Weekend was a great one with lotsa food and food and food !

Oppa and i went to Tom yum kungfu at Serangoon Gardens for Mookata ! We ordered the set for 4 pax. So you can imagine our appetite. Super rich in MSG and i was soo thirsty the whole night even when i was sleeping. Waking up often to drink water. But well , the meat was good especially the pork belly. I shall just order pork belly and prawns next time.

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We need something cool to clear the MSG taste on our tongue buds. We walked all the way to The Coffee Daily for waffles and ice cream before we walk home.

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Again , i had another round of Korean BBQ on Saturday at Taewoo Oppa’s house after the boys’ tennis lesson. BBQ overload. And as if that was not enough , another round on Sunday with Oppa’s baseball team mates .

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3 rounds of BBQ consecutively but i love it. I love BBQ ! Abit unhealthy so i guess i have to try to eat clean this week to make up for it.

Anyways , Agneselle.com just launched !

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Many has asked me about my daily skincare routine and i will blog about it one day when im free. It is not easy to blog the step by step and i need at least 3 hours. But i am kinda occupied with work lately but will try to do so this weekend ! Also , i have a new product to introduce !

I can’t wait for this long weekend. Going for 2 rounds of Korean BBQ with Oppas and girls from Aeon clinic and another round with Oppa and his baseball team. Gonna be overloaded with lotsa meat this week. I guess i must drink more liang teh !!!

Last week’s bbq dinner with Elaine at my favourite restaurant at Tanjong Pagar. Love all my girly dates with her because she is someone whom i can confide any problems or issues to.



 Busy talking and forgot to flip our bbq meat lol.


But one thing for sure , i gained weight. I heard that everytime i meet someone. “Hey , you gained weight” or “Did you just gained weight?” …but well at least i didn’t hear the word “fat” from anyone yet. My cheeks looked really full lately and i dont need any fat grafting lol. But the angle in the picture below was quite bad and i thought i really look that puffy but well , it was just the angle and spot light shining directly at my cheeks and making it look really puffy..heng ah….lol !


This weekend gonna be busy for me…spending time with my Oppa before he leaves next weekend for his business trip to Manila and Netherlands for a couple of months  :(

Loving this week because my skin looks really good and clear. I dont even need to put on much make up bases. And my eyes looked less tired. Less sunburn too ! Gonna share on a sunblock product i got from Aeon Medical and Aesthetics clinic soon !


Weekend was spent watching Korean wedding videos together and exchanging about  Korean and Chinese wedding cultures and traditions. It was really cute how some of his friends said if we need them to dance at our wedding like that they will do so lol. I like the decor. Looks really fairytale like and soo grand..!

So cute lol.

Bride is pretty and Groom looks good and can dance well in the video below. You can skip and forward to 1:00.

Lol. Enjoy the video and good night !

Agneselle just launched on Monday night at http://www.agneselle.com !

The weekend just zoomed past like that at the blink of an eye. Too fast.

Just remember having dinner with the Oppas and girls from Aeon clinic on friday and then it is back to reality ( work and lotsa appointments ) on monday.

Feeling really tired this week. I dont know why but my engine is getting slower and slower. But still , i managed to squeeze out sometime to cook Bak Kut Teh for Oppa on wednesday. I realised all my Korean friends love Bak Kut Teh. And they only know the one at Clark Quay ( SongFa Bak Kut Teh ). But i brought him to Founders 2 weeks ago and he loved it. I knew he love Bak Kut Teh so i decided to pick up the recipe from my mum and cook for him. But i cut down on the amount of pepper. Koreans don’t like strong pepper taste. I realised that too because when i ordered black pepper crab or beef , they just ate one mouthful and never touch that dish again. So if you are going out with a Korean , try not to order something that is tooo “peppery” or just skip those.

And also , i cooked his favourite Sambal Kangkong ( dubbed as “Singapore’s Kimchi” by him ) lol. Forgot to buy chinese white rice do i just use the Korean bean rice from his home.

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Verdict – He loves it and finished everything up. Even suggested to invite his friends who lives nearby over to have dinner next time when i cooked it. Yay ! Feeling so proud of myself.  I have been eating too much food (+ beer) lately and i seriously have to do some body toning before i go out of shape. Should i just go for a jog daily , gym classes or take up pole dancing classes ? I need to tone my abdomen …sigh.

This coming week gonna be a busy week with photoshoot sessions. But there is a preview of what is coming up on 21st July , Monday at 9pm ( http://www.agneselle.com )

I love this deep racer top because it gives you a slimming effect. It is tight fitting at the first try. Because the material may stretch abit and according to your body shape after your first wear. So the first wear maybe a little bit tough but once it got stretched to your bodyshape , after that it is fine and easy to wear. My photographer got the piece in white from me too.



This frock is a really lovely dress. Like a tea dress , it makes you feel really dainty and flowy wearing it. If you are going on a night date , dinner or work , this is the right dress . Fabric is light and comfortable and it gives the flow and sway when you walk.



This colour block dress has a patch of lace that runs down the middle. This dress gives a slimming effect and i love the low trumpet skirting. It gives the sway when you walk too and i like that. For work , you can pair it with nude heels or white flats or loafers for a casual day out.

SMP_7975 SMP_7993

Feeling really tired lately and have to look through alot of documents lately. Driving me nuts and im sooo tired and soo sleepy…can’t wait for it to get over soon.

Have a good evening and weekend !

I have been blogging and instagram-ed alot on food lately. Food bombed lol.

Celebrating Anfernee Oppa’s birthday over the weekend !

Hyun Jong onni and Anfernee Oppa prepared so many traditional home cooked dishes. Not forgetting 10+ bottles of Soju and endless bottles and cans of beer.

Anfernee Oppa and Hyun Jong onni are always so nice to me so i decided to chip in and bought a Salted Caramel birthday cake and Magnum ice creams for desserts.


The dishes are all so yummy .



It is Korean tradition to drink Seaweed soup on their birthdays. Just like how Chinese eat mee sua with egg on their birthdays.


We had a long talk with food and beer before heading down to the pool for a swim. The men decided to carry on with their beer and sojus by the pool. Whereas i headed back to the house and helped Hyun Jong onni with some errands,  prepared dinner and looked after her baby while she was busy in the kitchen.

It was a fun night playing drinking games and lotsa laughter and chats. Because everyone was so high and kinda hmm drunk , it makes all the talking and games more interesting. One of them was telling me how he proposed to his wife. He deposited a certain sum into a bank account every month and that money was used to buy his wife a ring and other presents for proposal. In the bank passbook , you are able to leave remarks or messges ( 6 characters if im not wrong ) and for every deposit , he left a sweet message. Sounds like a K-drama but when the wife passed me the passbook and i opened it. Lotsa messages and he really diligently deposited money into the account monthly. I cant remember if he sang this song when he proposed to her or on their wedding day but it was one of those days. So sweet.

I found a video of the song he sang with English subs so you can understand.

But i kinda like the melody of this song too though. Sang by Kim Jong Wook.

It was really funny how this topic of wedding and family culture came about. Because my dear boy shocked everyone at the table by saying something to me out of the blue when we were all eating our dinner ( the traditional way of how Busan men proposed ). LOL because he was drunk and half gone. It was really funny and cute.

It reminded of me this video i saw on youtube.

But abit sian of Bruno Mars songs. I love Bruno Mars but i hear this in almost 2 out of 3 wedding dinners i have been to until sian already. Always hear this when the slide shows were played during the dinner…

Anyway , the dinner was really sumptuous and i enjoyed myself. Learning more of the culture especially family culture. Got to know that the men give their salary to their wives who will manage the finances of the family. And the men usually get monthly allowances from the wives. It is kinda opposite and different from Chinese culture which is the other way round. Drink drank drunk…i guess all the boys had a good sleep that night.

Anyways ,

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Love this dress in jewel tones. Perfect work dress which is slightly longer and you can wear it for date out or work. Love the pleats and sway of the dress. I kept 2 colours for myself and altered one of them shorter to 31 inches. One of my friend who is 158cm wore it 3 fingers above her knee and looks dainty in flats.

SMP_7187 SMP_7212 SMP_7231

Have a good midweek !

P/S : Im cooking Bak Kut Teh for dinner today !

I feel more confident in my bare skin and putting on less or no make-up lately. Thanks to the Clarify peel and Clarity laser toning done by Dr Kim at Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic and thank you Oppa for the recommendation to this clinic !

감사합니다 !

You know , taking “Selfies” are the “IN” thing right now and i do it almost everyday and anywhere as and when i like it. I would rather take selfies than to have someone to take a picture for me because i know my best angle. And we all like the angle where there is no “double chin” , big eyes , sharp noses and a V-shaped jawline.

There are many selfies poses which you can do to create a V-shaped or slim jawline by using with your fingers. Like placing them on your jawline or resting your chin on your palm. It is really funny how i always take like more than 10 pictures of selfies with Oppa but ended up deleting all even though he looks good in the pic because i look bad.

But he is so nice to be on standby because he knows  that i will take as many as i like until i am satisfied. Like what he always tell me ” Women are always looking into the mirror and say that they look ugly but Men are always looking into the mirror thinking that they look handsome “. Omg…he has a huge sense of humor. Can’t believe a cold and cool Busan man can break the “coldness” with such humor. I was laughing really out loud when he said that while looking into the mirror and waxing his hair. Can you imagine that scenario ?


I did not put on any make up in the picture above. Skin looks good and smooth  <3 ! The best angle is tilting your head 45 degrees.

We all know about the jaw reduction surgery where the jaw bones were shaved or screwed to create a permanent and smaller jawline. But the surgery is very very very painful and dangerous though very popular in South Korea. But thanks to the invention of Botox , we are able to reduce our jawlines via Botox injection without going through the pain.

The first thing that came into most people’s mind when they heard the word Botox is that you gonna smile and look like a “robot”. Even my Oppa was a little skeptical because he was afraid that i will look like a “Robot 녀 “( robot-nyo is a term used on a Korean lady who had several surgery done to her face such that she looks like a robot ). That was my first impression too until i was told how it actually works. After consulting Dr Kim , jaw line reduction Botox actually helps to relax the protruding muscles on our jaws to create a slim jawline. It does not not harden the muscles  . It relaxes your muscles.  Bite down your teeth and feel the lump of muscles on your jaw with your fingers ? Yes that part where Botox will be injected into.  This procedure is also for those people who grind their teeth when they sleep due to overactive jaw muscles (masseter muscles). But I also learned it is not for everyone because some people’s square jaws are not due to the muscles but the bone shape. These people I am told will not benefit as much.

I went to  Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Clinic to get botox done by Dr Kim to reduce my jawline.

Let’s see how is it done !


 Beautiful morning and waiting at the private area for Dr Kim to discuss on the botox to be done on my jawline. Sipping my cuppa hot tea and feeling relaxed.


Dr Kim was really patient and explained to me that there are many kinds of Botox solutions but only 2 are approved to be used in Singapore. Below is one of them which will be used to inject into my jaw muscles. I asked alot of questions before the Botox injection because i want to clear my doubts and Dr Kim is very professional and patient.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are different needles used for Botox. The bigger they are , the more painful it will be. Dr Kim uses the thinnest one for the Botox injection. Here is a picture below for you to compare the thickness of the needles used. Pain level for this botox injection is just 1/10.



Dr Kim examined my jaw muscles once in the treatment room before we proceeded with the Botox injection. Dr Kim marked out area where he will inject the Botox on my jawline for precision

I had no make-up on that day. Try not to put on any make up when you come for aesthetics treatment or Botox injections. If you are self-conscious , you can put on a cap or sunglass. There is a powder room at Aeon where you can put your make up after treatment. No make up and my skin looks dewy and “bling bling” after Clarity peel and laser toning.


Jina (Clinic Manager) used the Korean cooling massager to cool and numb the area where Botox will be injected. This helps to minimize the injection pain.  She is such a sweet and gentle lady.


Here is how the massager looks like.


You can store the cartridge in the refrigerator to chill it and take it out when you need to use it.


I was also given 2 of this rubber thingy to hold onto during the Botox injection. It helps to reduce the anxiety because some people can get a little bit anxious when they closed their eyes or getting injections.


Botox injection starts. 시작합니다. Korean music was played on their pink music player to help you to relax and reduce your anxiety.


Dr Kim was injecting Botox on my right jawline and Jina was at the other side tapping on my temple gently to help to distract my attention away from the injection. This method really helps alot. I was quite amazed by it. It really calmed me down alot because i am someone who is afraid of injections and needles. I tend to get sweaty palms whenever i go for injections but this time was not that bad. I felt really calm throughout the whole process. Amazing isn’t it ?


I had about 5 injections done on my right because the muscle on my right side is bigger and 4 on my left side. I tend to chew food on my right side often.


The botox session is painless and no down time. You can resume your activity and meals after Botox. No swelling or bruising, and the slight redness (mainly from cold massage) goes away in within thirty minutes.


I will be going for review in 2-3 weeks’ time to see the results and if there is any need for more injection (“top-up”) .i can see the results of the Botox after 2-3 weeks. Shall post a picture after 2 weeks.

The effect from the first Botox injection you had will last you about 3 months and if you get the next injection before all the effects wear off, after about the 3rd injection, the effect will last you longer (depends on individual but about 6-8 months). But try to avoid chewing on hard candy or too much meat so that the effect can last even longer. The whole experience has this genuine K-feel where a patient feels relax, at ease and minimize discomfort during treatments and post treatment service and care where you can sit down and enjoy some refreshments.

I even made appointment to get my Korean eyelash extensions done by Esther at Aeon the end of the month. This shows how i love it and having friends who work there makes me feel comfortable and trust the service even more. Dr Kim’s professionalism makes his patients feel assured and comfortable before proceeding to the treatments.

You can mention my name when you head down to the clinic. Staffs at Aeon are all Koreans but they speak English and Korean so don’t be alarmed if you were greeted in Korean. You can look for Clara (Clinic coordinator) or Jina (Clinic Manager).

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre

 9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

*When you walk into Pacific Plaza’s main entrance , turn right and you will see a lift lobby. Take the lift up to Level 6

Tel : +65 6733 2002 or 6733 2004

Operating hours (Appointment only)

Mon,Wed,Fri: 9:30am to 6:30pm
Tue,Thu: 9:30am to 8:30pm
Sat: 9:30am to 4:00pm
Sun & PH: Closed

Weekend was awesome and i had soo much yummy food. Gosh…

Friday date was filled with laughter , small talks and yummy food. We went to Marina Barrage and walked down to Garden by the Bay.

Dinner at Satay by the Bay. So much food (including 10 sticks of satay which is not in the picture below because it was not ready yet ) at less than $60 for 2 pax.


The sky was gloomy and it was drizzling. We had 2 umbrellas but just opened one so that we can walk close together.




I have only been here last year for my first outdoor shoot in the day but have not been here at night. So this was the first time i get to enjoy the night view at Garden by the Bay.


Took a slow train ride home and had an early sleep because we gonna wake up early for our brunch at Grub on Saturday !

Waited for 20 mins before we got our seat. And we walked around Bishan Park while waiting for our turn. I am really happy and felt contented just talking small walks and small talks lately. It is very relaxing and there is no need to spend alot of money just to enjoy some quiet twosome time and good food together.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThings we do while waiting for our orders to be served ..Selca time !


We ordered the Cheese Burger .


Cripsy Fish Burger



And Churros !

 At the rate that i am eating , im gonna go out of shape soon. LOL . I need to go to a gym !


I really like last weekend and cant wait for our next awesome twosome weekend again. It is time to search for new brunch places around our neighbourhood. We gonna comb around Bishan , Serangoon , Kovan , Hougang and Ang Mo Kio at the meantime.

. Thank you Oppa for the awesome dinner , brunch and walks.

너무 고마워요 ~~ <3 하트


Last week was really a food binge week.

Thai food for dinner at Rochor Thai with my parents and Oppa

Rochor Thai is located at 340 Joo Chiat Road.



Caught the chef and owner , Joel in action preparing dishes for his customers. There are also 2 chefs from Thailand. I had a small chat with him and got to know that he is a year younger than me and had a huge interest in Thai culture and food hence the opening of Rochor Thai. I was amazed at how he can cook so many Thai dishes. As for me , i am still learning how to cook Korean dishes every week. Someone who has passion will definitely try to reach perfection for anything he/she does. I can see the passion he has in Thai culture and Thai food. Yes im talking about myself too. Sounds abit thick skinned but i always do my best to ensure the dishes which i cook for my bf taste the same as authentic Korean home cooked food and i succeeded…



Papaya Salad with Salted Duck Egg – $7.80. Thais eat this dish almost everyday. Saw it quite often when i went to Bangkok for holiday.


Red Tom Yum Seafood Soup  $15.80( large size) . Love this Tom yum soup so much ! Not too sour and not too spicy. 


Grilled Pork Collar $12.80. The meat is succulent and we all love the dipping sauce! 


Our favourite – Pad Pong Curry Prawns $18.80(S) $26.80(L) 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGenerous serving of huge prawns and the sauce was superb ! Soooo nicee that i can have one more of this again ! 

Kalum Pli Pad Nam Pla – Stir Fried Cabbage with Fish Sauce $7.80(S) $11.80(L)

Looks simple but this dish was our favourite too and we finished it up sooooo fast ! It has this “wo hei” taste and soooooo damn nice.


Gaeng Som Pla – Orange Curry of Poached Red Snapper. The meat was very soft and i love the tenderness of the Red snapper. 


Oppa’s favourite Pad Thai Seafood. There are sugar and other condiments at the side and you mix it with the Pad Thai bit by bit to your taste. The Pad Thai has a “wo hei” taste and i like it alot. Dont know why but i love food that has the “wo hei” taste infused in it. Lotsa prawns and i love prawns !


The Thai desserts that everyone knows of -

Khao Niew Ma Muang – Mango Sticky Rice $7.80.

Mango was soft and fresh.Fresh yellow Thai mangoes are paired with sweet coconut-y warm sticky rice. Not very sour. Some restaurants served very sour mangoes and i really don’t like that.


The prices at Rochor Thai are very affordable and if you want authentic Thai food , this is a place to go to. Having been to Thailand often , the food at Rochor Thai definitely taste like aunthentic local Thai food.