Im in love with skorts lately. I can wear it short and won’t “zao gang” ,

Here are some upcoming pieces.

I used to shun away from white bottoms but now a days I’m soooo infatuated with white skirts and shorts. These are my wardrobe favorites which i got from my travel trips.


FEE_7620 FEE_7630

I love this crochet tube corset tube top so much i kept them in Navy and White.

FEE_7642 FEE_7661


Off shoulder top will be up next launch but the skirt will be up in May. Manufactured a longer version for everyone. I have to wear safety shorts for my original piece because it was too short. As you can see i gained weight. Ya..when you gained weight , certain “part” of your body will become bigger and i have people messaging me asking if i did fillers…LOL . ya…natural fillers…fats..its free..just eat and eat and eat !

But I have been exercising and taking tennis class.




It was very sad to see the video below. If you understand the language and understand what the parents are saying will feel damn heart wrenching. Those kids are under 20 and can you imagine the parents’ loss ? I teared when i watched this video. I watched it over and over again because it was soooo sad that i can feel their grieve.

The parents were shouting on the mic out to the accident site hoping that their beloved child is still alive and if they can hear them , they will strive to live. The sea water is so cold..everyone knows that it is hard to survive after so many days. But everyone and especially the parents are hoping for a miracle that their beloved child will come back alive or see the body for a closure.

If you do not understand what they are saying , they were calling out to their kid’s name and said that they missed them , hurry come back to mother , if you die ..i will die too , i am waiting here for you…hurry come back…i can’t live without you if you are dead..

so sad…

Given that Korean families are very close knitted. It is really sad to watch this video.
 Read the papers today about the need to change the “hurry hurry” culture in Korea which is partly the cause of this accident. Somehow I’m 50% agree with that.
The Korean “Hurry Hurry” Culture – 빨리빨리 문화 (“Pa-li Pa-li Mun-hua”)
When i was in Korea, everything was done very fast. From the moment you order your food till it was served and billed , It was really fast. Food came fast and bill came very fast. Even when i went grocery shopping at Emart and i have 2 trolley full ( I’m damn auntie , i went there to buy pans , korean chopsticks , seaweeds etc )  , the cashier scanned the stuff really fast and when i pay by credit card , it was really fast. I was really amazed. They are fast and accurate. Even their postoffice delivery is very fast. The country is so huge and i get a parcel from one end to the other within 15 hours. Singapore is soo small but a registered mail takes 3 working days and still can get lost. Don’t say already. My mother complained to IDA a lot of times for lost mails. Showed my mother’s emails to my friends. Damn fierce. Auntie power. And IDA get back quite fast. Except for Korean online shops which take 2 weeks to ship your order. But their internet speed damn fast. I like that cos when i work there , I can load pictures and send emails very fast.
But the con is that ..when the postman came knocking onto my door , he knocked twice and if you didn’t open the door fast enough , he will drop it at the nearest convenience store or postbox. Damn fast please..omg..he knocked twice , i walked to the door and he is gone. I have to chase him to get the package. Even macdonalds delivery and everything very fast. Too fast for me to catch up sometimes.
So when i go out with my Korean friends in SG , they get frustrated when i went shopping with them at NTUC or anywhere. They complained very slow…and when we order food , waiting for food to serve and bill , they also complain very slow. And our internet also very slow. Our 3G also very slow. So ..i will tell them to relax and wait… Not that they are slow ( ok maybe the credit card or nets system is really slow sometimes ) but the staff have to be careful with the transactions you know. SO patience….9 out of 10 of them just don’t like to wait. I have to calm my bf down sometimes too. LOL.
Looking back at my life, i lost my beloved dog of 17 years and broke up with my ex on the same day. And after 2 months , my grandfather passed away. Dealing with 2 deaths and a break up within 2 months. After picking myself up from the break up and death of my dog , i have to face another grieve ( loss of my grand father ) . Seriously , i couldn’t work for a week and most of my customers and friends told me to take break from everything for a week. After all these happenings , it taught me not to ask for much. Giving 100% does not mean that you will get back 100% or more. Be contented with what i have and cherish everything around me. Overworking like mad in the past and getting to travel anywhere i want and hoping my fairytale come true but my health was badly affected. So right now , i keep my work life balanced . 8 hours of work a day. Down 10 hours from the 16 hours or 18 hours i did last time. Having enough rest means i can concentrate better and i don’t look so “cui” and tired. Someone asked if it was the reason why Agneselle site was not as active since Feb ? Nope.. that is not the reason stocks were delayed and need do accounts for tax reporting etc…!!! I can’t wait for the new designs to arrive though esp the skirt cos i want a black one too !!!!
Styles for summer designs will be a little bit different. So stay tune !
Anyway i wanna thank my readers and customers for the support for the past few months when i was going through a difficult time.


Happy Easter !

Had a good dinner on thursday night with Oppa at my favorite restaurant in Tanjong Pagar. I have been a regular over there because the food is good and authentic. I always avoid those with many Singaporeans and go to those with more Koreans for a more authentic taste.

So we had seafood on Thurs night. The last time i had Korean sashimi was in Summer 2013 ( July ) at Busan where it is famous for its seafood ( because it is by the coast ). Oppa is from Busan and so this time , i learnt the correct way of eating the sashimi.

We had lotsa side dishes. It just keep on coming in intervals.

20140417_204621 20140417_204629 C360_2014-04-18-13-22-32-915

Flat fish and abalone sashimi. The flat fish is sooooooo QQ ! I love it !

C360_2014-04-18-13-24-03-688 C360_2014-04-18-13-25-07-786

A lot more side dishes but too hungry and gobbled everything up before i can snap any picture.

So..some of my SG friends and Korean friends asked me if i noticed any difference between men from Gyeongsang-do , Seoul and Jeolla-do ?

To me , you don’t treat a man differently because of his nationality or his race. Just treat him like how a woman should treat a man. But you have to understand and know about his culture. And mutual understanding is important so that you know why is he/she acting this way or doing it this way. I went out on date with Singaporean and a foreigner when i was single but things didn’t work out for these 2 dates. But i clicked on very well with Oppa.

You know , as i grew older i know what i want in a life-long relationship. When i was young , i was blinded by love and did a lot for a relationship and even gave up my entire savings and doing 2 jobs. I asked myself now why must i be the only one who gave in everything ? This is a question i never ask myself in the past which i should have. Sometimes i regretted when i thought about it. Damn Gek sim. I am very sensitive to a man’s temper now. And a man’s faithfulness is also important. Because i do not want to go through the stress and pain which i went through before again. You can forgive someone’s mistake but it is hard to forget the mistake. And it is very hard for a person to change their temper. A life lesson i had learnt. I am very open and truthful about my past to my boyfriend and even people i used to date when i was single.

Now I’m turning 28 and know what i want.  Someone i can rely on , lead a simple and fulfilling life , supportive and have a family with.

Frankly speaking , whether from Gyeongsang-do , Jeolla-do , Gyeongi-do or Seoul it doesn’t matter. Yes, there is slight difference in their behavior perhaps because of their culture. Im slowly trying to know more about Gyeongsang-do. And I find that Gyeongsang-do men are pretty attractive because of their swag. And I’m loving it now. Lol. I hate men who talked too much and prefer men with few words and humble.

Here are some K-pop stars from Busan (Gyeongsang-do)

Taecyeon from 2pm.


Yonghwa from CNBlue

yonghwa CNBlue

A video of Yonghwa and Taecyeon speaking in Busan dialect. I noted that Gyeongsang-do men tend to lower pitch and voice when they speak in their Gyeongsang-do dialect. I find it kinda..hmmmm attractive actually. But their pitch became higher when they speak in Seoul dialect.

This video is damn funny if you understand it.

If you do not know where is Gyeongsang-do….There is North Gyeongsang-do and South Gyeongsang-do. Thanks to my teacher , i got to know more about it.

Here’s a map.


If you go to Busan , you have to try their 밀면 (mil-myeon) which can only be found there. I can have this everyday in summer. I had it everyday when i was in Busan last summer.

Looks spicy but it is not. I LOVE THIS !


Ok , back to the men … Here’s what i noticed ( in my personal opinion because i have friends from different cities ) . Not all mens are what i have described below. But these are based on my observations from my own friends and of course there are also exceptions.

Seoul / Gyeonggi-do- Quite talkative. And somethings they said to you , you seem to have heard it or felt like you are in a K-drama. They are quite open and welcome foreigners ( but there are still some traditional ones and some don’t react to foreigners not because they are rude  but it was because they can’t speak English ). Very up-to-date with the latest fashion. Very sweet to ladies and knows how to please a girl. There are many things to do in Seoul and they are a little bit more exposed to different cultures.

Jeolla-do - Gentleman, friendly and romantic. Friends i know from Jeolla-do are very romantic and things they did for their gfs on their 100th , 200th….bday etc are so sweet. Seems like they can do anything for love. Most of the Koreans i know who are in a very long term relationships are from Jeolla-do. They are very friendly when i was there and curious because they don’t get to meet and make foreigner friends there. Most friends i know from Jeolla can drink very well.

Gyeongsang-do - Men with few words. Cool with swag and masculine. Also dubbed as 상남자. This is definitely my type. Most people’s first impression of them were unfriendly and cold. But it is just part of their culture. It will be good if they can be a little bit more expressive at times to break the ice. Most of the men i know from Gyeongsang-do are very tall ( 178 and above ) . They are the tallest among all my friends ( from Seoul , Jeolla and Gyeongsang ). Maybe because of the masculine swag, i feel very well taken care of. are still men. Irregardless which country , province or race they are from , each is unique to its own . And everyone is different. Same goes to the girls.


I had a relaxing long weekend.

Ready for work tonight. Because there is a launch on 20th April , tonight at 9pm !!!

4 8 6 5 2 1

Waiting for 18th Apr to submit Agneselle accounts and tax reporting and phew…then wait for the IRAS letter for tax payment which is damn sian. Report your tax if not IRAS will chase you back for everything if you got caught for evading. Some online shops don’t report their accounts and tax but i suggest you better do it before you kanna the penalty which can make you go bankrupt if got caught or someone sabotage you.

Im turning 28 years old in a month’s time. 10th May. I can feel that age is catching up. I used to be a workaholic. Working 18 hours a day with only 5 hours of sleep which caused the bad health and stress and it took me a year to get my health back. I used to go to the hospital every month because of my bad health. I can’t sleep at night and i need pills to help me to relax my mind. I tried to keep my work life balanced now. Tried not to work after working hours or weekends. I used to work till 2am or 3am at night daily even on weekends. But it is pretty hard to try to stop thinking about work. It is becoming a habit and i don’t feel at ease and kept thinking that work will be piling up if i don’t work at night till late. Now i kept my work-life balanced and things are much better. My health is gaining back my healthy weight and don’t look so tired or shag anymore.

Had my shoot on Monday again. Can really feel that age is catching up. My bones feel like cracking after the shoot. Sooo tired under the hot sun. The girls were busy taking pictures of the place whereas I was busy with selfies . The thing about taking outdoor shoots is that i have to constantly find new places to take pictures. Which is good and i can slowly comb through parts of SG. Found a lot of amazing places.


At starbucks , i was studying while Oppa was preparing for his work presentation. Need some skill to take a nice and blur picture leh !


This week gonna be a busy week and looking forward to this friday. I don’t even know that it is a public holiday lah. Previews for new collection is up on Facebook page !

Thanks to SONY , i managed to get hold of the α5000 camera (20.1 megapixel) . It is the world’s lightest interchangeable-lens digital camera. Plus it is equipped with a 180 degrees tillable LCD screen which is perfect for talking selfies. With its Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities , you can send photos to your mobile devices !

I chose the black one since i do not have a black body camera.

e0fd779869a896dee02c55053178428b 7849af100c810fd8d88ee3edea9201ab

It comes in 3 colors – White , Black and Pink and retailing at $799.

You can read more about the specifications HERE on their website


1b32fb5b0b466ef3c095dc376926bbea 264dd989fb73c3201dc64982dd7c80b3

For a blogger , taking selfies are very important and I’m learning to take good selfies . Not only does the camera matters , you need to take it at the right angle.


With the tiltable LCD screen ,I’m able to capture and see myself on the screen before i snap the picture.

DSC00038c DSC00039a DSC00040a DSC00041c
Thank you SONY , taking selfies is a much easier task now. 

SONY  cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000 Challenge

Sony is inviting all fans to participate in the cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000 challenge, where participants will have to race against the clock and answer 10 fun and interesting questions about the cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000 camera as accurately as possible. Players with the highest scores and fastest timings will be able to win for themselves one of the 120 attractive prizes from Sony, while the top three winners will each receive a brand new cid:image004.jpg@01CBAE9C.0564E2A05000.

Click on SONY Facebook Page and its official CONTEST URL to take part or know more about the challenge now ! You could have won the camera !



Guess what , i made yummy Kim Chi Jiggae ( Kim Chi Soup ) over the weekend for dinner with Mr D. Cooked at my home and i brought over.

It used to take me more than 2 hours to prepare and cook. I failed twice before many months ago. The first one was too bland because i didn’t put in Kim Chi Juice and 2nd one was burnt because i used the wrong kind of pot to cook . But this time it took me only less than 20 minutes to get it done and brewing.

Here are the ingredients


1) Most importantly – KIMCHI. You have to use kimchi that are really sour (which means that they were fermented for very long ) . I used the Bibigo kimchi which i bought from thesupermarket many months ago and it was too sweet and the soup ended up being soooo bland. So if you are using the Bibigo kimchi from supermarket ( Those you buy in packs ) , you have to leave it outside the fridge for a day so that it will “turn a bit bad”  for it to become sour. Yes you are supposed to make it “cao seng”. This tip was given by my Korean teacher.

So this time , I went to Takashimaya food basement to get my old and sour kimchi. Yes reallllly sour and i asked for more kimchi juice. The stall sells OLD and NEW kimchi. So you gotta ask for the old one. I got a tub of old kimchi for $15 and i use only half of the tub for the soup. The kimchi juice is the main essence. Don’t throw them away. It is what that makes your soup, pancake or rice sooo yummy.

My yummy tub of kimchi soaked in kimchi juice.


2) SPAM – which you can get from any supermarket

3) Golden mushroom

4) Silken Toufu

5) Tuna – I didn’t use the normal tuna from Ayam brand or other brands. I bought the Ottogi   Tuna which is meant for Kimchi soup. It has a bit of kimchi oil in it which tastes good when fried. I used the normal ayam brand one before and the taste wasn’t so great.


Firstly , get a non-stick pot. I am sooo auntie.. i went Korea last year and bought pots back because they are cheap. Why non-stick ? Because you need to fry the tuna and kimchi in it. I used the normal steel pots last time and all my kimchi and tuna got stuck at the bottom and the soup has this badly burnt smell and a lot of things were stuck at the bottom. I saw that most Korean households use non-stick pots because they usually fry the ingredients before they add water to make soup.

Fry the tuna for about 5 minutes and wait for it to sizzle. There should be a nice tuna smell with slight kimchi smell ( because of the oil ) .


Then add in half a tub of chopped kimchi to fry. I forgot to mention that you need to chop your kimchi before frying it. Chop them into pieces. Fry and let it sizzle then you add in the kimchi juice from the tub. You can add in more juice so that there is more taste. It is the juice that gives you the spicy and sour taste. Not too much else it is really spicy . Let it sizzle and brew for about 5-8minutes and mix the tuna and kimchi together.


After 8 minutes , add in water and let it boil at high heat for 10 minutes.


At this time , you can add in SPAM . Slice them into cubes and drop it in the boiling kimchi soup. I love spam so i added in a lot and i bought the one with less sodium so it won’t be too salty.


And then let it brew over low heat for an hour. By then your whole house or kitchen should smell of kimchi soup. SOooooo yummy .

After an hour , add in the silken tofu and golden mushroom and let it boil for awhile more till the kimchi turns very soft. You can taste it while it is brewing under low heat and see if it is too salty or spicy for you. Adjust it by adding in more water or kimchi juice depending on taste. If it is too salty or spicy , add water. If too bland , add in more kimchi juice.  I brewed my soup for another one hour at low heat before serving time. So mine was brewed over about 2 hours. You can serve it with Korean rice.

It is easy to make and really tasty and healthy ! If you find it too salty or spicy , you can add in more water and adjust to your taste. Remember to buy old kimchi or else your soup turns out bland or sweet.

Mr D’s verdict – So delicious , he finished everything. He didn’t expect this standard from a non-korean. 10/10 for my kimchi soup !

Just finished my photoshoot and I’m dead tired. Gotta rest before going back to work.

Have a good day and enjoy your Kimchi Jiggae !

**Psst : New items added onto sales page

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Taking great care of your skin daily at home is important. But of cos , we all want a short cut to help you to achieve even better looking skin and it is also easier to maintain. One way is through Aesthetic procedures which are non-invasive.

This picture was taken when i still had eyelid infection on my left eye ( cos of eyelash extension done at a salon ) and also the day after i had Silk Peel Treatment done at Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics Clinic by Dr S.M. Yuen.

Bling bling skin ~~

In Korean , we call it 샤방샤방 (sha bang sha bang)


The ART -Silk Peel is a painless and non-invasive treatment.

A machine which helps to remove the dead skin cells and releasing hydrating serum onto your skin for better absorption. You will wake up with clear and radiant skin. I LOVEEEE this treatment. My skin looks soooo clean , clear and radiant.

The therapist doing the Silk Peel procedure below. Working on every part of my face.


On top of that , i had ART - VITA-C HYDROLIGHTENING

This calming and refreshing therapy uses unique korean lab-researched and developed concentrated vitamin C enriched serums that have anti oxidation, anti-pigmentation and skin tone lightening effects.


Right after the treatment.

Bling bling skin.


If you want to have radiant and clear skin. You can go for the ART – Silk Peel and ART – Vita-C Hydrolightening treatment. There are special rates for my readers. So quote my name or blog name to enjoy the special rates.

If you have any concerns or enquiries , you can contact them at the numbers below or email them at

391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #13-10/10A
Singapore 238874
Operating Hours
Mon & Tues: 10.00am to 6.30pm
Wed: 10.00am to 8.00pm
Thur & Fri: 10.00am to 8.30pm
Sat: 9.00am to 12.30pm
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed

The last time i went for hair removal was back in 2010. That was about almost 4 years ago. Most of my hair were removed but some parts came back again. Though not a lot and just some fine hair. I still have to “shave” it off once a month.

So i decided to get it done at Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic. At Atlas , you can get to do Korean technique laser treatments and aesthetic procedures. As you all know , South Korea is well known for aesthetic procedures and surgery. I had VPL done here. It is a different technique as compared to IPL.

A layer of gel was applied onto my legs before zapping the lasers onto my skin. It is painless and took less than 10 minutes.

20140313_134658 20140313_134728


VPL not only helps in hair removal but it also lightens your skin tone. Pores are finer and skin texture is smoother.


See the different between my thighs and calfs ? My calfs are much fairer after the VPL treatment. Skin texture smoother and pores are smaller.


If you would like to go for Korean aesthetic laser techniques for beautiful and radiant skin, you can head down to Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic.

Quote my name (Pei Ling) or blog ( and you will get to enjoy special reader rates.

Please call Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic at Tel. : (65) 6556 0829 to enquire.

Going through storms in our life makes us a stronger person.


But after going through many “storms” and “obstacles” , i hope things turn out right and smooth for me now. Peaceful , blissful and happy.