners. That is when we will be meeting people and want to look our best. You don’t want to meet an old friend of yours and to hear them commenting that you looked tired. Also , dressing up in your best or expensive dress in the wardrobe and you want to hear compliments about your entire look and outfit right ? It is the year end and all of us worked really hard since the beginning of the year. It is time to pamper yourself !

So , i decided to go for the Winter Glow Treatment at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic !

This treatment is reallllly nice and my skin looks soo radiant even after 1 week from the treatment.

When i arrived , as usual i was greeted by the staff at the counters , enjoyed my glass of Korean tea before i was brought to the medical treatment room to cleanse my face.

Esther , the aesthetician cleansed my face before we proceed to the laser room.




The Winter Glow treatment is a combination of Aeon’s Clarity Toning, Diamond Lift and the special winter glow facial. 2 different lasers done together. The Clarity Toning laser helps to lighten pigmentations, brighten your skin tone , tighten your pores and remove dead skin cells. The Diamond lift is a cutting edge new device combining radiofrequency and magnetic pulse technology to stimulate collagen which helps to lift your skin and at the same time boost your skin’s radiancy. What’s good about this treatment is how it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. You can get to brighten , boost your skin radiancy and at the same time lift your skin. The special “Winter Glow” medical facial treatment helps to boost and lock in moisture in your skin.

Firstly , one round of Aeon Total Clarify Toning laser was done before the Diamond lift. It is non-invasive and involves no pain. I actually fell asleep during the treatment because i was sooo tired.



After one round of Aeon Clarity Toning , Dr Kim performed the Diamond lift treatment .But before treatment , a layer of gelatin gel will be applied on my skin to act as a medium between my skin and the laser. You will feel abit warm during Diamond lift but it is not painful. There is no pain and Dr Kim will ask if the temperature is ok and if you are feeling comfortable. Alot of readers who went to Dr Kim commented that he is very patient and kind. It makes them feel comfortable going for the procedure.

DSC01274a DSC01275a

So , one round of Diamond Lift was done to my entire face and not forgetting the neck area too. You don’t want to look young and have clear and radiant facial skin but your neck looks old right ?



Dr Kim focus on my forehead area because it is the area which is prone to facial lines formed from frowning. So girls,  stop frowning !




My skin appears pinkish after the Diamond lift due to the heat. Fret not , it is not painful nor does it burns your skin. It feels like someone is using a lukewarm towel and put it against your skin or like a hot stone massage. But after about 10 minutes , the pinkish-ness subsided




After both laser treatments , I was brought back to the medical rooms and that is where Esther cleanses off the remaining gelatin gel from my face with a warm towel. Her massage skills are really good.


DSC01297a DSC01298a

Her massage skills are sooooo good and i feel really comfortable and hope it can keep going on and on. Lol.



Here is picture taken after the laser and with the gel removed. Face looks more radiant and clear with just one session. Actually more improvements can be seen 1-2 days after the treatment. On the 2nd day , i can see that my skin looks brightened and radiant even without make up.


After the cleansing , the “Winter Glow” medical facial started.

A hydrating and whitening serum from a single use ampule (selected depending on your skin type and condition) was applied on my skin and slowly massaged with a cooling radio frequency applicator. This applicator helps the serum to better absorbed into my skin

DSC01306a DSC01310a

Next  , TWO layers of moisturizing cream (also selected accordingly to your skin condition) was spread across my face before putting on the mask.


Facial massage was done so that the moisturizer will be absorbed fully. Also you can get to enjoy neck massage too.

DSC01315a DSC01318a

A layer of cream mask was spread around my face. A foam mask , which will be applied later on, will enhance the cream mask to better penetrate into my skin for an optimum effect.

DSC01320a DSC01321a DSC01326a


A special eye mask was spread on my eyelids and around my eyes. If your eyes are really dry or tired , you will feel abit of sting. But i don’t feel any.

Slowly , you will feel the heat from the eye mask. The heat helps to moisturize and reduce the puffiness of your dark eye circles.

DSC01330a DSC01334a


This is something new. It was the first time i heard about a “Foam Mask”. This Foam Masks boosts the radiancy and moisture in your skin. A facial cotton was placed over my entire face and the foam mask was applied thereafter.

DSC01335a DSC01342a DSC01351a

After the foam mask was put on, I was given a neck and upper back massage to relax my tight muscles. After about 20 minutes , the mask was removed .


DSC01356a DSC01365a DSC01370a

I was given another round of facial and neck massage , moisturizer and sunblock was applied after everything.


This treatment is awesome and worth it because it has everything. From radiancy to lifting and moisturizing. Definitely a “Winter Glow” for the holiday season!

(only available until 31 Dec 2014; there are also terms and conditions)



You can call in to make an appointment or enquire.


You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic. Staffs at Aeon are all Koreans but they speak English and Korean so don’t be alarmed if you were greeted in Korean. You can look for Clara (Clinic coordinator) or Jina (Clinic Manager).

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

*When you walk into Pacific Plaza’s main entrance,

turn right and you will see a lift lobby. Take the lift up to Level 6

Tel : +65 6733 2002

Operating hours (Appointment only)

Mon : 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Tue,Thu: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wed,Fri: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:30am to 4:00pm
Sun & PH: Closed


Korea Maritime University’s ship Hanbada berthed at Harbour Front Port . There was a dinner event organized for Koreans who graduated from the University and who are now working in Singapore. D was invited and i went along as a partner. D graduated from Korea Maritime University in Busan.

D brought  me on a tour around the ship. Pretty amazing and the first time i get to visit a ship’s bridge. Also , i get to meet his friends , professors , captains and other Koreans who are working in Singapore and some are seamen.


Dressed in my favourite midi skirt again.

It is a simple and casual dinner in the ship. Because of the Korean conservative culture. I have to dress up abit conservatively and not too fanciful because there were alot of older and traditional Korean uncles and aunties attending this casual dinner event. Wearing a tank top and midi skirt is considered abit…..sexy. So after i went onto the ship , i covered up with a cardigan. No showing of cleavages and shoulders. Most Korean uncles and aunties are very conservative. I have to be careful with my manners , dressing , the way i eat , talk and also their culture. The way i dress, talk , look and manners reflect on D’s pride and face (面子). So if i make a mistake , it will be embarrassing for me and him too.

Fortunately , i understand and know the culture so its ok but just feeling uptight because this is the first time i met soooo many Korean seniors.  I have to shake their hands, bow and greet 안녕하십니까 (annyeong-hasimnikka – formal greeting to people who are much older) or 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) .

Looking short and tired beside my 1.86m giant.


Here was my OOTD this weekend. Dressed in an upcoming floral skater dress from http://www.agneselle.com !


Have a good week ahead !

Monday is photoshoot day and i need to sleep early, wake up early for my make up and photoshoot.

I saw a FB friend shared THIS post and i can understand how this guy feels because my bf is also a foreigner.

This guy’s girlfriend is a Thai. I have 4 friends who married Thais , 2 are dating Thais and my uncle’s wife is a Thai.

My friends met their wives at work when they were posted to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand for work ,  their wives are working in SG ( not in Thai disco, but in some Thai construction companies or Thai restaurants etc ) or through mutual friends. My uncle’s wife is his brother’s wife’s cousin’s wife’s sister ( super long relative connection , go figure out yourself ) and that was how they met and introduced. These are really proper , down to earth and they are now happily married and had kids. They are not the ones you see in the night scenes. I have met some of them and they are soo down to earth and nice. And fortunately , Thailand is just 2.5 hours plane ride away and some of them go back to Thailand once a month on weekend to visit their families.

The other 2 who were dating met their gfs in Thai disco/gentleman club. And an ex-friend of mine broke up with his “gf” because she was always asking him to send money to her after she went back to Bangkok ( every month about $1000 ) and when he was tight in cash and cannot send that much , she lost her temper and threaten to break up ( finally the guy woke up and realized that she was after him for money only ).

There are always black sheeps but not all are like that. I find it very insensitive when i saw how some people asked my friends if they met their wives in Thai disco or massage parlour. It’s like how some SG couples met in bars/clubs and imagine people asked if you met your girlfriend/boyfriend in clubs/bars and people look at both of you in a negative way. Also ,  some people ever asked me if my boyfriend hits me after drinking or when he is drunk ( because they watched too much K-drama ) since Korea has a strong drinking culture . Nope he don’t and he was very quiet when he was drunk.

There are some points raised by the writer which i agree :

“2) People will always view your foreigner partner according to their own perspective”

I fully agree with his point. People watched too much K-drama and thinks that every Korean looks or behaved like that they see on TV. There is a reason why it is called K-drama. Without the plot being a drama , who will watch it ?  Not all Korean men are MCP and even if they are , it is not as bad as what you saw on TV like how the men are MCP and the ladies are submissive. Time changed and not everyone are like that as what was portrayed  in the dramas.

Others tend to generalize and not see everyone as an unique individual.

Everybody is unique and has their own personality , character and behavior. Everyone is different.

The worst thing i ever heard was someone asking a friend of mine what is the difference in having sex with a foreigner and is it like those in Japanese AV movies. ( That guy’s gf is a Japanese and i can see his face turning red with anger when the other person asked him that).  Seriously , how insensitive can someone be ? What an insensitive question and no respect to the couple at all !!!

“5) You’ll learn of each other’s different cultures and that is amazing”

Fully agree on this point too. We have endless things to talk about and to experience together. There is always something new. Be it human behavior , manners , cultures , traditions etc etc. And with my Oppa , traveling and exploring around SG is never boring because i will always try to find new places to bring him and i have never been to some places before. Also , i can’t wait to travel to Korea next year with him and together we visit and tour places he have never been to before. Korea is very big and there are so many places to go.

So if you met someone who has a foreigner partner , please be respectful and don’t ask insensitive questions or make insensitive remarks. Just give them your blessing and if you don’t , just keep your comments to yourself.

Anyway , D and i are planning our trip to Busan next year. This is a formal trip and i will be meeting his mother. Feeling really nervous and i need to practice my Korean speaking really hard. Totally lost touch with the language ever since i went to Europe for 3 weeks and came back.

Lotsa work to do now and need to prepare for upcoming launches and photoshoots !

This week is a super fattening week. I had sooo much food and i feel sooo bloated.

Oh well, it was a rainy Tuesday and i managed to wear one of my biker jackets from my collection ! I bought them from overseas ( Hongkong and Korea ). Washing them is abit tedious and expensive. That is why i only wear them when im overseas and washed them overseas instead because it is cheaper esp in Korea.

You can get your laundry done for your coats / jackets in Korea before you come back. It is way cheaper there.

My eyebags are really bad and im seriously thinking of having surgery done to remove them. Oppa is quite supportive but he emphasized “only eye bags” and no other parts of the face. lol



We found a hidden gem inside Chuan Park condo at Lorong Chuan. The thai food is really and so cheap .We spent only $34 ! We are going back to try more from there ! They not only serve Thai food but Western food such as pastas and pizzas too. I guess people who live there or around Lorong Chuan should know about it. It is inside a condo and at the club house. Beside the restaurant is a mini mart and a traditional salon.

DSC01514a DSC01515a

The Tom yum soup is really nice and we went for the Red Tom Yum Soup. Taste so good and we slurped up every single drop of it. Only $8.80


Thai Green Curry (Beef) . You can choose between seafood , beef or chicken. Soo nice and beef was soo tender.


Chicken in 3 Thai sauces.


We had 2 bowls or rice , coconut drink and these 3 dishes for only $34. The serving was huge and we nearly had food coma after that. We are going back for more since it is just infront of his block.

Today , i had my Korean tuition at Bedok Mall.

But before my tuition , i had lunch with my Korean teacher at Bedok Mall.

Korean bbq buffet at $35 for 2 pax.

We sat there for 2 hours and chomping down lotsa of pork bellies. Yes , just pork bellies.

Singaporeans like to go for marinated meats but Koreans just go for pork bellies because it is expensive and nicest.

I agree and that is why i only go for pork bellies when im having Korean bbq. I never order other thing else except for pork bellies.

DSC01525a DSC01526a DSC01528a

The price is very cheap and it is buffet somemore. So don’t expect very high quality meat. The meat was very thin so i picked up 2 pieces together , dipped in sesame oil with salt and eat with kimchi . The kimchi is not sour enough and cabbage was used instead of lettuce. So the taste is abit different.

So , you have to be smart with the seasonings they offer to make your bbq taste better. Like sprinkle some salt on the meat or apply a layer of sesame oil over. I put the golden mushrooms near the pork so that it will be soaked with the oil from the meat and then i sprinkle some salt. Sounds unhealthy but it was damn yummy.


So for 2 hours , we just had golden mushrooms , kimchi and pork bellies.


My Korean teacher is good at BBQ and her meat are never burnt.


Super fattening week and i had more yummy food on wed night which i will blog later.

Gonna get a good sleep before photoshoot on Thursday afternoon.

Good night !